QR Codes on Hospital Bracelets to Ensure Patient Safety and Identification

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Update:  August 17, 2023
QR Codes on Hospital Bracelets to Ensure Patient Safety and Identification

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions use QR codes on hospital bracelets to streamline everyday processes and keep patients safe.

Healthcare technology is becoming even more critical during the global health crisis.

Many hospitals have introduced various tech solutions in the operations and patient management system to ensure an efficient process and patient safety.

One of the essential vehicles to immediately access patient information is using QR codes on hospital bracelets.

This QR code technology is also used for patient tracking, drug safety, and many other use cases.

What is a QR code on a hospital bracelet, and how does it work?

A bracelet QR code seen on patients in the hospital serves as an identity tag for each patient. The hospital must create a QR code identity website to store patients’ information.

Hospital bracelet QR code

Once the QR code is scanned, one can access the patient’s information, such as their medical history, for accurate medical treatment.

The Quick Response code is a gateway to access any detailed and relevant hospital information conveniently. 

Using the best QR code generator, hospitals and the rest of the healthcare industry can easily create QR codes for information sharing and better respond to crucial hospital operations.

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Why does the healthcare industry need to use dynamic QR codes?

There are two types of QR codes that you can create using the best QR code generator: static and dynamic QR codes.

The first type is a one-time purpose QR code; you cannot edit the content you embed in the code.

The dynamic QR code is modifiable and has more abilities than the static one.

Let’s find out more about dynamic QR codes.

1. Track patient’s medical records

Medical record QR code

Through QR code technology, practitioners can see all the previous notes and medical information tied to the unique QR code linked to each patient’s hospital bracelet. 

The medical staff can easily access records and see where a patient is in their medication cycle and any other care the patient may require. 

2. Save hospital time and resources

With the help of dynamic QR codes, institutions don’t have to create and reprint the QR codes after updating the embedded information.

Doctors and nurses can work more efficiently and thoroughly care for patients during their shifts, saving the hospital time and resources.

3. Reduce potential human error

As more and more healthcare practices convert to electronic medical records, QR code solutions eliminate manual data collection and allow all patient information to be quickly and instantly collected and recorded electronically.

This way, healthcare practitioners can easily access crucial information when needed, further reducing any risks of human error.

QR codes can be placed on the door of the patient’s room, the bed, and the chart so that medical personnel can quickly identify the patient and obtain their medical history and treatment status.

Doctors scan the QR codes before surgeries to identify the patient and avoid surgical errors.

4. Easy to update 

You can easily edit and modify the QR code content with dynamic codes even after printing it on hospital bracelets. 

If hospital staff have to update the medical history or treatment status, creating your QR code in dynamic form is possible.

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5. Allows you to enable the password feature

Patient information is confidential, so allowing only authorized personnel to access it is integral. 

The good thing is you can enable the password feature of dynamic URL or website QR code, file QR code, and H5 QR code.

When healthcare practitioners scan the password-protected QR code, it will redirect them first to a webpage where they have to input the password to access the patient information.

Other ways how to use QR codes in the healthcare industry

1. Healthcare Marketing

QR codes can help healthcare institutions to increase patient visits and profit and boost their reputation with their clientele.

Healthcare QR code uses

This two-dimensional barcode can be added to marketing collaterals such as newsletters, flyers, online advertisements, billboards, and medical publications.

For example, you can convert your hospital website into a dynamic URL QR code.

When people scan the code, it will direct them to a landing page with information about the hospital, its cleanliness, success stories, and available services.

2. Eliminate counterfeit drugs for safety

Drug safety QR code

Counterfeit drugs are global threats that widely affect the safety of patients.

QR codes can be added to the drug packaging to access the drug’s manufacturing process, expiry date, and contents. 

QR codes can also embed information such as the exact dosage, timing of the medicine, and medication procedure to be given, reducing human error.

This way, healthcare practitioners can correctly administer medicines to patients. 

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3. Digitized medical equipment guides and manuals

The proper usage of medical equipment is critical to effective care delivery. Healthcare professionals can access operating instructions and guides by scanning a QR code.

You can use a video QR code containing a guide to setting up equipment. You can also convert your PDF guide into a QR code so anyone who scans it can instantly access and download the file.

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Create your Bulk QR code identity tag system

You can create a Bulk QR code to generate your QR code for hospital bracelets effectively. 

This QR code solution allows you to create thousands of unique QR codes for your tags, which contain an authentication login and token (in this case, the token is the unique number per QR code generated).

When hospital staff scans the patient’s unique QR code, this redirects him to the website URL of the hospital with an authentication login and token seen on the URL of the website.

Before deploying these unique QR codes, they should be entered into the electronic database or an in-house system in a hospital.

To do this, the healthcare industry needs to have a website where the databases of products are found.

Therefore, hospitals should create a public verification page first.

The page should take in the code in the URL and query the database for its validity. This website page is built to show the status of the products.


First step: Fill out the spreadsheet of your QR code data

Firstly, fill out the details on your spreadsheet containing all the information you need to embed into your QR code. This way, you can create multiple QR codes in one batch!

You can use the template for the Bulk QR code with login and authentication serial number here: https://qr1.be/HJLL .

Then save it in a CSV file and upload it to the Bulk QR solution of a QR code generator online.

Below is a detailed guide to creating it.

QR code on hospital bracelet maker: How to create your Bulk QR code hospital bracelet

1. Go to the bulk QR code generator website

2. Go to the bulk QR tab and select the first option.

3. Click the Generate Bulk QR icon and upload your filled-out CSV file of the Bulk QR code with login and authentication serial number.

Always choose dynamic so that you can edit and track your QR codes

4. Generate your Bulk QR code and customize its design

5. Run a scan test

6. Download the QR codes, which will be saved in a compressed folder (.zip file). They proceed to extract and print them on the hospital bracelet.

Ensure effective delivery of care with QR TIGER QR code generator online

With the growing rate of technologies in the healthcare system, QR code technology is a game-changing tool that will help healthcare professionals improve patient care service and efficient hospital operations.

QR code solutions from the best QR code generator also allow the healthcare industry to promote their services, address counterfeit drugs, and eliminate errors in operating medical equipment. 

You can create a custom QR code for bracelets with QR TIGER QR code generator. 

Contact us now for more information about the QR code solutions; our team will be happy to assist you!

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