QR code for pets: How to digitize your pet ID tags

Last updated:   July 19, 2022

A QR code for pets is a digital tool that protects your furry friends from ending up in pounds, rescues, or shelters.

Experts advise pet owners to place collars or ID tags on their pets to easily identify them if they ever get lost.

Creating a pet tag with a QR code generator online to make it easier for anyone to reach you if, by unfavorable odds, your pet lost its way back home.

In fact, the primary reason why 90% of recorded lost pets were found is because of their pet tags, according to Petpedia. This is why you can effectively safeguard your pets with a pet tag.

To start creating your own QR code-powered pet ID tags, here’s all you need to know.

How does a QR code for pets work?

QR codes can store your contact details. You can embed your name, contact number, email, or other working contact info into the QR code.

You can also use QR codes to provide details about, say, your dog or cat.

Since QR codes can store a huge amount of information, pet owners can use this to give out important pet details such as their medical conditions, history, and specific needs.

This makes it easier for people to reach you and update you about your pet’s location.

Anyone can access your embedded contact details and pet information by scanning the code with a smartphone.

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How to use QR codes for your pet’s identification tag: 3 best QR code solutions

QRTIGER offers over 15 QR code solutions that you can integrate into your pet tags. Here are the top options:

1.    vCard QR code for digital contact info

vcard qr code for petsMake it easier for people to contact you in case of your pet’s emergency using a vCard QR code solution.

This dynamic QR code solution stores extensive contact information, such as:

  • Your name
  • Phone numbers
  • Home address
  • Email
  • Social media accounts

In a scan, anyone can immediately access all these details. There’s no need to manually type your phone number, email, or social media handles.

2.    PDF QR code to provide pet details

pdf qr code for petsUnlike the standard pet tags, a digital pet ID tag can offer pet details other than their names.

A PDF or File QR code allows you to share more elaborate detail about your pets.

You can use this digital tool to provide your pet’s medical condition, habits, and what they like. You can also integrate your contact details here.

This way, it’s easier for the finders to handle your pets, feed them with the right food, or reach you and tell you where your pet is.

What’s even more interesting is that a File QR code can embed photos, videos, audio, and other file formats, aside from documents.

So, you can upload a video about your dog, a photo or infographic about your cat, an audio guide about your exotic pets, and the like.

3.    URL QR code to integrate with online pet IDs

url qr code for petsYou’ve probably come across online pet identification softwares. 

If you have one, you can also integrate that into a QR code. This saves you from creating a new profile for your pets.

Using a dynamic URL QR code solution, you can seamlessly incorporate your pet’s online ID with QRTIGER. Copy the online pet ID link and paste it onto QRTIGER’s software.

The URL QR code redirects its scanners to your pet’s online profile.

Why should you opt for a Dynamic QR code for pet tags?

QR codes are categorized into two: static and dynamic.

Static QR codes are the primary forms of barcodes. You can store alphanumeric information, but it’s non-editable and non-trackable.

On the contrary, a dynamic QR code lets you integrate URLs, files, and other alphanumeric characters. Plus, they’re editable and trackable.

Your best bet in digitizing pet tags with a QR code is a dynamic QR code.

It’s packed with advanced QR code features that allow you to:

  1. Change, update, or remove the embedded contents in a QR code; and 
  2. Track the data scans of your QR code solution.

Edit the identification of your pet QR code tag

edit pet qr code

To do this, all you have to do is open your QR code software, access your dashboard, and update the content on your QR code, which is your contact details.

This is the ultimate time and cost-saving alternative. You no longer need to create or invest in a new QR code to change your contact details.

Track your pet QR code scans

tract pet qr code

You can monitor the scanning activity of the QR code for your pets. This means you’ll have access to the total number of scans, when it was scanned, the device used in scanning, and where it was scanned.

With the analytics provided by QRTIGER, you’ll see where your pet’s QR code was scanned. So, it’s a lot effortless now to locate your pet. That is, if no one’s called you yet.

How do I create a QR code for my pet?

QRTIGER’s user-friendly interface allows quick and easy creation of QR codes. Plus, the software offers a wide array of QR code solutions, features, and integrations that benefit every digital campaign.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how you can generate a QR code for your pets using QRTIGER:

1. Choose a QR code solution

qr code solutionsStart by thinking about how you want your digital pet tag to work.

Do you want to link it to your pet’s online profile, or do you want to upload a file? Would you rather embed your contact details instead?

