Why Enterprise QR Codes Are The Key To Smarter Business Management

Update:  October 20, 2023
Why Enterprise QR Codes Are The Key To Smarter Business Management

QR TIGER’s QR code enterprise plans allow corporations to take control of their digital assets with detailed customization, streamlined management, and comprehensive tracking capabilities at scale.

The specialized QR code generator software is designed for large teams with multiple users, allowing them to cater to numerous brands within their company. 

You can handle everything from one central hub, ensuring a seamless and coherent approach. Our user-friendly interface simplifies your business processes and enhances your brand’s reach and security. 

Read more below to explore the dynamic world of enterprise QR codes and understand how different cutting-edge solutions can meet your corporate needs.

QR code integration for enterprise: Your strategic partner in business excellence

An enterprise QR code software is your trusted ally in intelligent business management. It empowers data-driven decision-making and enhances customer engagement.

QR codes can simplify complex processes and replace manual tasks with seamless automation. They can save time and resources for inventory management, asset tracking, or customer engagement.

In a world where competitive intelligence is non-negotiable, QR code enterprise is your trusted ally. They simplify processes, empower data-driven decisions, and improve customer engagement.

QR TIGER Enterprise features

As QR codes have redefined modern marketing, you may require more advanced software with enterprise-level features and robust performance to seize growth opportunities.

Enter QR TIGER’s QR Code Generator for Enterprise: A custom-built software offering a range of capabilities designed to meet your unique needs and boost your QR code campaigns to new heights.

Here’s a closer look at the invaluable features included in our Enterprise Plan:

White label 

Boost your branding with a personalized domain for your QR codes. You can customize your dynamic QR code’s short URL to display your enterprise’s unique identity.

Customers are likelier to engage with QR codes with a page domain bearing your business name. The white label feature improves credibility and enhances the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Multi-user login

Delegating responsibilities to different team members is crucial in campaign management. It ensures efficient campaign handling and clear accountability. 

With designated project managers, you can track individual contributions, monitor progress, and evaluate campaign performance more effectively. This leads to enhanced accountability within your team.

Top-notch data security

QR TIGER aims to provide secure and reliable QR code services while fully protecting your data, a fundamental and confidential asset. 

Choosing QR TIGER for your enterprise means choosing premium data security and compliance standards. 

This software makes every effort to maintain confidentiality, security, and strict compliance with the data protection regulations that your company deserves.

Advanced multi URL QR code solution

The multi URL QR code is an innovative tool that can store multiple links within a single QR code. It allows you to direct scanners to different landing pages based on various factors. 

You can manage multiple campaigns and guide your audience to various promotions using only one QR code. 

Explore the different redirection features of this QR code solution: 

  • Location: Redirect users based on the detected location from their device, delivering tailored content or offers specific to their whereabouts.
  • Number of Scans: Set redirection rules based on the number of QR code scans, enabling progressive interactions or rewards.
  • Time: Control where users are directed at different times, optimizing campaigns for various timeframes or events.
  • Language: Serve content set in a language matching that of the user’s device, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Geofencing: Define specific geographic areas for redirection, allowing you to target audiences in precise regions.

Seamless software automation integrations

Work smarter, not harder. It’s a simple principle that can bring in complex advantages. QR TIGER recognizes this and brings you the power of seamless software automation integration.

Experience the transformational power of instant integration with QR TIGER’s hassle-free API connection.

This feature simplifies enterprise operations by eliminating the need for manual data transfer and repetitive tasks.  

Connect your QR TIGER account with renowned apps like Zapier, HubSpot, and Canva to achieve smoother workflows, greater profitability, and enhanced efficiency. 

Enjoy a seamless flow of information between your apps, reduce errors, and free up valuable time for strategic decision-making.

Bulk QR code solution

Our bulk QR code solution allows you to create 3,000 QR codes per batch, maximizing productivity and saving you valuable time and resources.

