Produce QR Code that Creates Impact in Seconds

Update:  May 08, 2024
Produce QR Code that Creates Impact in Seconds

Learn to produce QR code that instantly captivates your audience and drive impactful results in just a few steps.

Time, speed, and convenience are valuable in today’s fast-paced digital world. And just like how quick and easy it is to scan a QR code, so does when you create them. 

Using a QR code generator with logo, you can instantly have your own marketing powerhouses that can drive engagement, gather valuable data, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Continue reading to discover how the right strategies and tools can transform QR code creation from a laborious chore to a swift and efficient process.

Understanding QR codes 

QR codes(Quick Response codes) are tools that have become widespread today thanks to their ability to store various kinds of information and the convenience they bring to users when accessing them.

But what are QR codes exactly, and how can you use them for your own needs? With different types of QR codes available, it’s important to grasp their key differences and select the most suitable one for your objectives. 

Here’s a breakdown of the primary categories:

Dynamic QR codes

These QR codes provide a unique advantage: the ability to update linked information even after printing or deployment. 

This feature makes them suitable for applications requiring flexibility, such as product tracking, inventory management, or event registration.

Additionally, you can access valuable insights such as scan data, including the number of scans, user demographics, and location. You can then analyze this data to enhance your marketing strategies. 

However, using this type of QR code may require a paid subscription, and managing dynamic QR code campaigns can be somewhat more complex than static codes, requiring familiarity with the platform and its features. 

The good news is that there are web-based QR code software applications you can use to create them for free. 

QR TIGER is an advanced free QR code generator online that lets you make three dynamic QR codes with a 500 scan limit each without any charges! Sign up for an account even without your credit card details.

Static QR codes

Unlike their dynamic counterparts, static QR codes are free and simple to generate, requiring no additional subscriptions or maintenance.

To create this type of code, simply use an offline QR code generator for easy and effortless production.

Their functionality, however, is limited. Once generated, the linked content remains fixed and unchangeable, making it unsuitable for use in situations requiring frequent updates.

Furthermore, they lack the capability for data tracking, such as insights into scan metrics or demographics. So, they’re best suited for simple tasks only.

How to produce QR code in seconds

The beauty of QR codes lies in their accessibility. Here’s how to produce them in seconds using QR Tiger, the best QR code platform online:

  1. Go to QR TIGER by clicking the link.
  2. Choose a QR code solution and enter the required information.
  3. Select between Static or Dynamic QR code and generate.

Tip: Opt for a dynamic QR code to unlock advanced features like data editing and tracking.

  1. Customize your QR code design using the software’s extensive range of tools.
  2. Scan your QR code to test its functionality. If it operates smoothly, click “Download” to save it.

Bonus Tip: QR Tiger lets you try out their dynamic QR code features with a free trial, so you can explore the perks before making any commitments. Sign up now!

How to produce QR code in bulk

Produce QR codes in bulk

Here’s how you can use QR TIGER’s bulk QR code solution to generate a custom QR code with logo in large quantities:

1. Click “Products” and select the QR code bulk generator from the dropdown menu. 

2. Download and Fill in the relevant information. You may also create your own CSV file. 

3. Upload the CSV file.

4. Click the generate and customize your QR code.

5. Select your desired print format and click Download Bulk QR code

If you need help generating QR codes in bulk, don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away through our customer service support channel.

Pro tips when creating a QR code online

To truly maximize the effectiveness of QR codes, make sure you carefully consider their design and functionality. Here are some pro tips to ensure your QR codes leave a lasting impression:

Choose a QR code generator with logo

Opt for a reputable platform with a proven track record and a range of features that can enhance your QR codes beyond a basic scannable link. 

Ensure it includes dynamic QR code solutions. This allows you to update linked information even after code generation, perfect for promotions, time-sensitive campaigns, or managing multiple landing pages.

For the creative QR code design you want, you also need to consider generators that offer customization options, such as adding logos, changing colors, incorporating frames, and even adding artistic elements. 

