Time Multi URL QR Codes: Promote Bar Happy Hours Using QR Code Technology

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Update:  August 18, 2023
 Time Multi URL QR Codes:  Promote Bar Happy Hours Using QR Code Technology

Did you know that with time multi-URL QR code solution on happy hour, steering your customers to cloud nine is effortless?

This makes happy hour gimmicks the happiest hour for patrons and bar owners.

People find this the best opportunity to get together and enjoy food and beverages at a very low price. And bar or pub owners consider this as the best way to lure in customers and increase their sales, even if they offer their menu items at a discounted price.

But with the pandemic outbreak, securing the safety of the diners and the establishment staff became quite vital.

QR codes became so widespread that they infiltrated almost all working industries, especially food and beverage services.

Bars are now using QR codes in their menus, table tents, flyers, or coupons to promote a safe but engaging and interactive service for both the customers and the employees.

QR codes spearhead convenient and contactless transactions.

But did you know that the best QR code generator, specifically QR TIGER, allows its subscribers to generate a multi-URL QR code solution?

With this, a bar’s services will be upscaled so that scheduling a happy hour will not be detrimental to its people but rather safer and highly engaging.

So, what is happy hour, and how does it work? 

The general adults know what happy hour is.

It’s that time scheduled by bars, pubs, and bistros where they offer their customers menu items at a very low price. And believe it or not, this gimmick has helped numerous businesses in this field to increase their sales.

A study done by the University of Nevada asserted that holding happy hours doubled the revenues of bars.

This is because bars can execute marketing strategies like upselling their products which are normally not that much of a hit.

Happy hour QR code

The hyped-up diners, or drinkers, will grab opportunities like availing a discounted cocktail or beer paired with food items sold at an extra dollar than its original price.

Happy hour upselling and cross-selling tactics increased revenue by 26% more than non-happy hours.

Considering these data, you might want to insert a happy hour schedule into your bars!

What time is happy hour?

The strategic scheduling of the happy hour increases the chance of your customers staying over dinner.

Generally, happy hours are held from 4 to 8 PM, a few hours just before the last meal of the day.

You can easily upsell and cross-sell your menu items with happy hour.

Thus, increasing the sales of the establishment. 

What is a time multi-URL QR code, and how does it work to promote happy hours? 

Sure, happy hour strategies alone can increase your restaurant’s revenue.

But did you know that QR codes have the capacity to double the sales of your business? 

QR codes have a lot of functions to offer. The best QR code generator with a logo on the internet today, the QR TIGER, has numerous QR code solutions that best suit clients’ needs. 

And one of them is the multi-URL QR code feature.

Time multi URL QR codes

As the name implies, a multi-URL QR code allows its end-users to be redirected to multiple URLs depending on their location, language, and time upon scanning.

This QR code solution can also redirect users to a different landing page after a certain number of scans. 

Its time multi-URL QR code feature solution is highly compatible with your happy hour campaign.

Since it is a time-based redirection, end users are redirected to certain landing pages depending on the scanning time.

Say, for example, if one customer scans the time-based menu QR code with his smartphone in the morning, they can be redirected to a breakfast menu.

Or if they scan a QR code with a limited-time offer coupon link within it, they can acquire the coupon if only they scan it within the time range of the offer.

How should you promote your bar’s happy hour with a time multi-URL QR code?

The time multi-URL QR code is best suited for any limited-time offer, like the happy hour tactics for your establishment. 

Wonder how that works? You can integrate a time multi-URL QR code into your happy hour marketing campaign! 

1.   Create a landing page for discount sprees and other promos

Customers can now acquire coupons and vouchers for your establishment’s happy hour with a time multi-URL QR code. 

You can embed various links to your QR code which can be accessed at a certain period.

For instance, establish a site that presents your 10% discount promos to your alcoholic drinks and link it to your QR code.

You can set a time range for the availability of this promo.

So, when customers scan the QR at a certain hour, they can easily avail themselves of coupons for happy hour.

2.    Include time multi-URL QR code on your printed ads

Suppose you’ve already established a landing page for your time-based QR code.

What comes next to your checklist should be how you’d distribute the QR code to your market.

You can deploy and print your time multi-URL QR code on your print media, such as flyers, table tents, coupons, billboards, etc.

This way, you can effortlessly spread your customers’ awareness about your happy hour campaigns.

3.   Time multi-URL QR code for contactless menu

You can make use of the increasing hype of a contactless menu. With the pandemic still controlling the world, it is vital to choose the safest option.

You can integrate a time multi-URL menu QR code with a proper call-to-action to entice customers.

With this QR code solution, you can link various menus from your diners, such as your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hour.

Simply input the URLs of your menus and set the time range.

This guarantees that your happy hour menu will be revealed to them at the time arranged for your happy hour schedule.

Benefits of using time multi-URL QR code for happy hour 

1.   Offers convenience and accessibility to customers using smartphone devices 

The best thing about QR codes is that they are the best for convenience. QR codes offer many functions that best fit the needs of their users.

