Virtual Menu App: Dive in the Newest Innovation for the Restaurant Industry

Update:  May 29, 2023
Virtual Menu App: Dive in the Newest Innovation for the Restaurant Industry

Restaurants can use a virtual menu app to present and exhibit their menus, which clients can access by scanning a QR code.

Through this app, customers can instantly place their orders and pay. 

A menu app is an interactive restaurant menu that allows restaurateurs to replace traditional paperback menus with digital menus.

This digital menu is easy to navigate, tech-savvy, and can be updated anytime. 

Everything about the restaurant and its menu is included in the interactive restaurant technology and menu app.

What is a virtual menu app?

A virtual menu app is an innovative measure for restaurants to present their menu using an interactive restaurant technology.

Through this app, customers can easily browse and see detailed menu descriptions and mouth-watering food images every time they order online.desserts section digital menuMoreover, this app is fully optimized for mobile use and allows restaurants to easily update their food items.

Restaurants can also offer different payment methods in the app to facilitate contactless transactions.

This digital menu helps restaurants increase customer satisfaction as it reduces customer waiting times and it prevents incorrect orders.

Let’s dive into the key benefits every restaurant can get when they transition to a menu app.

Why switch from a traditional menu to a virtual menu app?

Switching from a traditional menu to a virtual menu lets your restaurant standardize its business operation and have an edge against competitors. 

There are a lot of things you can do with a digital menu app since this innovation caters to a number of advantages not just for your restaurant’s growth but also for your restaurant patrons.

For you

Restaurants can create a professional-looking and on-brand online ordering platform.

You can add restaurant images, food photos, and set the colors of the tiger admin panelYour restaurant can provide streamlined restaurant operations where you can take more orders with a lesser workforce.

Furthermore,  your restaurant’s online ordering page can easily link recommending items for selected menu items.

Thus, it lets customers choose extra ingredients or add-ons while ordering.

For the customers

A digital menu app is advantageous for customers to use inside a restaurant as it offers a convenient and efficient ordering process without the need to call on a waiter to place meal tiger payment methodBasically, customers can easily scan a menu QR code, place an order, and pay through the app. 

A digital menu app acts as a communication tool for the restaurant to showcase its culinary flair digitally. 

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Benefits of a restaurant menu app for customers

Customers can benefit from a restaurant menu app as it is advantageous not just for the restaurant business itself but also for customers’ usage.

A restaurant menu app offers the customers some advantages to enjoy while they use their smartphone devices.

Motivates contactless transactions

Restaurateurs are always looking out for the best interests of their patrons.

The use of a digital menu provides a safer connection between restaurant workers and customers.

With this digital menu restaurateurs can accept payments from their customers via online payment systems to ensure a frictionless order transaction.

Fast order waiting time

The time customers  spend waiting for orders is reduced when using a digital menu.

It speeds up the ordering process because customers can choose their qr code with customer having coffeeFoodies who are always on the go can quickly place an order online through a digital menu, reserve a table, and walk into a restaurant with their meals ready to be served.

Ensures seamless restaurant experience

The use of a digital menu guarantees that restaurant operations run smoothly.

For example, every table has a unique QR code that connects customers to the restaurant’s digital qr code with customer working on a laptopOnce the customers have placed their orders, the matching table number where the food and beverage purchases were made will appear in the order panel.

As a result, the culinary operations can quickly identify who placed the orders.

Customers will no longer have to queue or wait for a staff member to take their order with this integration.

Customers will only be able to order and pay by scanning the designated QR code on the table with their cellphones.

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Provides a comfortable relationship between restaurateurs and consumers

Inside restaurants, customers and foodies expect a pleasant user experience.

As a result, restaurants may offer a hassle-free experience by using digital menus.customers having pizza

The implementation of a digital menu with a unique QR code for each table can help to create a welcoming and secure environment for customers.

Customers can have an interactive restaurant technology experience using a digital menu. It gives them a detailed idea of what’s available and can be added to the restaurant’s provided meals.

Customers and foodies will also be able to learn about the components in the meal they want and tailor their orders based on their preferences before placing their purchases.

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How to create a virtual menu app for restaurant

1. Create an account with MENU TIGER.

menu tiger create accountFill in the information needed in signing up an account in MENU TIGER. Indicate the restaurant’s name, owner information, email address, and phone number.

