Do QR Codes Expire? The Answer— Yes and No

Last updated:   March 08, 2023

Do QR codes expire? Free QR codes, most commonly known as static QR codes, are generated using a QR Code generator online and do not expire. 

You can generate as many static QR codes as you want with QR TIGER QR code generator online, and the validity of your QR codes will last for a lifetime. 

However, if you choose an advanced, editable, and trackable type of QR code, a dynamic QR is a better option in the long run. 

Dynamic QR codes offer a variety of features that is useful in business and marketing. However, it will require your active subscription. 

Although dynamic QR codes will require you to pay for their service, it is more beneficial in the long run than their static counterpart.

Read this blog to know more about the differences between the QR code that does not expire (static) and the QR code that requires your active subscription(dynamic). 

Types of QR codes
types of QR code

People can choose between two QR code types when generating a QR code.

A QR code that can be tracked and edited is known as a Dynamic QR code

Static QR codes, on the other hand, cannot do that. 

Static QR code (Free and does not expire)

When a user generates a QR code using a static QR code, the data embedded in the QR code is unchangeable and will redirect the scanner to permanent information.

Static QR codes are free, but you cannot change the embedded data and can’t track their scanning activity. But how long do QR codes last?

The good news is that static QR codes provide an unlimited scan and never expire.

Dynamic QR code (Requires active subscription)

When a user creates a dynamic QR code, the content that has been embedded in it is changeable.

In other words, when a user wants to change the URL or the content of his dynamic QR code, he no longer has to print another one.

In addition, the user can also track his scanning activity, such as when the QR code receives the most scans and the location of his scanners.

Moreover, dynamic QR codes require a paid subscription as they are more advanced than static QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes are flexible and contain a lot of features. 

Free QR code solutions you can create with QR TIGER that do not expire 

URL QR code to direct scanners to a specific landing page (can be static or dynamic)

URL QR codeOne good way of sharing links is by using a URL QR code that will convert your links into a QR code and make it accessible by scanning the code using a smartphone device. 

In addition, this eliminates the need for people to type lengthy links manually.

Do free QR codes expire? The answer is yes and no.

Users can decide whether to generate a QR code that can expire or a QR code that does not expire.

Automatically connect to WiFi using a Wifi QR code (static)

Wifi QR codeNowadays, people often ask for Wi-Fi passwords right away when they arrive in hotels, tourist spots, metro stations, restaurants, and even bus stops to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

In addition, public places are now using Wi-Fi QR codes to make it easy for people to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Collect responses with a Google Form QR code (can be static or dynamic)

Google form QR codeYou can use a Google Form QR code to convert your Google form into a QR code and collect responses in a scan.

With QR codes for surveys, you can find out what your audience has to say about your service which will help you improve your business. 

Facebook QR code (can be static or dynamic)

Facebook QR code

By making a Facebook QR code, you can direct your target audience to your Facebook group, a Facebook page, an event, or any particular featured post on Facebook.

YouTube QR code (can be static or dynamic)

Youtube QR codeInstead of asking your viewers to key in the full URL of the video and search for it online, a YouTube QR code is a quick and easy way to display a YouTube video.

The video you want to share with your target audience will open up automatically when they scan the YouTube QR code with their mobile devices.

Instagram QR code (can be static or dynamic)

Instagram QR codeYou can use the best QR code generator online to generate an Instagram QR code that will let you create a  custom color QR code for your page.

With an Instagram QR code, users can share relevant posts and profiles with the users they want to reach.

Instead of using Instagram nametags to be scanned, you can use Instagram QR codes to send people to your profile.

Pinterest QR code (can be static or dynamic)

Pinterest QR code 
 A Pinterest QR code is a QR code solution that has your Pinterest board's links embedded in it. People can quickly access your Pinterest board by scanning this QR code with their phones.

Email QR code for your email address (static)

Email QR codePeople who scan your email QR code will automatically be taken to your email address and can send you a message immediately.

Text QR code (can be static or dynamic)

Text QR code

A text QR code is a static QR code that can be made for free. And with QR TIGER QR code generator, you can encode words, numbers, punctuation, and even emojis. It can be as long as 1268 characters.

You will need to upgrade to a dynamic QR code if you wish to generate text QR codes in bulk. 

Dynamic QR codes you can generate with QR TIGER for business and marketing

Social media QR code to connect all your apps

Social media QR codeSocial media QR codes allow people to store social media links, e-commerce links, and delivery apps in one QR code.

It can boost their internet exposure, especially if the company uses social media or e-commerce sites like Etsy.

When clients scan the QR code, they’ll be redirected to a mobile-optimized landing page with all their social media and company pages.

They can tap their cellphones to follow or browse your business pages. Users can add a video preview, YouTube videos, meta tags, and store business hours to their QR code.

Scanning a social media QR code will take you to a web page that links and connects all your social media channels and digital resources.

So, it will be easier for people to follow, subscribe to, and like you on your social media platforms.

