How to Use and Display QR Codes on Websites

Update:  March 15, 2023
How to Use and Display QR Codes on Websites

QR codes have features that allow you to share anything on the web in a creative and convenient way.

Use this technology by displaying a QR code on your website.

Here are 9 ways to integrate a QR code on your website.

What is a QR code

Quick response codes or QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes invented by Masahiro Hara and released in 1994.

Unlike the traditional barcode, QR codes are fast-reading codes that can store larger data.

Compared to barcodes that can only show alphanumeric characters, QR codes can show and redirect the scanners to various data such as websites, photos, videos, and other files.

qr codes on websites

People also don’t need to buy scanning devices to access the data in a QR code.

QR codes can be scanned using smartphones, making these codes accessible to all.

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QR codes in business

These codes were initially used to track automotive car parts but have evolved and are now used in a broader context.

qr codes on websites

They are now used in business and other fields.

These QR codes are used in movie advertising and marketing. They are also used to provide a convenient process and many more.  

When the pandemic broke out, these codes became a valuable tool to provide a contactless process.

They are used to provide a contactless payment process and menus and are used to lessen the interaction on galleries.

9 ways to use and display a QR code on websites

Share your business location

People nowadays spend most of their time on the internet. That is why having an online presence is very important for business establishments.

But how can you connect your website to your physical store?

People on the web often do not take the time to search the stores and establishments they discover online.

qr codes on websitesIncrease your store traffic and allow the people who discover your shop on the internet to easily locate and visit your store using QR codes on the website.

Display a QR code on your website that redirects the scanners to a web map (Google maps or Waze map) that shows your business location.

This way, people will no longer have to open a web map app and search for their location online.

They may also be interested in visiting your shop once they discover that your store is near them.

Allow your customers to order from your restaurant

Online food ordering and delivery services have become a very useful platform, especially during the pandemic.

qr codes on websites

These platforms not only allow restaurants to continue operating during lockdowns, but it has also been a great help for customers to enjoy their favorite food in the comforts of their homes. 

Allow your customers to easily order from your restaurant by displaying a QR code on the website.

Generate a QR code redirecting the customer to your restaurant on an online ordering and delivery platform like Foodpanda or Swiggy.

Then display this QR code on your website. With this QR code, people who visit your website can easily order from your restaurant.

Grow your social media followers

You can also connect your store website to all your social media profiles and increase your social media followers using a QR code.

qr codes on websites

Generate and display a QR code that displays and houses all your social media accounts on your website.

This way, patrons can easily view and follow your social media accounts by scanning a QR code.

With this QR code, people will no longer type and search for your profile on social media platforms.

Run a contest campaign

A QR code is the best option if you want to conduct a creative yet convenient contest campaign for your anniversary on your website.

QR code has many features that you can creatively integrate into various campaigns, including running a contest.  

Here is one example: You can create a multi-URL QR code in which the URL of the QR code changes after a certain number of scans.

qr codes on websites

This QR code can be set to pick the specific number of scanners you want to pick as the winner.

For example, if you want the first ten scanners to win your voucher, you can set the QR code to redirect the ten scanners to a link where they can claim the voucher.

Then set the QR code to a default website for the succeeding scans. Display this QR code on your website and let your customers participate.

Allow people to purchase a ticket easily

Marketers advertise these upcoming shows and exhibits on the website to inform more people about an upcoming show or exhibit.

qr codes on websites

Run a more efficient campaign for your upcoming event with QR codes.

Generate a QR code that redirects the scanner to a link where they can purchase a ticket.

Then display this QR code on the website together with your advertisement campaign.  

This way, people who visit your website to check on the details of your event can conveniently purchase a ticket for your shows and exhibits by scanning a QR code.

Use QR code to share exclusive content

If you are an artist or an influencer who accepts commission for exclusive content, you can use QR codes to distribute your works to your paying fans more efficiently. Here is how:

 First, create a password-protected QR code that contains your exclusive content and display this QR code on your website.

qr codes on websites

Display this QR code on your website where fans can easily see and scan them. Then share the QR code password with all your paying fans.

This way, you will no longer have to send exclusive content to your fans individually.

A QR code also allows you to edit and change the content of your QR code.

Therefore, you can send out and distribute other exclusive content without changing the displayed QR code on your website.

Allow people to download your app easily

You can also use this QR code to boost the downloads on your app.

If your company offers a mobile app, you can create a QR code that redirects the scanners to your mobile app on App Store or Apple Store.

qr codes on websites

With this QR code, people who visit your website can easily download your app without searching for it on the App Store.

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Beta access to video games

Are you developing an app and want people to test the app and give you their comments before you officially launch it?

qr codes on websites

Conducting a game test can greatly help you in improving the app. Allow people to participate in testing your beta version using QR codes easily.

Display a QR code on your website and redirect your scanner to a webpage where they can sign up and download the beta version of your app.

Allow people to find your customer service email easily

People sometimes have difficulty locating contacts on the company’s website. Let your customers easily reach out to you by integrating an email QR code on your website.

qr codes on websites

With this QR code, customers will no longer have to type in their email addresses and can conveniently send you an email immediately.

Not only that it gives convenience, but this QR code increases your email list as well.

How to generate a QR code

  • Visit QR code generator online 
  • Choose the QR code solution that you want to generate
  • Fill in the needed data 
  • Generate a QR code
  • Download your generated QR code
  • Display these QR codes on your website

QR codes on websites

QR codes have been widely used in our society today. 

Use and integrate this great technology into your website’s marketing campaigns and service processes.

Visit the QR TIGER QR code generator today to know more about QR codes. 

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