Boxing Day: Wrap Up Extended Christmas Sales with QR Codes

Update:  December 30, 2023
Boxing Day: Wrap Up Extended Christmas Sales with QR Codes

Boxing Day is not just about continuing the season of love, joy, and giving. It is also a day of opportunities for businesses to boost sales campaigns. 

This historic gift-giving ritual commemorates our workers and tradespeople for their dependable all-year-round service. But it is not only a season of giving—it’s also a season of spending! 

Businesses looking to ride the tide can integrate QR codes into operations to add an interactive element to promotional materials, enhancing customers’ shopping experience. 

Spread the extended holiday cheer using the best QR code generator, offering top-notch solutions. Learn the best QR code strategies for extended holiday campaigns below.

What is Boxing Day all about?

Boxing Day is kind of an odd name for a holiday, don’t you think? 

If you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with fisticuffs, red gloves, silky trunks, and a boxing ring. Instead, it is a holiday derived from boxing up presents given to the less fortunate on the day after Christmas.

But what is Boxing Day’s origin? How did this holiday begin, and how did it earn its unique name? 

The tradition dates back centuries to when Queen Victoria held the throne in the 1800s and distributed boxes filled with gifts, money, and Christmas leftovers to appreciate servants’ hard work throughout the year. 

Falling on the day after Christmas, people spend this day indulging in food, watching sports, spending time with family and friends, and snapping great bargains at retail stores. 

And since it’s fast approaching, it is time to incorporate some zest into your operations with highly advanced QR code technology on the biggest sale days in the shopping calendar. 

If you own a business looking to boost sales this holiday, you’ve landed in the right place.

How you can apply QR codes in your marketing strategies

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional square barcodes that have emerged as essential tools to scale up marketing strategies, especially for businesses across varying industries.

Using QR codes for marketing has become famous in companies for bringing efficiency to their market—driving traffic to physical and digital stores.

Not only do these codes give a digital dimension to your campaigns, but they also help you connect with consumers and advertise services and products innovatively. 

The versatility of QR codes extends to information access, social media integration, mobile payments, product marketing, and more.

Learn strategies to boost sales on that busy shopping day and separate your business from the competition.

9 QR code strategies for your next Boxing Day holiday campaign

Holidays always call for deals to attract shoppers, and QR codes are a great way to boost product visibility and consume all stocks before the year ends.

Encourage shoppers to visit your physical and online stores and convert their interest into revenue. Here are some practical ways to do it using QR technology:

Product information

Boxing day

Since QR codes can store more data, you can use them to emphasize your product packaging and design a creative QR code to attract customers to scan and access more details.

You can put any information your customers would want to know in a file QR code without cluttering your marketing campaigns. 

This technology can store comprehensive product details, specifications, video tutorials, care guides, product reviews, and Boxing Day deals to give customers an excellent resource for the products they plan to buy for their loved ones.

Exclusive deals and discounts

QR codes can lead customers to exclusive holiday discounts. Make this happen with a coupon QR code and promote sales with a simple scan.

You can create coupon QR codes with time-limited features using QR TIGER’s advanced QR code generator. These help businesses drive sales growth and bind customers to the time-limited coupons, stimulating them to buy your products.

Gift guides

Showcase Boxing Day sales with a dynamic QR code and design a gift guide accessible through shoppers’ devices.

You can wrap up holiday sales through a landing page QR code and create a mobile-friendly list of popular products and discounted items like home appliances, tech gadgets, and more. 

This solution allows you to create a customized webpage suitable for holiday campaigns. 

You do not have to make another web page QR code if you have updates on products and seasonal sales. With a landing page QR code, editing the customized landing page’s content is possible.

Gift with purchase

Pull off a winning move and attract customers with gift purchase ideas. Entice shoppers with an engaging promotion to receive gift cards upon scanning the QR code. 

This promotional strategy includes practical items with relevant value for the customers, such as sample-size products, bundle offers, or travel-size bottles. 

Offer gifts with purchase promotions, prompt customers to take advantage of your deals, and escalate profit margins—these are all possible using QR codes and a reliable QR code generator. 

Loyalty programs

Promote sign-ups for loyalty programs and increase customer engagement with an advanced QR code.

You can advertise your campaign using a QR code for loyalty programs to increase revenue and encourage customer loyalty. 

This way, you can convert shoppers into loyal customers and give them easy access to rewards, discounts, and exclusive holiday perks, especially on Boxing Day.

