How to use QR codes for planograms to optimize space and increase sales in retail business

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

Retail businesses are using QR codes for planograms to boost sales, cut costs, and improve employee efficiency and productivity.

Store design and visual merchandising are important to effectively sell your products but this requires you to arrange your products strategically. 

A planogram is an answer for this so you can organize your products in your store and let customers find them easily.

It ensures product placement and helps store employees to stock and maintain displays. 

It also helps you place items in the right visual position to attract the most attention and tempt customers to buy more.

However, a well-design planogram is just part of the puzzle in enhancing your visual merchandising efforts. You have to know your customer’s buying behavior and use technology to effectively implement your planograms.

Planogram implementation doesn’t always go the way it was intended. There will be incorrect sizes, out-of-date planograms, and wrong store layout, and worse a wrong planogram may have been implemented. 

QR codes for planograms allow you to gain a competitive advantage as it makes implementation of the planogram easier. 

What is a planogram in retail and why is it important?

qr codes for planograms

A planogram is a visual representation of products that help retailers properly display their products on shelf. It takes into consideration the retailer’s perspective and the shopper’s perspective when visual layouts are made. 

Apparel stores, supermarkets, hardware, and bars and pubs are among the retail businesses that bank on the selling potential of shelf space. 

These businesses use planogram software tools to create a visual layout of their shelf space to create a visually appealing product selection display.

Planogram is essential as it allows retailers to increase sales and stock rotation. 

The customers will be able to easily see the products they need and that customer behavior is considered when lay outing a product display on shelf space.

For suppliers, it also justifies space allocated to brands and it helps new product development.

Why do you need to use QR codes for planograms in the retail business

QR codes or Quick Response code is a game-changing tool for retail businesses to maximize sales.

It can store large information such as URL, an audio file, a video file, an image, or a document like PDF and word.

qr code store planograms

It allows users to scan the code to access information by a simple tap on their smartphones. Information is now at the fingertips of the customers.

As the use of mobile phones continues to surge, QR code is fit to use by retail businesses. 

The QR code technology is convenient and seamless to use by your supplier stores and in-store employees. 

As you strategize how to properly display your products in your store using a planogram, you can leverage the use of QR codes in this sales strategy.

QR code is easy to integrate with your existing planogram software. You can use QR codes for planograms to share your layout or chart with your store employees and brands. 

You can minimize communication breakdown by using QR codes for planograms. Store managers and employees can instantly access the planograms and implement them effectively.

Of course, you should observe the best practices when creating QR codes for planograms to maximize its uses.

There are also various QR code solutions you can use to maximize the uses of QR codes in your visual merchandising efforts.

5 advantages of using QR codes for planograms in retail business

Communicate your planograms quickly and effectively

QR codes for planograms and in virtual merchandising help you communicate well to staff and supplier stores.

planogram file qr code

You don’t have to send it by e-mail or print the visual chart. 

They can implement well the right store design and product display by scanning the code displayed and referring to the content embedded in a QR code.

Easier product replenishment for staff

product replenishmentPlanogram QR code helps store employees to monitor properly the stocks and minimize empty shelf spaces. 

When the pandemic happened, panic buying pushed a lot of consumers to switch brands due to availability.

You can see empty shelves and store managers have to respond to out-of-stock issues immediately. 

By looking at the shelf space with empty stocks, store employees will just scan the code to know what product to replenish and how to display it correctly.

Minimizes printing costs

qr code cost efficientThe cost of printing and reprinting planograms is high. And paper usage has an impact on the environment. 

By using a dynamic QR code for your planogram process, you don’t have to reprint the code when you edit the content you embed.

Up-to-date planograms 

dynamic qr code planogram

It’s difficult to monitor if your retail stores have up-to-date planograms. It also makes it difficult for the merchandising team to execute as planogram availability becomes an issue. 

Through the use of dynamic QR codes, you can easily modify and update the planogram whenever the need arises.

It is always available to your store employees hence improving efficiency and productivity in your retail stores.

Improve product placement consistency 

Large retailers with multiple stores would send the same planograms to each store for branding compliance. Some would also want to spotlight key products that consumers would likely buy for a certain season.

