Grubhub QR Code: Maximize Your Orders in the Food App

Last updated:   March 01, 2023

A social Grubhub QR code redirects users to your restaurant on Grubhub, where they conveniently order food online.

It also maximizes your restaurant’s online visibility as customers can easily follow or like your social media pages by simply scanning your social Grubhub QR code.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that 110,000 establishments in the US have permanent or long-term closed because of the pandemic.

The health crisis has forced many restaurants to rely on online food ordering and delivery platforms like Grubhub.

It connects diners with local restaurants and makes food delivery and ordering easy, fast, and safer. It also keeps many restaurant businesses afloat by offering food as takeaway orders.

However, it is not only about transitioning to the online takeout industry that matters. As a restaurant owner, you have to increase your sales and maximize your customer base.

But how do you do that?

Thanks to QR code technology, you can now use a QR code to allow potential customers to find your restaurant on Grubhub.

By generating a QR code, you can save your customers from the hassle of typing your restaurant name on Grubhub.

It also boosts your online presence as a social Grubhub QR code embeds all your restaurant’s social media pages in one code.

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What is Grubhub?

Grubhub is an online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace with many restaurant partners in U.S. cities.

Wondering how to use Grubhub? You can use it to find restaurants near you, order food, and have it delivered to your place.

Anyone who wants to order food can simply go to Grubhub, choose what restaurant they like, and then have the food delivered to their doorsteps.

The platform also allows customers to pay online or in cash.

In simple terms, Grubhub houses virtual restaurants to make food ordering and delivery simple and streamlined.

How to use a Grubhub Social media QR code to connect all your restaurant’s pages

Restaurants are facing challenges in generating more leads and driving more sales.

The key to this is to connect to your customers through various channels like social networking sites. 

The GrubHub social media QR code is a game-changing QR code solution that allows you to display all your social media pages and restaurant accounts on various online food ordering platforms in one QR code.

Using a social Grubhub QR code allows you to have a wider customer reach and conversions.

For example, if you want to increase your followers or likes on your social media pages while also giving your customers an option to visit your restaurant page on Grubhub, you can do this using a social media QR code.

If you want to give your customers an option to order food from your Grubhub account, they can simply go to your restaurant's social media pages.

Now that you know the benefits, you can now jumpstart your restaurant business online and start generating your QR code.

But how do you create a QR code for your Grubhub profile and social media handles?

How to get your GrubHub webpage URL before generating a social Grubhub QR code?

To create a QR code for your Grubhub platform, you need to convert your Grubhub URL into a social Grubhub QR code.

Using that social Grubhub QR code will redirect users to your Grubhub platform and allows them to follow or like your restaurant’s social media pages and platforms.

But first, here’s how to get the URL of your Grubhub.

Step 1: Visit the Grubhub website 

To obtain your restaurant’s Grubhub URL, you must first go to the Grubhub website

Step 3: Go to the homepage and enter the city or address of your restaurant in the search bar. Press Find Food.

Then proceed to the homepage and type the address of your restaurant. Next, press the Find Food button.

Step 4: After the next page loads, Grubhub displays a list of participating restaurants. Find and click your restaurant.

Once you find your restaurant, click it for you to be taken to the restaurant’s page.

Step 5:  When you find your restaurant, select it, and you’ll be taken to that restaurant’s page. Copy the URL

After selecting the restaurant, copy the URL.

How to generate social Grubhub QR code for your restaurant: A step-by-step guide

To create your social Grubhub QR code for your restaurant, here is a guide you can easily follow.

Step 1: Use a QR code generator software

First and foremost, you need to have QR code generator software such as QRTiger. Go to to start the process.

This allows you to convert your restaurant URL on Grubhub to a social Grubhub QR code.

Step 2: Click the URL icon

Once you’re on QRTiger’s dashboard, you will see different QR code solutions. Just simply click the social media icon.

Step 3: Paste your Grubhub’s restaurant URL in the social media QR code solution field. Add your social media pages/online resources you have.

In the field box, paste your restaurant URL on Grubhub. As you add the Grubhub icon, the tab is placed at the bottom of the link.

Move the Grubhub tab to the top by clicking the up arrow icon on the right side of it.

Once the tab is moved one step above its succeeding tabs, repeat the process until the tab is at the top of all other social media tabs.

Add the URL of your restaurant’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account to increase your online visibility.

Step 4: Generate and customize your QR code

Then generate your QR code. You can also set the colors, eyes, patterns, and frames of your QR code to make it more visually appealing to your customers.

You can then add the Grubhub logo for your 2022 restaurant campaigns.

Step 5: Test your QR code to see if it works

Make sure to test your QR code by scanning it using your smartphone. Does it redirect to your restaurant URL on Grubhub or social media pages?

Step 6: Download your QR code

After testing your QR code, download and deploy it to reach more customers and increase sales!

Why dynamic QR code is better when you create your restaurant’s social Grubhub QR code?