They can be used on menus, table tents, promotional flyers, and coupons. 

With time multi-URL QR code on happy hour, any information regarding your happy hour gimmicks can be accessed through a QR scanner like modern smartphones. And who doesn’t own a smartphone in this age and time? 

2.    Promote flexibility 

Changes are inevitable, especially in the food and beverage industry.

Menu items are constantly updated, prices change, and new promos are always added. Using QR codes during happy hour in these industries allows them to be more adaptable to changes. 

A time multi-URL QR code can be editable at any time. So, you are ensured that the embedded URL can face updates whenever you need one. 

3.    Easily provide information 

It’s normal to have customers who’d want to have more information about your bar’s happy hour.

Suppose they’d like to know more about schedule changes, if there are performers coming, or if there are new promos.  

Your customers can easily access this information if you’d generate a time multi-URL QR code that can redirect them to a landing page informing mainly about your happy hour. 

4.    Secures a safe and contactless transaction 

We are facing a global challenge that makes it detrimental for everyone to have contact with anyone recklessly.  

But by incorporating a time multi-URL QR code on happy hour strategies, you can create a contactless menu and a safe environment for your customers and employees. 

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How to generate a time multi-URL QR code for happy hour with QR TIGER 

The most vital point in generating a QR code is to choose the best QR code generator in the market. And that is the QR TIGER. 

They offer the best deals with the greatest number of QR code solutions.

So, securing a better service and finding the best QR code solution for your needs is always possible with QR TIGER.  

Even generating a time-based multi-URL QR code for your happy hour is easier.

Just follow these simple steps:

1.   Visit QR TIGER and select the multi-URL QR code solution. 

2.   Select the type of URL you want to embed. In this case, choose Time. 

Multiple link QR code

3.   Fill out the necessary information needed in the space provided. 

Input the default URL for your landing page, the time zone, the URL for your first-time zone entry, and so on. You can add more time zones and URLs for as many as you like. 

4.   Then, click on generate dynamic QR code to generate the QR code

5.   Customize your QR code by choosing the patterns, the eye, color, adding a frame and a call-to-action. 

6.   Download your QR code, deploy it, and print it

Remember that before downloading the time multi-media QR code, you’ve already set it to the highest quality.

This ensures that even when you resize the QR code, it can still be read or scanned without looking pixelated or blurred. 

Why should you use the time multi-URL QR code from QR TIGER in promoting happy hour? 

QR TIGER is quite known for its great offers and numerous QR code solutions.

But what makes it stand out from the other QR code generator in the market when it comes to time multi-URL QR codes are as follows: 

Allows you to edit embedded multiple URLs 

Edit link QR code

The time-based multi-URL QR code is a dynamic QR code feature. And dynamic QR codes are known for their capacity to have any embedded content be edited or updated at any given time.

So, you don’t have to worry about making changes to your URLs, your menus, your new promos, or even new events.  

Scanning activities can be tracked

As people revolve around the business industry, it is crucial to know whether marketing strategies are reaching your target market.

With QR TIGER’s time multi-URL QR code, you are given a chance to see the analytics of your QR code’s scans.

And with the data, you can make ample changes to adapt to your customers’ needs. 

Very mobile-friendly 

QR codes can be scanned using a smartphone. Therefore, it is natural that the contents or the landing pages can be accessed using your phone.

Most modern-day smartphones already have built-in QR code scanners on their cameras, but some still need a third-party application. 

Good thing that QR TIGER has an application that allows you to read a QR code and generate your QR code. 

Can embed more than one URL in one QR code for multiple marketing campaigns 

As the name suggests, multi-URL QR codes can hold more than one URL for multiple campaigns.

When generating your time multi-URL QR code with QR TIGER, you add as many URLs as you wish. 

Real-life examples of time multi-URL QR codes for happy hour 

A few pubs and bars are already a few steps ahead in their multi-URL QR code campaign by integrating it into their happy hour.

These establishments are quick to pick up on the trend and have already secured a better customer experience than the others. 

1.  Budweiser Clock (Budclock) was smart enough to trade a QR code for every Budweiser purchased by a customer. The QR code, when scanned, will extend the scheduled happy hour by a single minute.

Budweiser clock

Image Source

2.  Tutta Bella made a creative QR code for their happy hour by deviating from the traditional black-and-white appearance.

Instead, they blended their red QR code into an image of a tomato!

Customers can then automatically download the restaurant’s menu upon scanning.

Tutta bella

Upgrade your happy hour strategies using a time multi-URL QR code with QR TIGER today

It’s been proven and tested that happy hour can increase the revenues of a food and beverage services establishment. And many articles have already been made informing the public about how QR codes can pull any business to the top. 

With these two marketing strategies combined, you can double your sales and also secure that you are providing the best customer experience. 

It may seem like it’s quite hard and complicated to do, but with QR TIGER QR code generator online, it’s easy as pie! 

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