Smart Scheduling: How To Get a Booking QR Code In 5 Steps

Update:  December 18, 2023
Smart Scheduling: How To Get a Booking QR Code In 5 Steps

Setting up online reservations and accepting appointments is now made easier with a booking QR code.

Various scheduling software online now uses QR code technology to provide clients with a more straightforward way to book and pay for services.

With a quick scan using a smartphone camera, customers can directly access an online booking page and find complete information about their reservations hassle-free.

Keep reading to discover the benefits QR codes bring to drive more client bookings and learn how to create a custom one using the best QR code generator online.

QR code solutions and how they work for booking systems

Digitalizing appointment-setting and payment methods lets businesses and customers conveniently schedule and manage bookings or reservations.

Integrating a QR code reservation system into a booking software allows customers to make a reservation in a scan using their smartphones.  

A QR code for booking can contain information about a booking or reservation, such as the

  • booking reference number
  • customer name
  • the reservation date and time, and
  • the type of service or product booked.

You can create QR codes with online QR code software. Choose the one that offers multiple QR solutions to address all your QR code needs, is safe to use, and is trusted by many brands. 

The best QR code generator offers these five advanced QR solutions that you can use to create your QR code for booking. How do QR codes work? Let’s discuss each solution below: 

1. vCard QR code

The vCard QR code is a specific solution that lets you create a digital business card.

Without printing it on a physical card, you can use this solution to present your contact information to your clients, including your booking website. 

When they scan the code, customers can immediately access your details. This lets them know more about you, your business, and the products or services they can reserve or book via smartphones. 

2. Multi URL QR code

Multi url QR code

The best QR code generator offers a multi URL QR code solution that allows you to store multiple links in one QR code and redirect each user to a different landing page. 

You can set it to redirect scanners depending on their device language, location, the time they scanned, or the current number of scans when they accessed the code. 

This is beneficial when you want to market your business and services in different parts of the world. 

3. Landing page QR code

If you’re looking for a QR solution that lets you create a custom landing page for your booking system, the HTML QR code is your best pick.

You do not need to hire a web developer or programmer for this. Input the details you want to show on your landing page and customize it with the available designing tools to fit your branding.

4. Google Form QR code

This solution can link your Google Forms to the QR code. 

Simply create an appointment booking form in the platform and copy its URL to embed it on the software. 

5. App stores QR code

If you have an appointment scheduling app, then an app stores QR code is what you need to promote and encourage your clients to install it on their smartphones. 

Upon scanning, users will instantly find your booking app on their device’s app marketplace:  App Store, Google Play, or Harmony.

How do I get a QR code for booking? A step-by-step guide

While some booking websites offer their QR code booking system, creating a custom QR code for booking gives you more freedom to customize and align it with your brand identity and have control over the content it leads to. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your QR code for booking: 

1. Open the QR TIGER website on your browser.

This advanced QR code generator with logo lets you create unlimited custom static QR codes for free, even without an account.

You may also register for a freemium account or purchase any of our reasonably-priced plans to enjoy full features like editable and trackable QR codes suitable for professional use. 

2.  Choose a QR solution and input the data.

Select the specific QR code solution that fits your needs and input the required information. 

3. Generate a dynamic QR code.

A static QR code can store data permanently, while a dynamic QR code allows real-time updates and modifications. 

A dynamic QR code is more suitable for cases requiring a more flexible solution, like in digital booking systems. 

4. Customize according to your branding.

Change the appearance of your booking QR code to align it with your brand identity. 

You can use six customization tools from the software: color, eyes, frame, logo, pattern, and template. 

Make sure to add your logo to reinforce brand recognition among your audience. 

5. Run a scan test, download, and disseminate.

Do a QR code scan test to see if it’s working, and download it in either PNG for digital use or SVG for print materials.

Integrate them into your website, social media posts, or signage, and add an appropriate Call-to-Action (CTA) to encourage customers to book your services instantly. 

Pro tips to boost booking QR code scans

Now that you know how to generate a free QR code for your booking system, you’ll need strategies to encourage more scans and increase client bookings. Here are some tips to help you get more QR code scans: 

Incorporate QR codes into marketing materials

Travel booking QR code

Integrate a booking QR code into your print marketing materials, such as flyers, brochures, and banners, to attract offline customers.

Customize your QR code

Make your QR code more visually appealing by customizing its color and adding your brand’s logo. Customized QR codes guarantee 40% more scans.

Add a clear call to action

One of the best practices for using a QR code is to accompany it with compelling words to instruct users clearly on what to do, such as “Scan to Book Now.”

Optimize user experience

Ensure that the booking system website you’re linking to your QR code is mobile-responsive and has a user-friendly interface that guides users through the booking process effortlessly.  

Update content regularly 

Keep your offers fresh and retain customer interest. Ensure your clients get up-to-date information about your business, such as your business hours and booking process.

Remove any promos that have already expired or services no longer offered to avoid any inconveniences or confusion with customers.

