11 Ways to Use QR Codes to Connect with Fans

Update:  October 13, 2023
11 Ways to Use QR Codes to Connect with Fans

Using QR codes to connect with fans is a tech-savvy and sleek way to enrich fan engagement for artists, celebrities, influencers, and the like.

This innovation makes the fan experience more interactive and convenient. With one scan using their smartphones, people can get exclusive content and more from their favorite stars.

That’s how easy it is to use a QR code and access its details. On top of that, creating one is a piece of cake, too.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create them using a reliable QR code generator and discover eleven innovative strategies to connect with your followers.

11 fan engagement hacks using customized QR codes

1. Offer specially crafted content

QR codes for artists

Fans love seeing their idols in action or onstage. But if there’s something they love more, it’s backstage access—things that happen behind the scenes.

Artists can use QR codes leading to exclusive content like unreleased music or never-before-seen footage of their creation process. This makes fans feel like insiders, enhancing their experience and loyalty.

dynamic QR code would be perfect for this. These advanced codes come with a feature allowing you to add a password. Upon scanning the QR code, users must enter the correct password before accessing its content.

This way, only those with VIP access will know the password and see the surprising content waiting for them.

2. Promote latest releases

Whether you’re a band or a recording artist, promoting your newly-released song is made easy with QR codes.

You can use an audio QR code or file QR code solution to store music or video files. Once your fans scan the code, they can directly listen to your soundtrack snippets or watch your music video teaser on their devices.

What makes QR codes ideal for this is their usability and mobile-friendliness. With this technology, fans can appreciate your craft right at their fingertips.

3. Use custom Link in Bio QR codes to connect with fans

QR codes to connect with fans

The Link in Bio QR code is an advanced dynamic QR code for all social media links.

You can store all your social media profile links in this dynamic solution. Once scanned, it shows a page with buttons for each embedded social platform. Fans can tap them to follow, like, subscribe, and connect to your socials.

This smart solution allows people to find and follow your social media pages in one place. They don’t have to go from one app to another just to connect with you.

You can customize the page your QR code leads to. You can also add a widget for a video, meta tags, and other links you want to share.

4. Run polls and surveys

Not just artists but also content creators can enjoy the vast benefits of QR code technology.

To actively engage and stay connected with your audience, let them know their opinion matters.

You can create polls and surveys to know what content your followers want to see on your next vlog or content.

To make it easier for them, you can use QR codes to link them directly to online polls or survey platforms. QR codes make it easier for them to participate since they can access it using their smartphones.

5. Give merchandise discounts

Aside from using QR codes to connect with fans, you can also launch these codes as discount tickets.

Give your fans some love by offering discounts on your merch. You can use customized QR codes to digitalize discount coupons. Each can store a link for the discount offer or promo codes.

Want to take it up a notch? Use QR TIGER’s QR code expiry feature on their dynamic QR solutions. This way, fans will rush to grab the special deals before they’re gone.

Once your QR code expires or reaches its scan limit, people can no longer access it and avail of the discount.

Here’s how to apply this: Offer your followers a limited-time deal for your merch using a QR code. Set scan expiry, allowing only the first 20 scanners to avail of the discount.

6. Provide fresh content in your QR code

Fan engagement hacks

Keep your fans engaged and excited about scanning your QR codes by providing them with new and meaningful content from time to time. Dynamic QR codes work best for this since they’re editable.

Suppose you’re a recording artist. You can have one dynamic URL QR code on your Facebook cover photo to lead fans to your latest music video on YouTube.

Each time you release a new video, you can simply copy its link and update the data on your URL QR code. Fans can still see your latest content without you changing your cover photo.

With this innovative way to use QR codes for musicians and artists, fans will always look forward to scanning for something new and exciting.

7. Conduct interactive contests with QR codes to connect with fans

Another way to engage with your fans or followers using QR codes is to let them unleash their competitive spirit through online contests.

There are many fun ways to interact with your fans online with QR codes. Since you can store various contents in these small codes, you can conduct interactive contests your fans can enjoy.

You can share custom QR codes that direct your fans to online contests, random quizzes, trivia, or giveaways.

Here’s an idea: Create QR codes containing crossword puzzles in different difficulty levels. The first few scanners will get the easiest ones to encourage them to participate in the contest early.

The first player to complete and get the correct answers to the puzzle wins and can bring home the contest prize.

