4th of July Restaurant Ideas

Update:  May 29, 2023
4th of July Restaurant Ideas

The Fourth of July celebrations take place in the middle of the summer. This gives bars and restaurants the chance to come up with special offers appropriate for the federal holiday.

Majority of Americans commemorate the nation’s independence and freedom around this time by engaging in outdoor activities and taking in nighttime fireworks shows.

To make the most of the festivities, your bar and restaurant can benefit from the holiday by giving your customers the choice to eat out.

Customer/Consumer Statistics during holidays

Are you still unsure of the customer demographics throughout special holidays? Let’s investigate the spending patterns of patrons in bars and restaurants.

Let us assist you in developing a strategic plan for serving clients on a federal holiday or any other holiday.

  1. According to statistics, 44% of millennials’ budget is spent on food.
  2. A total of 49% of millennials spend more money at restaurants and eating out, amounting to an average monthly dining expenditure of $163.
  3. According to the National Retail Federation, each person spent $80.54 on food on July 4th.
  4. 78% of millennials say they would rather spend money on a desirable experience or event than on a desirable item, and 55% of millennials say they spend more money now than they ever have on events and live experiences.

Uncertain of how to draw clients to eat in your restaurants? Here are some suggestions for promotion.

4th of July Restaurant Ideas/Promotions

When you have your marketing strategy prepared in advance for special days like this federal holiday, prompt planning and restaurant promotional strategies are simple. However, if you run out of ideas, we have some Fourth of July marketing promotions here for you. 

Outdoor pop-up shops

Since the majority of Americans spend this federal holiday outside, it is the best time for restaurant and bars to hold pop-up stores in parks. 

al fresco dining

Image Source

An al fresco setting is also great to attract more customers on your restaurant and let them feel the warmth and comfort of the summer breeze. Americans can still partake in a feast of foods and beverages from your pop-up shop while they enjoy a joyous holiday with their families.

For instance, you may set a pop-up restaurant with grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and sausages along with fries. To beat the summer heat, serve these with cold drinks like a bottle of Heineken beer, lemonade, or snow cones.

American-themed breakfast

pancakes topped with raspberries and maple syrup

Image Source

To honor the nation’s freedom and independence, provide an American-themed breakfast in your business.

Going all-out American in your establishment and the food you serve is the one of the best ways to observe this federal holiday.

These are only a few options for American breakfast as there are many others: traditional pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, and bacon and eggs with croissant and orange juice. 

Buffet Dinner party inside restaurant

buffet banquet

Take advantage of this federal holiday to throw a buffet dinner party in your restaurant.

You can use marketing strategies for attracting and keeping customers inside your restaurant by hosting culinary events like a buffet party. Attract more customers to your buffet dinner party by serving the best food in your menu.

In order for clients to joyously celebrate the federal holiday with other Americans, create the atmosphere of a comfortable dinner party as an Independence Day restaurant promotions. 

Hire a band to set the mood right

Live music performed by a local band or performer draws more customers in. Set the bar high when creating the mood and environment for your evening dinner to entice more people to come dine at your establishment.

live band inside a restaurant

With jazz playing in the background, you may provide your clients with a fun and meaningful Fourth of July supper. You may also hire a live country band to play acoustic music to build the ambiance in your Grill and Chill restaurant.

You can use music to get guests into your restaurant so they can celebrate the Fourth of July with other Americans.

Offer discounted booze and food

discount banner menu tiger

Statistics says that 92% of consumers in the USA enjoy spending with coupons and discount vouchers. Customers can receive discount coupons from your restaurant and bar, especially on special occasions.

Improve your customer loyalty initiatives with loyalty benefits like special discounts and promotions during the Fourth of July celebrations..

Draw regular clients to your online ordering page and offer discounted booze and foods on your restaurant and/or bar website. Additionally, you can also email your discount coupon to your restaurants to get them to keep coming back to your establishment.

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Independence Day-themed menu for your restaurant

menu tiger digital menu software

Using digital menu software like MENU TIGER, you can create an independence-themed menu for your restaurant in addition to the promotion ideas just in time for the Fourth of July celebration.

A great marketing tactic that displays patriotism and increases foot traffic inside your facility is to have themed pubs and restaurants open on a federal holiday.

You can easily update and alter your digital menu using MENU TIGER. As a result, you can design the themed menus shown below for your restaurant:

Highlight best-sellers and trademark American dishes

Highlighting outstanding American meals on your digital menu is one of the best restaurant marketing concepts.

You may find out which menu items are popular in your restaurant by using menu engineering. You can then plan how to keep customers coming to your business.

Customers will always return for their favorites; therefore, you may use the digital menu software MENU TIGER to assist you in showcasing your signature dishes on your online ordering page. Put the most popular dish options among the first two or three options in each category on your menu. 

Make sure that your top-selling meals receive the greatest attention.

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American-themed digital menu (color palette)

menu tiger website and online ordering page    

Create a digital menu with the American flag motif using the blue, red, and white color scheme.

Integrating a digital menu with an American theme will help you promote your restaurant’s patriotism and Independence Day.

