QR Code for Valentine’s Day: Share Your Love in a Scan

By:  Roselle
Update:  August 03, 2023
QR Code for Valentine’s Day: Share Your Love in a Scan

Did you know that a QR code for Valentine’s Day can make your celebration even sweeter?

Go beyond the usual flowers and chocolates combo and use QR codes to elevate your Valentine’s Day surprise, leading to a more heartfelt and meaningful gift for your family, special friends, and significant others.

If you’re one of those excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, then keep reading to get ideas and tips on how to use a QR code generator and create QR codes that can make your day extra special.

All about Valentine’s Day

Before getting to know some creative uses for QR codes, here is a little background on how Valentine’s Day began.

Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February.

People celebrate it by sending gifts to express their love for their partners or spouses, but over the years, people also declare their affection for their family and friends.

Although the history of Valentine’s Day is still a subject of discussion up to this very moment, some accounts claim it is inspired by the Roman festival Lupercalia to celebrate the coming of spring and fertility.

Even the name itself is still a question. Some suggest that the celebration came after the martyr Valentine in 270 CE, who left a letter to his jailer’s daughter, whom he healed from blindness.

The letter was signed “from your Valentine.”

Another account is that of St. Valentine of Terni, a bishop who secretly married couples against the emperor’s orders so men wouldn’t have to go to war.

Since then, Valentine’s Day has become a symbol of love commemorating the ceremony.

And today, Valentine’s is celebrated by giving flowers, gifts, cards, chocolates, jewelry, and letters to loved ones.

Typical decorations include red hearts and images of Cupid, the Roman god of love. People also wear red on this day.

5 ways businesses can use a QR Code for Valentine’s Day

Holidays often provide companies an opportunity to have more sales.

They usually offer promos to ride along with the holiday buzz.

You can create a QR code to streamline your Valentine’s promo and handle it more smoothly.

Here are five ways to use QR codes for this special day:

Special discounts

Valentines day QR code

Businesses can take advantage of the flock of buyers during Valentine’s Day by offering deals and discounts through QR codes.

You can try the H5 page editor from the best QR code generator, which you can use to create a landing page to promote your offers.

You can create an attractive landing page with texts and images, where you can insert the voucher code that customers can redeem.

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Reservation or check-ins

Valentine’s Day is a busy time for restaurants.

The National Restaurant Association said 25% of Americans are out on this day to dine, making it the 2nd busiest holiday next to Mother’s Day (Restaurant Dive).

You can allow customers to book a table ahead of time using a Valentine’s Day QR code.

Create a reservation form and convert it to a Google Form QR code so users can instantly fill it out using their smartphones.

Print your QR codes on posters, flyers, in-store infographics, and even online.

Virtual experiences

Valentines QR code marketing

Hotels can also take advantage of Valentine’s.

Most hotels usually reduce their rates as deals for their customers on that day, hence, the tight competition.

However, you can step ahead by advertising your hotel features and amenities.

Simply integrate them into a virtual tour, which users can access by scanning a QR code. 

You can use a video QR code to show the full view of your place and trigger curiosity among customers.

Using a QR code generator, you can convert a video into a QR code.

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Social media promotion

The influx of users on Valentine’s Day can positively affect your brand.

You can grab this opportunity by posting promotions and deals on your social media platforms.

Attach a QR code to it so you can do away with the lengthy caption.

Make sure to embed all the details or instructions in your QR code. Then, use a catchy call to action to attract the audience’s attention.

Cashless payments

The previous year, the United States spent an estimated $24 billion for Valentine’s Day amidst the pandemic.

Imagine how the digits will rise now that restrictions are more relaxed.

People would be willing to spend more to make up for Valentine’s days they spent at home before.

Make their shopping experience more convenient by using QR codes for cashless payments.

7 Creative uses of Valentine’s Day QR codes

Aside from businesses, individuals can also use Valentine’s QR codes for personal use. Below are some ways to do so:

Video greetings

Valentines day QR code uses

If you think written greetings are not that special, go the extra mile and create video greeting cards for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Create a video QR code so you can send your greeting as a surprise.

This digital greeting can bring people closer to their families and friends, especially if they’re far from home.

Love letters

Valentines letter QR code

Valentine’s is never complete without heartfelt messages in the form of love letters sealed with a kiss. And did you know there’s a QR code that can help you with this?

You can create a text QR code with hidden messages for your loved ones.

This static solution can store up to 1268 alphanumeric and special characters.

Share special songs or playlists

What’s your loved one’s favorite song? Is there a song that you both sing your hearts out in the car? Use that song to make your Valentine’s Day gift more special.

Embed the song into an MP3 QR code, print it on a card, then add it to your gift.

This simple gesture will surely put a smile on your recipient’s face.

For playlists on streaming platforms like Spotify or YouTube, you can copy their links and then embed them within a URL QR code.

Gift certificates

Let your loved ones splurge on Valentine’s Day by giving them QR code e-gift cards.

Save your digital GC as an image and store it in a file QR code.

Include the necessary details so it will be honored at establishments.

Valentine’s e-card

Flowers are common gifts during Valentine’s Day, but distance and availability can hinder you from giving them to your loved ones.

Worry not, because you can send your loved ones Valentine’s e-cards through a file QR code.

Create an e-card using design platforms like Canva.

You can add selfies of you and your recipient, flower and heart stickers, and cute images.

After creating, save your e-card as an image, then embed it within your QR code.

Digital photo album

Valentines digital album

Reminisce fond moments shared with loved ones by going through pictures of you together.

Send your loved ones an H5 QR code. This solution lets you create a custom landing page.

It has an image slider feature that enables you to embed a series of images.

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Date invitation

Everyone anticipates a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Planning to ask someone out? Step up your game. Make it a little extra using a QR code invitation.

Prepare a creative invitation, save it as an image, and convert it into a QR code.

Add a call to action to add curiosity and thrill so that your recipient will scan the code.

How to make a Valentine’s QR code using a QR code generator?

Now that you have enough ideas for using QR codes this coming Valentine’s day, it’s time to learn how to create one using QR TIGER.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to QR TIGER
  2. Choose which solution you want to use
  3. Provide or attach the data needed for your chosen solution
  4. Click Generate QR code
  5. Customize your QR code to match it with the occasion
  6. Scan it with your smartphone to check if it’s working
  7. Download, print, and distribute your QR code

Make your Valentine’s a day to remember with QR TIGER

A QR code for Valentine’s Day can indeed make a difference in your celebration.

It’s cost-efficient and sustainable, and unlike printed cards or real flowers, it lasts longer.

With this innovation, you can somehow guarantee that your recipient can always look back at it even after Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but you still have time to prepare.

Get yourself a QR code today and apply the tips mentioned above.

QR TIGER is an ISO 27001-certified QR code generator with customization features that can help you create an attractive and romantic QR code for Valentine’s.

It is trusted by 850,000 brands worldwide and offers static and dynamic QR codes and various plans that suit your budget.

Visit the QR TIGER homepage today. Sign up for an account and create Valentine’s gifts or surprises that your loved ones will definitely treasure.

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