Permanent QR Code Generator: Your Ultimate Guide

Update:  April 26, 2024
Permanent QR Code Generator: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever been let down by a QR code that turned out to be outdated or broken? Wave off that frustration because the future of QR codes is here, and it’s all about using a permanent QR code generator.

With this solution, you can trust that your customers will always be able to access the content you want to share.

Whether it’s a website link, a discount coupon, or a video greeting—your QR code will surely stand the test of time.

Make this happen by using a dynamic QR code generator and watch these codes remain functional and practical until the end of time, keeping you ahead of the game.

Curious? Continue to learn more.

What is a permanent QR code?

A permanent QR code is a QR (Quick Response) code that sticks around for the long haul. In simpler terms, it’s a QR code with no time or usage restrictions.

You might wonder, “How is it different from a regular QR code?” 

Regular QR codes may come with inconsistencies. Perhaps a QR code links to specific information, like a website. If any changes are made to the content or link, scanning the code lands you on a 404 error message.

A permanent QR code, on the other hand, is different. Even if the encoded information it links to changes, the QR code still sends you to the right place.

Say a restaurant uses a permanent QR code generator for its menu. Regardless if they update their selection of dishes, you will still have access to the food list on your phone.

What QR codes never expire?

QR code expiry

Do QR codes expire and stop working? Well, it all depends on the type of code you are using. 

There are two main types of a QR code: static and dynamic. 

Static QR codes are the workhorses— simple and free to create, making it handy for things that don’t need much changing, like a URL.

It is a permanent tool by definition since it does not expire and remains fixed once generated. 

Now, a dynamic QR code is like a shape-shifting genie in the world of barcodes.

Unlike static QR codes that stay the same once created, these codes are all about adaptability and change—a permanent QR code in terms of usage. 

This type of code can do all sorts of tricks, from editing the embedded content within the QR code to refining the QR’s visuals and many more advanced features up on its sleeves. 

It is a solution for long-term use. And as long as your subscription remains active, you can vouch that it will do its job with finesse.

How to create a permanent QR code with a dynamic QR code generator

Permanent QR codes are easy to make with QR TIGER. 

Here’s the easiest way to create one:

  1. Go to QR TIGER online and log in to your account. Don’t have one yet? You can sign up for freemium or subscribe to our affordable plans. 
  2. Choose a QR code solution most conducive to your strategies, then enter the required information. 
  3. Select Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  4. Customize your QR code using QR TIGER’s range of features. You can even add a CTA and logo to make it more appealing. 
  5. Run a quick QR test scan to see if it works, then click the Download button once everything is set and ready.

Factors that determine if a QR code is permanent

Permanent QR code generator

QR codes are highly convenient, but whether they can withstand the test of time depends on two key things: how well you scan them and where they send you. 


The scannability of a QR code refers to how easily and reliably the QR code can be scanned by a smart device or any QR code scanner. 

Imagine a customer trying to access a QR code coupon for discounts at your coffee shop, and it takes forever to get a clear scan because the code is faded or distorted. Chances are, they’ll lose interest and explore other options. 

This is why using a permanent QR code generator is important for your codes to be scannable, even months or years down the line. 


When creating a QR code, make sure it points to something that will be around for a while and not on a dreaded “error 404” page because it has expired. 

Often, QR codes link to websites, online resources, or downloadable files. If the linked content becomes broken and unavailable, the code becomes a bottleneck, frustrating users and compromising its permanence. 

To counteract this, consider employing the services of a dynamic QR code generator. That way, your QR code can do what it’s supposed to: be remarkable, informative, and enduring. 

Selecting the best QR code generator to make lasting QR code campaigns

To make the best QR code marketing campaign that truly lasts, you should consider these features when choosing a software for your initiatives.  

Dynamic QR codes

While the term “permanent” might suggest a static QR code, true permanence lies in its scannability and accessibility, and dynamic QR codes excel in this domain.  

Unlike their static counterparts, users can edit and update all aspects of a dynamic code, including the URL, the type of QR solution used, the QR code itself, and the embedded information.

