Nike QR Code: How to Use QR Codes in Footwear and Apparel Marketing

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Update:  August 31, 2023
Nike QR Code: How to Use QR Codes in Footwear and Apparel Marketing

The Nike QR code campaign by one of the leading footwear and apparel brands is an excellent example of how QR code technology helps and boosts various industries’ marketing and advertising efforts.

Nike is a company that has managed to become a household name by using new technologies to produce quality goods at affordable prices.

Nike is always at the forefront of new technologies and uses them to its advantage.

It has never been easier to market any business in the modern age of social media and digital technology.

But with a smartphone and an internet connection, you can reach millions of consumers worldwide.

Plus, with the emergence of QR code technology, brands can expand their customer base.

These two-dimensional barcodes are popping up all over.

From billboards to shopping bags, people are marketing their products in different ways, and because of it, they’re increasing brand recognition, traffic, and sales.

It’s no secret that an effective marketing campaign involves a well-planned promotional strategy and many different mediums.

QR codes are just another tool available to today’s marketers. But what is a QR code? And how can they be used in today’s marketing strategy?

What is a QR code, and how does it work in marketing?

Created way back in 1994, the Quick Response code serves as a gateway to uncovering information.

You can embed your website URL, social media links, video, audio, and documents in a QR code.

QR codes aren’t just for direct marketing!

The tiny barcodes have the power to help marketing teams in apparel brands re-imagine their campaigns.

It allows your customers unlock valuable information by scanning the code using their smartphones.

Marketers can incorporate QR codes in various marketing channels such as print, online, and many more. This way, it allows your campaign to be seen by a larger audience. 

Furthermore, using custom dynamic QR codes, you can maximize its use and your marketing campaign as well.

You can access information by tracking the QR code scans, editing your QR code content in real-time even after deploying it, and retargeting the scanners for more conversions.

Why QR codes can enhance your brand loyalty and customer engagement

To know more if QR codes are worth the hype, here are the benefits and why you should use QR codes in your next marketing campaign.

Expands mobile marketing efforts

Nike QR code

QR codes are a smart tool in mobile marketing and advertising.

This tech tool is becoming increasingly mainstream as people fondle their phones during their every waking moment, and this is a great tool to reach potential customers during the “offline” moments.

Using this technology, you can drive new visitors to your Facebook page, offer discounts, advertise your location for in-store pick-up, or host other applications, and many more.

Cost-efficient and easy to implement

As mentioned, you don’t have to reprint or create a new set of QR codes when you generate them in dynamic mode.

You can save time and resources when implementing your QR code campaign.

Marketers also find it convenient when incorporating customized QR codes with logos into any marketing mediums.

It can be plastered on the sides of buses for your outside-of-home advertising efforts or made as a website widget.

Engages your customers

Nike video QR code

You can redirect your customers to how-to videos, allow them to shop on your online store, or offer them discounts using QR codes.

This way, your target market can easily redeem exclusive deals and promos only with a quick scan using their smartphones.

Boost conversion and sales

Using the Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel retargeting tool, you can also implement remarketing campaigns for those who have scanned your QR code.

This way, you can increase brand familiarity as well as customer engagement.

Nike QR code: How Nike uses QR codes in apparel marketing campaigns

Nike has been one of the most successful and creative marketing companies in the past few years.

This has led to their current status as a symbol of first-class sportswear. Check out some of their marketing campaigns with QR codes below.

Nike QR code for better in-store experience for shoppers

Customers can conveniently shop by scanning the Nike QR code on mannequins and apparel, and each Nike barcode scan is recorded.

After scanning the Nike barcode at the base of the figure, a head-to-toe look will appear on the app, allowing the shopper to see all available sizes and colors and request to try the products on.

The team behind this strategy can easily track which mannequin gets the most attention by counting the number of Nike barcode scans and try-on requests.

Customers who found a Nike QR code can also check it online.

