Augmented Reality QR Code: Here's How to Use It

Update:  May 13, 2024
Augmented Reality QR Code: Here's How to Use It

Augmented reality QR code is created using an AR QR code generator. But what is the role of QR codes when it comes to augmented reality or AR? 

Did you know that you can get more out of your current marketing ads and engage more customers by integrating interactive experiences through augmented reality (AR) advertising through QR codes? 

Now that AR experience has become more widely known and has successfully taken its spot in the digital space of marketing and advertising, marketers and business people are quickly adapting this enhanced and innovative way of advertising to boost their sales.  

According to Marketing Week, the AR market will be worth between $70bn and $75bn by 2023.

Now you may ask, “What does the QR code have to do with it?”  

Simply put, QR codes will serve as the doorway to your augmented reality advertising. 

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How do QR codes help in your AR advertising?

Real estate QR code

QR codes allow multimedia content redirection.

Using the QR technology will instantly launch a unique experience just by scanning the QR code using only consumers’ smartphones, making your campaign accessible to everyone.

When a customer scans a QR code on your advertisement, you can redirect them and give them access to different content.

It can be in the form of awards, prizes, coupons, music, a video of a brand story, a poll, or a game that they have to play and win. 

Marketers and advertisers can embed a variety of information behind their QR code using a QR code generator with a logo online, wherein they get to choose whatever type of content they think might work, aligning with their advertising goals.

How they will plan their marketing campaign to hook their customers is entirely up to them.

However, QR codes will play the key element in putting all of their planning into successful marketing action.

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How are QR codes integrated into the AR experience to gamify your TV ads?

QR codes are scannable both in print, TV, or computer screens, leading you to various types of marketing content.

Smart marketing and advertising campaigns through gamified and augmented television adverts have been gaining enormous popularity in the past many years- shaping a new marketing paradigm needs in this era. 

The age of digital marketing and the availability of smartphones, smart TV, tablets, and internet connection have made the augmented reality QR code experience more practicable than ever.

That is why many business owners and different marketing companies were quick to adopt and embrace QR codes, bridging AR applications to TVs, a whole new fun experience, allowing viewers to explore and discover what is around them within a physical world setting. 

How to use an augmented reality QR code generator to make QR codes

  • Choose the type of QR codes you would like to create 

  • Enter the corresponding data needed to generate your QR code 
  • Switch from static to dynamic QR 

  • Do a scan test. After it, download and display your QR code

How to use QR codes in augmented reality advertising

Lead viewers to free meals

People love to eat, of course, and getting a free meal always sounds fantastic.

Burger King, one of the fast-food chain giants in the world, recently used QR codes in a fascinating way that will surely entertain their home viewers while giving them a chance to win a free whopper deal while sitting comfortably on their couch. 

A moving QR code will appear a few times on television screens that they have to scan.

If the viewer is quick enough to catch and scan the moving QR code, he might get a chance to win a free whopper deal. 

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Award gift vouchers

You can engage your television viewers by giving them awards like gift vouchers if they complete a task, in which- they can redeem the voucher online and use it later.

You can also award more points or free coupons if they share it with friends or around social media. 

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Drive purchases

Allow your TV viewers or customers to purchase products, items, or goods by embedding your online store or e-commerce store behind your QR code and direct consumers straight to that experience. 

Other uses of QR codes in AR-based marketing

Give real-time feedback

It isn’t always about you as an advertiser, but it’s more about your consumers, right? You can use a QR code to ask for direct feedback from your customers for some improvements and allow them to give you ratings. 

Allowing the target audience to play fun games

QR code for AR model

With QR codes serving as a gateway to augmented reality, you can leverage your target audience’s experience by allowing them to play AR-based fun games as they stroll around the streets. 

It can be your best opportunity to promote and turn your marketing campaign into exciting games that people will love to play. 