We understand that each QR code represents a unique aspect of your enterprise, from promotions and products to customer engagement initiatives. 

This solution lets you maintain consistent branding and design for all your QR codes while customizing the content. 

Advanced dynamic QR code features

QR TIGER provides a solid suite of dynamic QR codes with advanced features to take your campaigns to the next level. 

Check out the amazing features of dynamic QR codes: 

  • Password protection: Protect confidential content by adding password protection, ensuring your data remains secure and accessible only to authorized users.
  • Expiry: Set your QR codes to expire at specific dates or upon reaching a scan limit. This feature creates a sense of urgency. It’s perfect for time-sensitive promotions.
  • Email notification: Receive real-time emails about your QR code’s scans. This lets you monitor your QR campaign’s performance on the go; no need to open your dashboard.
  • Retargeting: Connect with users who scanned your QR code but did not proceed with your desired action. You can add your Facebook pixel ID and Google tags to your dynamic QR codes.
  • Geofencing: Restrict QR code access to specific location parameters. This way, you can promote customized offers to particular areas. 

8 versatile uses of QR codes for enterprise 

Here’s how businesses can use the potential of enterprise QR code solutions to enhance their operations:

Boost your brand’s reach

Link in bio QR code

Expanding your brand’s reach has never been more accessible using the link in bio QR code solutions.

It offers an innovative and efficient means to bridge the gap between your brand’s message and your target audience. 

This solution provides a convenient way for them to interact with you on various online platforms, be it your website or social media page.

Engage customers seamlessly

URL QR code

Make it simple for your audience to access your promotions with one smartphone scan of a URL QR code.

There’s no need to type lengthy URLs or do time-consuming product searches manually. 

The ease of interaction encourages more people to take action, resulting in higher click-through rates, increased website traffic, and a deeper level of brand immersion.

Enhance team efficiency

QR code enterprise can significantly improve team collaboration across different industries. These codes facilitate quick access to information, simplifying tasks and streamlining various processes.

Team members can scan them with smartphones or tablets to access project information or communicate with each other. QR codes allow employees in hybrid setups to collaborate smoothly.

Streamline inventory control

QR codes work great for asset management. You can assign codes to each item or asset for easy tracking and inventory management.

With one scan, you can access important information about each item, such as its location, status, and maintenance history. This approach can also reduce errors and help you in controlling your assets. 

Interactive product packaging

Using custom QR codes for business packaging is more than a marketing tactic; it’s a strategic approach to building lasting customer relationships. 

Customers access product details like its features and specifications with a single scan. They can also enjoy loyalty programs like point-based systems.

They can earn points or rewards for repeated purchases of your brand. For instance, scanning the QR code on a cosmetic label can earn points toward a free product. 

Innovative solutions for universities

Universities can use QR code enterprise to streamline administrative processes.  Management can assign QR codes for each student to track their tuition payments, transcripts of records, or student profiles.

Students can also use QR codes to locate specific library books or access important details like course syllabi, class schedules, or grade sheets.

QR codes also present a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional paperwork.

This convenience benefits students and allows educational institutions to create a more supportive and efficient learning environment, enhancing the overall academic experience.

Efficient employee onboarding and training

Employee onboarding and training are vital components of workforce development, and integrating QR codes for human resources in enterprises simplifies these and delivers additional benefits. 

QR codes offer instant access to crucial training materials, instruction manuals, and video guides. They can facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. 

By embedding training materials into QR codes, companies establish a uniform and accessible learning platform for employees. It ensures they receive up-to-date information while reducing printing and distribution costs. 

Provide contactless payment 

Payment QR code

QR codes boost convenience and foster customer loyalty by providing a safer and more efficient payment method. 

With a payment QR code, your customers can conduct contactless transactions using their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical payment cards or cash. 

And here’s more: QR codes contain encrypted information transmitted securely to the payment system. This encryption ensures the safety of sensitive payment data from potential risks.

