QR Code FAQs: Are There Limits to QR Code Scans?

Update:  January 16, 2024
QR Code FAQs: Are There Limits to QR Code Scans?

Are there limits to QR code scans? Do QR codes expire? While scanning a QR code, you may have thought of these in the back of your head.

How many scans will it take before a QR code stops working? What happens if it reaches its scan limit? Is it also possible to have QR codes with unlimited scans?

Wonder no more, for you will find the answers and other explanations in this article.

Are there limits to QR code scans?

QR code scans may or may not have limits, depending on the QR code type and the QR code generator software used in creating them.

Static QR codes are permanent once generated and do not have a scan limit.

You can scan them as many times as you like.

Most dynamic QR codes also have unlimited scans.

But some generators put scan limits on dynamic QR codes depending on the subscription availed by the user.

These often renew every month or every year, depending on the software.

Other generators also offer an expiry feature, which lets subscribers set their dynamic QR code to expire at a specific date or limit its total number of scans.

QR code generator scan limit

What does the scan limit mean? It is the maximum number of scans a QR code can accumulate.

Once a QR code reaches its scan limit, it will no longer redirect to its embedded link.

Here are the limits to QR code scans imposed by ten of the leading QR code generators online:

QR code scan limit

How to create a QR code with unlimited scans for free

Planning to create a QR code that doesn’t expire or has no scan limits? Choose QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator with a logo online.

Our static QR codes come with unlimited scans; you can customize them and download them in print-ready resolution.

Aside from that, we are also ISO 27001 accredited. You can guarantee that all your private information is safe with us.

Here’s how to create a QR code with unlimited scans for free:

1. Go to QR TIGER and select your desired solution. For your free QR code, you may start with our URL solution.

QR TIGER offers free solutions, including Google Forms, WiFi, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, email, and text.

2. Enter the required information. For your URL QR code, copy the link you will embed and paste it onto the empty field.

Make sure to select “Static QR.” After that, click the “Generate QR code” button.

3. Customize your QR code’s design. You can select a pattern and an eye shape from our list of choices.

You can also change the colors of the code’s pattern, background, and eyes.

Our software lets you add your logos and images to the QR code. We also have frame templates with customizable calls to action.

4. After designing your QR code, scan it using your smartphone. This allows you to check whether your QR code functions properly.

Once you’re done doing a QR code test, you can download your QR code.

How to add scan expiration to dynamic QR codes for promotional marketing

Have you ever wondered, “Do QR codes expire?”

It would be great to have a QR code campaign that will stop working once it has reached its target number of scans.

This is possible with our QR code expiry feature exclusive to our dynamic QR code solutions: URL, file, and H5 editor.

But you need to have an active subscription to access it.

With this feature, you can add a scan limit to your dynamic QR code or set them to expire after a specific date.

You can also set it to expire after a user from the same IP address scans it.

And since dynamic QR codes are editable, you can change the link in your expired dynamic QR code and reactivate it as another campaign.

If you’re already a QR TIGER subscriber, follow this guide so you can put a scan limit to your dynamic QR code:

1. After creating your dynamic QR code, click the ‘Done editing/Download’ button. This will direct you to the Dashboard.

If you want to add a scan limit to an existing dynamic QR code, click the ‘My Account’ button on the homepage and select ‘Dashboard.’

2. There are four buttons to the right of your QR code. Choose the clock icon to access the set expiry feature.

Best QR code generator

3. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Scans’ and type in the number of scans you want to set as the limit for your QR code. Once done, click ‘Save.’

QR code expiry feature

How can you use QR codes with scan limits?

“Why would I want to add a scan limit to my QR code?” You may be asking this yourself. Here are three things you can do with QR codes that expire after reaching a scan limit:

Limited-time promos

QR code uses

If you want to find a good reason to have limits on QR code scans, promos are one.

Companies can use QR codes to offer limited-time promos such as freebies and discounts.

They can then add a scan limit to their QR codes so that they will automatically expire once they reach the maximum number of scans.

