QR Code Menu: The Future of Restaurants in the New Normal

Update:  February 06, 2024
QR Code Menu: The Future of Restaurants in the New Normal

The digital menu QR code software lets you create a QR code menu for your restaurant. A contactless QR code on table allows your customers to scan, order, and pay easily on the online ordering page of your restaurant.

According to statistics, there is a 65.91% decline in seated diners in restaurants in the U.S. year-over-year. 

The figure shows major drawbacks experienced by the restaurant industry in running their business operations and leading them to file for bankruptcy.

Using a contactless menu in restaurants contributes to safer and more convenient services to customers without the risks of virus contamination and restaurant business downfall. 

Contactless menus are more cost-efficient than the recommended disposable menus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as you don’t have to reprint your menus.

Can you think of an original way for restaurants to use QR codes in the future? 

Using a digital menu through the use of a QR menu system can keep restaurateurs to stay afloat amidst any health crisis and circumstances.

MENU TIGER: A QR code menu and online ordering system

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software like MENU TIGER lets you make a QR code menu for your restaurant. 

The digital menu QR code software is an end-to-end service provider. It lets you offer restaurant services from the brick-and-mortar to the digital market. 

A brick-and-mortar establishment can put up a QR code on table. Customers can scan, order, and pay through the displayed menu QR codes inside the establishment.QR code menu Furthermore, the software also lets you reach out to customers online using a restaurant website.

The restaurant website can let you feature the best-selling menu items inside your restaurant.

It also lets your customers explore a glimpse of your business through the website.

Aside from taking up the notch in modernizing restaurant business operations, a QR code menu system also lets you manage multiple branches in one account, localize digital menus in different languages, and offer cashless payment transactions.

However, if you are only planning to convert your physical menu cardboard into a contactless menu using QR codes, you can use the PDF or the JPEG QR code solution. 

Moreover, you can also create a customized landing page for your menu by selecting the HTML QR code editor.

Using the PDF, JPEG, or HTML QR code only allows you to update your menu without regenerating another QR code. Say for example, if you have an update about your pricing or a new dish to offer.

But mind you, these solutions mentioned above do not offer a scan-order-and-pay solution, unlike MENU TIGER. 

If you want to automate payments for your orders, MENU TIGER is the all-in-one solution for you.

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How does the MENU TIGER ordering system work?

Customers can scan the QR code menu. After scanning the QR code on table, your customers will be redirected to the online ordering page of your restaurant.Digital QR code menu orderingOn the online ordering page, your customers can place their orders and pay via online payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Through this ordering system, you can cater to more customers without the need of adding more staff and avoid errors in the ordering process. 

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How to make your QR code menus?

Creating a QR code menu is made easy with MENU TIGER, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software. 

You can edit and enhance the appearance of your QR code menus by adding a logo, setting its data and eye patterns, changing its colors, and frames, and adding call-to-action texts.

Moreover, you can also freely create your branded online ordering page.

After creating your online menu and unique QR codes, you can place it on each restaurant’s tables or areas. 

All your customers have to do is scan the QR code to access the online menu, place an order and pay using their smartphones.

The advantage of using MENU TIGER in creating QR code menus is that it lets you operate your restaurant seamlessly on one platform. You can easily edit and update your menu anytime you want.

QR code for restaurant

How to create your QR code menu using MENU TIGER

Here is an easy guide on how to create your QR code menu that allows your customers to scan and pay for their orders.

1. Open MENU TIGER to create your restaurant’s account

MENU TIGER is a digital menu software powered by QR TIGER, one of the advanced QR code generator software in the digital market.

Menu tiger sign up

This digital menu software lets restaurant and bar businesses offer convenient and tailored services to customers using an interactive menu QR code.

2. Click the Stores section to make your store

Menu tiger click stores Write the name, address, and phone number of your store in the Stores section.

3. Customize your restaurant’s QR code menu

Customize menu QR code Change the QR code patterns, color, eye pattern, and frame design in customizing your QR code menu. You can also add a logo and a call-to-action phrase.

4. Supply the number of tables in your store

Table QR code menuProvide the number of tables in your store in the space provided.

5. Add admins and users to each store branch

Menu tiger add admins Supply the contact information such as email address and password to your added users in your store.

