7 Christmas Day QR Code Marketing Campaign Ideas

Update:  December 10, 2023
7 Christmas Day QR Code Marketing Campaign Ideas

A Christmas Day QR code can boost your campaigns and sales this holiday season. With one scan, customers can access various things: season’s greetings, special offers, or even grand prizes.

You can potentially unlock your best sales of the year during this festive season, but competition can also be stiff. That’s why QR codes are handy; they can help you make a striking impression on audiences.

If you want to make the most of your holiday campaign, use QR TIGER QR code generator. With its advanced QR code features, you can fully reflect your branding and sales goals and edge against competitors.

So, what are the ways to have a fruitful Christmas season? Here are a few marketing promotion ideas for your Christmas campaign.

Christmas Day QR code promotional ideas

The Yuletide season is the best time to get creative with your promotions. If you’re yet to strategize your holiday campaign, here are a few ideas you can do using dynamic QR codes:

1. Innovate with QR code promotional materials

Christmas day QR code

While using QR codes as promotional materials isn’t new, you can use them innovatively to stand out from your competitors who might also be using them.

If you have a Christmas tradition—such as giving back to charity, stamp collection for a reward, or a limited-time holiday menu—showcase it via a QR code on your promotional materials. Inform your customers on all platforms possible.

With a Christmas Day QR code maker, the possibilities are endless. If you choose to game up with a plan, you can unlock limitless potential to innovate using QR codes on your promotional materials.

2. Display a catalog of special holiday items

Year after year, businesses see a spike in sales during Christmas as customers purchase plenty of gifts for themselves, their friends, and loved ones.

As a wise business owner, leverage this time of the year to show off your special holiday items and highlight them as go-to gifts of the season.

You can distribute flyers or brochures with QR codes leading to an online catalog of special holiday items, discounted prices, and more. You can also post a QR code on your online and social media pages to lead customers to the catalog.

Even better, using a dynamic QR code lets you conveniently update your catalog whenever you want. Dynamic QR codes’ advanced features help you run successful QR code campaigns.

This feature allows you to launch your QR code campaign early in the season and update it for any changes in listing special discounted items or highlighting bestsellers you want to sell out.

3. Offer discount coupons

Christmas promotion ideas

If you really want a boost in sales, use the best way to convince customers to purchase: discounts.

Amid the heightened spending ability and willingness of customers, make it enticing for them to spend more money on your business.

Give them a coupon QR code leading to discounts, free delivery vouchers, special markdowns, gift cards, or cashback. 

Dish out Christmas QR code coupons that store clerks can scan in-store, or that customers can scan to reveal a code that they encode upon online checkout.

To boost this strategy, take advantage of incentive marketing. Incentivize customers with another discount code for their next purchase.

This way, you ensure that they become repeat customers even when it’s not the peak holiday season anymore.

4. Revamp your packaging for Christmas

As you make your product packaging festive for the season, you may add QR codes to give them a digital twist.

You can easily match their design with your branding for a refined look. You can even go for Christmas-themed QR codes.

One of the benefits of using the QR TIGER QR Code Generator is that you have plenty of QR code design choices, including QR code patterns, eyes, and frames.

You can also add your brand logo so your QR has a brand identity. This also adds QR code credibility, encouraging people to trust and scan your QR code.

The QR code customization feature allows any brand to go all-out in your physical store decorations and online and social media banners.

These QR codes on product packaging can lead to a simple holiday greeting, exclusive content, or even special Christmas goodies. 

5. Create interactive Christmas cards

Christmas QR code

A simple Christmas greeting card can go a long way to make your customers feel appreciated. Valued customers are likely to come back the next time. They may also recommend you to their friends.

Take advantage of your current database and send personalized QR codes for Christmas cards in your emails or marketing materials.

When scanned, they will see a customized text-based card with their names or an audio-video greeting specialized just for them.

With QR TIGER’s wide range of advanced QR code solutions, you can easily create fun and creative interactive Christmas cards or e-Christmas cards for free to show appreciation.

6. Spread the element of surprise with QR codes

A Secret Santa is an effective measure to make customers feel important and belong to a community that appreciates them.

You can use a Secret Santa QR code to spread holiday cheer among your customers during the Yuletide season.

Create a QR code that leads to an online form where customers can enter their details, such as their name and desired Christmas gift from the store.

During their holiday shopping, customers who participated in the gimmick can get a voucher or a chance to get their Christmas gift from their “Secret Santa.” 

7. Host a Christmas concert for a cause

Christmas sale ideas

A Christmas Day QR code can also be an excellent event organization tool. You can use it to promote your event, invite attendees, manage ticketing, and RSVP for your Christmas concert for a cause.

