Convenience on the Go: The Benefits of QR Code Taxi Services

Update:  June 21, 2024
Convenience on the Go: The Benefits of QR Code Taxi Services

QR code taxi services have made traveling in a city very convenient. Combining QR codes with the ever-recognizable cab isn’t so obvious to many. However, it is only a natural step in the evolution of the taxi.

QR codes on taxis aren’t just a means to faster transportation—it's also a medium for showcasing marketing campaigns anywhere they go. 

With a versatile and mobile-friendly tool like QR codes, you can deliver content to a wider audience and transport them to a world of convenience and interactivity while they are on the move.

Curious how you can benefit from this? Keep reading, and you’ll be creating your taxi QR code with a QR code generator with logo in no time.

What are QR codes?

Also known as quick response codes, QR codes are a type of barcode that stores information like texts, files, URLs, and more in the form of pixels instead of lines. 

To unlock this information, you will need to scan the QR code with a smartphone. Simply point the camera toward the code, and it can direct users straight to its content.

For example, if the QR code leads to a website, then your smartphone will go to the website immediately after scanning the code.

Just like the convenience they bring, QR codes are easy to create using a reliable QR code generator online.

What are the advantages of QR code taxi services?

Before taking the time to make QR codes for your taxis, it is important to know what they can do for you and your passengers:

Fast booking

Taxi booking QR code

When we see taxis in movies, they are always hailed by someone right when they need them. Because of this, you may not know that you can actually book taxis beforehand. 

Apps such as Curb have even been developed to make taxi booking more convenient on smartphones.

Normally, booking a taxi will require accessing a website where you will input your pick-up location and destination. 

The website will also ask when you want the taxi to pick you up. Some websites will also ask for your contact information as well as instructions for the driver.

While this is already more convenient than waiting for a passing taxi, taxi companies can take this a step further using QR codes. 

Booking QR codes are already being used to set up online reservations. It only makes sense that the same can be done for taxis.

These codes can lead your customers to a booking website without the need to open their phone’s browsers.

Contactless payment

Taxi payment QR code

Another benefit of using QR codes is providing passengers with the option of contactless and cashless payment. 

By offering a contactless payment option, your passengers no longer need to dig through their pockets or wallets for money or have to prepare the exact amount before entering the cab. Riding a cab will be as easy as getting one and hopping in.

Another great thing about contactless payment is that drivers do not need to worry about handling money. 

With digital wallets such as PayPal being used by almost everyone, this is an efficient alternative to paying for a ride with cash. Simply create a QR code with a payment link encoded into it and display the code where your passengers can see and scan it. 

Safer rides

In 2020, the world was hit with the COVID-19 virus. During the following years, social and physical distancing was a must. Even exchanging items with another person risked contracting the virus.

While it’s an extreme example, using QR codes does help in making rides safer for public health. Whether it’s COVID-19 or the common cold, riding a cab is less risky if QR codes are used for transactions instead.

Another way QR codes make riding taxis safer is by giving passengers a way to contact the police if the driver behaves suspiciously or an accident happens during the trip. 

Checking the driver’s license

Taxi driver vcard QR code

Ensuring the safety of passengers is important to the taxi industry. After all, if people don’t feel safe using them, no one would use their services. One of the ways safety is enforced is by only hiring licensed drivers.

If a taxi driver’s license to drive is ever in doubt, passengers and even police officers can ask for it. 

To make things easier for the driver, taxi companies can provide their drivers with a QR code similar to a vCard QR code leading to their information, which they are required to place in their taxis.

Interactive marketing

Taxi marketing QR code

We’ve seen QR codes in advertisements before. Because they are an effective and creative way of interacting with your customers, it makes sense to use a QR code for public transport.

QR codes on vehicles are already a great idea. Having a mobile advertisement brings exposure to a brand while minimizing expenses.

One reason why marketing with taxis works is because it gives you access to a wide range of people. No matter their age or interests, they will always see your QR code ad. 

Additionally, taxis travel to many different places, so your ad can be seen by people who aren’t in the taxi itself. This also means that you can even bring attention to your campaign in areas you didn’t think to target.

81% of marketers agree that interactive content attracts more customers than static content. By adding QR codes to taxi advertisements, you can connect your customers to the digital side of your business anywhere at any time. 

Whether it’s a taxi company’s own website or another brand’s landing page, you will definitely leave a lasting impression.

How do you generate a QR code with QR TIGER?

