Visual QR Code Generator: Create Customize QR Codes

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Update:  March 28, 2023
Visual QR Code Generator: Create Customize QR Codes

A free visual QR code generator allows you to generate a more customized QR code than the traditional black and white QR codes that we usually see.

A custom QR code with an added customization gains more traction than the black and white QR code colors.

Thus, using a visual QR code that will help you achieve what you envision for your QR code's physical attraction is important to get the attention it deserves. 

What is a visual QR code generator, and how does it work?

Visual QR code generator

Finding a visual QR code that will not only allow you to make black and white QR codes is crucial if you want to have overall control over your QR code.

Using a free visual QR code generator, you can do the following:

  • Add colors
  • Use a customizable frame with a call to action
  • Add a logo, icon, or image
  • Set the layouts or patterns of your choice
  • Choose a unique eyes

These QR customizations are important to make your QR code stand-out and align it with your purpose, aim, or branding to suit your brand and make it even more professional-looking. 

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QR code basics

QR codes have many various solutions for your need. However, you can only generate them in two types: Static or Dynamic QR code. So what are these?

Static QR code

Static QR code

This stays permanent and will forever redirect you to the original information/URL you have entered.

The static QR code data is stored in the graphics on the code; that's why it's impossible to edit it. Furthermore, you can only store limited information using the static QR type.

Dynamic QR code 

Dynamic QR code

The information you encrypt using a dynamic type of QR code is not explicitly stored in the graphics of the code. It is stored in the QR code generator online.

The code graphics only contain a short URL that will redirect the scanners to the information online, making them editable and trackable.  

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Important metrics you get using a dynamic QR 

Dynamic QR code metrics

The number of scans

These are the total number of scans made in your QR code.

Timeline of the scans made

The timeline can be the number of scans made by day, week, month, or year.

The device used in scanning

The instrument/device used in scanning the QR code can be categorized by its operating system: IOS, Android, or PC

Location of the scan

The scan location is identified by region, country, and city.

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Benefits of Dynamic QR codes 


Editable dynamic QR code

As we have discussed above, dynamic QR codes are editable even if you have printed or deployed them, making them economical and wise to use.

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Trackable dynamic QR code

Using a QR code tracking system, you will understand your QR code metrics and analyze your QR code marketing campaign. Is it effective? What can you do more to gain traction?


Dynamic QR code cost efficient

You can save hundreds of dollars by just changing your QR code's landing page without having to produce another one.

A multimedia campaign using a single QR code

Dynamic QR code multimedia campaign

You can redirect your dynamic QR code to any information you want, making them a versatile tool for advertising and marketing campaigns.

How to use a Visual QR code generator and create your custom QR? 

  • Go to www.
  • Select the type of QR code solution you want
  • Switch from static to dynamic
  • Click generate QR code.
  • Personalize your QR code
  • Do a scan test
  • Download and deploy

How to use a visual QR code generator? A step-by-step guide 

Go to

QR TIGER QR code generator allows you to customize and make a customize QR for your brand.

Select the type of QR code solution you want

Best QR code generator

Do you want to convert your URL into a QR code? Are you planning to make a business card QR code and transform your traditional business card into a digital card?

You can choose which options do you need for your QR code? Just select what type of QR code you need and enter the corresponding details you need.

Switch from static to dynamic

Dynamic QR code advanced feature

If you're using QR codes for business and marketing, it is always advisable to use dynamic QR codes to edit and track your QR codes. QR code switch is always a better idea.

Click "Generate QR code"

After you have chosen your solution and have entered your data, click the generate QR code button.

Customize your QR code

Customize QR code with logo

Customize your QR code the way you want it to be according to your brand.

Do a scan test

Before printing your QR code, do a scan test first to make sure it leads to the correct information, especially if you choose a static QR code for your QR solution

Download and deploy

Print and deploy your QR code online or in your print marketing materials!

Essential guides when creating a visual QR code 

While it will make your QR code gain more traction and attention from your scanners if it is customized, there are also some of the few guidelines you should follow when creating your visual QR code for it to scan properly.

One QR code per solution

QR codes have many types, and it is always advisable to avoid over-complicating your QR implementation to prevent confusion. Thus, being said, there should always be one QR code per solution.

Say, for example, if you want to make a text QR code, and then put a call-to-action that says "scan the message" and nothing else.

 If you want to redirect your scanners to a video page, then make a video QR code and put a call to action like "scan to see the video."

The foreground color of the QR code should be darker than the background.

Visual QR code foreground background colors

While it's not wrong to add some creativity to your QR code and steering away from applying monochromatic QR code colors, one rule of thumb is that you should have good contrast on your QR code color and do away from mixing light colors.

Estimate the right size of the QR code 

Visual QR code right size

Before printing your QR code, you should always consider what the QR should code correct sizing for it to scan. The further you will place your QR code from the advertising place.

Use Dynamic QR code instead of static

Dynamic QR code visualDynamic QR codes are advisable to use rather than the static QR as it allows you to change the content of your QR code to another data or landing page.

You also don't need to reprint your QR code, making the QR technology economical and money wise to use.

Moreover, dynamic QR codes also track your QR scans' data and the demographics of your scanners.

Make sure your QR code is printed in a high-quality format

If you plan on printing your QR codes, it is recommended to download it in SVG format so you can resize your QR codes; however, you want it to be so the QR code doesn't get blurred when printed when you've resized it.

Generate your Visual QR code using the best QR code generator online

Visual QR code generators are great to use, especially if you want to change the way your QR code looks and align it with your theme, brand, or purpose.

If you have more questions about visual QR codes, you can contact us today. 

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