Whatever use-case you have in mind, you can rely on QRTIGER’s advanced QR code solutions.

2. Fill out the necessary data

qr code generatorThe required data that needs to be embedded depends on your chosen QR code solution.

You could paste a URL link, input contact information, or upload a file.

3. Generate your QR code

generate qr codeRemember to choose Dynamic over Static when generating your QR code. 

It will make it easier for you to handle and monitor your pet’s QR code-embedded contents and scanning data.

4. Personalize your QR code

personalized qr codeWith QRTIGER’s customization tools, you can create visually appealing QR codes for pets.

You can change the QR code pattern, pixel shapes, and colors here. You can also modify the colors, add a logo, and a call-to-action.

5. Test, download, and deploy

qr code generatorIt’s crucial to run a test scan with your QR code.

Check its scannability and the landing page as well. See to it that it’s functional before downloading and deploying pet tags or collars.

Other innovative use cases of QR codes for pets

Aside from tracking your pets, providing your contact details, and giving out pet information, you can also use QR codes in other creative ways.

How? Using our social media QR code.

These days, many pets are getting the spotlight on social media.

As a matter of fact, 65% of pet owners post their pets on social media twice a week. And some of them even care more about their pets’ social media presence than their own.

And that’s where the QR code comes in.

With QR codes, you can efficiently increase your social media followers and subscribers. So, it’s the perfect tool to boost your socials.

Social Media QR code for all social handles

social media qr code for petsThe thing with QRTIGER’s social media QR codes is that they can house over 40 social media sites and e-commerce stores.

So, if you have multiple social media accounts or are managing online stores, this dynamic QR code solution helps you increase your followers, subscribers, or buyers.

When scanned, users are redirected to a landing page containing links to your socials.

With this QR code solution printed or engraved on your pet tags, your furry friends can boost their social media presence in just a single scan.

Facebook QR code for your pet tags

facebook qr code for pets

If your pet has its own Facebook page, creating this QR code solution increases your page’s traffic.

To create a Facebook page QR code for cats, dogs, and other pets, copy the Facebook page URL, go to QRTIGER’s homepage, tap the Facebook QR code icon, and paste the URL.

Instagram and Pinterest QR codes for visual petfluencers

instagram qr code for petsDo you constantly upload images and videos of your pets on Instagram or Pinterest? Then these are the best QR code solutions for your aesthetic feeds.

An Instagram QR code enables you to integrate your Instagram account on the QR code. Similarly, you can also use the Pinterest QR code to link your Pinterest handle.

These digital tools, when scanned, immediately redirect users to your accounts. Thus, a better tool to increase traffic, get conversions, and boost social media presence.

YouTube QR code for the pet vlogger

youtube qr code for petsYou can also boost your YouTube channel using a YouTube QR code solution.

Introduce your pet by adorning their collars or tags with this QR code. When scanned, audiences will be redirected to your YouTube channel or a particular YouTube video.

You can present your pet’s tag with a YouTube QR code rather than manually giving them a link or telling them to search for your channel or videos.

Make it easy for people to follow you, and see how fast your channel grows.

QR code for pets work best for digital pet tags

As pet owners, you want nothing but the best for your pets: the best food, the best treatment, the best collar, the best tags.

Innovative tools such as QR codes make pet identification easier. It’s also easy to create and has advanced features for easily tracking your pets.

Adding a QR code on your pet tags or collars could be their first line of defense when they’ve gone astray.

QR codes are quite effective in keeping your pets safe.

To start creating your own QR code-integrated pet tags, you can visit QRTIGER’s website. 

And should you have any questions or if you need help with digitalizing your pet tags, don’t hesitate to reach our customer support team. We are happy to assist interested pet owners like you.


Can I sell a QR code for pets?

Yes, you can.

Pet shop owners and some pet accessory shops sell pet tags nowadays. You can sell digital pet ID tags using a bulk QR code generator.

A bulk QR code generator allows you to create multiple QR codes in just one sitting — there is no need to create QR codes for every pet tag.

How do I scan my pet’s QR code on my phone?

Depending on your phone’s model and operating software, you can scan your pet’s QR code using the Camera app or a built-in QR code scanner. Or, if your phone does not support these two options, you can install a third-party QR code scanner app instead.

What is a digital ID tag?

Digital pet ID tags are modern identification tags that use technologies such as QR codes or NFCs. These digital tools are readable via smartphones, making them accessible to anyone.

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