QR Code Branding: How to Create QR Codes that Stand Out

Update:  March 22, 2024
QR Code Branding: How to Create QR Codes that Stand Out

In a modern world saturated with overused marketing moves and flashing advertisements, brands are constantly on the lookout for new and refreshing ways to stand out against their competitors. 

Enter the humble square-shaped marvel. QR code branding strategies are quickly morphing into a powerful and inexpensive tool for brands to show off their brand identity without being too in-your-face. 

They offer the ideal blend of beauty and functionality, connecting brands with consumers in engaging ways. Brand stories are told, identities are formed, and connections are seamlessly made with this small yet advanced solution.

Where do you start? The answer lies in a more than capable QR code generator with logo integration designed to boost organic engagement and launch interactive experiences with your audience.

Read on to find out why you need to build your brand identity and how you can do it easily with QR codes. 

Brand identity: why does it matter?

New businesses are always popping up like daisies, making the need to differentiate yours all the more necessary – to establish a strong brand identity means standing out in a sea of near-identical businesses.

When you consistently use branded elements across marketing campaigns, packaging, and online presence, people start to recognize your brand more and more, associating it with certain qualities that foster trust and loyalty.

What encompasses your brand identity: 

  • Visual elements (i.e., logo, color palette, imagery)
  • Messaging (i.e., tone, values, story)
  • Customer service

Shaping brand identity with QR codes

Brand identity combined with QR codes is a match made in heaven. 

What is a branded QR code? It’s a custom QR code made to align with your brand by personalizing it with different color schemes, including a brand logo and more.

It goes beyond simply linking people to a website, as it creatively integrates modern technology into your marketing materials and shapes how customers perceive your brand. 

Suddenly, you’re not just any old business stuck in the past but a brand committed to sustainable convenience and continuing to build brand awareness so more people learn what you’re all about. 

11 QR code branding techniques you should try

Here are some inventive QR code techniques you can use to achieve the best campaign results:

Stay dynamic

Digital menu QR code

There are two main types of QR codes you should know about – static and dynamic QR codes. 

What’s the difference? Static codes direct users to a fixed URL and can’t be changed, while dynamic codes let you update the encoded content even after printing. 

Businesses deciding to run seasonal promotions, change their QR code menu details, offer relevant and fresh content, or track marketing campaign analytics in real-time can benefit hugely from the versatility of dynamic QR codes.

Carefully mix & match colors

Most of us have seen these black-and-white squares somewhere. Whether on a bag of potato chips or on a public map of the city, QR codes have become an all-familiar staple in the modern world. 

At this point, they’re a bit too familiar, as many simply glance over them. 

Injecting your brand colors into your creative QR codes strengthens brand recall and consistent visual identity while conveying extra attention to detail.

If you realize too late that your generated QR code doesn’t match your brand’s personality and want to edit QR code design elements then you definitely can! There are QR code generators online that offer this dynamic feature to help you create the ideal branded QR codes. 

Memorable brand logo

When you integrate a well-designed business logo into your QR code, this reinforces an instant connection to your brand. It also encourages users to scan with confidence, knowing they’re clicking on a QR code from a trusted source. 

Make sure your logo’s size doesn’t affect your QR code’s functionality, and test it before releasing it for all to see and scan.

Play with patterns

Who else is tired of the same old patterns we keep seeing in QR codes? There are a ton of incredible QR code generators that allow you to step out of the generic mold of QR codes.

Pique the curiosity of potential new customers by playing with the many pattern options available online to spruce up your branded QR codes. 

Eye-catching shapes

You know those three small squares found in the corners of a QR code? These are known as a QR code’s “eyes” or position detection pattern (PDP), which functions as a guide to correctly orient a QR code upon scanning. 

These unique QR code shapes can be a memorable part of your QR code, as you can tailor them to match your brand’s personality. What does this mean? A playful brand, for example, might use rounded eyes, while a sophisticated brand might opt for eyes with sleek edges. 

Frame your code

Is your brand bland? We didn’t think so! And neither should your QR codes be. Frames offer a subtle way to incorporate branding elements and create a more cohesive brand experience. 

