Celebrate the Festival of Cuisines During NYC Restaurant Week

Update:  January 17, 2024
Celebrate the Festival of Cuisines During NYC Restaurant Week

It’s that time of year once more when New York City restaurants join together to celebrate a festival of dishes and cuisines in the area.

Now that the industry is growing and restaurant establishments are available throughout the city, it is about time to join the festivities during this annual event.

Restaurants and other culinary businesses gather to commemorate the festival’s 30th anniversary. The event will continue through August 21 and will be celebrated by over 650 establishments in 85 areas with reasonably priced specialties and drinks.

There were only 95 participants when the NYC restaurant week originally began in 1992. It is a well-known biannual eating program from NYC & Company that tempts customers to try new foods, restaurants, and dishes at restaurants throughout the city.

Your restaurant can participate in the 30th NYC Restaurant Week and provide guests with specialty-course dinners. You can streamline your services and offerings by using a menu QR code.

Read this blog to learn more about menu QR codes and how to use them during the hectic week of the NYC restaurant festival.

Benefits of menu QR codes for your restaurant

ladies having lunchAutomation and technology can be used as the core of your restaurant’s operations. With MENU TIGER, you can efficiently serve your customers while optimizing your business operations.

Here are the several benefits of restaurant menu QR codes.

Solves labor shortages

One of the biggest issues facing the majority of restaurants today is employee turnover, both voluntary and involuntary.waitstaff cleans tableHowever, the restaurants use QR code software to address this manpower concern. As opposed to hiring and training additional employees, a QR code is less expensive and easier to use. 

Guests can directly browse and place orders from the digital menu, requiring minimal assistance from the waitstaff. This means that food establishments with QR code menus need fewer front-of-house (FOH) employees.

Supports QR code and online ordering

According to research, the majority of customers prefer to order online. More people are using mobile phones and other types of technology.phone shows online ordering page Customers can easily scan a QR code on a menu to read the menu, place an order, and make payment using their phones while remaining seated.

They do not have to wait for a service member to bring them a menu or take their orders and settle their bills.

Additionally, menu QR code software enables restaurants to create a no-code website with an integrated ordering page in addition to QR code ordering.

By clicking the link that redirects to the restaurant’s online ordering website and menu, customers can place direct orders.

Improves customer service with contactless transactions

Nobody can predict when the next outbreak of a virus will happen. Thus it is important to practice good hygiene and keep to oneself.payment methods on phone screen

By providing a contactless menu where customers can order and pay, the amount of time that patrons spend in contact with restaurant staff, menus, cards, and cash—the dirtiest objects in a restaurant—may be decreased.

Additionally, people routinely buy goods and services using mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

A restaurant menu QR code software allows integration with mobile payment wallets to accommodate customers who prefer using their phones to make purchases.

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Maximize productivity with an optimized order dashboard

Using a digital menu app, restaurants can streamline their services. They can improve their efficiency using the menu app and devise a new strategy for dealing with rush requests.

There will be no more waiting for customers to speak with staff members processing their orders. Customers can use the menu QR code to quickly and easily place an order and make a payment.

In order to optimize orders and wait times, your restaurant will benefit from a quick ordering system that uses menu QR codes.

Avoid order mistakes and unsatisfactory client transaction

Customers will probably avoid your restaurant if it often gets bad online comments and ratings due to order mistakes.

With the use of a digital menu app, you can design an interactive menu that will please customers with customized and distinctive menu items. 

Your customers may freely choose the menu item they want, make selections for modifiers or add-ons, and give specific instructions for the order with the interactive menu app.

You can also offer customers top-notch services without worrying about order problems thanks to the menu QR code, which is an easy-to-use online ordering page.

Boosts your sales

Raise profits by making a wise restaurant investment. In addition to generating menu QR codes to assist you in managing your business, the MENU TIGER program also increases your sales.

A contactless menu allows you to recommend your best-selling ideas or upsell your add-ons your customers can order right at their fingertips.

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Get feedback and generate report from customer profiling

Using this application, you may save your customer data such as email addresses, phone numbers, order histories, and preferences.

This will enable you to carry out retargeting efforts, create reward schemes, and offer both new and existing consumers a better tailored dining experience.

Using the consumer feedback you’ve gathered, you can produce strategic reports, and explore new ways to meet the needs of your target market.

What is MENU TIGER and its features?

Restaurant patrons can order and pay for their meals by scanning the QR code menu using the self-serve platform MENU TIGER. Without the need for support manpower, restaurants can promptly accept and track orders that are shown on the self-managed panel.phone scans qr code menu

The technology also enables businesses to simply customize their own QR code before exhibiting it. Restaurants can add their logo, choose the colors for the eyes and pattern, and include a catchy call-to-action to strengthen their brand identification.

For the convenience of restaurant clients, MENU TIGER also enables e-banking mobile payments through Stripe and PayPal.

Participating restaurant owners can also set up many locations under a single account. Restaurant owners and operation managers can oversee and supervise the activities of each branch from a single platform thanks to the option to create many outlets in one account. 

For easy supervision and better order management, restaurant owners can add an administrator and a number of users for each branch.

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Top Restaurants Joining the NYC Restaurant Week Festivities

Using the benefits and features of MENU TIGER, you can compete with these top restaurants that will be joining the NYC restaurant week.

To name some of these establishments, this article has provided a list for you.

Gage & Tollner

gage & tollnerOne of the decade’s most stunning restaurants to visit is Gage & Tollner. Their restaurant exudes an old New York air that makes patrons want to pratfall and dance.

The restaurant also offers the finest chops, steaks, and mouth-watering fried chicken. In addition, it offers consumers spinach and other veggies that complement their theme.

Do you want a supper with an Old New York feel? Visit Gage and Tollner while NYC restaurant week is happening.

Chocobar Cortes

chocobar cortesThe Chocobar Cortes, which is run by the creator of Chocolate Cortes, is the place to go if you’re looking for a variety of chocolate-based dishes, from cocktails to main courses!

Customers can also order delectable non-chocolate meals in addition to sumptuous chocolate ones. During NYC Restaurant Week, go to Chocobar Cortes  at South Bronx, New York City to experience the comforting aromas of chocolate.

Tribeca Grill

tribeca grillThe Tribeca Grill is one of the most sought-after eateries during NYC restaurant week. It was described as a seasoned member of the community, with a converted warehouse transformed into a warm, opulent restaurant with artwork on exhibit all around.

It serves traditional sea scallops that have a flawless caramelized exterior. They also provide some king salmon and an Asian pear salad in addition to that. You may mix their greatest wines with a variety of seafood and non-seafood dishes that they provide.

Are you interested in having supper here? For a warm and inviting restaurant atmosphere, make a reservation right away.


Among the top spots during NYC Restaurant Week is Kokomo. Customers can enjoy an immersive, multi-sensory dining experience with its elegant architectural features and delicious Caribbean-inspired food.

Kokomo is home to a vibrant and varied Caribbean culture, making it simple for chefs to create unique dishes using the island’s delectable ingredients.

Kokomo is the ideal place for you to savor Caribbean food with a contemporary twist.

Celebrate NYC Restaurant week with MENU TIGER today

Are you going to participate in NYC Restaurant Week’s celebrations? You can prepare your timetable and business strategies in advance for this occasion and present the greatest foods you have to offer in your restaurant.

If you want to streamline your client service during this busy event, think about implementing MENU TIGER in your business operations.

Get in touch with us right now to learn more about MENU TIGER and its features.

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