Some restaurants go all out with a retro-theme restaurant, down to the cuisine and decor. However, you don’t have to go all out to honor the federal holiday at your establishment.

Using the MENU TIGER digital menu software, you can easily change the color scheme of your digital menu and online ordering page to show your patriotism.

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American-themed menu QR code tabletop tents

american-themed menu qr code

Printing menu QR codes in black and white is out of date. You can print your menu QR code with an American-themed background to give it more impact as an Independence Day restaurant promotions.

For illustration, you can use the traditional Fish and Chips combination or an American cheeseburger as the background for your restaurant’s menu QR code.

Moreover, you can design your table-specific menu QR codes to increase more scans and orders using MENU TIGER.

It has advanced QR code customization features you can leverage on for your restaurant branding. You can easily customize your QR code data patterns, eyes, and frames. Moreover, you can also add your restaurant logo and a call to action text to encourage your customers to order via your QR code menu.

Highlight American Favorite Foods and Drinks leading up to 4th of July

These traditional American dishes are a must-have on any menu for a holiday in the United States. To fully appreciate the federal holiday while enjoying the 4th of July favorites, include the following menu items in your digital menu.


grilled barbecues

74 million Americans want to celebrate Fourth of July with barbecues and time spent grilling their preferred roasted meats.

When the Spanish colony came in the Caribbean, they began referring to the slow cooking of meat over a fire as barbacoa, which is when the love for grilled barbecues first emerged. 

And by the following century, Americans were enjoying grilling the prevalent number of pigs that were common in the area and cooking them all at once (perfect for a family gathering). Since then, grilled barbecues became a tradition in America.

Not everyone, however, has the time to prepare things and cook all day. Use this chance for your restaurant to expand your menu and consider including barbecues as an Independence Day restaurant promotions.


beef burgers

The burger craze in America dates back to the 1800s, when workers in steam-powered factories favored chowing down on quick-cook meals during their lunch breaks. At this time, food carts selling coffee and modest dishes like the Hamburg steak are parked outside these factories.

The owner of the food cart business then solved the issue by sandwiching the hamburger patty between two slices of bread because these industrial workers find it challenging to consume while standing. Thus, the hamburger was created.

By having this on your menu, you can say you’re continuing the legacy  of the American pioneers who took their first bite of the first hamburger in the region.

You can add several seasonings and toppings to your hamburger to enhance its flavor, or you can keep it plain with salt and pepper.

Hot Dogs

hotdog sandwiches

Sausages were first crafted as frankfurters, wieners, or franks by German immigrants in the middle of the 1800s. This sausage is created by curing, smoking, and cooking either all beef or a pork-and-beef blend.

At this time, hot dogs and sausages started to make their way into American streets at food carts in New York City, catering to consumers who like to eat on the go.

As a result, your business might benefit from the popularity of this American dish by putting it on the menu. You can easily curate your digital menu to add these description, saying you’re also remembering the traditions and practices connected to the American hot dog.

Budweiser beverage

budweiser drink

The American custom of drinking fine beer dates to 1876 and made Budweiser “king of beers.” From their travels, Adolphus Busch and Carl Conrad created the Bohemian-style beverage or lager around this time, which is known today as Budweiser.

Early in 1936, Budweiser started manufacturing the canned beers that fuel their company’s sales and profits.

This is a fantastic beverage to quench the summer heat. You can provide bottomless Budweiser mugs or discounted Budweiser beverages in your business.


The classic American treat for campfires and parties is the s’more. An American holiday custom involves toasting marshmallows over a fire and sandwiching them between two graham crackers. This is best paired with warm chocolate.

Althea officinalis known as the marshmallow. This was first discovered by people in Northern Africa and Eurasia, who are thought to be the originators of the love for s’mores. To treat sore throats or just as a snack, this plant’s root sap is boiled, filtered, and sweetened.


Image Source

Factory-made marshmallows started to become more popular throughout the industrial revolution. Most people enjoy the dish in various ways because marshmallow production was less expensive.

In addition, Sylvester Graham created the graham cracker. Since then, locals have discovered that a toasted marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers makes for an enjoyable snack at get-togethers.

Customers can view the traditional s’mores delicacy on your digital menu to experience the coziness of a bonfire night even during dining in at lunch.

Streamline restaurant operations during 4th of July with MENU TIGER

With the help of MENU TIGER digital menu software, you can optimize your services even during the busiest of holidays like the Fourth of July.

The software enables you to create a menu QR code that connects clients to your restaurant’s interactive menu or online ordering website for a simple order and payment process.

Additionally, as the digital menu promotes quick table turnover, you can increase your restaurant’s efficiency while serving a large number of clients.

The convenience and comfort of a digital menu system greatly enhances your customer’s dining experience.

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Celebrate 4th of July with MENU TIGER

Celebrate Fourth of July in your bars and restaurants. Allow your customers to feel the hype and festivities of the day with the promotion ideas, all-time American favorites, and themed menus leading up to the holiday.

MENU TIGER enables you to easily customize themed menus, run promotions, and highlight American foods and beverages in your digital menu and online ordering page.

To know more about MENU TIGER, contact us today.

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