Designate an access level of your added user whether an Admin or User.

6. Create menu categories

Menu tiger add categories
In the Categories section, click the New button to add menu categories to your digital menu.

If you are managing multiple stores, choose the stores where that menu category will be visible.

7. Make the food list of each menu category

Menu tiger make food list Create a food list of each menu category in your digital menu. You can supply the menu description, prices, ingredient warnings, and other pertinent information about your meals and beverages.

8. Set up modifiers.

Set up modifiers menu tiger Create modifiers in your digital menu by clicking Add in the Modifier section.

Examples of a modifier are steak doneness, salad dressings, and others.

9. Personalize your custom-built restaurant website

Add a cover image, restaurant name, address, email, and phone number in setting up your restaurant website.

Write a brief and concise background about your restaurant in the About Us section. You can also set the language(s) and currency(s) afterwards.Menu tiger set up website

Highlight the best-selling and trademark dishes in the Most Popular Foods section. You can also promote other menu items in this section.

Let your customers know about the convenient dining experience in your restaurant in the Why Choose Us section.

Set the fonts and colors of your restaurant website.

Raise restaurant campaigns, vouchers, and discounts in the Promos section. 

Then create your own customer survey in the Survey section to get detailed feedback from your customers.

10. Set up cashless payment methods

QR code menu payment methodSet up Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or cash as payment options in the Add-ons section.

11. Do a scan test of your QR code menu

Scan test menu QR codeExecute a scan test before deploying your restaurant’s QR code menus.

12. Download the QR code menus of your store

Download menu QR codeDownload each QR code menu per table (or area designated by that QR code) in the Stores section. You can save your QR code menus in SVG or PNG formats.

13. Deploy tabletop QR code menus

QR code on tableDisplay your QR code menus in your restaurant and let customers scan them. Keep track of your customers’ ordering engagements in the Orders section.

Benefits of using QR code menus in your restaurants 

QR codes are safe, secure, and cost-efficient for restaurants that want to operate efficiently in the new normal setting, all at a minimum cost. 

In fact, according to restaurant industry statistics, over 50% of restaurants in the United States switched to a menu QR code from using traditional paperback menus. It is also said that more businesses in the food and beverage service industry are expected to do the same in the next years.

Here are 5 reasons why QR code menus can be the future of restaurant operations in the new normal setting:

Promotes contactless interaction

QR code menus are pivotal in adhering to social distancing and health protocols by facilitating contactless interactions. 

Allowing users to access menus through remote scanning provides a concrete way to ensure and sustain social distancing measures.

In doing so, restaurateurs can continue to run their businesses smoothly while prioritizing the safety of both customers and employees.

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Easy to access and operate

One of the cool features of QR code menus is that it is easy to access and operate.

By scanning the QR code menu found on your dining table, you can select the food you want to order through the digital menu.

This way, customers will not have a hard time calling on waiters and trying to relay their orders. Less manpower is required, and it saves customers a lot of time when ordering.

Accelerates order waiting time

Customers who are busy and barely have time to stop by restaurants would much prefer a faster ordering service. The more straightforward, the better.

With the use of QR code menus, you’re attracting customers who are looking for the type of convenience and efficiency you offer. Remember, people stay for the food, but they will also remember your service and how you treated them.

Gives a comfortable user experience

By using digital menus such as QR code menus, you can create a comfortable user experience while ensuring your customer’s safety.

Through the use of interactive landing pages on your QR code menus, the user can have a new and easy-to-use ordering system. It adds to the whole experience of your restaurant.

Promotes a more sustainable restaurant operations

Contactless digital menu QR codeUsing paperless transactions in your restaurant is a good start. For one, you can easily update your online menu instead of throwing away old paper menus. This can be a good way to promote a more sustainable business model not just for other restaurants, but in your community as well.

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Menu QR code for restaurant

How to use your QR code menus?

Here are the steps on how to use your QR code menu in operating your restaurant post-pandemic:

1. Generate your QR code menu

When generating your QR code menu, you must first select the best QR code generator available online.

The ‘best’ will depend on your business’ needs. Check customization features, security certificates, and of course, legitimate customer reviews.

2. Print your QR code menu

After you have generated and downloaded your QR code menu, you can now proceed with printing your QR code menus.

