Make Thanksgiving Day Blissful for Your Customers With QR Codes

Update:  July 31, 2023
Make Thanksgiving Day Blissful for Your Customers With QR Codes

A QR code for Thanksgiving day is the perfect digital tool that can help businesses operate smoothly for the upcoming holiday rush.

It can facilitate a convenient method to offer discounts, promote products or services, and digitize transactions to make them contactless.

This technology can help you increase sales and pool in more customers on Thanksgiving day this year as it can provide instant information access in one scan.

Keep on reading to learn more about how you can enjoy your Thanksgiving with QR codes and how to make one using a QR code generator.

Industries that can use a QR code for Thanksgiving Day

Restaurant and food 

Thanksgiving day QR code

Prices of grocery items skyrocketed due to inflation. Brad Rubin, a food analyst, believes dining out for Thanksgiving this year may be less expensive than preparing a meal at home.

Restaurants can expect an influx of diners on holiday, which can be difficult, especially if they’re short-staffed. But QR codes can help them out.

Turn your menu into a QR code on Thanksgiving, print it, and place it on tables. Diners can simply scan the QR code to view available dishes—no need to ask the waitstaff for the menu.

You can also opt for an interactive QR code menu system, such as MENU TIGER. Aside from browsing the menu, it lets customers place orders and pay or tip staff.

With this software which you can get from a QR code generator, you will learn how to customize a QR code so your restaurant can operate smoothly despite only having a few workers present.

Hotel and accommodation

They can embed their website in a URL QR code, print it on flyers and posters, or include it on their online campaigns so people can easily find their offered amenities.

Management can also use a social media QR code to promote their official pages on various social platforms.

Clients can follow them to stay tuned for updates on vacant rooms.

And when guests check out, the hotel can ask for their feedback using a Google Form QR code. With one scan, they can leave comments and suggestions digitally.

Event organization

With the H5 editor QR code solution, facilitators can create a custom landing page for their events’ details, such as the venue, time, schedule of events, and admission fees.

They must then print the QR code onto their printed ads or add it to their digital campaigns so more people can scan it.

The advantage of this solution is users can make a landing page despite having no background in coding or programming. They also won’t need a web domain and hosting.

Grocery product promotion

Product promotion QR code

Some stores would close on Thanksgiving day.

Grocery stores can add printed QR codes on their shelves as a surprise.

Lucky buyers who spot them can redeem discount coupons or freebies when they scan the QR code.

They can also use a file QR code to share recipes for Thanksgiving staples such as stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pies.

The recipe could be in PDF format for easy reading.

It could also be a video that will be handy for those cooking for the first time. 

They can also add another file QR code at the checkout to share a Thanksgiving e-card with buyers to thank them for purchasing.

Clothing and fashion

One that can do the job is the multi-URL code. This QR code can store multiple links and redirect scanners to different landing pages depending on:

  • The time they scanned the QR code
  • Their location
  • The number of QR code scans upon scanning
  • The language detected in their device

Fashion shops can use this dynamic QR code to give discount coupons to their customers, but the discount will vary depending on the time they scanned.

Say, buyers who scan the code at 9 a.m. can get a 30% discount, while those who scan the code five hours later will redeem a 15% discount.

They can also employ a dynamic URL QR code to lead to a webpage where people can redeem coupons and other giveaways.

Dynamic URL QR codes come with advanced features, such as expiry. You can set them to expire at a certain time or after reaching a particular number of scans.

With this handy feature, shops can limit the number of people who can get the giveaways.

How to make a QR code using a QR code generator?

  1. Go to QR TIGER, the best QR code generator
  2. Select a QR code solution, enter your data, and click Generate QR code
  3. Customize your QR code. You can change its color, add logos, and include a frame with a call to action
  4. Test your QR code by scanning it to check if it works well on any device
  5. Download, print, and deploy your QR codes

Real-life use cases

Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology on Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving QR code uses

Source: AWS

Amazon Fresh announced it would stay open on Thanksgiving and for the rest of the holidays, except for Christmas Day.

The grocery store uses QR codes for its Just Walk Out technology, allowing customers to input and pay for products using their Amazon accounts without going through the checkout line.

Every time they pick something from the shelf, they add it to their virtual tray.

They can also remove it by putting it back on the shelf. They only get charged once they leave the store.

To enjoy this feature, buyers need only scan the technology’s in-app QR code upon entry.

Toys R Us: QR codes for store maps

Store maps QR code

Image Source

Leading toy store chain Toys R Us will launch its “Black Friday Made Easy” campaign for the holiday rush.

It consists of a few upgrades to make in-store shopping more convenient.

This initiative includes QR codes that lead shoppers to a map that will help them easily navigate the store and quickly find toys or Thanksgiving deals.

Buyers will find these QR codes at the entrance, and they can scan them with their smartphones to access the map inside.

Verizon Live: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day

Verizon live


The year of pandemic caused restrictions on the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

To include home viewers in the celebration, Macy’s flashed a QR code in their live stream on Verizon’s YouTube page.

This Thanksgiving-style of QR code redirects to the center of the activity in Herald Square with a 360-degree view, allowing people at home to be part of the fun virtually.

Modernized Thanksgiving Day with QR codes

Hype up your business this coming Thanksgiving day, increase your sales, and at the same time, leave a remarkable experience to your customers using a QR code for Thanksgiving.

With a QR code, you are a step higher than your competitors by integrating technology in the form of QR codes to which millions of smartphone users can relate.

You can subscribe to any annual plans of QR TIGER to enjoy a wide array of features that will benefit your business this Thanksgiving day.

Generate a QR code for your business or personal use with QR TIGER, the best code generator online. 

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