QR Code Kpop: The Rise of Immersive Fan Content

Update:  June 08, 2024
QR Code Kpop: The Rise of Immersive Fan Content

Ever tried scanning QR code KPOP albums and photo cards? Or followed your favorite Korean idols beyond the bright stage lights into the digital realm of fan-tailored goodness?

If so, then this article is for you. Welcome, ARMYs, Moomoos, Reveluvs, Blinks, and everyone in between! Let’s take a close look into the striking power of QR codes in connecting diehard fans with their faves. 

The introduction of QR codes and their versatile uses make the world of K-pop more vibrant and interactive for enthusiastic fandoms, and we’re excited to tell you all the reasons why. 

Keep reading to learn how you can also create fun QR codes with an advanced QR code generator with logo and connect with others creatively.

What is a QR code in Kpop albums? 

Most people are used to seeing QR codes on a smart business card or in their local coffee shops, where they can quickly connect to Wi-Fi networks, or in public stations, where they can find timely bus routes and purchase train tickets.

But you can also find these unassuming squares in the glamorous, high-energy world of K-pop. These codes are often seen within album packaging, including photo cards, inserts, or in the album itself. 

And where do they lead to? This question tends to spark curiosity and excitement among fans as well, creating an element of surprise that makes the reveal a hot topic across fandoms. 

Commonly, these Kpop QR codes open doors to exclusive songs, music videos, and behind-the-scenes content that you can’t otherwise find on streaming platforms. 

What is Weverse?

Of course, the discussion of QR codes in Kpop music and culture wouldn’t be complete without Weverse. 

What is it? It is a South Korean online platform launched by Hybe Corporation (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) in 2019.

It is popularly known worldwide as a global platform or hub for K-pop fans to connect with each other and their favorite artists, making it a driving force in the global phenomenon Hallyu or the “Korean Wave” that has spiked since the 1990s.

With Weverse, groups that fall under the Hybe label (e.g., BTS, Enhypen, Seventeen, and Le Sserafim) can interact directly with fans and casual listeners and offer convenient access to merchandise. 

This breaks away from traditional social media dynamics and offers a unique blend of intimate exchanges between fans and artists and a special glimpse into their world in and out of entertainment. 

Popular groups using Kpop QR codes

Take a look at some of the most admired groups in the industry and how they use QR codes to foster community among fans:

Blackpink’s collab with Oreo

Blackpink oreo QR code

In 2023 Oreo, the iconic and delicious cookie brand, launched limited edition Oreo x Blackpink cookies and collectibles in celebration of its classic flavors and the girl group’s signature pink colors and logo. 

This prompted a stir among fans of Blackpink, also known as Blinks, and lovers of the long-time favorite snack, wanting to get their hands on them. 

What made this collaboration even better was the Blackpink Oreo QR code prominently displayed on the cookie packaging.

When scanned, the QR codes lead to a generous amount of exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes of Blackpink’s performances, an online store for limited merchandise, and virtual meet-and-greets with the members. 

ENHYPEN’s Dark Blood album

This seven-member boy group may have only debuted in 2020, but they have already come out with hit after hit, such as ‘Polaroid Love,’ ‘FEVER,’ and ‘Bite Me.’

ENHYPEN’s recent success in landing on the Billboard 200 of top albums has only encouraged members Jungwon, Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Ni-ki, and Sunoo to release a new album called Dark Blood. 

It relates to themes of regret, love, and sacrifice. Dark Blood’s Weverse version has a QR code, similar to the BTS album QR code, for purchase verification to ensure fans receive legitimate albums through the Weverse Shop. 

Le Sserafim’s UNFORGIVEN album

Le sserafim unforgiven album

Le Sserafim is a South Korean girl group consisting of members Kim Chaeon, Sakura, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, and Hong Eunchae. 

They released their first studio album UNFORGIVEN on May 1, 2023, and also have a Weverse album version that likely leads to special content like concept photos, work-in-progress videos, or even audio greetings. 

Audio QR codes are generally a great way for businesses or individuals to create interactive experiences for users. The inclusion of these nifty codes makes perfect sense in Kpop, bringing fans and music together. 

TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” music video

TWICE is another stellar girl group that goes above and beyond for their fans. In 2022, they came out with a music video for the popular song ‘Talk That Talk,’ which is beloved for its relentless energy and brilliant instrumentals. 

The Talk That Talk music video displays a pink QR code for Kpop. When Twice fans, also known as Once, scan the code, they are led to the group’s first-ever post on Instagram from November 3, 2015. 

Why is this significant? This date marks the year Twice debuted and when the official name for the fandom was announced. 

These cool QR codes were a thoughtful surprise that brought fans down memory lane, where they could reminisce about the girls’ and their journey together over the years. 