8. Gamify your content

Another way to use QR codes for artists is to surprise your fans with interactive games and challenges related to your branding. You can have guessing games, mind-boggling riddles, or puzzles.

Here’s an example: Use the file QR code solution to store a file of a distorted image, and fans need to guess what’s in the picture. You can have them send their answer to a specific mobile number or email address.

Give them a special surprise after they solve or finish the game to make it more fun. For instance, they’ll receive limited edition merch or VIP tickets to your show.

9. Do joint QR code campaigns

Partnerships and cross-promotions are one way to boost your reach and expand your fanbase. Fans get excited when they know their favorite artist or celebrity collaborates with others.

To add excitement, you can create an interactive video greeting card for your fans to promote the collaboration.

GiftLips is a greeting card platform where users can turn their videos into scannable video greeting cards. Artists can collaborate on one project and add their own videos.

You can post the finished digital greeting card on your social media. Add a mysterious caption to make your fans more curious about what’s inside the QR code.

10. Guide fans to event venues

QR code for fans

Location QR codes make it extremely easy for your fans to navigate to your event venue. This static QR code solution can store the specific longitude and latitude points for accuracy.

Once scanned, your fans can view the exact location on Google Maps. It’s now easy for them to get to the venue with ease.

Use customized location QR codes for music artists’ events. This enhances their experience, especially those who are not yet familiar with the place.

11. Raise awareness on special causes

Celebrities, artists, and influencers can use their platforms to bring certain issues to light.

You can then create and share QR codes that lead your followers to the organization’s website, donation page, infographics, videos, or documents containing all the related information about the cause.

This way, you can educate your followers and raise awareness on various topics or causes. And since it’s easy to access the information, your followers will be more likely to participate and engage in the cause.

5 steps to create custom QR codes to connect with fans

1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account. Don’t have one yet? You can sign up for the freemium version. 

2. Choose a QR code from the solution menu, then enter the required information.

3. Select Dynamic QR and click Generate QR code.

4. Personalize your QR code. Modify the eyes, patterns, and colors. You can add your logo to make it unique. You may also use a custom frame and create a call to action that will go with it.

5. Run a quick QR scan test. Hit the Download button once all is set.

How do I attract people to scan QR codes? 5 QR code hacks to gain more scans

Achieving more scans from fans does not solely rely on the content.

So, here’s a comprehensive list of things you should consider when creating a custom QR code for your fans:

1. Find the perfect spot

Say you’ll add your QR code to a digital image, a printed poster, or a huge billboard. You must place it in an ideal spot within the space so it’s easy to notice and scan.

Most marketing materials have the QR code in the bottom right corner, which you can follow. Just make sure the code remains readable when scanned.

2. Add an engaging call-to-action (CTA)

The call-to-action is a short tagline accompanying your QR code. It may seem just a small detail you can overlook, but it can give fans an idea of what to expect when they scan your QR code.

Tip: Keep your CTA short and direct to the point.

3. Customize your QR code

QR code with logo

Bring colors to your QR code to get more scans. Using a QR code generator with logo online software, you can fully customize your QR code and create an attractive design that catches your fans’ attention.

You can play with design elements like QR code eyes, patterns, and colors. Also, add your logo to make it unique. This way, you can make your QR codes attractive and match your brand’s style or aesthetic.

Check out these successful QR code campaigns from popular brands for fun ideas.

4. Place them where they can see them

Knowing where to put your QR code within your material is one thing. Finding great spots to place that material is another.

Your posters and banners must be in areas with high foot traffic. This way, more people will notice and scan them. You can put them on walls near the sidewalk, lamp posts, and terminals.

5. Promote on social media 

Share your custom QR codes on your social media channels and cross-promote them on various platforms. This way, you’ll reach more audiences.

Here’s an idea: use them for fun online activities like social media contests and giveaways. You can then encourage your fans to scan and share them with their friends, family, or overall network.

Why use a dynamic QR code generator for your campaign?

QR codes come in two types: static and dynamic. Static ones are basic and are often for one-time use only. Meanwhile, dynamic QR codes have more features, including:

Flexibility and editability

With a dynamic QR code, artists can change the stored content in the QR code. Once edited, the changes will reflect in real time, even if they’ve printed out the code.

That’s why dynamic QR codes are ideal for artists. They can keep fans engaged with the latest updates or events by quickly updating the linked information anytime.

Tracking and analytics

Dynamic QR codes also come with a QR code tracking feature. You can access valuable insights like the number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the devices used.