This ensures you can quickly modify 404 error pages and safeguard against broken links to keep your codes scannable. 

URL redirection

Permanent QR code campaign

Dynamic QR codes support the flexibility to redirect existing QR codes to another file or landing page. 

This feature ensures scanners reach the intended content, even when the original web address has changed—leading to a more current and accurate one. 

You may have revamped your website or reorganized the content under a new URL. Redirection ensures visitors using older URLs do not land on a non-existing page. 

Secure QR code software

Select a software that prioritizes QR code privacy and employs the highest level of security and encryption.

Unsecured generators pose multiple threats, with malicious actors steering users to quishing sites or injecting malware into unsuspecting devices.

Better check if your chosen QR code creator has an SSL certificate, is ISO-27001 certified, and is GDPR compliant. For added security precautions, you may also consider other features like password protection and two-factor authentication.

Invest in security— the cornerstone of a successful and lasting marketing campaign. 

Error correction

The QR code error correction feature empowers a code to remain functional and readable even under conditions of scratches and smudging. 

This means a QR code can still lead scanners to the embedded data, even in the face of external factors.

This is why your chosen dynamic QR code generator must have this feature to guarantee the code’s readability and functionality, regardless of location and placement.

Extensive customization options

QR code customization

Firstly, customization lets users create QR codes that reflect their brand identity

By embracing the brand’s color scheme, incorporating a logo, and the ability to modify design elements, brands can create a more enhanced user experience and solidify their visibility in the long run.

Secondly, customization options enhance the efficiency of QR codes.

The capacity to adjust the visuals of a QR code ensures it stays scannable regardless of color or frame. If the first strategy doesn’t work, you can easily make adjustments as needed to guarantee its effectiveness and appeal, leading to a more positive user experience.

QR code data insights

Beyond customization, delve into the specific functionalities of a QR code maker.

A generator with a QR code analytics feature encourages a data-driven approach to campaign management, ultimately ensuring their long-term effectiveness.

By tracking scan metrics and understanding customer habits, businesses gain critical insights into how frequently a QR code gets accessed and what piques their interest in scanning. 

This data then serves as a powerful indicator of campaign reach, allowing continuous improvement to optimize visibility and accessibility. 

Cost-effective plans

Dynamic QR code generators come with varying pricing levels. While free plans exist, they often have limitations on features and solutions. 

With a budget-friendly generator, brands can expand QR code accessibility, allowing a wide range of users to integrate QR codes into their collaterals and stretch their applications across diverse industries and uses. 

It can also contribute to scalability. As businesses broaden their operations or launch new initiatives, they require versatile solutions that can accommodate growing demands, and a QR code is the perfect tool for that. 

Create a QR code that is built to last with QR TIGER QR Code Generator

A permanent QR code generator has emerged as a robust tool in the business and marketing industry. 

When choosing a lasting software, look no further than QR TIGER QR Code Generator. This software can ensure the permanence and durability of your QR code— ready to be scanned whenever, wherever. 

Talk about security, customization, error correction, analytics, and cost-efficiency; this dynamic QR code generator has what it takes to give you a high-performing QR code. 

So, embrace the permanent kind and keep your marketing strategies fresh and timeless.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a permanent QR code for my website?

To create a permanent QR code for your website, you need to go to QR TIGER QR code generator. 

Sign up for an account > Select a QR solution > Click Dynamic QR > Generate QR code > Customize > Download

Can QR codes become inactive?

Yes, QR codes can be inactive, but it depends on the kind of code you are employing. If you use a static code, it will remain active and won’t stop on its own. However, this type has limited functionality. 

On the other hand, Dynamic QR codes work on subscriptions, so they will deactivate once the plan ends. An advantage is that the capabilities of this code are extensive, sporting advanced features like editing and tracking. 

How long do generated QR codes last? 

A static QR code will remain functional indefinitely as long as the embedded data remains unchanged and accessible. 

A dynamic QR requires an active subscription, so the code will remain for how long your chosen subscription plan lasts.

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