5 Convincing Reasons to Invest in a QR Code Badge

Update:  December 02, 2023
5 Convincing Reasons to Invest in a QR Code Badge

If you’ve been to a concert, conference, or large event lately, you might have noticed something unique—a QR code badge.

This emerging trend isn’t just an accessory; QR code badges provide attendees with a hassle-free, efficient, and secure event experience, while event organizers benefit from streamlined operations and valuable data insights.

With one quick scan, you can view attendees’ contact information, access event details, or even allow or restrict entry to different parts of the event.

Using a reliable QR code generator, you can create QR badges to ensure quick registration and verification processes. You can be confident that event stages are well-coordinated and everything runs smoothly. 

Excited to learn more? Discover why you should use QR codes for badges below. 

What is a QR code badge?

A QR code badge is a modern, digital solution that enhances networking, information accessibility, and event management at various gatherings, making it a convenient and versatile tool for event attendees and organizers.

It contains information about the bearer, such as their name, title, company, and contact details. Making it one of the best event marketing tools today. 

When someone scans the event badge QR code using a mobile device, it instantly retrieves and displays this information. These codes are a digital alternative to traditional printed name badges and passes.

Additionally, event organizers can use QR codes to streamline registration, monitor attendance, and provide up-to-date event information.

Why you should invest in an event badge QR code 

1. Enhanced access to information

vCard QR codeThese badges offer instant access to crucial information, eliminating the need for lengthy introductions or manual data entry

With a scan, you can effortlessly share your contact details and company information and even access event-specific details like schedules and venue maps.

2. Streamline event check-in

Gone are the days of standing in long lines at event check-ins. QR codes provide a frictionless registration process. 

Attendees can breeze through the entry points with a quick badge scanning system, reducing wait times and ensuring a smooth check-in experience. 

For event organizers, this means contactless check in using QR codes, shorter queues, happier attendees, and an overall more efficient event operation.

3. Efficient networking

Networking is pivotal at any event, and with the convenience of a vCard QR code displayed on badges, connecting seamlessly becomes the norm.

Instead of grappling with physical business cards or manually entering contact details, attendees can effortlessly scan each other's badges.

In the realm of networking tools, the comparison between NFC technology vs digital business cards is noteworthy.

NFC technology stands out by providing a smooth and contactless exchange of information, thereby revolutionizing the networking experience in the digital age.

This digital evolution serves as an efficient icebreaker, accelerating the connection-making process and facilitating meaningful interactions with fellow event-goers. 

4. Improve event security 

Event QR codeSecurity is a top priority at events, and an engraved QR code on badges adds an extra layer of protection. These unique codes can be personalized with attendee information, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access restricted areas.

Event organizers can also track attendee movements and interactions using a secure QR code generator, helping ensure a safe event environment.

5. Gather data insights

Event organizers thrive on data insights, and dynamic QR codes are the gateway to this information.

These badges can collect data on attendee interactions and engagements. It allows them to view the total number of QR code scans, the user’s device, and which entry point has the most scans, providing crucial information for post-event analysis. 

By also integrating NFT ticketing, the organizers establish a unique, secure, and verifiable access system for attendees. 

This data-driven approach helps organizers make informed decisions to improve future events.

How to create bulk QR codes for badges using a QR code generator

With the help of professional QR code software like QR TIGER, you can transform your event badges into powerful digital tools. 

Follow these steps to create QR codes that enhance information access, streamline networking, and offer an innovative event experience: 

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and log in to your account
  2. Click the Bulk QR option on the topmost banner

Note: You must subscribe to our Advanced and Premium plans to use this feature. It’s a cost-efficient investment

  1. Choose and download a CSV template, input the necessary information, and upload the file. 
  2. Select Dynamic QR and click Generate QR code
  3. Customize your QR code. You can:
  • Modify the pattern, eye shape, and color 
  • Add a logo and frame 
  • Include a call to action
  1. Run a test scan. If it works, click Download Bulk QR code

Note: You will receive a .zip file containing your bulk QR codes. You can extract and print the codes on your badges.

Keep your event badges relevant and secure with bulk dynamic QR codes

The shift towards using bulk dynamic QR codes to create event badges is not just a trend. 

It addresses manual attendee check-ins’ error-prone process, providing a streamlined solution that enhances efficiency and accuracy during large-scale events.

Unlike static ones, these QR codes offer real-time, flexible, and engaging solutions that enhance the event experience for attendees and organizers. 

