Deal Palooza: Rocket Sales for Presidents’ Day with QR Codes

Update:  November 22, 2023
Deal Palooza: Rocket Sales for Presidents’ Day with QR Codes

Time is ticking! Make the most out of Presidents’ Day with QR codes on the Third Monday of February—the day we honor the Presidents of the United States.

It is a federal holiday dedicated to offering tribute to the nation’s leaders. And it is a day that recognizes the role of the President in shaping the country’s history and government.

Not only is it a significant occasion, but it is also a chance for businesses and establishments to boost sales!

With QR codes, integrating technology and information has made the commemoration of Presidents’ Day more special and memorable. 

It‘s a handy tool to help you promote your business products and services effectively.

Sit back and learn as we show you ways to run promotions on Presidents’ Day and use a dynamic QR code generator online.

QR codes for Presidents’ Day bonanza: How does it work?

Despite its growing popularity, several people still don’t know how to maximize the full potential of QR codes.

QR codes are an advanced type of barcode that stores information in a square-shaped matrix of pixels. Hundreds of millions worldwide can scan this encoded piece of data at the tap of a device and translate it into human-readable data.

From being static, they have evolved into dynamic QR codes—an advanced medium that engages with scanners and efficiently disseminates information.

All QR codes make data accessible on mobile devices. 

All information is converted into patterns of black-and-white squares, technically called data modules, and can be scanned with smartphones and translated into its original form.

Its uses vary in automotive, tourism, education, finance, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, and retail.

Retail is one of the most prominent industries using QR codes for marketing and advertising.

And since Presidents’ Day is approaching, now is the time to prepare for your next QR code campaign using custom QR codes for Presidents’ Day.

Six ways to boost Presidents’ Day blowout sales and promotions

Holiday seasons are an excellent opportunity to maximize revenue.

Many companies offer sales and discounts on major holidays, including Presidents’ Day, since holiday weekends increase shopper engagement and capture shopper attention more than on a regular day.

In light of the approaching Presidents’ Day, there are a lot of possibilities you can integrate technology into your offerings. 

Here are six ways you can use other QR code solutions in your campaigns:

1. Presidents’ Day home makeover

You can never go wrong with a home decor sale. 

The file QR code solution perfectly showcases various home makeover inspirations to your customers this Presidents’ Day.

Give patrons an idea to transform their homes into a patriotic haven and add a touch of history to their living space, from iconic flag-themed throw pillows and blankets to Mount Rushmore wall art and figurines. 

With a file QR code, you can show the products you put up for sale and create an image to QR code to drive the market to your digital and physical storefront. 

Using QR codes for Presidents’ Day lets customers know what’s in stock, your location, store hours, and your seasonal deals.

2. Fashion & apparel

Fashion sale QR code

Offer your customers an exclusive collection of presidential-themed fashion and honor presidents in style!

Spice up Presidents’ Day sales by making Abraham Lincoln-inspired top hats and suits to George Washington’s fun wigs and regency coats.

With the dynamic QR code generator, you can create a fully customized discount QR code and offer customers an extra 20 percent off. Scanning the QR code lets your customers explore the brand’s sale products and avail the discount.

3. Book buffet

Book sales QR code

Expand your compass by offering various books like biographies and historical texts or delightful books for Presidents’ Day catered to students.  

Marketing books during the federal holiday is a lucrative opportunity for businesses, whether bookstores, publishers, or other retailers.

An excellent solution for this is the coupon QR code. It provides a speedy method for customers to avail discounts. 

Also, promotion tactics like curating history book collections, gift cards, or e-gift options will help generate revenue, attract avid history readers, and widen your audience.

4. Tech extravaganza

Step up and update your tech merchandise with state-of-the-art gadgets. 

With QR codes for Presidents’ Day, you can release your tech deals, providing limited-time discounts, flash sales, gift guides, promotional contests, or offer bundles that include tech gadgets like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more, along with related accessories or complementary items.

Promoting your products during holiday sales is an excellent way for businesses to increase sales and capture the attention of tech-savvy shoppers.

You can integrate dynamic QR codes into these campaigns since it allows you to edit a QR code, change product information, pricing, and promotions for time-limited deals, and set the QR code expiry feature.

5. Historical getaway

Presidents day with QR codes

Don’t miss out on making Presidents’ Day thrilling and extra memorable this year.

Arrange and offer a Presidents’ Day getaway with exclusive travel packages, including discounts on hotels and tours.

You can use QR codes for events like history-themed fairs, museums, historical sites, and the famous Mt. Rushmore bobblehead ice rink, which can be a powerful tool for marketing and promotion.

