QR TIGER Software Updates for Q3 of 2022

By:  Belle
Update:  August 20, 2023
QR TIGER Software Updates for Q3 of 2022

Like every other technology today, software requires constant updates for better compatibility with other systems, enhanced user experience, and extra protection from cybersecurity threats.

Last quarter, QR TIGER launched significant product updates that helped maximize our customers’  accounts and step up their QR code-based digital campaigns.

The previous updates included a drop-down menu, software dashboard, QR code campaign settings, and multi-language translations, to name a few.

In this third quarter, QR TIGER focused on improving the existing product features to provide a more efficient QR code generator for its users.

New QR code software features

Link in Bio QR code for Social media 

Social media QR code

You can now upload a profile picture for your link in the bio QR code for social media.

The image needs to be 300 x 300 pixels with a 72 dpi limit. It’s the perfect size to make your profile picture or logo visible enough on your scanners’ mobile phones.

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Wi-Fi QR codes with empty passwords

Wifi QR code

Previously, the Wi-Fi QR codes could only be generated if the users entered all the required data in the QR code generator interface, such as the Type of Wi-Fi security protocol, SSID, and the Wi-Fi password.

This means that users can’t generate a Wi-Fi QR code if one data is lacking, especially the password.

But with the new feature update, QR TIGER now allows its users to make a Wi-Fi QR code solution without an encrypted password.

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Software Integration

Canva QR code integration

Canva integration

This quarter, QR TIGER partnered with Canva to offer their QR code generator software in-app.

No more manual downloads of QR code images and uploading them on your Canva designs.

To get started, you can activate QR TIGER on Canva using the API key found in your QR TIGER account settings.

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Software security update

QR TIGER is equipped with up-to-date security measures that help its users safeguard their data.

Its newest addition? Two-factor authentication.

QR TIGER two-factor authentication

QR code authentication

Aside from using an email and password to log in, you can opt to add two-factor authentication to make sure no one’s trying to use your account.

Once 2FA is activated, QR TIGER will send a 6-digit verification code to your mobile number via SMS or phone call every time you log in.

Here’s how you can activate two-factor authentication in QR TIGER:

  1. On the QR TIGER homepage, click on My Account.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Tap the Password tab.
  4. Swipe the two-factor authentication toggle.

What’s new in our interface?

Login via SSO (SAML)

QR code log in

The SSO update simplifies the login method for users.

They no longer need to type in their credentials, remember the passwords, and manually update or renew the login credentials.

All they have to do is set up and integrate their SAML SSO service provider, tap the Continue with SSO button in the QR TIGER login interface, input their email, and they are immediately logged in in just a few seconds.

Now, this brings an excellent advantage to big companies that are using the QR TIGER Enterprise Plan.

Reset short domain

Short domain
To navigate this software update, here’s a step-by-step guide:
  1. Click on My Account on the QR TIGER homepage.
  2. Tap Settings on the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Own short domain tab.
  4. Replace your new short domain easily.

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