How to Scan a QR Code from Photo Gallery

By:  Jaesny
Update:  September 21, 2023
How to Scan a QR Code from Photo Gallery

Did you know you can now scan a QR code from photo galleries?

Modern technologies today have made it possible to decode QR codes straight from a picture saved on your phone.

You won’t have to find and scan a QR code in the flesh.

There’s also no need to use multiple devices—one phone to show the QR code’s image and the other to scan it.

After creating a QR code using the most advanced QR code generator, you can simply save it as an image and then share it with others so they can save it on their devices.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through scanning QR codes for your gallery, whether you’re using an iPhone or Android.

Scan QR codes from your iPhone photo gallery

Scan QR code imageYou can use your iPhone’s built-in camera app to decode the data within a QR code.

This applies when using a QR code scanner from image saved in an email or photo you took with your camera. 

Here’s how to scan QR codes from the photo gallery on an iPhone:

  • Find the Camera app on your home screen and tap to open it
  • Swipe left on the Camera app to access the Photo Library
  • Select the QR code image
  • Press the QR code image, and a popup will appear
  • Tap the popup to open the link

Scan a QR code image on Android

Scan QR code photo

Google’s image-recognition technology makes QR code scanning from your photo gallery app easy on Android devices. You can access this feature through Google Lens.

Here’s how you can scan QR codes from your Android phone’s gallery:

  • Launch the Google Lens app or open your camera and tap the Google Lens icon
  • Tap the photo icon and allow access to your photos
  • Choose the QR code photo from your gallery
  • A white popup containing the link will appear once the app detects the QR code
  • Tap it to visit the link; you can also copy its URL or share it

How to scan a QR code from photo gallery using third-party scanner apps

Scan QR codes

Most Android and iOS devices today have built-in QR code scanners in their camera.

But if your device doesn’t have one, there’s still a way for you to do this—third-party scanners.

There are plenty of QR code scanner apps on the Play Store and App Store, but finding the right one for your device can be challenging and confusing.

To help you out, here are our top three picks for scanner apps for both Androids and iOS devices:

1. QR code & Barcode Scanner by TeaCapps

This user-friendly app is designed to be fast and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for scanning QR codes quickly and efficiently. 

To scan a QR code from picture, simply open the app and point your camera to the QR code.

Make sure to keep it at enough distance, not too close or far.

The app will automatically scan and display the result without taking photos or pressing any buttons. 

2.  Kaspersky 

The QR Code Scanner by Kaspersky is a safe and reliable app that lets users quickly and easily scan QR codes while keeping their data safe. 

What’s great about this is it checks the URL detected in the code for potential security threats.

You will receive a warning, but you can still proceed to the link.

This feature protects you from malicious links encoded in a QR code.

3. QR TIGER QR Code Generator | QR Scanner

QR TIGER app is free and available for Android and iOS devices. You can install it on your device from Google Play Store or the App Store.

It’s highly rated for its user-friendly interface and fast scanning capabilities.

QR TIGER also shows your scan history, which includes links to QR codes you’ve already scanned.

It also has a flash control that helps scan QR codes in low light.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to use the app to scan QR codes:

  • Open the QR TIGER app
  • Tap Scan
  • Select the Gallery icon 
  • Choose the QR code image you want to scan
  • Then you’ll see a page that shows where the code will take you
  • Tap Open Link to go to the website.

The best part of using the QR TIGER app is that you can also generate a custom QR code for free on your smartphone. You can save them directly on your device and share them to your friends hassle-free.

Why you should use QR TIGER’s scanner app

QR TIGER is a top-rated QR code scanner app that offers a range of features to make the scanning process quick, easy, and secure. 

If you’re looking for a reliable way to scan QR codes from your iPhone or Android photo gallery, here’s why it’s the best scanner in the market: 


The interface of the QR TIGER app is simple, making it easy for users of all skill levels to scan QR codes.

Users can start scanning codes with just a few taps without navigating through complex menus or settings.

Advanced features 

In addition to basic QR code scanning, QR TIGER offers a range of advanced features that help users get the most out of their scanning experience.

The scanner app also functions as a QR code generator with logo, allowing users to create basic QR code types like URLs and Wi-Fi solutions.

Fast scanning capabilities

QR TIGER uses advanced scanning technology to quickly and accurately decode QR codes, so users can access the information without waiting. 

Whether you’re scanning a code from a photo you’ve saved on your device or capturing one in real-time, QR TIGER will decode it quickly and efficiently.

Wide compatibility

QR TIGER is available for Android and iOS devices, making it a versatile option for users with different devices. 

Users can easily download and use the QR TIGER QR code scanner app on their iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet to scan QR codes.

Safe and secure

When scanning QR codes, it’s essential to make sure that your privacy and security are protected.

QR TIGER has ISO 27001 certification, which guarantees the protection of the user’s data.

Users can feel confident using the app to scan QR codes, knowing their information is secured.

How to create a QR code image using a QR code generator with logo

Create QR code image

Do you want to make a QR code that looks professional and high-quality even when saved in your phone’s gallery? You can do so using QR TIGER.

This software offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of QR code solutions for different data types. It also has customization tools for designing your QR code.

What’s great about this generator is its QR codes are high-definition. With its PNG format, you can guarantee image quality when you save it on your device.

To create your QR code image, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and choose a QR code solution
  2. Enter your data, then click Generate QR code
  3. Customize your QR code’s appearance, add a logo or image, and use a frame with a call to action
  4. Run a test scan using your smartphone to check for issues or errors
  5. Download your QR code in PNG format.

Scan QR codes from a photo gallery easily using QR TIGER

With the right tools, scanning a QR code from photo galleries is an easy process that users can do in just a few steps.

If you’re planning to implement this strategy in your marketing and promotions, you’ll need a software that offers failproof and efficient QR codes.

With the best QR code generator, you can save your QR codes in PNG and SVG formats to guarantee the quality of your QR code when saved as images.

Subscribe to QR TIGER’s freemium plan and create dynamic QR codes without charges.

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