How to Use QR Codes for Golf Course Marketing

Update:  March 07, 2024
How to Use QR Codes for Golf Course Marketing

From streamlining your membership procedures to promoting your upcoming tournaments and events, incorporating a QR code for golf courses makes everything much easier to manage.

To this day, QR codes continue to provide convenience to businesses and marketers.

In fact, in the previous year, Statista recorded over 89 million QR code scanners in the United   States alone. 

Just imagine all the other unrecorded scans from different countries as well.

QR codes’ capacity to simplify tedious tasks and file sharing makes them the ideal digital tool for businesses and marketers.

Best uses of QR codes in golf courses

Here’s how you can use the different QR code solutions for your golf courses:

Online membership application and downloadable files 

Golf QR code

You can leverage QR codes by using them as a portal from the physical to the virtual world.

You can create your own golf club QR code using a URL QR code solution partnered with the best QR code generator.

A URL QR code saves your target members from manually searching your website.

This type of solution embeds your website URL so that when it’s scanned, your target audience is automatically directed to the online content.

When it comes to files that need to be downloaded, you can use a file QR code converter and go paperless with your membership forms and other requirements.

It lets you embed files or documents to make them more accessible for your soon-to-be members.

They can quickly scan the QR code with their smartphones, view the file, download it conveniently, and digitally fill out the documents.

Direct to the business website

Golf course QR code 

You can use your business websites to increase engagement and traffic to maximize your digital marketing campaign.

Embed your website link into a URL QR code solution. In doing so, it’s much easier for your target audience to view your website content and know more about your golf course business.

This strategy boosts your website traffic and even entices more golf enthusiasts to go and check out your club.

Using a URL QR code for your websites, you can effectively generate more leads and conversions for your golf course business.

And to make your URL QR code campaign seem more legitimate, you can employ the white label feature of the best QR code software.

The white label feature lets you create your domain for your QR code campaign.

Instead of using URL shorteners or merely relying on your QR code generator’s default QR code URL, why not use this smart alternative instead?

For instance, you initially have as your QR code’s short URL.

With the white label, you can change the domain entirely to for a more personalized and authentic appeal.

In this way, your URL QR code links will seem more legitimate in the eyes of your members.

Promote events and tournaments via social media

Social media marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies businesses use today.

This is because social media has over 4.70 billion users around the globe.

It’s a lot easier to reach your target market using the algorithms of various social media platforms.

Your golf course business can leverage the most used social media sites by dispensing ads and posting other promotional content.

When you integrate your social media marketing with QR codes, you can easily direct your scanners to your social media platforms in just a scan.

A link in the bio QR code for social media solutions lets you integrate your social media accounts, online messaging platforms, and online shops, which is better for your merchandise.

Contactless food ordering

It would be more convenient for your golf course members to skip the counter and server lines, and have their food and drinks the easy way with the QR code system.

The menu QR code solution allows you to upload an image of your menu. Once scanned, it will reveal your digital menu to your diner’s phone screens.

This makes your food items list portable and accessible.

Another alternative is using digital menu software that lets you display your dishes and enables your customers to order and pay.

This software makes dining more interactive while securing a faster and well-streamlined restaurant operation.

App download

Some golf course businesses invest in application software to improve their members’ golfing experience, disseminate news and club updates, and even booking systems.

You can generate an app store QR code from the best QR code generator online to boost your app downloads.

You can input three links for your app downloads: one for Google Playstore, one for App Store,  and the other for AppGallery.

Because of this, golf enthusiasts can install and download the app directly from the mobile application store.

Multilingual online promotional content

Golf course businesses not only gain from their club members.

In fact, because of the growing golf tourism in other countries, tourists now play an integral role in developing this sport.

About 5% to 10% of golf players (about 56 million worldwide) travel to explore golf courses.

To cater to your tourists’ needs, it’s essential to break the language barrier.

You can still effectively disseminate news, event updates, or golf course introductions using the QR code for language or multilingual QR codes. 

This QR code solution redirects audiences to online content that is translated and synced to the language of the device used in scanning.

So, if your tourist scans the code using a phone set in Spanish, they are also automatically redirected to content translated into Spanish.

Digital business card

VCard QR code solution

Hosting golf tournaments and events requires organizers and club owners to be vigilant when emergencies arise.

Guests and club members should always have access to event organizers’ contact details to report inconveniences easily.

Having an individual golf player QR code can be more convenient, especially for regular members. 

In this case, creating a digital business card with a vCard QR code is a must.

Rather than manually typing your phone numbers, event attendees can scan the QR code, copy the displayed number, paste it on their phone dial, and immediately give you a call.

This is a fast alternative to connect with your guests and ensure they have the best golf club event.

QR code for golf course check-in

There’s also another way to use the URL QR code solution.

If you have an online check-in system for your golf course, you can embed its URL into the QR code for faster redirection.

Your guests will scan the QR code and are immediately led to your online check-in system.

This cuts out the laborious procedures of traditional golf course check-in methods and is even convenient because all it takes is to have your smartphone with you.

Video guides for new members

And an innovative way to do it is through a video QR code.

You can deploy the video QR code into the tees so that it’s more accessible for your club members.

The video may serve as a valuable supplementary resource where they can access visual learning materials or skill-specific content to improve their skills beyond the basics continuously.  

QR code for golf course map guide

Golf enthusiasts, especially tourists, might find it hard to locate your golf course.