This way, you can monitor any active QR code campaign on your dashboard and see how fans engage with your content.

This data lets you fine-tune your next campaigns based on your fan preferences and behavior.

Advanced dynamic QR code features

QR TIGER is a secure software that goes beyond offering basic features for dynamic QR codes. Aside from editing and tracking, here are other things you can enjoy:

  • QR code password. Restrict access to your QR code information by setting a unique password. After scanning the code, users must enter the correct password first to access its content.
  • Email scan notification. This feature lets you quickly monitor scans without looking at your QR TIGER dashboard. You can choose to receive the notifications daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Expiry. Automatically deactivate active QR code by setting an expiry. You can set expiry based on a specific date, number of scans, and IP address—users can only scan a QR code with their IP address once. 
  • Retargeting tool. This feature lets you add your Facebook Pixel ID and Google Tag Manager tags to your dynamic QR codes. It allows you to re-engage users who scanned your QR code but did not make the intended action. 
  • GPS tracking & geofencing. Precisely track a scanner’s GPS location. But here’s an important note: The scanner must give their consent first. The tracking won’t work if they do not allow it. You can also use the geofencing feature to limit access based on a specific area.
  • UTM link generator. With QR TIGER’s built-in UTM builder, you can directly create UTM codes on your dynamic URL QR code dashboard. These codes help you accurately track campaigns on Google Analytics (GA4) or other analytics tools.


Dynamic QR codes are a wise investment in the long run. Since they’re editable, you can use one QR code for different content. In short, you can repurpose your dynamic QR code.

And with the real-time analytics and insights you get from your dashboard, you can definitely get more than what you pay for.

They don’t only save you time, but they also help you save money. You can allocate more resources or budget to creating high-quality content.

Why should you choose QR TIGER?

QR TIGER is a wise choice for an online QR code software. Check out these features:

Trusted QR code generator

QR TIGER is trusted by more than 850,000 global brands like Disney, Universal, Hilton, TikTok, Lululemon, and more.

Aside from being the most innovative product on ProductHunt, it’s also highly rated as the top QR code software on G2, Trustpilot, and SourceForge.

Our compliance with ISO 27001, GDPR, and CCPA demonstrates our commitment to providing businesses and individuals with the most secure QR code software.

Fast & reliable

QR TIGER is not only fast; it’s also a reliable QR code platform in the market. You can create up to 1,000 new branded links per second using the platform.

With its rapid autoscaling server clusters, businesses can create customized QR codes without any hiccups or delays. This guarantees you can count on it to do the job efficiently.

24/7 customer support

QR TIGER deeply understands the needs of every individual and business when it comes to a QR code software.

That’s why we prioritize responsive customer support around the clock to accommodate all customer needs, inquiries, concerns, and technical issues.

Affordable QR code software plans

Enjoy our wide QR code solutions and advanced features at a reasonable price.

We offer different subscription plans, making it easier for our customers to choose one that fits their different budgets and requirements. Everyone can benefit from our cutting-edge solutions and services.

Ready to take fan engagement to the next level? Start with QR TIGER

When it comes to fan engagement, QR TIGER is the smart choice to create custom QR codes to connect with fans.

With our comprehensive advanced solutions, you can surely provide them with interactive and unique experiences that are memorable and valuable to them.

Our compliance with the highest security standards and round-the-clock customer support is also an excellent fit for anyone seeking to connect with their fans innovatively.

Connect smarter with your fans using QR TIGER QR code generator. Sign up for a paid or free plan and start your QR code-powered journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR code for musicians?

It is a smart tool that helps music artists create engaging experiences for their fans. Once scanned using a smartphone, the code can lead fans to different content.

The custom QR code for musicians can contain a website, digital poster, digital art gallery, soundtrack, and more!

How do I create a QR code for a link?

To convert any link to QR code, go to a free QR code creator online like QR TIGER. Select the URL QR code solution, enter the link you want to share, generate the link QR code, customize, and download.

Can a QR code link to social media?

Yes, you can definitely link a QR code to social media. You can choose from the different QR code solutions for specific social media platforms on QR TIGER.

You can also use the Link in Bio QR code—an advanced solution that stores all your social media links in one QR code.

Can I create custom QR codes for artists?

You can do so with QR TIGER. Go to QR TIGER online, select a QR code from its solution menu, add information, customize and add a logo, and simply download the QR code.

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