How to maximize your O2O marketing with QR Codes today!

Last updated:   June 28, 2022

Offline-to-online or o2o marketing is one of the main factors that give a ~seamless customer experience~ and connect customers with QR codes for O2O marketing.

Visual QR codes at any point of sale can be used to connect your offline customers to online channels such as a brand’s website or store. 

The main goal of omnichannel marketing is to provide an immersive customer experience. And the QR code technology is a great digital tool for enabling such! 

Whether your target audience is waiting for the bus or on the way to work, QR codes are a great tool to connect to your audience outside of your store.

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QR Codes in O2O Marketing

O2O campaign marketing is an effective strategy that helps you reach an infinite target customer or audience without sacrificing the integrity of your brand.

But have you heard about QR Codes in the O2O campaign in marketing?

Integrating QR codes in O2O marketing or “Offline-to-Online Marketing” will make your job easier!

QR codes in O2O campaign marketing can drive customers to see a brand’s presence from a physical store to a digital platform such as a company website, Facebook page, or an Instagram account in just a scan.

This makes more offers for your customers to enjoy and explore.

QR codes in o2o campaign marketing and how does it work?

phone scanning qr code mall signage

QR codes in O2O campaign marketing is a seamless integration where customers scan the code. Redirect them to a company website, Facebook page, or Instagram account.

It will attract a more customer base as QR codes can generate offers. And also information about the company and its brand’s integrity.

Imagine a person being reminded of your brand and being able to experience it at any time of the day. Crazy it may seem but it can happen.

On their way to work? A QR code on the subway can bring them to a company’s latest products.

Waiting for the bus? People scan a QR code on the waiting shed to connect to your brand’s social media pages and be updated.

Falling in queues? Your customers can access the QR code while waiting for their turn to get entertained.

It is an integrated experience that hooks the customer not just to your brand, but your brand experience entirely.

QR codes also help products, brochures, and other print materials easy to remember and interactive in the eyes of customers.

Even with small spaces such as a newspaper ad, you can direct readers to more information online. The point of contact is simply a QR code and the person’s mobile phone. 

An updated way to engage with your customers personally and digitally.

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O2O campaign marketing using visual QR codes

How can you spice up your marketing campaign?

Visual QR codes create better interactions between your customer and the brand through smartphone device innovations. The brand and its audience will have a distinct connection between them thru this.

You can customize an embedded QR code with video, image, URL or anything you want for your customers to know.

Through this, personalize your QR code according to your liking. You may modify its appearance by its color, the eyes, and you can also add a logo for your brand. A unique and distinct way for you to portray your QR code to customers!

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Brands and Companies with QR Code Integration in O2O Marketing

Here are the brands and companies which integrated QR codes for their O2O marketing.

QR Code for Lumos Helmet Video Manual

scanning qr code on a manual

A QR code in their manual brochure for Ultra helmet is incorporated in the Lumos Helmet. The QR code redirects the scanners to a video manual where it shows a learning video about the Lumos Helmet.

QR Code for McDonald’s posters and food packaging

mcdo poster with qr code

QR codes are placed on posters for the marketing campaign of McDonald’s. This is where the customer's check-in inside the fast food chain by scanning a QR code. Moreover, it also displays QR codes on the food packaging that redirects customers to the McDonald’s website.

QR Code for Levi’s Jeans

levi's jeans pricetag with qr codeThe integration of QR codes on Levi’s jeans tag will let the user see how the jeans look when fitted.

QR Code for Zara

zara store window qr code

The retail store of Zara has integrated QR codes for their O2O campaign marketing to attract and engage a wider customer base for their brand.

QR Code for Jumia

download jumia app with qr code

Image Source

As the number one online retail store in Uganda, Jumia displays a QR code where shoppers can scan the code to download their app right away into their smartphone.

Bubbles Technology QR Code

In the country of South Africa where Bubbles Technology was established greatly used the essential role of QR codes in giving life to textbooks to enhance richer learning for students.