Personalized Nike QR code on shoes

Shoes QR code

Customers who want customized Nike shoes must scan a Nike barcode to follow the brand.

What's great about this campaign is that customers can use their smartphones as a Nike scanner to decode the QR code.

The shoppers can pick which vibrant, colorful image they want and submit it to Nike, in which the brand will give a response message along with personalized shoes that match the color of their choice.

Nike QR code on T-shirts to engage shoppers

In 2008, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy embedded the Nike website into their clothing tags and ran a campaign called Poetry, allowing users to scan the labels to read their custom poetry. 

They sent out over 25,000 T-shirts with QR codes and collected over 250,000 scans.

That’s huge exposure for Nike!

Nike QR code to promote brand awareness 

Nike wanted to target young men in China, so they launched a new clothing line to extend their well-known store called “Off-Court.” 

Their main goal was to boost product awareness and grow brand loyalty.

The company decided to promote its sportswear using a Nike barcode. The Nike QR code can also be checked online.

Boosting social media engagement with Nike QR code

QR code engagement

QR code to optimize download rates of Nike app

Nike app QR code

QR code technology can ultimately help boost the number of mobile application downloads. This is possible using the App Stores QR code.

This solution redirects scanners to different URLs or links based on the device they’re using: Android OS or Apple’s iOS.

Once scanned, the QR code redirects scanners to the Google Play Store or App Store so they can instantly download and install the app on their devices.

Users no longer have to manually search your app’s name, as they can whip their smartphones and scan the app QR code.

How to create your QR code for apparel marketing

  • Choose the QR code solution that you want to generate for your apparel marketing campaign.
  • Fill in the needed information and content for your QR code
  • Always choose a dynamic QR code
  • Generate and customize the QR code
  • Test your custom QR code for your campaign
  • Download and display the QR code

Other ways to use QR codes and make the most out of your marketing campaigns

While QR codes can serve as a valuable component of your marketing efforts, they do not constitute a complete marketing plan on their own.

You need to make sure that you are effectively using your QR codes. To make the most out of your QR code marketing campaign, it's best to use the right QR code solution to effectively achieve your marketing goals.

Here's a list of the different advanced QR code solutions from the best QR code generator that you can choose and use on your next campaign:

1. Increase conversions with QR code retargeting

You can do all this and more by retargeting your customers as they scan dynamic QR codes (URL, File QR code, Landing page QR code, and Google Form QR code).

Using the best QR code software, you can enable the retargeting tool by adding the Google Tag Manager code or the Facebook pixel code to your QR code.

2. Boost your social media presence using a Link in Bio QR code for social media

Social media QR code

A Link in Bio QR code, previously called social media QR code, is an advanced solution that stores all your social media links so scanners can easily connect with your socials in just a scan.

Once they scan the QR code using their smartphones, the code leads them to a mobile-optimized landing page so you can increase your social media reach quickly.

With this solution, they no longer have to jump from one mobile app to another to connect with your social media pages.

3. Engage customers using a scan-based multi URL QR code

You can run a promotional campaign by offering specific discounts or products based on the number of scans you’ve set.

People who scan your QR code will be redirected to a particular URL after a certain number of scans.

For example, the first ten scanners will get a higher discount then the following ten scanners will receive another discount.

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4. Offer engaging product videos 

Would you like to re-engage with your customers? Create consumer activity? Create a buzz about your brand. 

Then it is high time to use videos to deliver valuable product information to your customers.

With the help of a video QR code, you can easily share your product views with your customers.

All they have to do is scan the code to view your videos directly.

Make your next campaign take the spotlight and partner with the best QR code generator online

Learn from Nike QR code campaigns! 

Nike and other brands create strategies for their customers to engage socially with the brand.

Thanks to QR codes, it is now possible to market products, give brands a personalized feel, and make customers more involved.

They are compelling and can cause a significant impact if used effectively.

Contact us now and start generating custom QR codes for your business. 

brands using qr codes

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