How to Create a QR Code for a Suggestion Box

Update:  August 12, 2023
How to Create a QR Code for a Suggestion Box

Did you know you can use a QR code for a suggestion box as an alternative method of collecting reviews and feedback from your customers, employees, or even the general public?

With this digital tool, your target users can quickly fill out survey forms or answer questionnaires right from their smartphone screens.

They only have to scan the code to access these.

You can even let users submit their comments anonymously so they can be fully candid and straightforward with their reviews.

Why is it essential to have a suggestion box?

If two heads are better than one, imagine what a hundred (or more) could do.

British Airways once set up an online suggestion box to source ideas from their staff on ways to lower fuel emissions and save money on gasoline expenses.

One employee suggested making their planes’ toilet pipes lighter by descaling them, and now, the company saves about $24 million on fuel expenses.

Having a suggestion box allows sharing of honest comments from employees or consumers that can potentially help improve a workplace, a product, or a service.

This method lets you source for potential ideas that can significantly benefit your company, and you may just find that one brilliant suggestion that can save you millions, just like British Airways did.

But to achieve this, you have to engage your target audience so that they would submit their comments. And when they do, you must go through each one, which will take time.

Good thing you can opt for a virtual suggestion box to streamline this outdated and time-consuming process.

What is a QR code for the suggestion box?

Google form QR code

A QR code for the suggestion box is a digital tool that can bring users to an online survey form where they can leave reviews and comments.

They only have to scan it to view the document.

The QR code helps in providing convenient and instant access to the online suggestion box through their smartphones.

Since it is a free anonymous feedback tool, you can create one for your workplace or company without spending a single dime.

You will only need to create a survey or questionnaire using online tools such as Google Forms and then embed it within a QR code. Now, you have a QR code for the suggestion box.

How to create an online suggestion box using a QR code for a survey

Making a QR code for a suggestion box is now a lot easier, thanks to a QR code generator software available online, but if you want the best free option, you should choose QR TIGER.

We got all you need for QR code technology — a complete list of QR code solutions, easy-to-use customization tools, and SVG format for your QR codes to guarantee print quality.

You won’t have to register or signup to create free QR codes.

You will only need to provide your email so we can send your QR code to your inbox.

But before you can start using our powerful software, you must first create your feedback sheet using Google Forms.

Once you’re through, you can create a QR code survey for your suggestion box website. Here’s how:

1. Copy the link to your Google Form. Go to QR TIGER and select the ‘Google Form’ option.

2. Paste your link onto the blank space, and check the “Static QR code” option below. Then, click the “Generate QR code” button.

3. Once your QR code for the suggestion box appears, you can start customizing it. We offer a wide range of choices for your pattern and eye shape.

Our color picker lets you set your desired colors for your QR code. You can add your logo and use a frame to add a call to action (CTA).

4. Scan your QR code for the suggestion box with your smartphone to see if it will redirect you to the correct landing page.

5. After that, you can download your QR code. We suggest downloading it in SVG format if you plan to print it.

9 advantages of using a QR code for a suggestion box

Free to use

The Google Form QR code is among our free solutions, so you won’t have to pay for a subscription.

But if you want to, we offer plans considerably cheaper than others.

You can experience our plan without paying by signing up for our free trial, which comes with three free dynamic QR codes.

However, if you want to update your QR code for the suggestion box without having to reproduce another QR code, generating it in a dynamic form is always a better option.

That said, it saves you your time, money, and effort in the long run.

With dynamic QR codes, you can redirect your scanners to a new landing page anytime.

Moreover, you can also track the QR code scans of your suggestion box with dynamic QR codes.


Suggestion box QR code

A physical suggestion box means that employees or consumers would have to go to where it is placed just to drop their written suggestions.

But with a QR code-powered virtual suggestion box, you can share the code on your company’s group chats or upload them on your social media pages so respondents can scan them.

They can either save a copy of the QR code or pin the URL of its landing page to access the survey form anytime they want.

Through this method, employees working remotely and consumers from distant places can still provide feedback despite not being in your location.

Anonymous submissions

QR code for suggestion box

If you’re wondering how to get anonymous feedback from employees or consumers, you can use a QR code for the suggestion box online.

You can customize the options of your Google Form and allow respondents to keep their identities hidden.