Add your brand’s logo 

Customize your QR code online by embedding your brand logo in the center. This boosts brand recognition instantly and adds a professional flair. 

People tend to scan codes linked with brands they know, enhancing the likelihood of engagement.

Maintain the right color contrast 

Having the perfect color contrast is key to making your QR code work effectively. A sharp contrast between your code and its background is crucial for easy scanning. 

Having a clear distinction between the dark and light elements helps smartphone cameras and QR code reader apps accurately recognize its structure. 

Plus, a carefully chosen color scheme can make your QR code visually appealing and ensure it stands out. Avoid using colors that are too similar in shade, as they can merge and make the code hard to read.

Consider the size and resolution 

For optimal scannability, it is also important for you to consider the QR code size and resolution of your QR code. 

Avoid making them too small, as tiny codes can be tough to scan, especially from a distance or with older phone models.

Also, make sure to generate them in high resolution for printed materials. This ensures clear details, even when printed on different surfaces or scaled up for larger displays.

Activate error correction 

Many code generators provide different QR code error correction levels, indicated by letters such as L, M, Q, and H. 

Opting for higher levels ensures the code remains scannable even if it gets damaged or obscured, which is vital for codes on frequently handled items or exposed to outdoor conditions.

Think of error correction as insurance for your QR code. It guarantees your message gets through to your target audience, even if the code faces minor issues.

Accompany it with a call to action  

Think of a QR code as a door, but it’s your job to lead users inside. Don’t let them wonder what’s next after scanning. Make sure to include a clear and concise call to action (CTA) alongside your code. 

By offering a clear CTA, you motivate users to take action, making your QR code campaign more impactful.

Integrate with other CRM platforms

Integrating with crm platforms

For advanced tracking and analysis, consider using a generator that integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms.

This lets you gather valuable customer information straight from your QR code campaigns. QR TIGER is a QR code generator with logo that seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems, such as Canva. 

This integration enables you to seamlessly incorporate dynamic QR codes directly into your Canva designs, simplifying the design process and consolidating data collection. 

With scan data feeding directly into your CRM, you acquire valuable insights into the individuals who scanned your Canva QR code, when they scanned it, and their location. 

This data empowers you to customize upcoming marketing campaigns, personalize interactions with customers, and measure the effectiveness of your QR code initiatives with enhanced accuracy. 

Why use QR codes?

Reasons to use QR codes

QR codes provide numerous benefits that make them ideal for modern marketing strategies. Here’s why you should consider incorporating them into your next campaign: 

Increased engagement and brand recall

QR codes can add an interactive element that traditional marketing materials often lack. By encouraging users to scan and unlock additional content, you can instantly increase engagement levels. 

This can result in deeper brand connections, better brand retention, and a more favorable company image. 

Picture a magazine ad featuring cool QR codes that, when scanned, lead users to a detailed ingredient breakdown or an exclusive discount offer. 

This interactive element adds curiosity and motivates further exploration, making a lasting impact on your audience.

Interactive marketing opportunities

QR codes don’t just serve as convenient links; they unlock a realm of interactive marketing opportunities. 

Imagine a QR code on a restaurant menu that, when scanned, reveals an exclusive AR menu displaying dishes in 3D. This immersive experience instantly grabs user attention, surpassing a static image. 

Similarly, QR codes on business cards can trigger interactive contact forms, enabling users to connect and share information effortlessly. 

This seamless blend of physical and digital touchpoints cultivates deeper engagement and leaves a lasting impression. 

By embracing the interactive potential of QR codes, businesses can revolutionize their marketing strategies and develop stronger customer connections.

Multi-platform functionality  

QR codes work seamlessly across different devices and operating systems, making them universally scannable. 

Anyone can easily access the information encoded within your code, whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device or even a laptop.  

This eliminates the requirement for specific apps or software, guaranteeing broad reach and engagement possibilities.

Data tracking and insights 

Dynamic QR codes provide a remarkable advantage by offering valuable insights into user behavior. You can track scan counts and user demographics and even pinpoint the precise location of scans. 

