Are QR Codes free to use? Yes and No!

Last updated:   October 12, 2021

Are QR codes are free to use? Yes, QR codes are free to use or generate in any QR code software online as long you generate your QR solution in a static QR code. Static QR codes are free. 

On the other hand, if you choose to generate a Dynamic QR code, it will require you a paid subscription as it is an advanced type of QR code which enables users to track and edit your QR which is useful for business and marketing. 

But if you want, you can also avail for the trial version of dynamic QR code and experience it yourself how it works before switching to the paid ones. 

Just keep on reading as delve more into the details and differences between these two QR code features! 

How to create a free QR code?

  • Go to a Free QR Code Generator with logo online
  • Choose from the menu the type of content you are promoting
  • Enter the necessary data in the box provided
  • Choose static
  • Customize it
  • Download your QR Code
  • Never forget to test your free QR code
  • Deploy your QR Code

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What is a QR code? 

dynamic qr code

QR codes are a scannable machine code with the capacity to embed any types of information using a QR code generator online. 

Smartphone devices are used to access the data behind the code, by pointing the camera app or QR code reader to the QR code. It contains tiny, black dots where the information is stored and interpreted. 

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QR codes are a  2D barcode type invented in Japan to track the automotive industry during manufacturing.

Unlike UPC barcodes, QR codes gain much more popularity and its use is wide because of its fast scanning capacity and ability to store various information with an excellent storage capacity. 

QR codes can hold data such as numeric, alphabetic, binary, symbols control codes, and many more, and there’s up to 7,089 characters that can be encrypted in one symbol. 

QR codes have two different types, which are static and dynamic generated using a QR code generator software. (keep reading to learn more about static QR code and dynamic QR code!)

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What is a QR Code generator software? 

are qr codes free to useA QR code generator software is an advanced and innovative tool to use to generate a QR code. A QR code gives a digital dimension or information of a product or item wherever it is attached or displayed.

There are many QR code generator software online, but you need to do your research first before using them and see if the QR code generator is reliable and trustworthy to use. A spammy QR code generator could put your privacy in an unwanted situation. 

Many brands are trusting QRTiger QR code generator like Midea, Ford, Universal, Yakult, and many others. Check it out here. 

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What is the difference between a  Static QR code and a Dynamic QR code? 

Static QR codes are free to create in any QR code generator software online, but- most of them expire and only provide you with limited QR code scans with no designing options available for your to custom-design your QR code. 

Static QR codes generated in QRTiger allows you to make your QR code without having to subscribe. Moreover, you can customize your QR code right away and create as many as you want. Your QR code will never expire and you will have unlimited scans.

QRtiger is a professional QR code generator online that provides you quality QR codes for any solutions- static or dynamic. 

Though static QR code is free to create, there has a downside to it. Static QR codes do not provide additional features such as data tracking and editing.

You cannot modify or change whatever content you have already input in your QR code.

Thus, it only leads you to one URL address permanently. The data or information using this type of code is present in its graphics and gets pixelated or stretched the more data you store.

If you have more information to embed in a QR code, better switch to Dynamic. (We will tackle it below)

Static QR codes are, therefore, only advised for one-time campaign use.

But if you are into business or you’re a serious marketer looking to expand and speed up your business using a QR code generator, then Dynamic QR codes are the ones you should use. 

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What is a Dynamic QR code? 

dynamic qr codeDynamic QR code is an advanced type of QR code that allows you to modify your QR code’s content and track data. 

This means, if you want to redirect your target audience to another landing page or information, you can quickly change or update your Dynamic QR code without having to generate another QR code again. You can do this even in real-time. 

In comparison, a dynamic QR code never explicitly stores the data or information. It contains a short URL stored in the QR code generator online that redirects the end-users to the destination info. 

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Why are Dynamic QR codes great to use in business and marketing? 

With a Dynamic QR code generator, you cannot only update your QR code anytime to a different URL address but also, you can uncover valuable data of the scans that are good to evaluate in your marketing and business.

Statistics results, such as:

  • The time where you get the most scans
  • Where do you get the most scans?
  • Are you doing well in your QR code marketing campaign?

This analytics report is in the  Dynamic QR code generator online dashboard, where you can see, understand, and gauge the overall success of your QR code campaign.

Moreover, it can be paired up with Google Analytics for more robust statistics results. 

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Must-Have Features of the Best free QR Code Generator you should use to generate your free QR code.

Free QR Code Generator with Logo

cool qr codes customizableSome QR code generators don’t allow you to add a logo on your QR code. This is a no-no for a free QR code! 

Adding a logo to your QR code is one of the important features of a QR code as it will give your QR code an impactful impression on your audience.

So if a QR code generator does not even offer you this basic feature, you might re-consider the idea of using that software and look for a better one. 

It is also important that a Free QR code maker has a frame and customizable call-to-action. As this feature, when added, gets more scans! 

Unlimited scans of the free QR Code

Even if the QR code is static and untraceable, it should provide users limitless QR codes scan.

Some QR code generators will only have a maximum of 10 or 20 scans. And will already redirect you to an error page, making the static QR code useless after.

Basic and Advanced Customizations

qr code generator softwareThe user should have the freedom as to how he wants to design or his QR code, whether it could be in a basic black and white QR code format or to a more advanced one.