In printing your QR code menu, you should follow the recommended guidelines for printing QR codes.

3. Place your printed QR code menus

The correct placement of QR code menus is important in delivering safe, effective, and efficient services in dining.

By placing your QR code menus in areas where it is convenient for your customers to scan, there will be no problem in scanning the menu.

4. Track the data in your QR code menu

After you have set up the necessary measures to operate your restaurant post-pandemic, you can start tracking the QR code menu’s data.

Data gathered from your QR code menu is useful in knowing your bestselling dish/es.

By integrating your ordering system with the QR codes, you can identify your customer’s food and beverage preferences.

You can then make referrals when the customer will dine in your restaurant again.

How QR technology hones the future of restaurant operations

To survive the pandemic, post-pandemic guidelines are implemented. As restaurants are greatly affected by this crisis, QR technology is introduced and utilized by restaurateurs.

There are various uses of QR technology for restaurant operations. However, can you think of an original way for restaurants to use QR codes in the future?

Here are 6 ways how QR technology hones the future of restaurant operations:

For digital restaurant menus

QR codes are flexible and can be utilized in any way possible. For the continuation of restaurant operations, QR codes are integrated to make digital restaurant menus.

For instance, a London-based sushi restaurant “Moshi Moshi” integrates the use of QR codes in their sushi menus and becomes the world’s first sushi restaurant that integrates QR technology.

This is proof that QR codes are being used and integrated to sustain the need for safe and secure restaurant dining.

By using sustainable QR code menus for restaurant operations in the new normal setting, restaurants can leap from traditional menu setups to digital restaurant menus.

For the restaurant ordering system

QR codes can help restaurateurs in improving their restaurant ordering systems. By embedding their ordering system into the restaurant QR code menus, customers will not have to go through complicated processes in ordering food.

QR code-powered ordering systems work similar to QR code menus, but with additional ordering features.

Just like transacting in online food delivery, QR code-powered restaurant ordering systems in QR code menus work within the dining premises.

In this way, you can promote a contactless dine-in experience to diners.

Payment mode for restaurants

As cash poses potential COVID-19 transmission, people become health-conscious and are afraid to transact by cash.

QR code menu payment method

To remedy this problem, QR codes can offer a cashless payment mode for your restaurant.

By using online payment apps that support QR code technology, customers that use online payment can peacefully dine in.

This way, you can increase the number of customers that you can cater to and increase your profit.

Dine-in reservations

Catering dine-in reservations in a traditional way can be a hassle to keep up with.

As you need to make a list of the reservations your customers made, finding seats and time availability is a tough job to manage.

To improve your dine-in reservation systems, you can use QR codes in the form of reservation QR codes.

It’s a way to direct customers to your reservation website and let them pick the table and period to dine in.

Customer feedback

Menu QR code customer feedbacks Customer feedback is important in determining the areas in your restaurant that need improvement.

As our face-to-face mobility is limited, the traditional data gathering method is omitted.

By using QR codes in collecting your customer’s feedback, you can continue to cater to their feedback and accommodate their suggestions and requests.

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Restaurant Wi-Fi connectivity

Social media is a great way in promoting your restaurants.

By establishing a Wi-Fi connection in your restaurant, your customers can easily promote your restaurant.

Through the use of Wi-Fi QR codes, your customers can easily access the internet without the need of inputting the Wi-Fi password.

This way, your customers can share their thoughts about your food and restaurant and recommend it to their friends.

Also, Wi-Fi in restaurants can help customers keep themselves entertained while waiting for their food.

QR code restaurant menu

QR code menu ordering system: The future of restaurants in the new normal set-up

As we are uncertain about the end of this global crisis, new normal setups are the best option that we have.

As businesses are slowly reopening, restaurants are now using new means in continuing their operations.

Can you think of an original way for restaurants to use QR codes in the future?

Digital menus in the form of QR code menus are one of the solutions in keeping their restaurants afloat and thriving even during a worldwide health crisis.

By using the best QR code generator and an interactive restaurant menu QR code software in creating your QR code menu, you can offer efficient and streamlined services to your customers in an easy manner. 

This way, you can ensure your customers that your establishment is applying best practices in keeping everything safe and clean.

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