Benefits of augmented reality advertising through QR codes

Hook customers or viewers with interactive content 

The interactive visual interface keeps viewers visually hooked and engaged, unlike traditional advertising.

Augmented reality using QR codes makes room for interactive content such as videos, images, polls, and games that connect with consumers in a more unique, direct, and intimate way that allows a more compelling customer experience.

This grows customer interest in the brand even more as it enables them to be part of it in a more personal manner rather than just being a distant audience. 

Update information Quickly

With a Dynamic QR code which is a modifiable type of QR code, you can make changes to your data whenever it’s necessary. And no- you do not need to reprint your ad and make another QR code.

You just need to go over your Dynamic QR code generator online and make your quick changes and update. 

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Track your QR code scans 

You can get your return on investment when you use a QR code augmented reality advertising approach. 

With QR codes, you can track your QR code scans and determine how many have engaged and interacted with your QR code AR-based marketing. 

Getting your point across to your audience more understandable 

QR code for advertising

An interactive experience using QR codes on your advertising materials delivers a more understandable and comprehensive message across your target customers instead of just dull ads.

For example, you can lead your scanners to answer a series of questions until they complete the challenge and get their prize! This shows their understanding of the message you’re trying to convey. 

Empowers marketing campaign

Brands and companies can make use of QR codes and integrate them into the augmented reality experience and provide more enhanced and interactive content ads, and drives brand awareness.  

Establishes company or business recognition

Gamified virtual ads will make a way to enhance brand recognition. It allows for the quicker purchase of your items or goods.

Furthermore, it builds excitement among your customers, wherein they will likely share the experience with their circle of friends, which increases your publicity and sales at the same time. 

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Build brand loyalty among your customers

People will usually retain in their minds what they regularly see and experience.

The more they see your ad and have a unique and digital experience out of it (especially if you offer discounts and deals), the more customers will likely remember your brand or product.

They will be even more into it and eventually will build brand loyalty. 

Direct access to smartphone devices 

We can’t stress this enough. QR code's direct access to smartphones is probably one of the most important driving factors why advertising using QR codes is very beneficial and rampant today. 

Everyone- literally gets to have access to your ads just by scanning the code using people’s smartphone devices.

Are there any businesses or advertising companies using QR codes on TV?

Definitely, a lot of business giants are taking the lead in using QR codes to advertise straight to their customers, including:

Burger King

As we’ve mentioned, the fast-food burger chain giant Burger King just recently used QR codes to give a free whopper deal to viewers who are sheltered indoors.

If they are lucky enough to scan the QR code that contains the free whopper deal, then a free meal awaits them!

FashionTV Channel

The global fashion broadcasting TV channel is also taking advantage of the QR code marketing campaign.

Every once in a while, a QR code will flash on the TV screen of the fashion TV channel that will drive the viewers to their website, where viewers can watch and browse different fashion stories and stream campaigns of high-end brands while driving traffic to their site.


The well-known French clothing company Lacoste also joined the bandwagon of QR codes advertisement on television.

Lacoste rolls out a shoppable TV advertisement using a QR code that, once scanned, will direct the viewers to their e-commerce store, where viewers can shop the brand’s product online.  

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Augmented reality with QR codes: Bridging the gap to access AR advertising through smartphones

There is no doubt that the future of marketing and advertising will rely on the use of advanced innovations with the use of QR codes as e-commerce and digital marketing are booming more than ever, making them switch to augmented television advertisements.

Rendering content in augmented reality can turn your marketing campaign into an enjoyable one, making your consumer's interaction with your brand a memorable and exciting experience. 

Smart technology, such as a Dynamic QR code generator online, allows advertisers to track how many people have responded and scanned their displayed ads.

It also reveals their scanners’ demographic data details, allowing marketers to understand and analyze their target audience even better and what needs to be done.  

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QR augmented reality 

Using QR codes in augmented reality advertising, the QR digital tool serves as a gateway to augmented reality advertising and marketing. 

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