Share the QR code on social media

Share QR codes on your social media platforms by incorporating them into attractive publication materials with captions. Encourage followers to scan the code for special offers or fast-track bookings.

Place your QR code strategically 

Display QR codes in prominent locations where customers can easily spot and scan them. Consider tables, menus, and walls.

When integrating them into print materials like posters, books, and magazines, make sure they’re printed big or placed on a corner. Avoid placing them in narrow areas, such as book spines. 

Offer incentives

Incentives can motivate people to take action. Provide discounts, exclusive deals, or freebies for customers who scan QR codes to make bookings. 

Benefits of using QR codes for appointment booking 

Airbnb QR code

With a QR code booking system, businesses can streamline check-in and enhance customer experience.  

Below are some factors that explain why a booking QR code system makes reservation and management more accessible for businesses and their customers: 


A QR code booking system makes the booking process seamless and convenient. Businesses can let customers quickly access booking details by scanning the code with their smartphones, eliminating the need to enter information manually.


Scanning a QR code to book an appointment online is much faster than typing out booking details, saving time for customers and booking staff. 

This efficiency is especially valuable in busy industries such as food and beverages and hospitality. 


A QR code booking system reduces the risk of manual errors when entering booking information. 

Accurate data entry ensures that bookings are processed correctly, improving customer satisfaction.

Enhanced customer experience

Using QR codes to book appointments creates a smoother and more enjoyable customer experience. 

They can easily handle tasks like placing dinner reservations or booking hotel rooms with a few taps on their smartphone.

Customers appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of scanning a QR code to access their booking information.


Implementing an appointment scheduler that uses a QR code is relatively inexpensive, making it a cost-effective solution and a wise investment for businesses. 

It eliminates the need for printing and distributing physical tickets or reservation confirmations, as users can instantly receive them through their smartphones.


What makes QR codes a valuable digital tool for individuals and businesses out there is their versatility. 

You can update or modify the information that the QR code stores when necessary, providing flexibility for changes or cancellations. 

The versatility of QR codes allows you to use them in various ways. Aside from streamlining booking appointments, they can provide online marketing upgrades or smooth feedback gathering for your business. 


Dynamic QR codes can incorporate security features, safeguarding bookings against unauthorized access and counterfeiting. 

A password protected QR code assures businesses and customers of the transaction’s authenticity.

Upon scanning, users must first enter the correct password, allowing only authorized people to access the content of the QR code. 

Data collection and analysis

Businesses can collect data on customer behavior and preferences through QR code interactions. 

A dynamic QR code for bookings allows you to track the device used, location, number, and time of scans. This data can be valuable for marketing analysis and improving services based on customer feedback.

Easy promotion methods

Businesses can also use QR codes to provide special offers, discounts, or promotional information related to the booking, incentivizing customers to make future bookings.

Industries that make use of QR codes to book appointments

The versatility of QR codes makes them valuable tools in various industries, enhancing convenience for businesses and customers. 

Here are several industries that widely use QR code systems for booking to facilitate convenient booking and scheduling experiences:

Events and entertainment

Ticketing QR code

QR codes can streamline ticket selling and seamless entry management in concerts, sports events, theaters, and cinemas.

Through this, attendees don’t need to wait in long lines to buy tickets and enter the venue’s premises. 

Fitness and wellness

QR codes are popular with gyms, yoga studios, or fitness center clients, allowing them to book classes that fit their schedules easily and remotely access workout routines. 

Restaurant reservation

Bars, cafes, and restaurants use QR codes to allow customers to reserve tables, access the menu, order online, and facilitate contactless payments

Government and public services

Some government offices use a booking QR code system to set appointments, access form requests, and provide information about public services.


Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers use QR codes for appointment scheduling, patient check-ins, and accessing medical records securely.

Professional services

Appointment scheduling QR code

Lawyers, consultants, and other professionals can create QR codes for appointment scheduling and accessing their service information.

Salons and spas 

QR codes for salons and spas provide clients with a seamless way to set appointments, access available services and prices, and avail of their promotional offers. 

Travel and tours

Airlines, travel agencies, and tour operators use QR codes for flight and tour bookings, boarding passes, and itinerary access.

A QR code-based booking system for the travel and tours industry streamlines the processes for booking flights and checking in, providing customers with a better travel experience. 

Boost client bookings with the best QR code generator now

QR code booking systems offer customers a convenient and efficient way to book their appointments, select available time slots, and provide necessary details through the booking page.

Whether for hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, or appointment confirmations, QR codes are a powerful tool for businesses looking to provide seamless and hassle-free appointment scheduling.

You can also create a booking QR code for your business. Go to QR TIGER and generate a custom QR code that lets your customers book an appointment with you in an instant.


What is a QR code for hotel booking?

Hotels, resorts, and lodges use a QR code booking system for room reservations, check-ins, and providing information about amenities and services. 

With a QR code scan, guests can immediately check in and check out via their mobile devices without waiting at reception. 
Airbnb hosts, for instance, are using QR codes for Airbnb to boost property bookings and increase revenue.

Brands using QR codes

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