This data allows you to analyze campaign performance, improve marketing strategies, and customize future interactions according to user preferences. 

With the ability to identify which demographics are most active in your QR code campaigns, you’re able to tailor your messaging and offers for optimal results.

Cost-effective marketing tool

Incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy proves to be highly cost-effective. Using a QR code generator with logo, you can effortlessly create and use these impactful tools without straining your budget. 

This accessibility caters to businesses of all scales, delivering significant returns on investment by amplifying engagement and garnering valuable data insights.

How brands ace their campaigns with creative QR codes

Brands that uses QR codes

Let’s take a peek at how some brands are acing their campaigns with creative QR codes:

Miller Lite 

Miller Lite is shaking up its advertising game by veering away from the traditional Super Bowl commercial route. Instead, they’re enlisting the help of 1,000 fans to act as walking billboards. 

These fans will wear jerseys with featured QR codes, inviting viewers to scan and potentially snag prizes. 

In a teaser ad explaining the activation, actor Riggle is seen dramatically leading a group of people wearing Miller Lite apparel, with one person scanning the QR code.

This interactive strategy aims to spark excitement, boost brand engagement, and highlight Miller Lite’s strategic use of QR codes in its marketing efforts. 

Four Peaks Brewing Co.

Arizona-based craft brewery, Four Peaks Brewing Company, has teamed up with the Container Recycling Institute (CIRT) to offer consumers straightforward and readily available recycling guidance. 

By featuring the Four Peaks Brewing Company QR code on the packaging, the brewery simplified beer cans and bottle recycling. 

Scanning the QR code directs users to CIRT’s website, where they access location-specific recycling guidelines, ensuring responsible disposal of Four Peaks purchases.


At VivaTech 2023, L’Oreal showcased its latest beauty tech innovations, emphasizing sustainability and inclusivity. 

Among the unveiled products were personalized hair and skincare consultation tools, demonstrating the company’s dedication to enhancing consumer experiences.

The company also highlighted its commitment to reducing its environmental impact. One notable initiative involves the integration of QR codes on a billion packaging units. 

These QR codes empower consumers to delve deeper into product details and the company’s sustainability endeavors. 

This approach not only fosters stronger connections between L’Oreal and its customers but also highlights its commitment to sustainability. 

Create winning QR codes that drive results with QR TIGER

To produce QR code that truly delivers impact, keep in mind that it’s not just about the code itself but the entire experience it offers. By following these expert tips, you can create QR codes that yield tangible results. 

Opt for a dependable QR code platform like QR TIGER that offers customization options, incorporates your logo for instant brand recognition, and ensures easy scanning with proper size and color contrast. 

Using QR TIGER, a QR code generator with logo, you have the power to craft visually stunning codes that effortlessly align with your brand identity and marketing objectives. 

Begin generating QR codes that genuinely engage your audience and drive your marketing initiatives to the forefront today.

Frequently asked questions

Is generating a QR code free? 

Yes, you can generate basic QR codes for free. You just have to find the best free QR code generator that allows you to create static QR codes for websites, vCards, and more. 

But remember, free versions often come with limitations like lower-resolution images or fewer customization choices. 

For features like dynamic QR codes that allow you to edit the linked information later or track scan data, paid plans are usually required. 

Who produces QR codes? 

The technology itself originated from Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, in 1994 and was initially used to track vehicle parts in automotive factories.

Nowadays, QR codes are standardized and accessible to all. Platforms like QR TIGER offer a user-friendly interface for crafting personalized QR codes with tailored features, addressing your specific needs without requiring technical expertise. 

How can I get a QR code for my product using a free QR code generator online?

Creating a QR code for your product online is easy. Just head to a free QR code software like QR TIGER to begin. 

Decide what kind of information you want the code to carry, input the data, and download it in a format that suits you (PNG or SVG). 

Keep in mind that most free generators only generate static QR codes, so if you anticipate needing to update the information later on, think about investing in a paid service that offers dynamic QR codes.

Brands using QR codes

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