Now that you know what taxi QR codes can do for you and how other companies have used them, it’s time to create your own. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open QR TIGER QR Code Generator on your browser.
  2. Choose a QR code solution. This will depend on what kind of content your QR code will be used for. This includes both static and dynamic QR code solutions such as landing pages, vCards, or event information.
  3. Fill out the necessary information to encode into your QR code.
  4. Generate your QR code.
  5. Personalize it with different colors, shapes, and patterns to match your brand. Don’t forget to add a compelling call to action to encourage more scans.
  6. Make sure your QR code works by performing a scan test.
  7. Download and deploy it in your taxis.

What might the taxi company do with the QR code?

QR codes on taxis bring many benefits, but how would a company actually use them?

Direct payment with the Abu Dhabi Taxi app

In 2020, the Integrated Transport Centre of the Department of Municipalities and Transport introduced a new way of paying for taxis in Abu Dhabi. 

Using the Abu Dhabi Taxi app, passengers can pay during the trip by scanning an Abu Dhabi taxi QR code on the taxi meter screen. The app also allows passengers to pay before or after the trip.

To use this service, people looking to use Abu Dhabi’s taxis need to download the app from Apple Store or Google Play. They will then need to create an account and provide their credit card information to make the transaction smooth and easy.

Improved QR code taxi services with LINE Corporation’s "LINE TAXI" 

In Thailand, the LINE MAN app provides so much convenience to the company’s customers. 

From online messaging to grocery delivery, this app has everything someone needs. They even have a taxi calling service called LINE TAXI, which was launched in 2018. 

LINE TAXI helps with booking taxis and enforces safety by sharing the driver’s name and face, the taxi number, and the current location of the taxi. 

Passengers can also make cashless payments through Rabbit LINE Pay by scanning a LINE TAXI QR code.

Convenient booking with Taxi Butler's Guest QR

Taxi Butler, a company that provides top-of-the-line taxi booking technology, launched a platform called Guest QR. Taxi companies and venues can use this software to generate QR codes that will help people book taxis.

This is especially helpful in hotels when guests are checking out and need a cab to the airport or a local restaurant. 

Aside from generating faster bookings, Guest QR also reduces the workload of taxi dispatchers.

QR codes generated with Guest QR can be added to any marketing material and placed by the entrances to hotels, bars, and restaurants. 

When scanned, customers can choose their destination and enter their contact details without the need to sign up. Once a taxi is booked, customers can see where their taxi is on the map.

Enhanced passenger safety with QR code for public transport in Mumbai

To keep passengers safe while riding taxis in Mumbai, the Maharashtra State Government requires taxis and auto-rickshaws to have QR codes inside. 

When passengers scan these QR codes, they can:

  • get access to the driver’s contact number and license as well as the vehicle’s information, similar to how plate number QR codes work
  • call Mumbai Police during emergencies
  • file complaints with the police

To enforce this requirement further, taxis without a QR code are considered illegal and will be restricted from refueling anywhere in the Mumbai Region.

Creative marketing with Dying Light taxi QR code

Dying Light is a first-person, open-world, survival horror video game from the developers at Techland. 

The game and its DLC are set in and around the fictional city of Harran. As an open-world game, players can find several taxis scattered all over the city's roads.

One of these taxis is found in The Following DLC, and it features a QR code. When players scan the Dying Light taxi QR code, they will be directed to the fictional city’s official website. Specifically, it will take you to a page on that website promoting the city’s taxi services.

While not a real-life example, it demonstrates a way to use QR codes for the automobile industry to market services to passengers. In this case, the QR code enhances tourism and promotes the city’s official website to tourists.

Create your QR codes with the top QR code platform online

By bringing people from one point in a city to another, a QR code taxi is an essential part of a city’s ecosystem. Making them more efficient through QR codes has only provided positive benefits to the city and the taxi company.

Creating QR codes for such an enterprise will require the use of an advanced QR code platform online. If you need one, look no further. 

With our advanced QR code-generating software, we provide you with the means to create and personalize your QR codes. 

We offer over 20 QR code solutions that support different content types, such as files, menus, social media, and App stores. You can even make dynamic QR codes to take advantage of scan analytics and retargeting. 

Make branded QR codes with QR TIGER today!


What is a QR code payment for a taxi?

Aside from URLs and files, QR codes can also help with financial transactions. In fact, the Japan QR code payment system will be used by the country and other ASEAN countries next year. 

When a QR code for payment is scanned, customers will be directed to a payment page where they can fill out the necessary information to finish paying. 

Some QR codes will do this for the customer automatically, making QR code payments even more convenient.

Brands using QR codes

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