Sharing planograms via QR code, it ensures that displays are consistent with the company’s branding.

It is always updated and implementation is done correctly.

QR code solutions for planogram implementation

PDF QR code

It requires a lot of effort to create planograms but implementing them correctly is as important.

Using QR codes you can easily let your store employees access a visual chart.

By integrating QR codes in your planogram software, you can convert your planogram chart into a PDF QR code (under file QR code solution).

pdf planogrm qr code

When scanned, your store employees can access the planograms and save the PDF document on their smartphones. No need to email or print planograms to your employees. 

These codes can be printed on your shelf spaces. 

To make it easy for store employees to access the planogram, make sure you display the codes in a position that they will be easily seen and scanned.

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Bulk URL QR code to review planograms from supplier partners

Retailers can review planograms made by supplier partners by only scanning the QR code for planograms.

Supplier partners can send the QR code of the planograms to retailers for implementation. You can have the option to convert the planograms created in planogram software into a dynamic URL QR code.

After creating the planogram or layout in the software, copy the URL and convert it into a dynamic QR code. If you are sharing different planograms with various retailers, you can generate a bulk URL QR code by using this template. 

bulk qr code planogram

There’s no need to create QR codes one by one as you can generate hundreds of URLs in one go!  

This way, retailers will be redirected to the website to view the design plan for implementation.

H5 QR code editor

If you only used a template and make it your planogram for your store, the H5 editor QR code is a great alternative to share the product layout to store branches and employees.

planogram h5 qr code

The H5 QR code solution creates an online landing page without having to buy a hosting or domain name. 

You can place details about your planogram using an H5 editor such as URLs, images, and videos, and customize it using web designing elements.

You have to option to switch to the code view setting if you are planning to add a mini-program like an overview of how displays should be placed to one another.

Restrict access to planograms with password-protected QR codes

You can have two options in sharing planograms: public or secure them with the password. If you want to limit access to your planograms, you can add a password feature to your QR code.

Since it requires a password, a person who scans the code will be redirected first to a webpage to input the password of the QR code.

qr code password planogram

After submitting a password, he can view and access the planogram. You can disable the password feature anytime if you want to allow other people to access the code. 

Take note that the QR code password feature can only be used in a dynamic QR code. 

You can only activate it on a QR code that redirects to a website (URL QR) code, a QR code that redirects to an H5 webpage (H5 QR code), and a QR code that contains files such as pdf, audio, videos, and images (File QR code).

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How to create a QR code for a planogram

  • Select the type of QR code you need for planogram implementation
  • Enter the corresponding details to generate the QR
  • Switch from static to dynamic QR code to edit and track your QR code 
  • Customize your QR code  
  • Scan test and check for errors 
  • Download the QR code  and distribute it to store managers

Editing and tracking your QR codes for planograms using dynamic QR codes from the best QR code generator

dynamic qr code features planogram

Dynamic QR code solutions such as PDF, Bulk URL QR code, H5 Editor can be edited. 

Even if your store employees printed the code on the fixtures, you can edit or update the content whenever the design changes or you have to employ a different strategy.

You can even edit the landing page and redirect it to a different content when you use file QR code solutions which are also dynamic.

It is flexible to use and cost-efficient in retail businesses not only does it save you ink and money but it also improves efficiency.

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Editing your QR codes for planograms

edit qr code features planogram

To edit your QR codes in case of mistakes, click on the QR code tracking data.

Then go to your campaign, and click on the edit data button to replace the file. 

Tracking your QR codes for product display layout

If you want to track the scans of the QR codes especially if you have multiple stores, you can do it with a dynamic QR code.

track data qr code features planogram

By tracking the QR code, you will know the demographics of the scanners, the device they are using to scan the QR code printed in shelf spaces, and the number of scans they get in a day/week/or year.

For reporting and recordkeeping purposes, you can download the CSV file of your QR code data. 

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Improving planogram implementation process with QR codes for planogram

The best QR code generator online has smart solutions for retail businesses on how to implement planograms and maximize sales.

This technology helps you market your products by having a consistent product display no matter how big or small the stores are.

It is also a cost-effective way to improve efficiency among store employees.

If you have questions about QR codes and their various solutions for planogram implementation, feel free to contact us here

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