QR code menu: The future of restaurants in the new normal

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

Due to the pandemic brought by COVID-19 disease, many restaurants across the world were heavily affected. 

With the use of a digital menu such as the QR code menu, can restaurants survive the existing pandemic? If so, how can QR menu system jumpstart the future of restaurants in the new normal society? 

In the U.S. the year-over-year decline of seated diners in restaurants in the U.S. was a staggering 65.91 percent as of today.

The figures show that restaurants are experiencing major drawbacks in their operations and may force them to file bankruptcy.

To solve this occurring problem, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of disposable menus.

However, the use of disposable menus contributes to high resource spending. To have in-depth knowledge about disposable menus, you can refer to this concept: 

If you are planning to avail of a disposable menu package with 1000 copies, the amount you need to spend is $189.45 if it is single-sided and $328.45, if it is double-sided.

In this way, you will realize that you are spending more on menus than your actual products or services. 

To save funds, digital menus through the use of QR menu system can be restauranteurs key in staying afloat and surviving the pandemic.

What is a QR code menu system?

A QR code menu is a type of digital menu that uses an online QR code generator in creating the menu. This type of digital menu uses QR codes in embedding PDF, Jpeg or PNG file of their menus. 

It acts as a substitute to paperback or cardboard menus which can increase the risk of cross-contamination. In this way, QR code menus can ensure your employees' and customers' safety.

There are 3 QR code ways that you can use in generating a QR code menu: PDF, JPEG, and H5 editor QR code.

On the other hand, if you need to create a customized landing page for your menu, you can select the HTML QR code editor. 

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How does QR code menu ordering system work?

qr code menu
A QR code menu or a digital menu works by scanning the QR code that can be found in your dining table. As the customer scans your QR code, a loading page opens the menu.

The customer proceeds to order the food while still practice social distancing. In this way, you can generate a functional QR code menu ordering system.

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How to make your QR code menus?

There are 3 QR code solutions that you can use in generating your QR code menu: PDF, JPEG, and H5 editor.

In generating your QR code using PDFs and JPEG, you can choose the File category on the QR code generator's menu and upload your menu file.

If you are using an H5 editor for your QR code menu, you must select the H5 editor category and layout your menu.

In making digital menus, the recommended type of QR code is dynamic. As dynamic QR codes are editable/modifiable, you can use it as cycle menus depending on the timeline of the kind of menu you want to offer to your customers.

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How to generate your QR code menu

  • Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com
  • Click the menu QR code category and upload your menu
  • Click Static or Dynamic (Dynamic QR codes are better to use)
  • Generate and personalize your QR code menu.
  • Do a scan test of your menu QR code as see if correctly leads you to the correct information
  • Download and place your QR code in your restaurant

Reasons why QR code menus can be the future of restaurants in the new normal setting

As QR codes are safe, secure, and cost-efficient, restaurants can operate in the new normal setting. Here are 5 reasons why QR code menus can be the future of restaurant operations in the new normal setting:

Promotes contactless interaction

qr code menu uk
To ensure social distancing and other health protocols, digital menus help promote contactless interaction. As QR code menus are accessed by scanning at a distance, you can assure that social distancing is applied and maintained.

By using these, restauranteurs can still operate while ensuring contactless interactions between the customers and employees.

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Easy to access and operate

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurateurs are finding ways on how to keep their restaurant running. As QR code solutions are making waves in the new normal community, the integration of QR code menus is introduced.

One of the cool features of QR code menus is that it is easy to access and operate.

By scanning the QR code menu found on your dining table, you can select the food you want to order by clicking the dish and follow the restaurant's order system.

In this way, customers will not have a hard time calling on waiters and trying to relay your order.

Accelerates order waiting time

Customers who are busy and barely make time in stopping by restaurants can walk into your restaurant and experience the ambiance of restaurant dining.

With the use of QR code menus, the time you waste in waiting for your order lessens and accelerates order waiting time.

Gives a comfortable user experience

qr code menu ordering
As customers nowadays are into a comfortable user experience, thinking of new gimmicks for your restaurant can be a hassle. By using digital menus such as QR code menus, you can create a comfortable user experience while ensuring your customer's safety.

Through the use of interactive landing pages on your QR code menus, the user can experience a different yet enjoyable ordering system.

Increases customer and employee safety.

Since disposable menus fill up landfills and wastelands, some of the wastes it created may wander through communities near it. In this matter, you are creating another environmental problem.

But, by using QR code menus in your restaurants, you can keep your customers and employees safe and the environment clean.

How to generate your QR code menu

1. Open an online QR code generator like QRTiger.

qr code menu generator
To continue your restaurant operation in the new normal setting, the use of the QR code menu is endorsed. The first step you need to follow is to find an online QR code generator that offers safe and secured QR codes like QRTiger.

To find the best QR code generator online, you need to check its credibility, ability to deliver a simple yet interactive user experience, and durability to withstand any circumstances.

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2. Select the category you want to generate your menu with.

After you open the online QR code generator, you can select the category you want to generate your menu with.

Bear in mind that there are 3 QR solutions that you can generate for your QR code menus; PDF, JPEG, and H5 editor QR solutions.

If you want an interactive landing page for your QR code menus, you can use the H5 editor and start inserting your bestselling dish by encrypting a code that can prompt interactions like click and order, or redirect them to your h5 editor ordering site.