Scan-to-win contests

QR code promotional offer

Everyone uses their mobile phone, from communicating and web browsing to ordering food and making payments.

Implementing promotional offers with a QR code is a great way to promote your products and lead customers to a contest entry form or a virtual scratch-and-win game.

It allows shoppers and potential customers to win prizes or additional discounts on Boxing Day holidays, and they can access all of these through their smartphones. 

These flexible QR codes can be displayed on digital and physical platforms or other strategic locations to prompt word-of-mouth marketing.

Food recipes

QR code menu

Celebrating such a special day wouldn’t be complete without a hearty feast.

If you are a restaurateur, offering sumptuous Boxing Day cuisine and beverages is a brilliant way to continue the festivities. 

Achieve this using a QR code menu and allow customers to view a list of food and drinks you offer along with their costs and descriptions.

With a quick scan of your custom menu QR code, your customers can browse food items without the rush of ordering, providing them with rich visual presentations of each food item. 

Take part in seasonal celebrations in a unique style and enhance restaurant operations without going above and beyond.

Donation drives

Boxing day QR code donations

Encourage compassion and allow shoppers to participate in the Boxing Day spirit by putting QR codes on physical donation boxes or standees.

A QR code for contactless donations can give people access to a secure donation gateway or a link to the charity website for quick contributions.

This solution offers a direct, contact-free digital transaction, making cashless contributions more accessible and appealing.

Social media promotion

Take your business to the next level and direct your customers to your social media platforms without overwhelming them with many links. 

Accomplish this using a Link in Bio QR code and let customers know your virtual identity. This advanced QR solution lets you connect with them through a single, scannable QR code. 

This advanced solution allows businesses to enhance their social media presence with a great chance of increasing followers and streamlining social media promotion. 

Create a branded QR code in seconds with QR TIGER QR code generator

Wrapping up sales on Boxing Day is made easy with QR TIGER. With its advanced solutions, everything will surely turn out successfully for you. 

Here’s the easiest way to create fully customized QR codes: 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account. Don’t have one yet? You can subscribe to our affordable plans or sign up for freemium.
  2. Choose a QR code solution that best fits your strategies, then enter the required information.
  3. Select between Static QR or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

    Tip: Dynamic QR codes have advanced features like real-time data editing and scan tracking.
  4. Personalize your QR code using QR TIGER’s comprehensive features. You can even add a logo to make it more attractive to customers. 
  5. Run a quick QR scan test, then click the Download button once all is set and ready.

Why use a dynamic QR code for Boxing Day?

Thanks to QR codes, we get to experience improved and innovative operations. Here are three reasons for using them for your holiday promotions:

Easy content access 

QR codes unite the disparity of the physical and digital worlds. 

With a simple smartphone scan, users can quickly and effortlessly access various information or multimedia content without performing manual searches. 

You can integrate this highly advanced technology into diverse mediums such as advertisements, product packaging, and information sharing.

This makes them a user-friendly tool, especially on an exceptional day like Boxing Day. 

Versatile functionality

QR codes hold limitless potential. They serve various purposes for industries, notably business, for their capacity to encode and decode information. 

The functionality of QR codes is most commonly associated with advertising and can also act as a payment gateway.

Besides being an excellent tool for promotions, QR codes also have a tracking feature that can measure the engagement of your marketing efforts. This is possible by using dynamic QR codes.

By tracking, you would know which content is accessed the most and what type of material resonates better with your audience. 

QR codes demonstrate a transformative power in enhancing user experience that effectively streamlines strategies and initiatives. 


When you put dynamic QR codes on marketing materials like posters or flyers, you don’t have to make a new one after you have exhausted its purpose.

A dynamic QR code generator lets you edit the embedded data in real-time. You can update the content anytime without adding additional costs for printing expenses or creating a new QR code.

Tech the halls with QR codes in your seasonal campaign strategies

Through the years, QR codes have improved and enhanced retailers’ operations and consumers’ experience. 

Incorporating these practical tools into marketing strategies for promotions on holidays like Boxing Day opens many possibilities to increase operational efficiency and refine processes.

Unlock new marketing tricks with QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator online,  and excel over your competitors. Seize the opportunity now and elevate your business.

Frequently asked questions

Which countries celebrate Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is mainly celebrated in countries with strong bonds to the UK, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and some European countries like Germany, Norway, and Belgium.

Why is Boxing Day famous?

Boxing Day is famous; besides employers giving gifts of money, food, and clothing as a token of appreciation for service workers, it has become a day associated with shopping and sporting events like football.

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