Sample QR Codes for Testing Different QR Solutions

Update:  April 05, 2024
Sample QR Codes for Testing Different QR Solutions

QR codes have different types of QR code solutions for a specific need that direct scanners to particular information. Here are various sample QR codes for testing that you can try!

You can scan these QR code examples for testing using your smartphone gadgets so you can understand how these QR code solutions function and what type of landing page they can embed and redirect you to based on the QR code solution provided.

If you're looking for a sample QR code to scan, check out these sample QR codes below!

QR code test images

We have 19+ different types of test QR codes featured here that you can scan to try.

Wi-Fi QR code, App Stores QR code, Menu QR code, Social Media, MP3, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, File vCard, URL, Text, Email, landing page (HTML) QR code, and the Multi-URL QR code.

These sample QR code for testing are generated using a QR code generator online.

However, it’s important to conduct a QR code sample test scan on these QR code solutions before downloading and deploying them, especially if they’re static QR codes.

Static QR codes are non-editable, so it would be crucial if you don’t test your QR codes.

File QR code (Dynamic QR)

sample qr codes for testing

File QR code lets you convert any type of file into QR code, such as a PDF, word, PowerPoint, Excel, MP4, Mp3, and many other files into a QR code.

In addition, a file QR code is a dynamic type of QR code that allows a user to replace or edit the content of his QR code to another file without reprinting or reproducing another QR code which saves time and money.

The user can also track his QR code scans with dynamic QR codes.

You can scan the sample QR codes above that will redirect you to file content, contact number, and URL.

vCard QR code (Dynamic QR)

A vCard QR code displays your digital contact details on your scanner’s smartphone screen.

They can also choose to save your contact information right away to their mobile device, which makes it convenient to maximize your contacts on the spot.

You can also see the sample template of the vCard QR code

Create your vCard QR code here.

URL QR code (Static or Dynamic)

A URL QR code converts any landing page/link into a QR code.

WIFI QR code (Static QR)

scan qr codes for a test

A WIFI QR code connects a user to the internet without having to type the password.

He only needs to scan the WIFI QR code to get connected to the internet right away!

App Stores QR code (Dynamic QR)

App Stores QR code is used to redirect users to your app (in Google Play Store or Apple App Store), which allows a user to install your app right away.

Using the app QR code, users no longer have to look manually for your app to download it.

Make your App Stores QR code here.

Menu QR code (Dynamic QR)

Menu QR code enables you to create a digital menu QR code for your restaurant. To do this, you can upload the image file of your menu or the PDF file of your menu.

Make your menu QR code here.

Social Media QR code (Dynamic QR)

social media QR code

A social media QR code or a link in bio QR code links and houses all of your social media platforms and online resources into one QR code.

This displays all your social media profiles and online resources when scanned.

Make your social media QR code here.

MP3 QR code (Dynamic QR)

MP3 QR code plays an audio file or a podcast once the QR code is scanned. You can create your MP3 QR code here.

Pinterest QR code (Static or Dynamic QR)

Pinterest QR code redirects scanners to your Pinterest link or profile.

Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook QR codes (Static or Dynamic QR)

You can also create an individual QR code for your social media platform that you would like to grow and maximize followers.

But to get the most experience, you can use the social media QR code for all your online resources.

Text QR code (Static QR)

text QR code

Text QR code shows texts or set numbers when scanned.  QR TIGER’s text generator, you can encode words, numbers, and even punctuation marks and emojis. It can fit up to 1268 characters long!

Email QR code (Dynamic QR)

Email QR code redirects scanners to your email address, where they can instantly send files and messages. Create your Email QR code here.

H5 Editor QR code (Dynamic QR)

H5 Editor QR code allows you to create a webpage or customized landing page readily optimized for mobile users. This is the best alternative if you don’t have online information/website for your products or services.

Multi URL QR code (Dynamic QR)

multi url qr code

A Multi URL QR code has 4 different features that are used for redirection: Language redirection QR code, Time redirection QR code, number of scans redirection QR code, and Location redirection QR code.

Language redirection Multi-URL QR code

Using the Language Redirection feature of the Multi-URL QR code redirects scanners to different languages using one QR code.

Time redirection Multi-URL QR code

Just like the language-based URL QR codes, you can also redirect users to different apps, websites, and other portals depending upon the time using the time redirection QR feature of Multi-URL.

The URLs change with time.

It is best for any sort of competition that a company initiates.

Imagine how cool the idea is that one code reveals different stuff depending on the time they scan it.

Number of scans redirection Multi-URL QR code

The amount of scan redirection feature of the Multi-URL QR code is something amazing. Over time, the QR code changes its URL direction after a certain number of scans.

This can be a great promotional strategy for different marketing personas.

Location redirection Multi-URL QR code

These QR codes can redirect on the basis of location and geographical position.

Not only is this cost-effective as you don’t need to solve the language issue of different regions, but it is also a quick way to international marketing.

Static QR code vs Dynamic QR code

QR code solutions can be generated in two types: Static or Dynamic QR code.

Static QR codes are free to create, but they cannot be edited in content, and the QR code scans are not trackable.

On the other hand, QR code solutions generated in a Dynamic QR code are editable in content even after printing or deploying.

Moreover, the number of scans is also trackable.

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How to scan QR codes

To scan test QR code examples using your mobile device, enable your phone settings to read QR codes and point your camera towards the QR code for 2–3 seconds.

If your camera can’t detect QR codes, you can opt to install QR code scanners or readers.

Furthermore, you can also try social media apps that you might already be using that can scan QR codes like LinkedIn, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, Shazam, etc.

Create custom-made QR codes with QR TIGER QR Code Generator today

Get a glimpse of how QR codes work by scanning the sample QR codes as test images made by QR TIGER QR code generator, which offers a variety of QR code features that you can use for your need.

To know more about QR codes, or if you have any questions you want to ask for your QR code marketing campaign, you can contact us today, and we will be happy to assist you on your journey.

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For test QR codes, you can use the QR TIGER QR code generator, which lets you make both static and dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR code is highly recommended if you want more advanced features like being able to track and update the content of your QR code.

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