Just because it’s a Christmas music festival doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll only play Christmas songs. You can invite the biggest bands, budding musical acts, and independent musicians who make trendy music that people love to listen to.

With an RSVP QR code, boosting the number of event attendees to your Christmas concert is easy. You can add them to your digital ads or event posters so interested attendees can easily register or purchase an event ticket.

Steps to create a customized QR code using a Christmas Day QR code maker

QR TIGER is an easy-to-use QR code platform that can give you the benefits of real-life applications of your Christmas Day campaign.

It’s one of the most trusted QR code online software in the market, garnering high reviews on G2, Trustpilot, and SourceForge. It’s also ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant.

To make a custom QR code for your Christmas Day promotions, here are seven quick steps to follow:

  1. Go to the best QR code generator online and log into your account. Don’t have one yet? Sign up for our freemium version.
  1. Select your desired QR code solution, depending on what you need for your campaign.
  1. Enter the information you want to embed.
  1. Select between Static QR and Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.
  1. Personalize your QR code with Christmas-themed elements, colors, and more. You may also add your brand logo, use our frame templates, and include a call to action in your code.
  1. Test-scan your QR code using your smartphone to see if it works.
  1. Save your customized QR code by clicking Download.

Pro tip: It’s best to save your fully customized QR code in SVG format, as it maintains the highest image print quality while allowing you to resize your QR code.

Benefits of using a dynamic QR code generator for your Christmas holiday campaigns

A tool as simple as an ISO-certified QR code online software can bring about exceptional results if you maximize it to the fullest, especially during a crucial time such as Christmas.

Check out some of the top benefits of using QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes for Christmas:

Edit your QR code’s contents

Easily edit or change the embedded data in your dynamic QR codes. Need to fix a typo or update your campaign’s details? Simply open your dashboard and edit away.

Track QR code scans

This feature helps you measure the engagement of your QR code campaigns. You can track the number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the device used.

The dashboard also shows the number of scans over time and the locations with the most scanners.

Retarget scanners

It’s a bummer when leads don’t convert. But with this dynamic QR code feature, you still have a shot at turning them into sales by displaying tailored ads.

For this feature to work, you only have to add your Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel) to your QR codes.

Set expiration dates

Placing time limits to the validity of a promotion or special offer can boost sales. You can apply this principle to your dynamic QR codes to encourage more scans from audiences.

You can set the code to expire at a specific date and time or upon reaching a specific number of scans. You may also allow a unique IP address to scan the code only once.

Receive scan notifications

Business owners have a lot on their plate, and checking up on their dynamic QR code scans on the dashboard can be time-consuming.

Here’s where this feature comes in handy. When activated, they can receive email reports on the scans. They can select three notification frequencies: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Enable GPS tracking and geofencing

QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes allow accurate GPS QR code tracking of the scanners. But we value each scanner’s privacy; this feature will only track their GPS position if they consent.

Meanwhile, the geofencing feature limits access to your QR codes depending on the scanner’s location. You can use it to make sure that only scanners within your establishment’s premises get to scan your dynamic QR codes.

Add passwords to your QR codes

You can protect your dynamic QR codes with passwords to limit access. This may seem more useful for data only meant for authorized people, but you can still use this for Christmas promotions.

Set consumers on a scavenger hunt to find letters hidden in different locations within your spot. Once they’ve seen all the letters, they must form a word they’ll use as the password. 

Those who can scan your dynamic QR code and provide the correct password will receive freebies and special bundles.

‘Tis the season to make campaigns jolly with the best QR code generator

Standing out from the competition with innovative Christmas Day QR code promotions is possible with the use of QR TIGER.

If you want the top-of-the-line features to bring your best holiday promotion ideas into reality, get in touch with QR TIGER today. Sign up now to get started.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create e-Christmas cards for free?

Creating a customized e-Christmas card QR code on QR TIGER is super easy. Simply go to their website, select Landing Page QR code solution, customize the page, and then generate the QR code.

You can also use their File QR code to store your pre-design Christmas card. This solution converts the digital card into a scannable code accessible by a smartphone.

How do you put a QR code on a Christmas card?

To add a QR code to your Christmas card design or template, you must first create a customized QR code with QR TIGER, a free QR code maker online.

Select a QR code solution from the menu, add the information you want to share, and click “Generate QR code.” Customize your QR code, then download it to save it. Once saved, you can simply add it to your card design.

How do I create an event QR code?

Creating an event QR code is easy with QR TIGER. And here’s the good news: it’s 100% free. You’ll only have to provide your email to receive your QR code. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and select Event
  2. Enter the details: event name, location, and time
  3. Click Generate QR code, then customize your QR code
  4. Test-scan with your smartphone, then click Download
  5. Enter your email and click Submit

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