3. Click Static or Dynamic (Dynamic QR codes are better to use)

Once you are done filling up the required fields for your QR code menu, you can now proceed in selecting what type of QR code you want to generate with your QR code menu.

For business integration, dynamic QR codes are the best type of QR code to generate with.

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4. Generate and customize your QR code.

After you have selected the type of QR code do you want to generate, you can now proceed in generating and customizing your QR code. When customizing your QR code, you need to follow customizing guidelines to ensure the QR code's scannability.

5. Test if it the QR code works.

To ensure the scannability of your QR code menu, testing the QR code is necessary. As your customers act as your marketer in the restaurant industry, good reviews and impressions are needed.

In this way, you can assure that problems will not arise and your business will survive the pandemic.

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6. Download and place your QR code in your restaurant

To ensure your QR code's quality, download your QR code in print quality(SVG). In choosing the right size of your QR code menu, you must consider the correct sizing formula.

Dynamic QR codes are the best QR code solutions for your QR code menus due to this following reasons:

  • allows you to track data.
  • grant you to generate H5 embedded QR code menus.
  • let you change the content of your QR code without the need of generating new ones.
  • Reduces the time and money in printing new QR codes.
  • It can be used as cycle QR code menus.
  • It is good for long-term use.

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How to use your QR code menus?

Here are the steps on how to use your QR code menu in operating your restaurant in the post-pandemic norm:

1. Generate your QR code menu.

qr code menu freeMaking your QR code menu is crucial as you are going to use it in your restaurant. In generating your QR code menu, you must first select the best QR code generator available online.

In this way, you can start your restaurant journey with QR codes.

2. Print your QR code menu.

After you have generated and download your QR code menu, you can now proceed in printing your QR code menus. In printing your QR code menu, you should follow the recommended guidelines in printing QR codes.

3. Place your printed QR code menus.

The correct placement of QR code menus is important in delivering safe, effective, and efficient services in dining.

By placing your QR code menus in areas where it is convenient for your customers to scan, there will be no problem in scanning the menu.

4. Track the data in your QR code menu.

After you have set up the necessary measures in operating your restaurant in the post-pandemic norm, you can start tracking the QR code menu's data.

Data gathered from your QR code menu is useful in determining the bestselling dish. By integrating your ordering system with the QR codes, you can identify your customer's food and beverage preferences.

In this way, you can make referrals when the customer will dine in your restaurant again.

How QR technology hones the future of restaurant operations

To survive the pandemic, post-pandemic norms are implemented. As restaurants are greatly affected by this crisis, QR technology is introduced and utilized by restauranteurs.

Here are 6 ways how QR technology hones the future of restaurant operations:

For digital restaurant menus.

qr code menu for restaurants freeQR codes are flexible can be utilized in any way possible. For the continuation of restaurant operations, QR codes are integrated to make digital restaurant menus.

In the U.K., London sushi restaurant "Moshi Moshi" integrates the use of QR codes in their sushi menus and become the world's first sushi restaurant that integrates QR technology.

This is proof that QR codes are being used and integrated to sustain the need for safe and secure restaurant dining.

By using sustainable QR code menus for restaurant operations in the new normal setting, restaurants can leap from traditional menu setups to digital restaurant menus.

For the restaurant ordering system.

QR codes can help restauranteurs in improving their restaurant ordering systems. By embedding their ordering system into the restaurant QR code menus, customers will not have to go through complicated processes in ordering food.

QR code powered ordering systems works are similar to QR code menus, but with additional ordering features.

Just like transacting in online food delivery, QR code powered restaurant ordering systems in QR code menus work within the dining premises.

In this way, you can promote a contactless dine-in experience to diners.

Payment mode for restaurants

As cash poses potential COVID-19 transmission, people become health-conscious and are afraid to transact by cash. To remedy this problem, QR codes can offer cashless payment mode for your restaurant.

By using online payment apps that support QR code technology, customers that use online payment can peacefully dine in. In this way, you can increase the number of customers that you can cater to and increase your profit.

Dine-in reservations

Catering dine-in reservations in a traditional way can be a hassle to keep up with. As you need to make list on the reservations your customers made, finding seats and time availability is a tough job to manage.

To improve your dine-in reservation systems, you can use QR codes in the form of reservation QR code. In this way, you can direct your customers to your reservation website and let them pick the table and period to dine in.

Customer feedbacks

Customer feedbacks are important in determining the areas in your restaurant that need improvement. As our face-to-face mobility is limited, the traditional data gathering method is omitted.

By using QR codes in collecting your customer's feedback, you can continue to cater to their feedbacks and accommodate their suggestions and requests.

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Restaurant Wi-Fi connectivity

Social media is a great way in promoting your restaurants. By establishing a WIFI connection in your restaurant, your customers can easily promote your restaurant.

Through the use of WIFI QR codes, your customers can easily access the internet without the need of inputting the WIFI password.

In this way, your customers can share their thoughts about your food and restaurant and recommend it to their friends. Also, WIFIs in restaurants can help customers keep themselves entertained while waiting for their food.

QR code menu ordering system: The future of restaurants in the new normal society!

As we are uncertain about the end of this global crisis, new normal setups are the best option that we have. As businesses are slowly reopening, restaurants are now using new means in continuing their operations.

Digital menus in the form of QR code menus are one of the solutions in keeping their restaurants afloat.

By using the best QR code generator in creating your QR code menu, the worries in delivering food and services to your customers fade.

This way, you can assure your compliance with imposed health protocols and social distancing.