Make this happen with a landing page QR code and conveniently provide your customers with timely updates about travel packages and deals.

6. Online shopping

Take advantage of the holiday weekend and entice your customers with Presidents’ Day deals and promotions.

Advertise your merchandise from fashion, home decor, electronics, and many more through QR codes to access exclusive offers and exciting discounts.

You can generate a UTM URL QR code using a dynamic QR code generator to promote your online sales campaign.

Hailed as the most helpful tool for campaigns, a URL QR code with a UTM code lets you precisely track online and offline campaign performance.

How to get a QR code with a logo for Presidents’ Day campaigns

Presidents day QR code campaign

Boost your branding and marketing strategy by integrating QR codes into your product packaging and give shoppers special access to upcoming sales and promotions.

You can make it happen by distributing printed marketing material, such as flyers and posters with QR codes that are easy on the eye and packed with information. This way, you avoid cluttering your collateral with too many elements. 

With QR codes, you can focus on grabbing the target audiences’ attention by augmenting the graphics of your printed marketing material and putting all the information about your merchandise in a simple QR code.

Here’s how you can create a custom QR code:

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR Code Generator. Log in to your account and subscribe to a plan of your choice.
  2. Select a QR code solution from the menu that suits your demands and complete the necessary information.
  3. Choose Dynamic QR and click Generate QR code.
  4. Create and customize your QR code by using QR TIGER’s unique features. You can add your logo and play with colors to make it unique and special.
  5. Do a quick scan test first to make sure it works fine. After that, you can click the Download button.

Custom dynamic QR codes for Presidents’ Day promotions: Why they’re better

Businesses have widely used dynamic QR codes because of their flexibility and effectiveness in marketing efforts. 

Their advanced features help measure your advertising scales and make necessary adjustments at any time and day during the campaign.

Here are some benefits of using a dynamic QR code generator  for your business:

1. Edit the destination link

With a dynamic QR code, you can change the functionality of information, URLs, or landing pages anytime.

This saves time and simplifies modifications, even if your code is active.

Dynamic QR codes usually require a paid subscription. However, you can always generate a free QR code to link URLs or websites to a fixed destination and instantly lead customers to a corresponding page.

2. Track user data

Using a dynamic QR code, you can follow user data to determine the campaign’s results. For instance, a dynamic QR code generator will enable you to monitor:

  • Location of the scans
  • Number of scans per day
  • Date and time of the scan
  • The device used to scan

3. Value for money

These QR codes are economical and environmentally sustainable.

It is a convenient tool for carrying out alterations for your company materials like brochures, flyers, business cards, and documents without reprinting the materials and redistributing new QR codes.

With dynamic QR codes, you will surely save a fortune. 

4. User-friendly

The accessibility of Dynamic QR codes makes it a conducive tool for businesses and customers.

Since it is easy to operate and understand, marketers can design campaigns with understandable instructions and catchy graphics, which makes it clear and compelling for users to work.

5. Easy to integrate

You can seamlessly integrate dynamic QR codes with various software platforms like  Zapier, HubSpot, Canva, and more.

The capacity of dynamic QR codes makes it easier to run multiple campaigns, from promotions to event registrations.

Convert sales using an online dynamic QR code generator

Integrating codes in your marketing efforts conserves resources and brings in customers conveniently.

QR codes are the finest digital tool for your game. They provide a quick and easy way for users and receivers to navigate any material. 

With QR TIGER as your companion, you can generate QR codes without breaking a sweat. You can easily create your custom QR code with a logo with a few clicks.

QR TIGER is a trusted software to make your action plans functional. Our solutions cater to the needs of your strategies. 

Don’t miss out on the holiday buzz; make a meaningful Presidents’ Day with QR codes. Sign up today to kickstart your QR code journey.

Frequently asked questions

What does “QR code” stand for?

QR code stands for “Quick Response” code. 

It can store various data and is popularly used for encoding information such as contact information, website URLs, product details, and more.

They have become widely popular for applications like marketing, connecting to Wi-Fi, or making payments.

How long will QR codes be used?

Static QR codes last a lifetime.

But if you want to use an advanced, flexible, and trackable type of QR code, a practical tool in business and marketing, paying for a subscription for a dynamic code is required.

While static QR codes contain fixed data suitable for product labels, a dynamic QR code’s features allow more flexible and advantageous applications.

How are QR codes being used today?

QR codes are functional in various ways for personal or business use. Today, QR codes are broadly used in marketing and advertising campaigns because they encode data and can be 

accessed conveniently.

Users can simply use their smartphones to scan the QR code and discover the information behind these matrix barcodes.

Brands using QR codes

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