How to Use QR Codes for Consumer Electronic Products

Update:  February 21, 2024
How to Use QR Codes for Consumer Electronic Products

The consumer electronics industry has been rapidly growing these past few years and is expected to continue growing.

But with many competitors, how can you convince your consumers to buy the electronics from your company?

Improve your marketing strategies by creating an interactive and informative campaign using QR codes for consumer electronics products.

We live in the golden age of technology, where various gadgets and electronics are invented to make work convenient and our lives comfortable.

People nowadays are getting busier, making it harder for them to do chores manually.

We now use advanced technologies such as consumer electronics to save time and energy.

These electronics have become a huge part of our daily lives, especially during the pandemic.

Due to the constant lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, it was stated that the demand increased for consumer electronics.

According to Statista, the rise in demand ranged from 8% in the US to 15% in China when the Covid 19 happened.

It is also expected that the revenue in the consumer electronics industry will reach $416 billion by 2021. And that 39% of the total market revenue in the consumer electronics segment will be generated through online sales by 2023.

It is therefore, important to build a solid online presence and encourage consumers to visit your platforms.

How to use QR codes for consumer electronics companies

Create an easy-to-follow and an easy access guide on how to use your product using QR codes properly

People tend to buy more from companies that sell user-friendly products.

Let your customers easily understand how your products operate by using video QR codes for your consumer electronics ‘how to’ tutorial.

Drone box QR code

You can display a QR code in your physical manual that directs to a video version of the manual allowing your customers to understand better.

With this QR code, customers will be easily directed to your video manual, saving them the hassle of searching for it online.

Boost your website

Now that we are in the internet age, having a strong internet presence for your business greatly increases your sales.

People now use the internet for almost everything, especially when purchasing products. They use sites to research and find the product of the best quality.

A strong internet presence would bring your website to the top of the search list.

Therefore enabling a lot of people to see and visit your website compared to your competitors.

Boost your website by generating a website QR code using the URL QR code solution. 

The consumers will be instantly directed to your website with this QR code.

Thus, allowing them to learn more about the brand also helps boost your website.

You can display this QR code on your offline materials and social media accounts.

Increase your social media followers by creating a social media QR code for the consumer electronics brand

Due to constant lockdowns, people spend most of their time online.

One online platform that has skyrocketed in popularity is the social media platform.

According to Global social media stats, more than 55% of the global population, or 4.33 billion social media users, by the start of 2021.

Having a lot of social media followers allows you to connect and engage with potential customers and stay connected to your past customers.

Increase your social media followers by generating a link in bio QR code solution that connects all your social media platforms in one landing page.

You can place the QR code in your packaging and other marketing materials.

This way, people can easily find your products when it is time to buy them.

Create an engaging promotional advertisement using QR codes

Most people buy products from known brands. People have this mentality in which we assume that known brands are the only quality brand out there.

Attract more customers by providing an engaging promotional advertisement using QR codes.

Billboards and flyers only enable you to give limited information.

Provide an engaging and informative promotional advertisement by integrating a video QR code into your printed campaign.

With this QR code, people will be able to learn more about your product and may consider buying one from your brand.

Gather important feedback using QR codes

As I’ve mentioned, people nowadays research before purchasing certain products. And the first thing they would search for is the reviews of the products.

To prove your brand’s credibility, gathering consumer feedback is important.

Some people find it tiring to search for your website to give a product review, allowing your customers to give their feedback using QR codes conveniently.

Generate a feedback QR code that directs to a webpage where customers can just instantly give their feedback and display these QR codes on your packaging.

You can add a scan-to-action tag such as ‘scan to give feedback.’

Allow customers to connect to your customer service easily

A study by Groove shows that 55% became regular brand customers due to their positive customer service experience.

Good customer service is therefore important in earning customer loyalty.

Good customer service doesn’t only mean being responsive; the convenience of reaching out to the company’s customer service is also necessary.

Allow your customers to conveniently reach out to you by creating a QR code directing to your customer service’s email or contact number.

This way, your customers will no longer have to type your email or contact number.

Track your products by using QR codes

Tracking down your products allows you to gather important data for your upcoming marketing decision.

Dynamic QR codes have features that allow you to track down your QR code data, such as the number of scans made, and the time and location where the scans were made.

With this data, you will be able to know the exact region where your products are selling.

Thus, allowing you to focus more on that area and improve your marketing strategies in other areas.

How do I get a QR code for consumer electronic products?

To generate QR codes for consumer electronics, you can follow these simple steps

  • Visit QR TIGER website
  • Choose the QR code solution you want to generate
  • Fill in the needed information
  • Generate the QR code
  • Customize the appearance QR code
  • Test QR code readability
  • Download and deploy

Integrate QR codes for your Consumer electronics and maximize and expand your marketing potential today

QR code is one of the most effective tools to connect your offline campaign to your online platforms allowing you to boost your online presence.

QR codes are two-dimensional codes that allow you to direct the scanners to various contents.

By scanning these codes using smartphones, consumers will be instantly directed to your webpage, social media account, promotional video, discount coupon, email address, and many more.

These QR codes’ creative strategies can help boost your online presence and increase your sales.

Create your QR code now and maximize your marketing potential now!

You may visit the QR TIGER QR code generator website for more information and questions about QR codes.

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