Popular QR code solutions for O2O Marketing

customize qr code

A wide array of QR code solutions is best suitable for your O2O Marketing. You can choose to generate from any of these and make it customizable and unique as you want.

URL QR Code to redirect to Online Information

scanning qr code in store window poster

You can change the destination address of your QR code anytime and direct your audience who scanned the code to a different landing page. Consequently, you may choose to generate it between a Static or Dynamic URL.

Furthermore, the user can always generate a dynamic QR code which will then be redirected to a shopping link online or even a discount promo offered on its website!

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Social Media QR Code to Maximize Visibility in Social Media

A social media QR code solution allows integrating all your social media channels together in generating one QR code.

scanning social media qr code on book

This is the quickest way for your audience to follow all your social media networks, e-commerce apps, messaging apps, and other social media channels without individually searching for such links.

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App stores QR Code for better App Marketing Strategy

scanning qr code in a website

App Store QR code solution for your O2O campaign marketing will make your strategy feasible to operate. The user will just scan an App Store QR Code. With QRTIGER’s powerful software, it will be able to detect what operating system the user is using to scan the code.

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Multi URL QR Code for Multiple URL/Campaign redirection

A Multi-URL QR Code guides and redirects users based on the location, number of scans, time, and language when the QR code is scanned.

With Multi-URL QR Code, you can generate individual QR Codes for these features:

Multi-URL QR Code Location Redirection

Multi-URL QR Code Location Redirection

Audience that scans the code will be redirected to a landing page based on their specific location (country, region, city) and device’s operating system. The user can embed multiple URLs for different locations.

Multi-URL Number of Scans Redirection

Multi-URL Number of Scans Redirection

This will redirect the audience to a landing page based on how many times the QR code was scanned. Take for instance, the first 15 QR code scans will redirect to an alpha URL; the next 15 QR code scans will redirect to a beta URL, and so on.

Multi-URL Time Redirection

Multi-URL Time Redirection

With the multi-URL time redirection feature, it will redirect the audience to a landing page/s based on the time you have set.

Multi-URL Language Redirection

Multi-URL Language Redirection

This will redirect the audience to a landing page based on their language setting.

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Video QR Code for Enhanced Advertisement

phone scanning qr code in street signage

Video QR code solution redirects your audience to a video display once the QR code is scanned. Convert your video to a QR code now and let this alternative approach engage with your audience as it sparks curiosity with the information embedded inside the code.

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Image Gallery QR code for showing series of images about your ads

phone scanning qr code in a magazine

Image gallery QR code solution displays multiple images to the phone screens of its target audience when the code is scanned. It is mostly integrated in product packaging, portfolios, business services, events, and offers for your O2O marketing.

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H5 QR Code for customized landing page optimized for smartphones

QRTIGER H5 qr code editor

Make a web page about your product or website as part of your O2O campaign marketing strategy, you can use the H5 editor QR code solution. You can integrate more information about your products or offers inside the QR code which makes it easier for your target market to acquire.

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File QR code for embedding multiple files

phone scanning qr code in a document

The File QR Code solution converts any type of file into a QR code. This is a better use for your O2O marketing as it will redirect the user to a document/file embedded inside the code making it displayed on the phone screen after being scanned.

It could be a ppt file, Docx file, excel file, mp4 file, and others.

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Dynamic QR codes for O2O campaign marketing

O2O Marketing can identify customers in the digital online space through emails and social media/online advertising with the use of a variety of QR code solutions you can choose from.

QR codes can be integrated inside your O2O marketing as it spices up your company’s or brand’s strategy in engaging more customer base.

QRTIGER dynamic qr code

Generate a dynamic QR code for your O2O marketing as this is an editable and updateable type of QR code.

This allows you to edit the content behind your QR code, change its destination address, and other features even after you have printed the code.

No need to re-print the QR code since you can already edit it. Also, track the data of the scans if being generated with a dynamic QR code.

Here are the features you need to consider in a dynamic QR code.

Schedule Redirection feature

A time-based feature when scanned QR code redirects you to different URLs according to the time scheduled inside the code.