You can integrate a Google Maps QR code into your marketing materials so potential club members can easily find you.

Have them printed on your flyers, posters, or billboards to make them visible and scannable.

This QR code solution holds your golf course location with the help of Google Maps technology.

Customizable promotional landing pages

Want to create a QR code landing page but are intimidated by coding and programming? 

With the landing page QR code solution, users are not required to have skills in coding and programming to create their HTML page.

The best QR code software online allows you to establish and customize your promotional landing page and embed it into your QR code.

Now, it’s effortless to design an online page for your golf course marketing strategies.

Access to WiFi

Go all out in ensuring top-class client service in your golf course by giving them access to your Wi-Fi.

Business experts pointed out that convenient internet access makes customers want to linger in their vicinity.

And the longer they stay, the more they’ll spend.

They might splurge in your club restaurants or diners, shop in your boutiques for golf accessories, or avail of one or two of your latest promos.

Create a WiFi QR code solution for a more convenient option. It’s faster to allow your guests to connect to your internet easily.

How do I get my golf course QR code?

QR codes make it easy and convenient for golfers to share information and enhance their experience on the course. 

Golf course businesses can also create their own QR code using readily available online QR code generators. 

Make sure to use a QR code generator that offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize your QR code. Creating a personalized QR code, further enhances the experience of your customers.

How to make a QR code for a golf course

With the best QR code generator, you can easily create a QR code for your golf club marketing campaigns.

QR TIGER offers a more advanced range of QR code solutions for your every need. So, whatever use case you have in mind for your golf course, QR TIGER’s got your back.

Here’s how you can use QR TIGER’s QR code generator:

  1. Choose any QR code solution.
  2. Make sure to switch from Static to Dynamic QR code.
  3. Generate the QR code.
  4. Customize the QR code using the customization tools on the screen’s left side.
  5. Execute a test scan to check if there are errors.
  6. Download the QR code and deploy them on your marketing materials.

Why should you generate a dynamic QR code for your golf course?

Dynamic QR codes play a vital part in the success of QR code-based digital marketing.

This is because this type of QR code is packed with advanced features that truly benefit any business.

Editable embedded contents

You can easily update or remove the embedded contents of a dynamic QR code whether they’re already deployed in public.

This will save you time and a few bucks.

You no longer need to generate a new QR code if you want to add, replace, or take down the embedded content.

Trackable data scans

Dynamic QR codes also let its users easily track the QR code scan analytics of their QR code campaign.

With this, you can see the overall performance of your QR code.

You will be given data on the total number of scans you’re getting, a map chart of where your QR code was scanned, a time chart to see when your QR code was scanned, and a device chart to tell you what device was used in scanning.

This is a beneficial feature for marketers and golf course business owners so they can easily measure and map out new strategies for the growth and expansion of the business.

Employ white label feature

White labeling your QR code domain is possible if you generate a dynamic QR code.

This enables you to change the default URL QR code’s link into a more legitimate one.

So, if you want to make a personalized and more authentic-looking URL for your QR code campaigns, try generating a dynamic QR code.

Email notification feature

This will alert you every time someone scans the QR code after a certain frequency you’ve also set.

The email notification consisted of the campaign code, the total number of scans, and the date when the dynamic QR code was scanned.

Has a password protection feature

Only those who know the password to your QR code will be able to read the embedded content, protecting valuable resources and enhancing the exclusivity of membership benefits.

QR code expiry feature

Fret not. If you generate a dynamic QR code solution for your golf course promo deals, you can set the expiration date of your QR code as well. 

Allowing you to create a sense of urgency, preventing unnecessary misuse of the promotions, and potentially driving an increase in customer engagement. 

Real-life use cases of QR codes for golf course

1. Atalaya Club’s tee time reservation QR code

Website QR code

Atalaya Club, a golf course in Argentina, really knows how to use a QR code for golf courses.

They even displayed a QR code on their website that, when scanned, will redirect viewers to an online booking system for their tee time.

2. Nullarbor Links’ app downloads a QR code 

App store QR code

The golf club posted a digital poster on Facebook revealing a QR code in it.

When scanned, this golf course QR code redirects to an app store. Nullarbor Links employs an app that guides tourists when navigating the course.

Tourists and even local golfers can read the information on every hole, which will help while they’re playing, especially for non-members or newbies.

Create a QR code for your golf course business using the QR TIGER QR Code Generator

QR codes are a versatile tool to use in any industry.

Integrating QR codes in golf course businesses streamlines the operation and services you can offer.

You can easily amp up your golf course business with the different QR code solutions from the moment your guests enter your golf course up until their tee time lasts. 

Check out QR TIGER, the most advanced and ISO 27001-certified QR code generator, to start your QR code campaign now.  

With their affordable pricing and features, you can easily choose which plan works best for your business needs and marketing purposes. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a QR certificate?

Certificates usually refer to documents that institutions issue, but you can still make QR codes that are scannable and linked to a certificate information. 

Here’s what you can do to create your own QR certificate.

Simply go to QR TIGER online > Choose the File QR solution > Upload the file or certificate you want to share > Generate QR > Customize to your liking > Add a logo to the QR > Download and save.

Can I generate a QR code for free?

You can create QR codes for free using an advanced QR code software like QR TIGER. 

QR TIGER offers a freemium plan that generates QR codes that are totally free and have no expiration, catering to both casual users and those seeking more advanced features. 

While the premium plans offer additional functions and customization options, you can still create a variety of useful QR codes that are free.

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