How to maximize your O2O Marketing with QR Codes today!

Last updated:   October 04, 2021

Offline-to-online or o2o marketing is one of the main factors that give a ~seamless customer experience.~ 

Visual QR codes at any point of sale can be used to connect your offline customers to online channels such as a brand's website or store. 

The main goal of omnichannel marketing is to provide an immersive customer experience. And the QR code technology is a great digital tool for enabling such! 

Whether your target audience is waiting for the bus or on the way to work, QR codes are a great tool to connect to your audience outside of your store.

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QR Codes in O2O Marketing

QR codes are part of the whole offline-to-online marketing. But how can you do that?

Imagine a person being constantly reminded of your brand and being able to experience it at any time of the day. 

On their way to work? A QR code on the subway can bring them to a company's latest products.

Waiting for the bus? People can scan a QR code on the waiting shed to connect to your brand's social media pages and be updated.

o2o marketing

It is an integrated experience that hooks the customer not just to your brand, but your brand experience entirely.

QR codes also help products, posters, packaging materials, brochures, and other print materials easy to remember and more interactive in the eyes of customers.

Even with small spaces such as a newspaper ad, you can direct readers to more information online. The point of contact is simply a QR code and the person's mobile phone. 

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O2O Marketing Campaign Using Visual QR Codes

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a customer, you may be fighting your own battles to get your deals, and that's when QR code tracking can before a fantastic choice.

By creating a visual QR code from our free visual QR code generator, you are free to track user scans anytime. It can all be accessed through our data tracking page.

You can keep track of everything from the time of scan, device type (Android or iOS), the number of scans, to the location of the person.

You can also change the URL within the code anytime without having to change the QR code itself.

o2o marketing dynamic qr codes

Data generated from this type of business marketing help brands to quickly determine their weak and strong points and help them identify their online sources of traffic. Here is a list of what information you can access to build a strong advertising campaign.

  • Pageviews
  • GPS location
  • The operating system or mobile device
  • Unique scans
  • Time tracking

Scans Analytics

Creating trackable QR codes from our free generator allows you to see from where, when, and which device scanned the code.

This allows you to analyze your o2o marketing and understand the behavior of your scanners.

You will also get to know the number of unique scans and visits for each code you create. Each QR code will track the following. 

  • Number of total scans
  • Unique visitors
  • Average scans per day
o2o marketing dynamic qr code generator

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Schedule Redirects

QRTiger QR code software allow its customers to define at which time a particular QR code is redirected to their appropriate landing page.

This feature is best for people who want to automatically schedule targeted URLs for their campaigns. This feature automatically adapts the time according to the user’s time zone.

o2o marketing editable

Making O2O Marketing Easy using QR code high resolution

o2o marketing customizable qr code

According to our investigation, a branding QR code can improve more than 30% scans compared with a black and white QR code.

A branded QR code is a high resolution QR code that ensures quality image of your QR code even if printed or showcased online.

To make sure that you have QR codes in high-resolution, you can generate the QR code in SVG or in EPS format.

QR codes in high-resolution

QRTiger QR code generator is a professional QR code software that will provide a high-resolution and best quality for your QR code images whether they are printed or displayed online.

Having a high-quality QR image is important for your marketing for better sight and impression. Thus, it is also essential for users to have options when it comes to the format of their QR images. 

Brands all over the world are integrating QR codes into their business for maximizing sales and to boost engagement towards consumers. Furthermore, these brands are also using dynamic QR code to gauge the efficiency of their marketing campaign.

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QRTiger is an offline and online QR code generator. Should you wish to explore and try the free feature of QRTiger which is the static QR code, you can create your QR codes anytime for free.

But for business and marketing campaigns in the long run, dynamic QR codes are always far better to use for their ability to be edited and tracked. 

To try QRTiger's free dynamic QR codes, click here.