QR Code Menu for Ski Resorts and Mountain View Restaurants

Update:  May 29, 2023
QR Code Menu for Ski Resorts and Mountain View Restaurants

A QR code menu for ski resorts and restaurants is a handy tool as they open for the Winter 2022/2023 season.

It prepares mountain resorts and restaurants for the upcoming winter season when the influx of customers soars each year.

Last winter, there were about 59 million skiers visited US resorts alone.

The QR code menu for on-mountain dining restaurants gives customers a readily accessible and contactless menu and provides easy ordering and order fulfillment.

Moreover, using QR codes in ski resorts is not uncommon. They have previously adapted and automated their operations using the QR code system.

How ski resorts and restaurants are using QR code

Ski resorts’ contact tracing QR code

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, ski resorts integrated a contact tracing system using a QR code.

Some ski resorts require skiers and other ski resort guests to present a health certification QR code to enter and access ski equipment and facilities. 

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Ski resorts’ lift ticket QR code

lift qr code ticket pick up kiosk

Guests only need to choose a date and purchase their ticket online and receive a confirmation email with their ticket lift QR code ticket. 

Moreover, Mountain High Resorts does not sell lift tickets at the resort but online. Guests must order tickets online and access their accounts to view their lift digital ticket QR code.

Ski resorts equipment rental QR code

ski rental qr codeGuests from Appi Kogen Ski Resort  can rent ski equipment through web rental transactions. 

Guests will receive their web rental booking ID/QR code with the details needed to rent ski equipment through their registered email address. 

Then, they will have to show the QR code on their phones at the rental station counter to proceed with the rental transaction and get their gear from the rental staff. 

Ski resorts’ parking system QR code

Tap N Ski technology is an innovative smart-parking technology used by ski resorts. It promotes sustainability using a solar-powered kiosk and paperless tickets through QR codes and digital apps.

For Sundance Resort in Utah, introducing QR codes and solar-powered kiosks in all their parking areas is part of their conservation efforts. 

QR code menu for ski resorts’ mountain view restaurants

Steamboat Resort in Colorado provides its guests with a safe and fully digital menu ordering through a QR code menu on each table, allowing them to browse, order, and pay on their phones. 

Benefits of a QR code menu for ski resorts’ restaurants

ski restaurant table tent qr code menu

QR code menu for ski resorts’ restaurant enables guests to order and pay through their phones

As previously mentioned, an interactive restaurant menu enables guests to have a completely digital restaurant transaction.

No more waiting for restaurant staff to hand them menus since guests can use their phones to scan, order, and pay.

Prevents mixing and messing up orders.

During peak seasons, ski resorts and restaurants receive more guests than usual. Sometimes, there are unavoidable awkward situations when restaurants mess up customers’ orders. 

However, with a digital menu, customers make orders directly from their mobile phones and a table-specific unique QR code menu, improving accuracy and precision.

You can also use QR codes in beach resorts as well. This innovative solution effectively streamline operations and avoids hassle. 

Customers’ orders will then be redirected to the kitchen, where they will create the orders exactly as the customers input them using the QR code menu.  

For this reason, mountain-top Eagle’s Eye Restaurant at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort incorporated a QR code menu to improve their restaurant operations for the ski season. 

Maximize restaurant customer accommodation with fewer staff

A restaurant’s accommodation is limited by the number of ingredients, time, and the capacity of its staff. 

Therefore, aside from preparing enough raw ingredients, ski restaurants can prepare to accommodate more guests for the ski season by using a QR code menu and adding more tables.

Placing a QR code menu for each table and dining area allows restaurants to operate even with fewer waitstaff—even during peak seasons. Here’s how:

Since QR code menus allow customers to order and pay using their mobile phones, restaurant staff only need to monitor, create, and deliver orders to customers’ tables.

Offer and schedule season promotions

Peak ski seasons are the best times to offer in-season promotions and discounts since more guests are coming to ski resorts.

Hence, ski resorts can create a no-code restaurant website with a promotions feature that allows them to program and schedule a promotion quickly. 

The scheduled promotion will automatically start and stop on the scheduled dates and will automatically deduct the fixed discount amount for items selected.

Informs guests using menu description and ingredient information

Another edge of a digital menu over a printed menu is its detailed description.

Restaurants can add changeable food images, menu item descriptions, food item labels, and—best of all—food item ingredient warnings. 

Ingredient warnings inform guests about the contents of each menu item that they might be prohibited from or allergic to. 

It helps restaurants avoid awkward or severe emergencies and allows guests to create informed orders.

More updates, lesser paper 

Ski resorts advocating environmental conservation can use a digital menu instead of their printed handheld/paper menu. Since it’s in digital form, it requires at least 60% less paper to make. 

A restaurant QR code uses a dynamic format QR code, so restaurants can update their menus without printing a new set of QR code menus.

Hence, restaurants can have unlimited menu updates at any time with little or no paper needed at all. 