Single-use QR codes

Single-use QR codes include ones used to redeem coupons and giveaways, and like those used in promos, they’re only for a limited time.

You can guarantee that you will only give out the number of coupons you allotted in the first place by adding a scan limit to your dynamic QR code.

And since dynamic QR codes are editable, you can change its URL and reactivate it to use it for another giveaway.

Exclusive content

Exclusive content QR codeContent creators can issue exclusive or premium content to their subscribers by adding limits to QR code scans so that only those who have paid for the content will access it.

Other advanced features of dynamic QR codes

1. Editable

This is one of the two main selling points of dynamic QR codes.

You can edit the QR code link embedded in a dynamic QR code after generating it.

With this feature, you can correct the typos you made when you pasted the link, and you can also change the URL to a new one to use the same QR code for a different campaign.

2. Trackable

This is the other selling point. This feature lets you track your QR code scans in real time.

You can use it to assess whether your campaigns are working well or if they need improvement.

You can track the total number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the device’s operating system used in each scan.

Like the expiry feature, the following advanced features only apply to the URL, File, and H5 editor solutions:

3. Retargeting

This feature is highly useful for marketers and business owners.

It lets you add Google Tags and Facebook Pixels to your dynamic QR codes so you can retarget ads to users who scan your QR code.

4. Set passwords

You can add an extra layer of security with the QR code password feature of QR TIGER.

When users scan a password-protected dynamic QR code, they will find a landing page that asks them to enter the password.

They will only proceed to the actual link once they enter the correct password.

5. Email notifications

You can activate this advanced feature to receive email notifications about your QR code scans.

The notification frequency ranges by hour, day, week, and month.

Why should you choose QR TIGER?

There are many QR code generators on the web, so why go for QR TIGER? These awesome features and offers will get you hooked:

1. Software integrations

Our integrations with other software aim to provide you with convenience.

We have integrations with Zapier and HubSpot.

Recently, we launched an integration with Canva, a leading online graphic design tool, so you can quickly add your dynamic QR codes to your designs.

2. Bulk QR code generator

Our bulk QR code generator lets you create multiple unique or identical QR codes in one go, which applies to static and dynamic QR codes.

3. Advanced QR code solutions

QR TIGER is home to innovative and powerful QR code solutions.

We are the first to launch a functional and efficient multi-URL QR code that can redirect users to different links.

At present, there are four redirection parameters for our multi-URL QR code:

  • The location of the scanning user
  • The current total number of scans upon scanning
  • The time a user scanned the QR code
  • The language on the user’s device

We also have an all-in-one social media QR code that can host various social media handles and web links and display them on one landing page.

Frequently asked questions

How many times can a QR code be scanned?

It depends on the QR code. Static QR codes have unlimited scans and will redirect you to the link embedded in them as long as the URL remains active.

Dynamic QR codes also have unlimited scans, but sometimes, a QR code generator applies a scan limit per month or year.

The scan limit depends on the plan you avail.

What does the scan limit mean?

A scan limit refers to the maximum number of scans a QR code can accumulate before it expires.

Once it reaches that number, users will no longer access its embedded link.

How long do QR codes last?

Do QR codes last forever? They do. A QR code that doesn’t expire can be static or dynamic.

Some dynamic QR codes expire once they reach their monthly or yearly scan limit.

There are also dynamic QR codes with an expiry feature, which lets you add a scan limit.

It also enables you to reactivate the expired QR code anytime.

Create dynamic QR codes with scan limits with QR TIGER

You can now cross off “Are there limits to QR code scans?” from your list of QR code queries.

It’s good to have static and dynamic QR codes that come with unlimited scans, but in some cases, having a scan limit is an advantage — especially if you can apply and remove it at will.

You should choose QR TIGER to guarantee the quality and efficiency of your QR codes.

Our subscription plans provide access to our expiry feature and other helpful advantages.

Visit our website to get started with QR codes right away.

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