‘The Umbrella Academy’ Clinches Its Third Season with Secret QR Code

Update:  September 03, 2023
‘The Umbrella Academy’ Clinches Its Third Season with Secret QR Code

The entertainment industry recently saw a surge of QR code usage in series and movies to keep fans on the edge of their seats, and the latest to do so is The Umbrella Academy.

The much-awaited third season of the hit Netflix show began streaming on June 22nd, and fans hyped up the series as it finally continued after an almost two-year break.

The hashtag #UmbrellaAcademyS3 became a global trend as fans expressed their excitement and love for the show. 

Fans with keen eyes who found The Umbrella Academy's secret QR code quickly shared it on their socials to spread the word about this surprise.

What’s in the secret QR code?

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In the season finale’s mid-credit scene, Ben Hargreeves (played by Justin H. Min) was reading a book on a train headed for Yeouido station in South Korea.

To his left, there was a QR code sticker pasted on the train’s inner wall.

Fans and viewers who scanned the code landed on a website where they could see a set of Umbrella Academy tattoo inspired by the series.

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The set includes a total of fifteen icons. Among these are:

  • The logos of the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrow Academy
  • A moon that refers to Luther’s faraway home
  • A violin that stands for Viktor’s powers

Fans can then click the “Download” button to secure a copy of the Umbrella Academy tattoo on their devices.

Other notable QR code appearances in series

Here are other series that have featured QR codes as part of their episodes and promotions:

1. Love, Death & Robots

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The third season of this Netflix series brought fans to a digital scavenger hunt featuring nine QR codes hidden in online and offline spots.

Users will find an exclusive piece of art inspired by the series when they scan the code. They can then download or mint it as a non-fungible token or NFT.

2. Ms. Marvel

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The premiere episode of Ms. Marvel showcased a QR code hidden in one of its scenes.

Viewers who scanned the code landed on a website where they could read and download a free comic.

The series is available for streaming exclusively on Disney+.

3. Moon Knight

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This Disney+ series featured a QR code in its six episodes, providing fans with free copies of each Moon Knight comic book series.

4. Halo

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During the SXSW Festival, Paramount pulled an incredible feat as it launched over 400 QR codes to create an enormous QR code over the city of Austin, Texas.

The QR code redirected scanning users to the series’ official trailer.

Advantages of using QR codes in series

Here are four reasons why QR codes are practical and strategic for TV series:

1. Cost-effective

For a small price (or, at times, none), producers can create multifunctional QR codes to increase their audience pool or provide special gifts to fans to keep them satisfied.

2. Interactive

QR codes on series provide viewers with an interactive watching experience.

They can redirect scanning viewers to exclusive series-related content such as images or games.

For example, producers of detective shows can use QR codes to let people collect evidence so that they can solve the crime as the story unfolds.

3. Trackable

With this feature, producers can monitor how often viewers scan QR codes on specific episodes and scenes.

They can also track the location and time of each scan and the device used in scanning.

4. Editable

There are instances when a user embeds incorrect data within a QR code.

This is when the editable QR code feature of the dynamic QR solution comes in handy. 

With a dynamic QR code, series producers can still change or correct the data within a QR code even after an episode’s release.

Use QR codes for an upgraded viewing experience

QR codes are being used more and more in TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

Viewers can look forward to seeing more QR codes on series and show as these digital squares hold great potential for marketing and promotions.

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