Seventeen’s Face The Sun album 

Seventeen QR code kpop album

Seventeen is a large, self-producing South Korean boy group with 13 members, and they are heavily involved in the songwriting, production, and choreography of their performances. 

This star-studded group has achieved immense international success, racking up numerous awards, creating chart-topping albums, and selling out concert venues worldwide.

The Weverse version of their 2022 album Face The Sun grants fans access to the digital version, which includes the music tracks, a photo book, and more. 

Creative ways fans can use a QR code for Kpop

Kpop fans are known for bursting with creativity and dedication for their favorite artists. That is why QR codes are an ideal addition to fan-led projects, with many creative uses of QR codes to choose from. Here are a few: 

Showcasing fan art 

Another way fans can use QR codes to fuel their creativity is by incorporating dance covers of their favorite Kpop choreography into a YouTube QR code, which allows talented fans to gain recognition and followers. 

Fans can also use a URL QR code to link to online forum discussions about music video concepts, lyric analysis, members, and more. 

Community building

Kpop fans across the world can use a QR code for Kpop to bridge geographical distances and time differences and foster a stronger sense of community.

How? For one, a social media QR code can hold links to certain Kpop group fan club pages (e.g., Instagram, X, TikTok, etc.) so that international fans can connect and stay up-to-date. 

Sneaky gifts for other fans

Last but not least, consider sending digital gifts to internet friends with whom you can bond over the same groups you love. 

This QR code idea is all about giving a thoughtful digital video greeting card to your besties on their birthdays or sharing in the celebration of your fave’s debut anniversaries.

How to create custom QR codes using a QR code generator with logo

Create interactive, fun, and attractive-looking QR codes for your friends or business with an advanced QR code maker in only five steps: 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account, or click REGISTER to sign up if you don’t have one yet. 
  2. Select a QR code solution that aligns with your needs (e.g., File, Landing page, Google Form, MP3, etc.) and enter the necessary information.
  3. Choose Static QR or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  4. Customize your QR code with your preference in color, pattern, eye, or frame, and even upload a logo. 
  5. Remember to test-scan your QR code to ensure it works properly, then select Download to save it. 

Pro tip: You can create up to three dynamic QR codes for free by signing up for our freemium plan or trying any of the paid plans starting at only $7 to access other impressive features. 

Benefits of using QR codes for fans of Kpop

QR code Kpop for fans

Here are some of the highlights of QR codes and why they make sense for Kpop fans to use: 

  • Interactive experiences. QR codes hold exclusive and hidden content gold, such as teasers, behind-the-scenes footage, concept photos, custom messages, and AR filters. 
  • Cost-effective. Many QR codes are free to make, and with the best QR code generator online, you can create custom QR codes with unique designs and host various data types. 
  • An offline to online bridge. Enhance the fan experience by using QR codes to bring live converts and physical albums to life online through social media, official websites, and chatrooms. 
  • Tailored promotions. Agencies have the power to deliver personalized promotions directly to fans with QR codes that link to exclusive discounts or pre-sale access.
  • Track performance. By tracking the frequency of QR code scans, coordinated projects, and fan content can be adjusted accordingly to better resonate with fans' needs and wants. 

QR codes and light sticks: Staples in a Kpop fandom

There you have it! Everything you need to know about these curious squares and the ways they fit smoothly in the glamorous and glittering world of Kpop. 

Leading platforms like Weverse are pioneering the use of QR codes for KPOP to breathe new life into albums, hide secret messages, share teaser videos, and even offer digital access to concerts. 

This only adds more meaning to the overall fan experience and raises the bar for other non-Kpop labels in the entertainment industry to step up their game.

Popular Korean idols and groups like Seventeen, TWICE, and ENHYPEN exemplify how to use QR codes to connect with fans on a deeper level. 

How can fans make their own QR codes? It is easy with an advanced QR code software like QR TIGER to create custom codes that you can design however you want and edit the content even after printing.


What is the Weverse QR code? 

It is a QR code often found in Weverse physical albums that grants fans access to the digital version. The digital version typically includes song tracks, digital photo cards, and other exclusive content. 

What is a QR code for KPOP?

These QR codes are designed to be a fun way for fans and artists to interact with each other. They sometimes store interactive music videos, group greetings, or making-of videos. 

This can also refer to Weverse albums, where scanning the QR code leads users to special digital content related to the group and the album itself. 

How to scan the BTS album QR code? 

Look for the QR code within your BTS album. Point your smartphone camera at the code, ensuring the entire code can be seen in the frame. 

Most smartphones will detect and scan the code automatically, but if it doesn’t, download a third-party app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to scan it for you.

Brands using QR codes

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