QR code menu for ski resorts’ restaurant enhances guests’ order experience

Ski resort guests, like Jackson Hole RPK3  can enjoy the perfect scenic mountain view from their seats while ordering through their phones.

A QR code menu allows guests to place their orders without moving from their seats. They only need to scan the menu QR code on their table, browse, and place their orders. 

It’s easy, convenient, and contactless, and guests can appreciate the mountain view and the snowy scenery while waiting for their orders to arrive.

Best on-mountain dining experience with MENU TIGER: An upgrade to ski restaurant operations

ski resort table tent menu qr codeThis ski season, elevate your guests’ dining experience to the ultimate level of hospitality and service with MENU TIGER.

MENU TIGER is an interactive restaurant menu QR code software used in retail and F&B businesses like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels, and resorts. 

Additionally, MENU TIGER helps ski resorts and restaurants:

  1. Create a fully-customizable restaurant no-code website.
  2. Provide an ordering page for dine-in and takeaway orders.
  3. Generate a branded QR code with their restaurant logo, changeable colors, and design for each table.
  4. Add high-quality food item images, food descriptions, labels, and ingredient warnings.
  5. Schedule automatic promotions and set promotional item discounts. 
  6. Update their digital menu anytime with no limit.
  7. Access the order dashboard anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
  8. Add users and admins that can manage and fulfill orders.
  9. Manage multiple stores/locations using one account.
  10. Receive sales report and creates customer data profile. 
  11. Create and send an online customer survey email.

On the other hand, customers using the MENU TIGER interactive digital menu can:

  1. Scan and browse the QR code menu using their Android phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc. 
  2. Translate the digital menu into different languages.
  3. Modify their orders before placing them using their mobile phones.
  4. Pay using cash, cards, or mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc.
  5. Monitor the status of their orders.

Creating a QR code menu for ski resorts and on-mountain restaurants

1. Open https://menu.qrcode-tiger.com and sign up

sign up menu tiger
2. Add your store and store details

menu tiger add store

3. Go to "Menu" and select "Foods"

menu tiger foods4. Then, create food categories. Save.menu tiger food category

5. Go to "Modifiers" and create modifier groupsmenu tiger add modifier6. Select modifier typemenu tiger modifier type

7. Add modifiers to modifier groups. Save.

menu tiger modifierGenerating a QR code menu for ski resorts and restaurants

1. Go to Stores and select "Customize your QR code"

menu tiger customize qr code2. Add your restaurant's logomenu tiger qr code logo3. Change the data and eye pattern

menu tiger qr code pattern4. Then, set the data and eye colors

menu tiger qr code color5. Add a frame and call-to-action phrase. Save.

menu tiger qr code frame ctaScheduling a website promotion for ski seasons using MENU TIGER 

1. Go to "Website" and select "Promotions"

menu tiger promotion2. Name your promotion

menu tiger promotion name3. Create a brief descriptionmenu tiger promotion description4. Add promotion image

menu tiger promotion image5. Schedule start and stop displaying dates 

menu tiger promotion schedule6. Set promotion discount amount or percentage

menu tiger promotion percentage amount7. Select applicable/discounted menu items. Save.

menu tiger promotion food itemsSki resorts opening and ticket selling date for Winter 2022/2023

When do ski resorts open, and which ski resorts are open? Ticket selling dates? The following is everything you need to know about ski resorts opening for Winter 2022/2023. 

Snow King Mountain 

Winter ski season opening day: Dec. 3, 2022

Big Sky Resort

Winter ski season opening: Nov. 24, 2022 – Apr. 23, 2023

Ticket selling deadline: Sept. 9, 2022 

Jackson Hole 

Winter ski season opening: Nov. 25, 2022 -Apr. 9, 2023

Early bird ticket promo deadline: Oct. 1, 2022

White Pass Washington

Unrestricted pass ticket sale: Sept. 12, 2022

Ski resorts events and festivals for Winter 2022/2023

Winterwondergrass California 2023

Squaw Valley, Ca

March 31-April 2, 2023 

Tomorrowland Winter 2023

Alpe D’huez, France

March 18-25, 2023

Winterwondergrass Colorado 2023

Steamboat Springs, Co

March 3-5, 2023 

The Musicfest Steamboat 2023

Steamboat Springs, Co

January 7-12, 2023

Rave On Snow 2022

Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

December 15-18, 2022

Rise Festival 2022

Les 2 Alpes, France

December 10-17, 2022

Bergfestival 2022

Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria

December 9-10, 2022

Create a QR code menu for your ski resorts and mountain view restaurant with MENU TIGER

Expand your ski resorts’ restaurant operations this winter season and maximize revenues using interactive restaurant menu QR code software.

You can accommodate more orders, provide easier menu access, and get more accurate orders. 

With MENU TIGER, you have not only a digital menu but also a QR code menu and a restaurant website with an ordering page in one software solution.

Make your MENU TIGER account for free today. No credit card is needed.

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