How to Honor US Veterans Using QR Codes for Veterans Day

Update:  July 31, 2023
How to Honor US Veterans Using QR Codes for Veterans Day

Celebrate the service of 19 million military veterans using QR codes for Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is an official public holiday in the United States. It is held every year on November 11 to honor people who served in the U.S. military.

QR codes are a great way to thank them for their service.

You can share information with just one scan and easily access the embedded content anytime, anywhere.

Choose a credible QR code generator online to make high-quality, customized Veterans Day QR codes.

What are QR codes for Veterans Day?

Veterans day QR code

QR codes are great for Veterans Day promotions because of their versatility.

Several educational websites, for example, honor veterans by posting catalogs of video QR codes with personal stories from veterans.

Businesses also give freebies and promos to military personnel on this day. Big retail companies like Target offer military discounts for the whole year.

Since 24.4% of veterans are 75 or older, brands can make it easier for them to use Veterans Day deals using QR codes.

With different QR code solutions, it’s now easier to provide a better service for consumers.

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Veterans Day QR code use-cases

Woodlawn Elementary School Veterans Day Celebration: Attendance QR codes

Veterans day QR code uses

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Located in Virginia, USA, Woodlawn Elementary School took the opportunity to have a Hall Parade for those who served and still serve the military with their students. 

To sign-up for their event, they provided a Google Form QR code on their website.

It will direct users to the Google Form to fill out when scanned. 

Participants must wear their uniforms for the parade for the school’s veterans day celebration. 

Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park: “The Huey, the Workhorse of Vietnam” exhibit QR code

Woodring wall of honor

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The board members of the Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park planned a week-long celebration for the celebration of Veterans Day 2022. 

The week’s most significant event was the Veterans Day ceremony at Stride Bank Center arena at 6:30 PM.

Then, five chosen veterans received the Legacy Veteran of the Year Award. One was honored for making a difference in their community and serving the country.

The opening of the “The Huey, the Workhorse of Vietnam” exhibit was another highlight of the Veterans Day celebration.

Furthermore, Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park displayed the Huey helicopter, along with portraits of Oklahoma veterans who served in the Huey helicopter.

QR codes were part of the “The Huey, the Workhorse of Vietnam” that redirects the user to an interview with veteran Bob Ford.

Using the codes, Visitors can access the display and audio interviews with the veterans on their experiences with the vintage aircraft. 

The exhibit has 30 to 40 photos, each with a QR code that leads to an interview. Visitors can use any smartphone device to scan the QR code.

What I have learned: video QR codes of Veteran’s day stories

The website offers 49 videos embedded in the QR code that redirects to YouTube.

Listening centers can use the QR codes during reading or help students find higher-level texts.

Students also benefit from having a copy of the book read aloud on the videos. 

Sharing videos with QR codes make it easy for children and parents to participate in and celebrate a meaningful Veterans Day.

How to create Veterans Day QR codes in 7 easy steps

Now that you’ve learned how to use QR codes to commemorate Veterans Day, it’s time to know how to create one using the best QR code generator online–QR TIGER.

QR TIGER offers advanced customization features that let you generate a QR code in honor of the veterans who served the country. 

Follow these steps to create a QR code: 

1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage 

2. Select a QR code solution

3. Paste the link or upload the file 

4. Generate a dynamic QR code

5. Customize your QR code 

6. Do a test scan

7. Download and display

After doing a scan test, you can now download and print your QR code or display it online. 

Create a customized Veterans Day QR code with QR TIGER

There are many ways to remember the brave people who fought for the rights and freedom of Americans, and using QR codes for Veterans Day is one of them. 

Indeed, QR codes bring the benefits of the digital world into people’s everyday lives. 

This presents a chance to rethink how better to offer products and services to the general public.

Create customized and accessible QR codes using the best QR code generator online, providing opportunities to share information instantly.

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