Type the password twice for account confirmation.

2. Set up your store name in the “Stores” selection.

set up stores menu tigerTap the New button to create a new store. Provide the name, address, and phone number.

3. Customize your menu QR code.

menu tiger customize menu qr codeClick Customize QR to change the QR code pattern, colors, eye pattern and color, frame design, color, and call-to-action text. Include the restaurant’s logo to help with brand identification.

4. Set up the number of tables

set up number of tables menu tigerSet the number of tables in your store that require a QR code for the menu.

5. Add admins and users of each of your stores.

To add users, click Add under the Users icon. Fill in additional administrators’ and users’ contact information. add admins and users menu tigerChoose an access level whether it is an Admin or User. 

An Admin can access most of the sections except Website and Add-ons. The User can only track orders in the Orders section.

Type in the email address, password, and password confirmation. After that, you will receive a verification email.

6. Setup your menu categories and food list.

Select Foods, then Categories, then New on the Menu panel to add new categories.set up menu categories and food listGo to the specific category and select New after you’ve added the categories to construct the menu list. 

Each food list might include descriptions, prices, ingredient warnings, and other information.

7. Add modifiers.

add modifiers menu tigerSet the Menu panel to Modifiers, then click Add. Salad dressings, drinks add-ons, steak doneness, cheese, sides, and other menu item customizations should be organized into modifier groups.

8. Personalize your restaurant website. 

Go to the Website section. Then, in General settings, add a cover image and the restaurant’s name, address, email, and phone number.

Choose the language(s) and currency(s) accepted by the establishment.personalize restaurant website Enter your website’s title and tagline after enabling the Hero Section. Localize in your preferred languages.

Enable the About section, upload an image, and then write a story about your restaurant, which you may later localize in additional languages if you like.

Click and enable the Promos area to enable various campaigns and promotions that your restaurant is currently running.

To see best-sellers, trademark dishes, and distinctive items, go to Most Popular Foods.

Select an item from the Most Popular Foods list, then click “Featured” and “Save” to make it the homepage’s featured item.

Why Choose Us is a tool that enables you to educate your clients about the benefits of dining at your establishment.

In the Fonts and Colors section, you may match the fonts and colors on your website to your brand.

9. Download each QR code you have generated for each table.

download qr codeGo back to the Store section and download and deploy your QR code in each respective table.

10. Track and fulfill orders in the dashboard.

track and fulfill ordersThe Orders tab allows you to keep track of your orders.

Maximize restaurant sales by localizing your restaurant menu app

A multi-language restaurant menu software enhances sales and distinguishes you from the competition.

Localizing and providing multi-language options in your digital menu gives your restaurant’s services a more personal touch and improves client accessibility.

The following are some of the benefits of having a multilingual digital menu at your restaurant.

Reach out to a broader target audience

In addition to serving local customers, a multilingual menu QR code can also benefit international customers.

Scanning a digital menu in various languages will put your target market at ease.

Your company can effectively interact with its audiences by using a digital menu with language options.This would surely assist your company in avoiding issues such as a consumer submitting a negative review owing to unpleasant interactions between staff and customers caused by language barriers.

It also enables your company to avoid communication barriers and provide better service to both local and international customers.

Establish an edge over competitors

A multilingual menu QR code improves customer service and provides your company a leg up on the competition.

With the restaurant industry transitioning to a more profit-driven model, you’ll need to set a standard for your restaurant to easily cater to foreign customers and separate out from the crowd with a multilingual digital menu.

A multi-language digital menu can also help your restaurant enhance sales, proving that you have raised the bar in the marketing business for restaurants.

Offer a client-driven marketing approach.

Setting a customized or multi-language option for your restaurant’s menu QR code allows you to run a customer-focused business based on certain basic concepts.

This technique, in some aspects, provides high-quality services to your target audience, especially those who do not speak English fluently.

Your target clientele will feel acknowledged and valued thanks to the multi-language possibilities in your digital menu app.

Customers of your restaurant will be able to easily navigate through your digital menu according to their favorite language.

The environment that makes customers feel at ease in your restaurant will be projected through a translated digital menu.

It will then help you to manage a more commercially successful restaurant.

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