They’re also super helpful when you want to add a call to action that motivates people to engage with your QR code.

Respect the quiet zone 

What is the quiet zone? It’s the empty space surrounding the QR code itself and plays a crucial role in making sure it can be scanned properly. With that being said, try to avoid cluttering your QR code or encroaching on the quiet zone.

Remember: accurate scans equal happy customers. 

On-brand landing pages

Custom landing page QR code

Creating a custom QR code landing page for your business should be designed with your brand’s aesthetic in mind. When users scan a branded QR code that directs them to a landing page to match, this reinforces your brand identity. 

Your QR code landing page campaigns can also track user behavior, like the number of scans and locations, to help you improve on future campaigns. 

Clear & catchy call to action

Common QR code best practices include a smart call to action (CTA). It’s one of the secret ingredients in the recipe for QR code engagement. It eliminates confusion and, when catchy, creates a sense of anticipation for something yet to be revealed. 

Well-crafted CTAs adopt your brand’s unique voice and messaging, are short and sweet, and focus on strong action verbs (e.g., “Download,” “Learn More”). 

Blend into backgrounds

Become a QR code chameleon and blend seamlessly with existing marketing materials without clashing with its overall design. QR codes with transparent backgrounds can be an incredibly flexible stylistic choice, as they can be placed on any color or pattern. 

This makes your codes highly versatile and can be used on various materials, from brochures and packaging to social media posts and website graphics. 

Note: Keep contrast at the forefront of your mind when applying this technique. Don’t let your QR code be overshadowed and use dark colors with light backgrounds and vice versa. 

Consider a QR code white label

White labeling means using a custom domain name instead of the domain of the QR code generator you’re using. A white label QR code gives your branded QR code the advantage of credibility, reducing concerns about malicious links or data security. 

Domain ownership also means yet another layer of brand integration, further solidifying brand recognition.

How to create branded QR codes using a QR code generator with logo

Here’s how you can create a branded QR code with logo integration using an advanced QR code maker in only five easy steps: 

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and sign into your account. 
  1. Select a QR code solution best suited for your business’s needs and enter the necessary information. 
  1. Click Static QR or Dynamic QR, then choose Generate QR code. 
  1. Customize your branded QR code by choosing colors associated with your brand, uploading your logo, and playing with different patterns, frames, or templates. 
  1. Test-scan your QR code to see if it works, then click Download to save, and watch your customer engagement soar.

How to use QR codes to shape your brand identity 

Here, we curated a short list of creative uses of QR codes you can incorporate into your QR code branding journey: 

Digital business cards

There’s a QR code solution called vCard that allows you to create digital business cards to make networking easy. 

It can hold more than just a name and contact details, with the option to include links to social media profiles, a company website, or a portfolio. 

Design both your QR code and the digital business card it holds to color coordinate with your brand and upload a personal photo or business logo. You can enhance physical business cards with your QR code or add it to landing pages, brochures, and more. 

Print media (billboards, magazines, posters)

QR code on print materials

When printing your QR codes on physical marketing materials, there are a few things to consider. One is sizing it right – is it large enough for smartphones to scan from a distance? 

Another important thing to consider is resolution. A blurry or pixelated QR code can’t be scanned and may deter customers from trying to scan your codes in the future. 

Use high-resolution QR codes during printing, adjusting the format according to the material it will be placed on (e.g., JPG for flyers, SVG for billboards).

Creative QR codes for packaging

A healthy dose of creativity in your packaging QR codes can go a long way to building memorable and interactive experiences for consumers. 

Observe whether the placement of your QR code on your product packaging either complements or clashes with the overall design. Use the QR code techniques mentioned earlier, ensuring clear contrast and maybe adding an interesting call to action. 

Digital ads

Limited space? No problem. QR codes can be an amazing way to provide more information on digital ads without room for much else. 

For instance, social media posts for marketing campaigns are often brimming with striking elements designed to catch people’s attention. And yet, the inclusion of a QR code doesn’t clutter the ad itself while still adding value. 