Business card QR code 

Vcard QR codeAdd QR codes to your business cards so your clients can quickly get more information about you. You can link your social media accounts with the QR code on your card.

It will make you more well-known and improve your chances of getting new customers and business partners.

For example, vCard QR codes in healthcare is a dynamic solution for healthcare providers containing information from an electronic business card.

The QR code can contain various basic details, including contact details, an address, affiliation with a company or organization, social media profiles, a website, an email address, and much more.

When the vCard is scanned using a smartphone device, the scanner can immediately download your contact information on their smartphone device.

By also using the bulk vCard QR code feature you can add multiple QR codes on one page for seamless production.

File QR code to digitize documents

File QR codeWhen someone scans a file QR code with a smartphone, he will be taken automatically to a document or file you have embedded into the QR code, which will show up on the user’s phone.

It could be a PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Mp4, or many other files.

Menu QR code

Menu QR code

A menu QR code is a QR code solution wherein restaurant owners can digitize their restaurant menus.

Create your landing page with the H5 editor QR code

H5 editor QR codeAn H5 editor QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that lets you make your landing page without buying a domain name or hosting site.

Using it can tell people that scanning the QR code will automatically open these landing pages.

These pages work like a URL or a QR code for a website, but they are customized and made for mobile use.

Image gallery QR code

Image QR code

In addition to being able to make a landing page, the H5 editor QR code solution can also be used to make an image gallery.

Image gallery QR code is a solution that makes it easy to share many images by just sending out a single QR code.

Multi-URL QR code

Multi URL QR codeA  A multi-URL QR code is a dynamic QR code that can store several links or URLs in a single QR code, redirecting people based on specific parameters, like time, location, number of scans, and language.

App Store QR code

App store QR codeAn app store QR code is a dynamic solution that connects the user straight to the device’s default app store to maximize the number of app downloads.

For instance, an eSport game can easily promote their app using an eSport QR code that directs users to the app’s download page on the app shop when scanned (IOS or Android).

Why choose dynamic QR codes? Advanced features of dynamic QR you need

One good thing about dynamic QR codes is that they are more user-friendly than static QR codes. As mentioned above, users can track their scanning activity and edit the URL or the content that has been embedded in it.

In that case, users can save time, money, and effort as they no longer need to print another QR code when they edit its content.

Stated below are the best and most advanced features of a dynamic QR code:

Content is editable

Editable QR codeUsers who generate dynamic QR codes can easily change the URL embedded in a QR code. And when he wants to share different content, he no longer has to generate and print a new QR code.

Users can track data

Trackable QR codeAside from being able to edit its content, you can also track its scanning activity.

If you are a user and want to track your QR code’s scanning activity, you have to generate it in dynamic form. Unlike static QR codes, there are a lot of things you can do with dynamic QR codes.

Aside from being able to edit its content, you can also track its scanning activity.

QR code tracking analytics allows you to understand how your target audience behaves towards your QR code campaign and if you are getting QR code scans. 

Retarget tool feature

QR code retarget tool featureWith the Google Tag Manager retargeting feature of QR TIGER, you can keep track of people who have scanned your QR codes and show them ads again.

So, QR TIGER Google Tag Manager retarget tool acts as one of your GTM containers, letting you track and retarget your customers’ behavior.

After your customers scan the QR codes, QR TIGER’s retargeting feature will track them and repeatedly show them relevant content.

You will be able to use the information to make ads and campaigns that are more targeted.

Email scan notification

Email notificationWhen a dynamic QR code is generated, the owner will receive a notification when someone scans his QR code.

In addition, the notification will be sent automatically to the QR code owner’s email address.

QR code expiry feature

QR code expiry featureWhen a user creates a dynamic QR code, the expiration date can be set.

Password-protected QR codes

Password protected QR codesWhen a scanner enters the correct password into the scanner’s input area, the content or information included in the QR code can be accessed and displayed.

Access to QR TIGER’s dashboard

QR code dashbboardOnce you generate a dynamic QR code, you can access QR TIGER QR code generator dashboard, wherein you can see the top 10 QR code campaigns, the updated watchlist, and access to resources.

Organize QR codes in a folder

organize QR codes in a folder With the folder section, users can organize their QR codes into folders. They can add a folder and differentiate their QR codes from there.

Additionally, even if a user deletes a folder, the QR code will remain in it.

Reset QR code scans

Reset QR code scansNowadays, practically all business sectors use QR codes.

If your QR code has fewer than 20 scans and you want to know how many people scanned it for a specific campaign, excluding test scans, you can quickly reset it.

Create your customized QR codes now with QR TIGER QR code software

QR TIGER is an advanced QR code generator that gives you several options and allows you to design your QR codes, including the layout and design you like best.

Moreover, it is also an ISO-certified QR code generator that assures you to protect your personal information and the information you place in your QR code, even if it’s static.

Use QR TIGER QR code generator now to create a free QR code with a logo and try it out yourself.

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