Moreover, if you edited the content, it will then be updated inside the code and shows you an up-to-date version of your information.

Scan Analytics

QRTIGER scan analytics

QR code tracking is essential as it can be used as a marketing tool. It will contribute more and give impact on the improvement of the current QR marketing strategies.

This will enable you to track your QR code statistics or scans in real-time and monitor the QR code scans. Tracking QR codes using dynamic QR will let you see the demographics of the scanners such as the time, location, and the device used.

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Password Protected QR

QRTIGER password protected qr code

This feature allows the user to generate a QR code with a password. Authorized personnel/individuals can access the generated QR code when being given a password to unlock the information embedded in it. Works best with confidential and exclusive documentary content.

Expiry Feature

QRTIGER expiry feature qr code

You can set an expiration feature on how you portray your QR code. It can be set in terms of the number of scans and its time.

Email Scan Notification feature

QRTIGER email scan notification feature

The email scan notification feature allows the user to receive up-to-date email updates regarding how many scanned and engaged with the QR code campaign. It can be set depending on how frequently you want to receive alerts, may it be hourly, daily, or so.

Google Tag Manager Integration

The user can add tracking codes, tags, and other snippets in monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. This will let the user add the codes of the QR campaign ID into their Google Tag Manager and track who has scanned and engaged with the QR codes.

The Google tag manager integration feature will give an overview of the behavioral pattern of his target audience and monitor them in the GTM account. It can also get insights into how his audience behaves towards the QR campaign making the user retarget landing pages based on how users interact with the campaign.

Integration to Google Analytics Account

Integration to Google Analytics Account

The integration of Google Analytics Account to QRTIGER’s software lets the users see the behavior of the visitors on the website. 

This will make them interact amongst the pages of the website and identify its bounce rate. With this feature, the user can have an overview of the QR code scans which will be then reflected on the QR code analytics.

Integration to Zapier and HubSpot 

QRTIGER QR code generator is an innovative QR code software online that also has integration to Zapier and HubSpot software for marketing automation! 

Making O2O campaign marketing easy using QR code high resolution

black and white vs branded qr code

According to investigations, a branding QR code can improve more than 30% scans compared with a black and white QR code.

A branded QR code is a high-resolution QR code that ensures a quality image of your QR code even if printed or showcased online.

This would signify the authenticity of your brand since you are personalized and customized it accordingly with how you want to present your company.

To make sure that you have QR codes in high-resolution for your widespread prints, you can generate the QR code in SVG or in EPS format.

QR codes in high-resolution

QRTIGER QR code generator is a professional QR code software that provides the high-resolution and the best quality for your QR code images whether they are printed or displayed online.

A high-quality QR code image is vital for your marketing. It needs to get attention as a better sight and impression to customers. Thus, it is also important for users to have options when it comes to the format of their QR images. 

You don’t want a QR code that is hard to scan because of the poor quality image, right? Better generate a QR code using QRTIGER as we provide different formats for you to save the QR for major prints.

Deliberately engaging with the audience, it may seem.

Moreover, brands all over the world are integrating QR codes into their business for maximizing sales and boosting engagement towards consumers.

These brands are also using dynamic QR codes to gauge the efficiency of their marketing campaign. Making it connects seamlessly with their target audience.

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Maximize your O2O marketing with QR Codes today!

The advanced technology of QR codes is immense potential for interacting more with customers in retail stores, brands, and companies.

Business marketing and commerce have evolved to a more advanced platform where they can engage in online and digital software. E-commerce has been a great revamp on getting a more customer base for your brand.

Integration of QR codes in Offline-to-Online marketing will offer better audience engagements. This will give the user a smoother, seamless user experience, and better conversions.

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QR code generator offline

QRTIGER is an offline and online QR code generator. Should you wish to explore and try the free feature of QRTIGER, you can create a static QR code anytime for free.

However, business and marketing campaigns should use dynamic QR codes for these are always far better for it is editable and trackable using the QR code generator dashboard. 

To try QRTIGER’s free dynamic QR codes, click here. 

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