A dynamic QR code is a go-to QR code for restaurant owners and marketers. It is comprised of important features that are not present in a static QR code.

First, when you use a dynamic QR code, you don’t have to change the QR code or regenerate it again, even if you have misspelled your URL address.

You can just go to the QR code generator dashboard and edit the QR code. No need to reprint or redeploy the QR code.

Another key feature of dynamic QR code is that it allows you to track the data of your QR code campaigns. This is important if you are executing a campaign and assessing its results.

You can improve and refine your campaign using this data.

These are the metrics you can use to track your QR code data:

  • Number of scans
  • Time or date when the QR codes were scanned
  • Location where the QR codes were scanned
  • Kind of device used to scan the QR codes (IOS or Android)

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How to scan and order using the social Grubhub QR code

There are two ways to scan and order via the social Grubhub QR code:

1. Scan via your smartphone’s built-in scanner

As the latest smartphones have a built-in QR code scanner, you can use it to scan the QR code easily.

2. Scan via QR code scanner app

The second way is to download a QR code scanner app on your smartphone if your device has no built-in feature. 

After choosing which way you can scan the social Grubhub QR code. Follow these steps:

  • Open your smartphone camera and point it towards the social Grubhub QR code. 
  • Then a pop-up notification will appear on the smartphone screen. 
  • Click the link to order from the restaurant page on Grubhub directly. Make sure you are connected to the internet to access the link and proceed to order food online.

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Benefits of using a social Grubhub QR code

1. Let your customers easily find your restaurant on Grubhub

Using the social Grubhub QR code, your customers won’t have to find your restaurant on Grubhub anymore. By simply scanning the QR code, they can instantly place an order.

This makes the ordering process streamlined and fast, resulting in better customer service and increased customer retention.

2. Customized social Grubhub QR code for branding

When you use the best QR code generator, you can easily customize your Grubhub QR code by adding colors and a logo to let users easily identify your QR code.

You can change the eyes and patterns as well as add a frame to match your campaign theme or branding.

3. Flexible uses in both offline and online medium

Social Grubhub QR codes can be displayed in both offline and online materials without destroying your visual elements.

You can add your QR code to posters to hang around your physical restaurant, direct mailers, or for use on your social media. 

You can leverage its potential and reap the benefits of using QR codes appropriately in any medium.

4. Increase visitors to your restaurant page 

Social Grubhub QR code also increases your chance to boost your online presence and increase your web visits to your restaurant page.

Aside from that, you are also increasing your followers and patrons to your restaurant’s social media pages.

Because of its seamless information transfer, any person who scans the code will be redirected to your restaurant page in seconds. 

Moreover, as you can display your social Grubhub QR code to offline and online marketing materials, you also increase the probability of letting potential customers visit your restaurant page on Grubhub.

5. Tracking scans of QR codes to optimize QR code campaign

A social Grubhub QR code created in a dynamic form allows you to easily keep track of your QR code scans and optimize your campaign.

Likewise, it lets you know more about your customer base and how they interact with your QR code campaign. 

The data you can get in QR code tracking benefits your future marketing efforts and customer profiling.

How to achieve an effective QR code campaign for your restaurant’s page on Grubhub

To maximize your social Grubhub QR code, here are some ways to have an effective QR code campaign.

1. Place QR codes in your marketing collaterals and physical spaces

Make your marketing collaterals interactive by adding a digital element to them.

You can incorporate your social Grubhub QR code in your flyers, brochures, billboards, and more to allow your customers to visit your restaurant page and order food.

2. Display the social Grubhub QR code on the online space

It is a fact that most people nowadays are active online. That is why boosting your online presence is paramount.

You can display your QR code on your social media pages or online. This way, anyone who comes across your QR code can scan and order instantly.

3. Encourage customers to leave a review about your service and food

Most people order food online by reading the experiences of previous customers first.

They have become more cautious and discerning because of the many virtual restaurants they can choose from.

That is why encouraging your customers to leave a review on your restaurant app on Grubhub can be a good strategy. Getting reviews from your customers also increases your sales.

You can place the social Grubhub QR code on your food packaging and put a call to action like “Share us your review on Grubhub."

By scanning the code, the users will be redirected immediately to your restaurant page to write their experience. 

4. Display QR code when offering discounts and seasonal offers 

It’s no secret that people love discounts and seasonal offers.

Take advantage of your QR code by displaying it as you offer promotions online. 

Customers won’t have to redeem a physical coupon to order, but they can be redirected immediately to your restaurant page on Grubhub to avail of the discount.

You can use the social Grubhub QR code to redirect scanners to a discounted meal or avail complimentary food or drinks.

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Maximize your sales and increase customer retention using a social Grubhub QR code

Being present in an online delivery app like Grubhub is already an advantage to your restaurant business. 

But using social Grubhub QR codes can make a difference in driving more sales and maximizing your customer base.

Visit the QRTIGER QR code generator today to start growing your online food business. 

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