Here’s why you should consider using dynamic QR codes for your event badges:

Real-time updates

Static QR codes embed the data into its pattern, while dynamic QR codes store links on a server, allowing users to modify the linked content as needed. 

This means that if event schedules change, new speakers are added, or venue locations shift, dynamic QR codes can be updated promptly. 

Attendees consistently have access to the most current and precise information, ensuring a smooth and up-to-date event experience.

Track data 

Another amazing feature of dynamic QR codes is their ability to provide invaluable insights. You can view the total number of scans, details about the user’s device and location, and the precise scan time.

This rich dataset empowers event organizers to understand attendee behavior and preferences better. 

With a dynamic QR code generator, you can fine-tune your strategy to meet attendee expectations and provide an even more enjoyable and engaging experience. 

Receive email notifications

Dynamic QR codes offer the advantage of email notifications, providing event organizers with valuable insights into attendee engagement. 

By receiving email notifications, organizers can monitor the interactions and gather data on the most popular parts of the event. 

This helps gauge attendee interest and provides an opportunity for timely follow-ups, allowing event planners to stay connected and provide added value to attendees even after the event has concluded.

Add password protection

Event organizers may sometimes need to secure specific content linked to QR codes, such as sensitive information or exclusive access to certain sessions. 

Dynamic ID badges with QR codes allow for the addition of password protection to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the content. 

This feature enhances the security of your event while preserving the integrity of the information you wish to protect. It’s particularly useful for events with confidential data or VIP sessions.

Set expiry

Dynamic QR codes also offer the flexibility of setting expiration dates for the links they connect to. This is especially useful for events with changing schedules or time-sensitive content. 

By configuring an expiry date, you can ensure that attendees will only have access to the information during the event’s duration, reducing confusion or accidental access to outdated data after the event concludes. 

It’s a handy tool to maintain the relevance and accuracy of the information provided through your QR codes.

Geofencing feature

Beyond attendee engagement, event organizers can gather valuable data through geofencing

By monitoring attendee movements and interactions within the venue, organizers can gain insights into which areas are the most popular or how long attendees spend in different zones.

This data informs decision-making for future events, allowing organizers to optimize layouts, scheduling, and content to better cater to attendee preferences.

Best tips to remember when using customized ID badge with QR codes

QR codes have become indispensable event tools, offering a world of convenience and functionality. 

Whether you’re an attendee or an event organizer, here are some essential tips to ensure you make the most of these dynamic badges:

1. Use the appropriate size

Size matters when it comes to QR codes. Ensure the QR code on your badge is large enough to be easily scanned but not so large that it overwhelms the design. 

The rule of thumb is that your QR code size should be at least 2×2 centimeters.

2. Don’t mix light colors

A QR code badge works best when they contrast highly with the background. Avoid using light colors or pastels for your QR code, as they can make scanning difficult. 

Dark-colored QR codes on a light background generally work best.

3. QR code placement

Where you place the QR code on the badge matters. Position it in a visible and easily accessible area, ensuring attendees can quickly scan it without removing the badge. 

The ideal spot is typically the bottom of the badge or in one of the corners.

4. Do a test scan

Before printing a large batch of badges, do a test scan to ensure the ID badge with the QR code works as intended. 

This step helps you catch any errors in the code or design and guarantees that attendees will have a smooth experience.

5. Provide accurate information

Ensure that the information linked to the QR code is up-to-date and accurate. If the QR code directs users to a website or an app, verify that the linked content is relevant to the event or organization. Accuracy is key to providing value to badge users.

6. Add a frame with a call-to-action

Enhance the visual appeal of your badges by adding a frame around the QR code. It makes the code stand out and offers space for a call-to-action (CTA). 

Through a CTA, you can encourage users to scan the code for more information or exclusive offers.

Transform your events using a dynamic QR code badge with QR TIGER

A QR code badge is a practical solution that delivers real-time flexibility, heightened engagement, and access to invaluable data insights. 

These badges represent your ticket to elevating your events, making them more engaging, secure, and data-driven. 

With QR codes, you can streamline the check-in process, gather valuable attendee data, and even offer interactive experiences during your events.

When it comes to harnessing the full potential of dynamic QR codes, QR TIGER stands out as the best QR code software. 

Explore the advantages of QR TIGER’s bulk QR code generator for your next event, and sign up for an account today.


How do I add a QR code to my name badge?

You can generate customized QR codes for your name badge using reliable QR code software. You can modify these QR codes to share your contact information, add links to social media profiles, or other relevant details, allowing you to make connections effortlessly.

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