You can always require names on your questionnaire if you want to give credit or rewards to those who gave brilliant ideas.

But if you want to do this by using our free online anonymous suggestion box, we suggest requiring people to leave their contact number so you can call or text them about their reward.


The problem with physical suggestion boxes is that they are inconvenient for both the ones who implement them and the target respondents.

People had to write their suggestions on a piece of paper, fold it, and then drop it in the box.

Managers or authorized personnel then had to collect the documents and read them one by one.

But with a suggestion box online, managers or administrators can quickly sort suggestions and easily save time.

This allows a faster way to filter the most constructive feedback and implement these improvements.

And when respondents include contact details, managers can provide an immediate response to them, whether their suggestion is accepted, considered, or rejected.


Your employees or customers won’t have to use pens and paper when you opt for a QR code for the suggestion box.

They only need their smartphones to scan the code and fill out the form.

This method provides a safer and more hygienic form of collecting feedback since pieces of paper can significantly cause the spread of germs.

Less cost

Since you won’t need to print forms or provide pieces of paper, you can save a lot on expenses.

You also get to help conserve the environment since this would save trees and reduce waste.

Aside from that, you no longer have to spend money on making or purchasing a physical suggestion box.

Expands email marketing list

You can require your respondents to leave their email addresses and use these to expand your contacts list for your email marketing campaigns.

More people in your contacts means more potential leads to convert into paying customers, and more customers mean more sales.

Customizable templates

You can also modify the appearance of your QR code so it would also match your Google Form’s design.

An attractive QR code for the survey can catch your target audience’s attention, and they’d indeed scan it to leave their reviews and comments.

Ready for the future

Technologies in today’s world continue to improve at a fast pace, and soon enough, these will optimize all transactions of daily life.

Even now, people use their smartphones and the Internet for many purposes besides communication, such as purchases and payments.

Having a QR code for the suggestion box is an excellent way to use technology to upgrade what was an inconvenient task.

You can guarantee that it will work because people would only need their smartphones to use this tool, and almost everyone today brings one with them all the time.

Best practices

If you plan to use a QR code for your anonymous suggestion box online, here are five tips you should keep in mind to improve its efficiency:

1. Add a call to action to your QR code for the suggestion box

A CTA on your QR code tells people what they should do with it and what they can find when they scan it. This will engage them and clarify what the QR code is for.

Keep your CTA short, catchy, and direct to the point. It needs to have that X factor that will catch users’ attention.

2. Mind your colors

Have you ever wondered why a QR code has a black pattern on a white background?

Here’s why: the contrast between black and white will help the code’s readability.

If you customize your QR code’s colors, we suggest using dark colors for your pattern and light colors for the background.

Do not invert these two, for it can badly affect the scanning experience.

You also need to remember that the goal is to catch people’s attention, not hurt their eyes. Avoid colors that are too bright.

3. Select the right size for your QR code for the suggestion box

Your QR code’s size should suit its environment or surface. It should be small enough to save space but big enough that it’s still readable.

If you print your QR code for the survey on a poster, make sure it’s big enough so people from a distance will notice it, and then they’ll come close to scan it.

Here’s a tip for posting QR code posters: keep them at eye level so it would be easier for people to scan the code.

4. Use quality material for printing

Make sure your printer paper is of excellent quality and will not get torn easily.

It’s also better if you don’t use shiny paper because once it reflects light on its surface, it’ll be harder to scan the code.

You don’t have to worry about your QR code’s quality because you can download it in SVG format.

Also, all our QR codes come with error correction, so it’s still readable despite a few scratches.

5. Place in crowded spots

Remember: a QR code won’t work unless people scan it.

If you use printed QR codes on posters, you should place them where more people can notice or see them.

In workplaces, ideal locations would be on glass doors, in pantries, or near the water dispenser.

If your target audience is consumers, you can place them on street signs, shopping malls, or vehicles. You can also include the QR code in your product packaging.

Create a QR code for your suggestion box today

Who would have thought that QR codes could serve as the best free online suggestion box?

This speaks volumes about the functionality and benefits of QR code technology.

It’s high time you get rid of that outdated suggestion box that no one pays attention to and start using a QR code virtual suggestion box instead.

Aside from being functional and convenient, it’s also a stylish means of collecting feedback that will surely impress people.

Generate yours with QR TIGER QR code generator online now!

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