How to make a QR code for enterprise using QR TIGER

Creating QR codes for your business is an easy task with QR TIGER.

Here are five easy steps to create a QR code for your enterprise.

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator for enterprise and log in to your account

Subscribe to our Enterprise plan and gain access to our dedicated enterprise QR code software.

2. Choose a QR code solution and input the necessary information.

3. Switch to Dynamic QR and click Generate QR code 

4. Customize your QR code. You can:

  • Change the pattern
  • Modify the eye shape
  • Add your brand’s logo 
  • Customize the colors 
  • Include a frame and a call to action

5. Run a test scan, then download your QR code.

Why QR TIGER is the best QR code generator for enterprise

QR TIGER stands out as the most advanced QR code software for businesses, providing diverse solutions to handle all your QR code enterprise needs. 

Its versatility makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. QR TIGER adapts to the demands of your enterprise, ensuring you have the flexibility needed to thrive in your specific market.

Here is why QR TIGER is your ultimate choice:

Dynamic QR code solutions 

QR TIGER offers dynamic QR code solutions that allow users to update the content of their QR codes in real time.

This adaptability ensures that your QR codes remain relevant and effective to keep up with the latest business strategies and marketing trends. 

They also come with in-depth QR code analytics, providing real-time insights into the performance of your codes, such as the total number of scans, the user’s device and location, and the scan time. 

With this data, you can make informed, data-driven decisions that optimize your strategies and maximize your return on investment.

Scalable pricing

We understand that every enterprise is distinctive, and your needs are as unique as your business. 

Our Enterprise plans are flexible and scalable, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns precisely with your specific requirements, goals, and budget. 

Whether you’re a startup or an established industry leader, we aim to empower your success.

Strong security features

We understand the critical importance of safeguarding your data. QR TIGER proudly holds ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance. 

Following these relevant regulations demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the highest information security standards. 

Rest assured that all your sensitive data are safe from any potential threats.

Unmatched custom QR codes for businesses 

QR TIGER has many customization options. This empowers you to create QR codes that reflect your brand’s identity. You can even add your company logo to the QR code.

This way, your QR codes become efficient tools for boosting brand recognition.

24/7 support

At QR TIGER, exceptional service goes hand in hand with our products—it extends beyond technical inquiries.

Whether you need advice on QR code strategy, suggestions for optimizing your campaigns, or assistance with any of our services, our support team is here to help.

User-friendly interface

What’s the point of getting a tool if it’s too hard to use? QR TIGER understands

QR TIGER’s user-friendly interface is more than just a feature; it’s your gateway to a seamless QR code experience that empowers your entire team. 

The best part? You don’t need extensive training to become proficient with QR TIGER. 

The intuitive nature of this software means that you can start creating and managing QR codes effectively from day one, minimizing the learning curve for your team.

QR TIGER’s QR code enterprise: Your path to innovation and success

The QR code enterprise solution can contribute to the success of your business in today’s mobile-centric, digital world. These tools help streamline operations, engage customers better, and make intelligent decisions using data.

Now, it’s your turn to boost your brand and stay ahead of the curve. 

If you’re ready to upscale your enterprise and steer it toward boundless growth, QR TIGER is your best QR code generator choice. 

With its customization features, advanced analytics, API and software integrations, 24/7 customer support, and reliability—there’s no doubt it’s a wise investment.

Head to QR TIGER, sign up for our Enterprise plans and take your business to the next level today.


How do I get a business QR code?

To get a business QR code, you can use a QR code software for businesses, like QR TIGER. 

You’ll need to provide the information or content you want the QR code to link to, such as your website, contact details, or product information.

The generator will then create a QR code to download and use in your business materials.

What is a QR code for a business code?

A QR code for a business is a unique QR code containing information about a specific company. 

Brands can use them for various purposes, such as linking to a business website, displaying contact details, promoting special offers, or facilitating contactless payments.

Business QR codes are versatile tools that help improve customer engagement and streamline various business processes.

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