How to Use QR Codes for Nonprofit Organizations

Update:  August 17, 2023
How to Use QR Codes for Nonprofit Organizations

QR codes for nonprofits are a set of QR code solutions to increase efficiency, raise more funds, and encourage community engagement.

Most of the non-profit sectors operate on tight budgets. That is why some cannot invest in up-to-date technology. 

A Yale School of Management Study found that “non-profits that choose not to invest in necessary technology will see an ever-widening performance gap between their outcomes and the organizations that have adopted technology effectively.”  

However, the effective use of QR code technology can improve operational efficiency, increase mission impact, and enhance sector competitiveness.

Public charities, social advocacy groups, and some trade organizations are becoming early adopters of QR codes. 

Non-profit organizations use QR codes for fundraising efforts, community engagement, and to drive efficiencies.

Why do you need a QR code for non-profit organizations?

As a non-profit organization, leaders must move up the learning curve and adapt to technological innovation.

Non profit organization QR code

One of the promising tech tools is the QR code.

In this mobile-centric society, more people use their smartphone devices to access information and connect to brands and organizations.

QR codes are common in restaurants, products, and business establishments, especially during the pandemic.

It is easily integrated with all communication mediums like print, TV commercials, and digital media.

It can store information such as a URL, a video, an audio file, an image, and documents like PDFs.

People can access the embedded content when scanned by a mobile phone camera or a QR code reader app.

QR codes are cost-efficient and easy to use, which will help organizations reach more audiences to promote their mission and have their unique fundraiser ideas integrated. 

As long as you follow the best practices in creating QR codes and the right strategy, non-profit organizations can take advantage of this technology.

Ways to use QR codes for nonprofits

1. Tell your story using a video QR code

Non-profit organizations can share their stories in various ways with QR codes. 

They can use videos about their mission and testimonials on how the organization has helped a community or a person.

To easily share the video with the key stakeholders, convert it into a video QR code.

This allows the scanner to easily access and view the video display on the smartphone after scanning the code.

Since video QR code is dynamic, you can even track the scans, such as how many unique and total scans you get and the location of the scanners.

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2. Educate your visitor

If you’re an organization running a museum or historical tourist site, you can use QR codes to make each of the creative pieces of artwork interactive.

You can share the videos of behind-the-scenes details about their origin, use, or restoration and convert them into a video QR code.

If you want to have a unique way of sharing details of historical facts and to cater to audio-inclined visitors, you can create an audio guide and convert it into an MP3 QR code.

3. Direct the audience to an online petition

Gathering signatures and support, you can convert your online petition URL into a dynamic URL QR code.

To do this, you can use a form builder website to create your tailored online petition. After creating the form, copy the URL and convert it into a dynamic QR code.

You can print it along with your promotional materials or display it online to drive more people to your petition and collect signatures.

 After scanning, it will redirect the scanner to the online petition. They can digitally sign the petition, saving them the hassle of filling in information manually.

4. Feedback QR code

Social innovators have to understand their clients’ needs and experiences.

According to Harvard Business Review, 88% of the non-profit organizations said that gathering feedback was one of the metrics in measuring impact.

The main barrier to gathering feedback is the right strategy to encourage more customers to participate in the feedback-gathering process.

To do this, you can convert your feedback form (a Google Form, a Microsoft form, or any other online survey form) into a feedback QR code.

 This way, they only need to scan the code to access the feedback form and digitally input their comments or suggestions.

The process is quicker and more efficient, unlike the traditional pen and paper feedback form.

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5. H5 Editor for your webpage

To minimize the costs of maintaining a website or paying domain loyalties, you can use the H5 webpage solution to create a mobile-optimized landing page.

If you want to communicate to your audience the goals, missions, and financial transparency efforts H5 webpage is a must-have.

You can customize your webpage to align with your branding and add valuable content like videos and images.

You can always switch to code view to add coded content.

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6. Social media QR code to connect to more audience

Social media is vital to the success of your organization. It allows you to share your story, engage supporters, and increase brand awareness.

That being said, there is a QR code solution called the link in bio QR code that would help you grow your audience. It houses all your social media profile links in one QR code.

Link in bio QR code

You can embed all the links in one QR code if you have a Facebook profile, Instagram, or Twitter. 

When scanned, the code will display all the social media profiles directly on the smartphone screen.

You can print it with your promotional materials and during events to drive more followers, subscribers, and likes to your social media profiles.

Other ways how to use QR codes for fundraising efforts of nonprofit

7. QR codes in auctions

Since auctions are some of the most profitable fundraising events, you can use QR codes during auction events.

You can use a QR code to share information about the auctioned items or to promote the event to encourage attendees.

QR codes for auction events make the organization’s fundraising more interactive and engaging.

8. Create QR codes for nonprofit organizations for easy check-in during charity events

Charity runs are also the most effective fundraising event for non-profit organizations.

To easily gather attendees by signing up for an online form, you can convert the online form, such as a Google form, into a QR code.

Charity event QR code

This way, attendees can sign up or check in during the event properly by scanning the code. 

It alleviates manual registration, which might cause long queues in the event registration area.

It also ensures convenience on the part of the supporters or attendees.

How to create QR codes for nonprofit organizations

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select the type of QR code you need for your nonprofit organization
  • Enter the corresponding data for the particular QR code solution
  • Generate a dynamic QR code to edit and track your QR code scans 
  • Customize your QR code 
  • Scan test if it redirects to the correct data 
  • Download and deploy

Why should you use dynamic QR codes for your QR codes for NGOs and nonprofits?

Data-driven marketing activities are important to ensure your campaigns and strategies are effective.

With QR code technology, you can measure the success of your QR code campaign by tracking the number of scans, the location of scanners, and the device used.

Using a dynamic QR code instead of a static one is recommended by QR code experts and marketers.

This way, you can track QR code scans and edit the content embedded in the code even after printing it.

It is cost-efficient and reduces printing costs because you don’t have to reproduce another QR code.

Editing your QR codes using the best QR code generator for nonprofits

You might want to edit your QR code if you input the wrong URL address or if you want to share a new type of content.

To edit your QR code, click on the QR code tracking data.  Afterward, go to your campaign, and click on the ‘edit data’ button to make another file.

Tracking your QR codes for nonprofits

Dynamic QR code also allows you to track the scans of your QR codes.

When you track your QR code, it will reveal the demographics of the scanners, the device they are using to scan the QR code, and the number of scans.

For a detailed report, you can download the CSV file of your QR code data.

Moreover, you can also integrate Google Analytics when you track your QR code to get more in-depth data for your campaign analysis.

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Increase supporters and boost engagement with QR codes for nonprofits using the best QR code generator software

QR code has a lot of potentials to increase your supporters and improve your marketing efforts as a nonprofit organization. 

This technology is easy to use and economical, supporting any marketing efforts for nonprofit organizations.

Contact us today for more information about how you can use QR codes for non-profits.

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