Customizations and having additional features such as adding colors, logo, icon, image, frames, unique edges allows the user to have more freedom in his QR code experiment.

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NO advertisements popping out

What could be more annoying than pop-outs, right? QR code generators that offer free QR code often have ads, which can break the flow of the overall customer experience.

Download in different formats

A QR code generator should allow you to download in PNG or SVG format, even if it’s for free. 

QRTiger is a professional QR Code generator and provides all of the features mentioned above, which is not available by any other QR code generators.

See for yourself and generate your free QR code now! 

The company values to make the user experience more advanced even if they only generate free QR codes! Paid or not! 

QR code in SVG format or a QR code in PNG format? What file format to choose? 

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format is an Extensible Markup Language-based vector image format for 2D graphics with support for interactivity and animation.

This file can be used in programs such as Illustrator or InDesign.

For Photoshop, you need to import your SVG file. An SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality.

On the other hand, a PNG format is usually used online but can also work in print, although a PNG has less quality than an SVG.

What are the free QR code solutions you can create? 


undefinedYou can generate any URL address or web page into a QR code. You can also use this for your business website or blog! 

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Connecting directly to WIFI without typing the password is easy using a QR code.

Generating a WIFI QR code will connect you to the internet right away with just a scan. 

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best free qr code generatorYou can turn your podcast or any audio file into a QR code. Upon scanning, it will redirect users to the file soundtrack. 

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Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest

You can create an individual QR code for your social media accounts that you want to grow.

It allows people to follow instantly, like, or subscribe to your page or channel upon scanning your QR code—no need to search for you in those social media platforms.

You can have your QR code printed on flyers or displayed on social media sites. Both are scannable either way. 

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Power your email marketing with a QR code for a more competitive and notable edge that will pique your receiver’s curiosity! 

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Turn your simple texts into a QR code! Experiment with it, and you can find a lot of use cases!  


Are QR codes dead? 

QR codes have been already used for several years and known to be a useful marketing tool in many business industries who seek advancement and speed in their services.

But somehow, these smart tech-tool remain lowkey and ignored- but not until the Coronavirus outbreak when QR codes made a colossal buzz worldwide. 

During the pandemic, the implementation of QR codes serves as a safety measure for social distancing and contactless interaction as they are quickly accessible using smartphone devices.

Users can access it in just a scan and automatically receive the information without having to interact with another person. 

QR codes serve as a counterpart to contain the spread of the disease without the involvement of physical contact.

It has been used in providing a no-touch menu for restaurants, contactless registration forms, digital money transfer, helping NGO’s and charities raise funds.

QR codes are certainly not dead; in fact, they are only making a significant comeback during this global health emergency issue. They have met varying degrees of successful implementation in every facet of service it is deployed. 

Though they have been taken for granted for quite a while and have received countless of negative criticism from critiques, overall, they are very convenient to use.

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What is the best QR scanner to scan QR codes? 

Natively, QR codes are developed for smartphone gadgets to access.

These devices are designed with a QR code reading system to scan QR codes.

QR codes, however, if you have the older and un-updated mobile version, you might as well use third party scanners to scan QR codes. 

To scan QR codes using your smartphone, simply open your camera in a photo mode and steadily points it toward the QR code to detect QR code’s information.  

Tap on the notification that will show to open the data linked to the QR code.

If nothing happens, go to the setting to enable QR code reading, if you don’t see this option, don’t worry because you can download free apps to scan QR codes.

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Is a PDF QR code generator free online?

pdf qr code dynamicA PDF QR code is a Dynamic QR code solution as you need to upload that is heavy enough. You can upload a maximum of 20 MB for the premium subscription.

A PDF QR code needs to be dynamic because you will be uploading a large file meaning, you need a QR code generator to store those files.

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A static QR code generator cannot accommodate to generate a massive amount of information. The data in this type of code is in the graphics of the code which is limited. 

The more data you input the pixelated the codes get, and when it happens, it is hard for the QR code to be detected. 

What is a vCard QR code?

social media qr code free vCard QR code digitally transforms a person’s business card and allows him to present his business information or details on a smartphone screen in just a scan.

This increases the person’s chances of further contacts as the target audience, giving him the edge of being notable.

Once the V-card QR code is scanned, the person can easily save the contact right away to his mobile phone without having to type anything! 

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Are QR codes free to use? Yes, and you can generate them now! 

To highlight the essential points about free QR codes, creating your free QR code or static QR code in QRTiger is free of charge, no subscription needed, and also very customizable depending on your aim, company purpose or brand!   

Most importantly, your free QR codes will never expire, and you can use them for a lifetime!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a QR code?

Before you get a QR code, you need to determine first your purpose for having one. If it's personal, you can also opt to get a QR code for free using a static QR code.

If you need QR code for marketing, you need to have an advanced version of QR code that will allow you to track your QR code scans, edit the QR code and retarget it to a different campaign. For this you need to generate a dynamic QR code and not static. 

Related terms 

QR code for free 

Static QR codes are free while dynamic QR codes require your subscription as this type of QR is advanced, flexible and ideal for the long term campaign. 

QR code 

QR code is a Quick Response code that embeds any types of data and this is generated using a QR code generator online. The information encrypted in the QR code is decoded using smartphone devices.