Are QR codes free to use? Yes and no

Last updated:   November 08, 2022

Is it free to use QR codes? Yes, QR codes are completely free to use and can be generated in any QR code software available online, as long as the QR solution is generated as a static QR code.

On the other hand, generating a dynamic QR code requires a paid subscription because it is a more complex type of QR code that allows users to track and edit/update their QR code, which is beneficial for business and marketing.

However, they can also get a free trial edition of the dynamic QR code to see how it works before upgrading to the full version.

Continue reading to learn more about the nuances and distinctions between these two QR code features!

The difference between Static and Dynamic QR codes

Online generators of static QR codes are free, although most of them expire and only give limited scanning capabilities.

The following summarizes the distinctions between static and dynamic QR codes.

Static QR codes (Free)

static qr code

  • Static QR codes do not track or edit data.
  • Users can’t change anything in their QR code.
  • It only ever links to one.
  • This type of coding stores data pixelated or stretched.
  • Is only for one-time use.

Dynamic QR codes (Not free)

dynamic qr code

Due to their extensive characteristics, dynamic QR codes are primarily used in business and marketing.

Indeed, many well-known brands and food manufacturing businesses use QR codes to increase sales, provide interactive content about their brand to consumers, and foster trust and transparency.

  • Using dynamic QR codes to add extra information to a QR code is preferred.
  • Dynamic QR codes allow users to alter the content without having to create a new one.
  • Track data scans linked with their QR code.
  • It stores a brief URL that takes people to the intended data.

Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics to produce more robust analytics.

  • Analyze the outcomes of your QR code campaign and optimize your marketing strategy by creating a successful QR code campaign.
  • Determine your QR code outcomes to track your return on investment.
  • If you use QR codes but don’t track the results, you’re squandering your money. Using dynamic QR codes, you can keep track of your promotion.

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Static QR code Solutions (Free)

URL QR code

url qr code

You can create QR codes from any URL or web page. Additionally, you can utilize this for your business’s website or blog.

URL QR codes can also be in dynamic form.

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Wi-Fi QR code

wifi qr code

Using a QR code makes it simple to connect to WIFI without inputting the password.

By creating a WIFI QR code, you can instantly connect to the internet with a simple scan.

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Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Pinterest

instagram qr code

You can build a unique QR code for each of your social media profiles that you’d like to grow.

It enables users to quickly follow, like, or subscribe to your page or channel when they scan your QR code—there is no need for them to hunt for you on those social media networks.

Your QR code can be printed on posters or shown on social media platforms. Both are scannable in either direction.

On the other hand, these QR code solutions can also be generated in dynamic form.

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Email QR code

email qr code

Use a QR code in your email marketing to give your message a more distinctive and competitive edge that will spark your recipient’s attention.

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Text QR code

text qr code

Convert your plain text into a QR code. Experiment with it and you’ll discover a plethora of applications.

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Dynamic QR code Solutions (Not free)

vCard QR code

vcard qr code

To engage with potential customers, investors, and business partners, QR codes on business cards are essential. It’s critical to do so in order to showcase your company’s credentials to other businesses.

File QR code

file qr code

QR codes for files have varying amounts of utility depending on the user and how they are used. Because it is so simple to do, it is easy to keep track of how many files you have by saving and sharing them with friends, classmates, and colleagues who share your interests.

File QR codes are dynamic, as opposed to static QR codes, because they need the speedy uploading or saving of files that are too huge for static QR codes to handle.

Social Media QR code

social media qr code

As social media has risen in popularity, QR codes have become a popular tool to attract additional followers and subscribers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are among the social media QR codes.

People will have no issue discovering your social media account if you create a QR code for it in the search bar of social networking sites.

Menu QR code

menu qr code

Diners will receive a digital menu after scanning a QR code on a menu, which will show on their cellphones once the QR code has been scanned.

MENU TIGER is QRTIGER’s interactive restaurant menu QR code software that can help you improve your restaurant’s operations by giving you a more advanced and cost-effective menu system.

H5 QR code

landing page qr code

Interactive QR codes created with the H5 editor allow users to construct their own direct web pages. You won’t require any commercialized host domains for your events.

H5 refers to the mobile versions of websites in the case of mobile browsers. An H5 page is most frequently used to promote forthcoming events and items.

Multi-URL QR code

This QR code is used to route and redirect people based on their current location, which may include:

Time – Depending on the time of day, you may direct clients to different apps, websites, and other portals.

multi url qr code time

Location – These QR code features can be used to establish a user’s geographical or geo-locational position in order to redirect them.

multi url qr code location

Number of Scans – The QR code’s URL direction changes overtime after a certain number of scans. This could be a terrific approach to promote oneself for a variety of marketing personas.

multi url qr code number of scans

Because it is a dynamic QR code, you may pick how many scans you want when you customize it.

Language – You can use a single QR code to sell your products, items, or whatever else you have to offer by creating separate and independent landing pages for different types of audiences.

multi url qr code language

Businesses can utilize this to build global campaigns to reach consumers all over the world with a variety of products, services, and websites.

Moreover, because you won’t have to deal with regional language barriers, this is a simple method to get started with worldwide marketing.

App Stores QR code

app stores qr code

Using QR codes in your software, whether on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, can reduce the amount of time a client or user spends interacting with it.

MP3 QR code

mp3 qr code

You can create a QR code from your podcast or any audio file. It will direct users to the soundtrack file after scanning.

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QR code in SVG or PNG format

The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format is a 2D vector picture format based on the Extensible Markup Language that supports interactivity and animation.

This file can be opened with Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.

You must import your SVG file into Photoshop. SVG files are ideal for high-resolution printing.

A PNG format, on the other hand, is commonly used online but may also be used in print, though it has lower quality than an SVG.

Generate your free QR codes with QRTIGER today

To emphasize the critical elements regarding free QR codes, making your own QR code or static QR code in QRTIGER is completely free, requires no subscription, and is also highly customizable according to your objective, business purpose, or brand!

Most importantly, your free QR codes never expire and may be used indefinitely.


Is there a free PDF QR code generator?

A PDF QR code is a solution for a heavy-duty upload. The premium subscription upload limit is 20 MB.

Because you will be uploading huge files, you will need a QR code generator to store them.

A static QR code generator cannot handle large amounts of data. The data in this form of code is limited to graphics.

The more data you enter, the more pixelated the codes get, making them difficult to see.