Social media

Speaking of social media, your brand’s online presence heavily relies on posting content that resonates. According to a 2023 Sprout Social report, when customers feel connected to a brand, 57% will increase their spending with them. 

On top of that, 94% of leaders agree that social media plays an increasingly relevant role in reputation management and connecting brands to their audience on a more personal level. 

So, when you’re creating a social media campaign along with QR codes, include elements that encourage user-generated content (UGC). Showcase product usage instructions, collect customer feedback via Google Form QR codes, or include engaging video content. 

How brands are using QR codes: best examples

Global brands are getting creative with QR codes. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top three QR code examples to showcase how an interesting and unique QR code can leave a lasting impression. 

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton elevated their iconic brand to a whole other level through their collaboration with the famed artist Takashi Murakami. Their QR code campaign infused Takashi’s signature vibrant style, colors, and characters. 

LV’s branded QR code features a bright purple color, its classic recognizable patterns, and Takashi’s original character Panda. 

This collaboration successfully merges luxury accessories with modern technology, demonstrating an appreciation for artistic expression and a commitment to staying current. 

The Hershey Company

Hershey’s gave their customers a sweet surprise for the holidays with a Hershey QR code attached to an attractive blue and red box full of their famous Kisses. 

Their partnership with QR TIGER, an advanced QR code generator, allows customers to send heartfelt video messages to their loved ones by scanning a “record” QR code. The recipient can then access it by scanning the “receive” QR code. 


Custom branded QR code

PayPal changed the game of cashless transactions by including a QR code in the mix. As more consumers are ditching cash for swifter and more secure payment methods, PayPal comes to the rescue with a PayPal QR code that you can link to your account. 

And while the QR code’s function is impressive on its own, PayPal understands the impact of branding, customizing its codes with its brand logo and colors. 

This QR code campaign is a prime example of how innovation can meet brand strategy to cater to evolving customer needs in a competitive market. 

Why your business needs a dynamic QR code generator

  • Editable content. Save on printing costs by modifying your linked content whenever you want, and test different URLs or promotions to find the one that sticks. 
  • Future-proofing. As the business landscape is constantly changing, you can make sure your marketing materials keep up with the times. 
  • Campaign tracking. Dynamic QR codes allow you to monitor valuable analytics, such as the number of scans, user location, and even demographics, to help you optimize your marketing strategy. 
  • Bulk generation. Need to create hundreds to thousands of QR codes at once? This dynamic solution lets you do just that, saving you and your business a lot of time. 

QR code branding strategies are on the rise 

QR codes are experiencing a resurgence thanks to a growing need for cost-efficient convenience. Marketers are discovering how QR codes can go beyond their basic functions and act as little brand ambassadors.

With the incorporation of brand colors, logos, and compelling CTAs, QR codes can become a clever extension of a brand’s visual identity. 

Any brand, big or small, can create exciting digital experiences for their customers with a competent QR code generator with logo integration, such as QR TIGER. 

This QR code extraordinaire has a user-friendly interface fit for anyone who wants to dabble in the sophisticated, playful, and innovative world of branded QR codes.


What is QR code design?

It is the customization of a QR code’s appearance while keeping its functionality intact. Most QR code generators offer basic and advanced design features like different colors, shapes, frames, and more.  

Are QR codes good for marketing?

Absolutely! QR codes add an interactive element to marketing campaigns and have the potential to lead to higher customer engagement. 

You can also track how a campaign is performing with the data analytics feature of dynamic QR codes.

What is QR code branding?

It is a QR code specifically designed to align with a brand’s identity, creatively integrating branding elements like a business logo and a brand’s color palette to promote brand recognition.

What is an example of a business using a QR code?

Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands like Kellogg’s Cereals and Chobani Yogurt incorporate QR codes in their product packaging to provide both value and encourage brand engagement. 

How are brands using QR codes?

QR code branding is gaining popularity, with more brands using QR codes in various ways, such as collecting customer feedback, boosting marketing efforts, and improving overall customer experience.

Brands using QR codes

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