QR Code for DTC Podcast: Instant Access for Listeners

Update:  August 21, 2023
QR Code for DTC Podcast: Instant Access for Listeners

A QR code for a DTC podcast is the perfect tool for businesses that use podcasts as part of their marketing strategy.

This digital tool can grant users instant access to podcast episodes to listen to them immediately. They only need to scan the code to open the episode with their smartphones.

With today’s best QR code generator software, any company can create this solution to promote their podcast to a broader audience. 

The rise of DTC podcasts in marketing

Businesses can purchase ad slots in podcasts with a considerable following or launch their exclusive podcast.

With over 380 million global podcast listeners in 2021 alone, companies can guarantee that podcast marketing will be a hit.

One reason why podcasts are compelling is they’re excellent timesavers.

People can listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere, with a smartphone, a pair of earphones, or a headset.

They can do so on the bus ride home while they cook dinner, work out at the gym, or jog around the park.

And when people subscribe to a podcast, they have the option to download episodes so that they can still listen to them without the need for an Internet connection.

Podcasts are the most suitable marketing tool companies can use to advertise to people constantly on the go.

Instant DTC podcast access through QR codes

Podcast QR code

While you can always copy the link and paste it on your social media pages or company website, it’s undoubtedly not the most convenient (and stylish) way of sharing your podcast.

And if you use the link on print ads, people will have to manually type the link on their devices to access the podcast.

Remember: the goal here is to get the podcast to your target audience as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The answer? Use a QR code for your DTC podcast. This digital tool directly takes people to your podcast with just one smartphone scan.

Scan QR code

You can then use the QR code for marketing your DTC podcast online through your website and social media pages.

You can also choose to print your QR codes to promote your podcast through print materials such as flyers, magazines, and billboards.

After scanning, they only need to plug in their earphones to start listening to the podcast.

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How to create a QR code for a DTC podcast for free

Our software provides you with a wide range of QR code solutions, complete customization tools, and high-quality QR codes.

And on top of that, you can use QR TIGER for free without the annoying signup process. You only need to provide your email so we can send your free QR code.

Here’s how to create a free QR code for your DTC podcast:

1. Copy the link to your podcast, then go to QR TIGER and select the URL option.

2. Paste your link onto the blank field and select “Static QR.” After that, click “Generate QR code.” 

3. Customize your QR code’s design. You can modify your code’s pattern, eye shape, and colors.

You can also add icons, logos, and frames with a call to action (CTA).

4. Run a test scan on your QR code for a DTC podcast using your smartphone to see if the correct link will appear on your screen.

5. After the test scan, you can download your QR code.

Using a dynamic QR code for your DTC podcast

Free QR codes sound good, but do you know what sounds better? Dynamic QR codes.

Disclaimer: you have to subscribe to use them, but we assure you, they’re worth the price.

With a dynamic QR code for your DTC podcast, you get to edit your code’s URL and monitor its number of scans and the time, location, and device used in scanning.

Aside from a dynamic URL QR code, here are other dynamic QR codes you can use to streamline your podcast marketing:  

1. MP3 QR code

You can use a dynamic QR code for running exclusive podcasts without putting them on major streaming platforms.

If you want, you can also make it a premium offer by adding a password to the QR code, and only paying customers will have the password and access the podcast in the code.

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2. Multi URL QR code

It can then redirect scanning users to different landing pages depending on one of these four parameters:

  • Location of the scanning user
  • The code’s current number of scans upon scanning
  • The time it’s scanned by the user
  • The language on the user’s device

You can then create a multilingual QR code to bridge the language barriers between your diverse listeners from around the globe.

The QR code will detect the device’s language and redirect the user to a webpage where they can access a podcast translated into the same language.

Sign up today and create a dynamic QR code for a DTC podcast

If you want to try out our dynamic QR codes but are not yet ready to subscribe, you can sign up for our free trial. It lets you access three free dynamic QR codes, each having a 500-scan limit.

With our free trial, you can get a firsthand experience of our software without paying for it.

Advantages of using a QR code for a DTC podcast

Audience convenience

QR codes provide convenience to your listeners since they no longer have to search for your podcast on streaming platforms or paste long URLs onto their browsers.

To access the podcast, they just have to scan the code using their smartphones, tap the link, and they can start listening to it.

Your audiences can also save a copy or a screenshot of the QR code for your DTC podcast on their devices so they can access the podcast whenever they want to.


These numbers make QR codes more suitable to use since these digital tools can instantly connect users to your podcast with one scan and stream it anytime, anywhere.

Wider audience reach

The huge number of global smartphone users also improves your podcast’s reach because more people can scan your QR code and access the podcast straight from their mobile devices.

And since people of all ages own a smartphone, you have the potential to reach a diverse audience demographic, especially the younger ones.

Customizable design

Spotify, one of the leading podcast streaming platforms, offers an in-app QR code-like feature that lets users pull up Spotify codes for every song, album, or public playlist.

But the problem with these codes is that they’re pre-made, and you cannot customize your Spotify podcast’s code.

If you use a QR code for your DTC podcast instead, you can customize its appearance so it aligns with your brand image, which helps people recognize your brand.


With this feature, you can analyze audiences’ scanning behavior, such as when most people scan or the places with the highest scanning traffic.

You can then use the gathered data for your next QR code campaigns.

Companies that have benefited from podcasts


Fabfitfun websiteImage Source

In 2019, the lifestyle brand made it to the top 15 podcast advertisers curated by podcast media planning platform Magellan AI.

And its sales volume and market performance show that the company’s investment in podcast ads was not in vain.


Meundies display

The podcast ads immensely helped the startup, and they sold 9 million pairs of underwear from 2015 to 2019.

This number means a lot considering that they only sold a million pairs in their first three years.

Why We Eat What We Eat

In 2017, the brand collaborated with Gimlet Creative and launched the “Why We Eat What We Eat” podcast, with New York-based food writer Cathy Erway as its host.

The podcast examined the possible factors influencing people’s food choices, habits, and preferences.

It helped establish Blue Apron as a brand that knows the most about food, quickly earning consumers’ trust.

Create a QR code for a DTC podcast with QR TIGER

Riding with the trends is one surefire way that any business can thrive in a competitive arena.

But it’s not enough to just ride along with it; you must also pair it with the right tools.

If you plan on using podcasts as a new strategy to boost your company, you should also consider using QR codes to share them quickly with your audiences.

And when it comes to QR codes, there’s no one doing it like QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator with a logo online.

Start your QR code-powered journey with QR TIGER now. 

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