7 Smart Places to Add a QR Code Icon for Maximum Scans

Update:  June 21, 2024
7 Smart Places to Add a QR Code Icon for Maximum Scans

A QR code icon serves as a visual prompt for users to scan and uncover the hidden world of information encoded within the QR code.

Strategically placing QR icons alongside clear calls to action can convert your marketing materials into interactive portals, boosting engagement and achieving your marketing goals.

This article explores the power of QR codes, from understanding what these icons mean to showing you exactly where to place them for maximum engagement.

Additionally, we'll explore how to craft a custom QR code using the best QR code generator and even delve into some creative campaign ideas to make those scans skyrocket.

What is a QR icon?

Different QR code designs are stealing the spotlight nowadays, offering a visually captivating method to bridge the physical and digital realms.

Enter the icon version, a refined interpretation that adds a touch of visual flair. Imagine the familiar squares condensed and adorned with design elements such as borders or vibrant pops of color.

These icons are crafted to blend seamlessly into diverse marketing materials without overshadowing the overall design.

Unlocking the benefits of using an icon QR code

QR code icon advantages

Here’s how QR codes boost your campaigns beyond basic scans:

  1. Attention-grabbing appeal: A well-designed QR code captures attention and clearly communicates the scanning purpose. It functions as a miniature billboard, sparking user curiosity and encouraging interaction.
  2. Space-savvy solution: It offers a compact solution that enables you to incorporate scannable features without compromising on design space.
  3. Seamless scannability: The icons highlight the scannable code and complement it without overshadowing its visibility, resulting in a seamless and efficient scanning process for users.
  4. Design harmony: It creates a unified visual experience, reinforcing brand recognition and amplifying your marketing message.
  5. Data-driven insights: Most QR code software's tracking feature helps you understand user behavior, assess campaign effectiveness, and enhance your strategy for upcoming campaigns.

How to generate a custom QR code using the best QR code generator 

Here’s how you can create your own customized QR code using QR TIGER, an advanced QR code software, in just 7 simple steps:

  1. Head over to QR TIGER website.
  2. Select a QR code solution (e.g., URL, File, Event).
  3. Enter the required information.
  4. Choose between Static or Dynamic QR code and generate.
  5. Customize your QR code with your chosen color palette or add a frame to make it visually appealing. Alternatively, you can use any of the ready-made templates available.
  6. Test the functionality to make sure it operates smoothly.
  7. Lastly, choose a file format (e.g., QR code PNG or SVG format) and click "Download" to save it.

Pro tips: 

QR TIGER offers a free plan that lets you create basic static QR codes. This plan is perfect for personal use or for trying out the platform before making a commitment. 

However, for advanced features, such as dynamic QR codes that let you update data later, high-resolution downloads, and analytics tracking, you should consider upgrading to a paid plan.

Additionally, when customizing your QR code, make sure the designs don’t compromise its scannability. Maintain a good balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Clever QR code icon placements: A guide to maximum scans

Placing a QR code on random places won’t drive the results you need. To maximize scans and engagement, you must adopt a strategic approach that includes making your QR codes eye-catching and accessible.

Here are some strategic QR code placements across various touchpoints:

Business cards

Vcard QR code

Upgrade your business card strategy by incorporating a strategically positioned QR code. 

You can create a vCard QR code that holds all your contact info— name, email, phone number— ready to be scanned and saved directly onto someone's phone.

Moreover, generating bulk QR codes saves you precious time and simplifies your networking endeavors.

But if you want to take things a step further, you can maintain the traditional business card contact details while adding a “Connect with me” call to action next to a QR code icon. 

This code can direct users to a landing page showcasing your extensive digital presence, from online portfolios to social media profiles. 

Think of it as a centralized hub for potential connections, leaving a memorable impression. 

Additional tip: Personalize your QR code with initials or a small logo for added brand recognition.

Product packaging

Product packaging usually displays the basic product details and branding. Adding a QR code can turn static boxes into interactive experiences.

For instance, adding a video QR code lets your scanners unlock a captivating video showcasing your product in action or transport them to detailed user guides. 

But QR codes offer more than just a digital spectacle, they serve as a gateway to deeper engagement. 

Instead of mundane product details, consider pairing an icon QR code with a compelling call to action that ignites interest, such as “Unlock exclusive rewards” or “Explore sustainability efforts.” 

This link could unveil hidden rewards, provide in-depth insights into your brand's environmental initiatives, or any other content that strengthens your bond with customers. 

Marketing materials

QR codes in marketing materials can be the secret weapon you have been missing. Take flyers, for example. Traditionally, they feature products and services with static text and images.

However, by integrating QR codes, you can transform these static elements into dynamic portals. 

A simple scam can direct viewers to a dedicated landing page packed with extra information, social media connections, or even a signup form. 

That’s the magic of QR codes – they turn your marketing materials into interactive experiences, empowering passive observers to become active participants in your brand story.

Storefront displays

Traditionally, storefront windows display products and promotions in a one-way street of information, making window shopping seem like a passive activity. 

However, with QR codes, you can turn those curious glances into instant customer connections.

Imagine a passerby catching a glimpse of a cool QR code display—that's an instant conversion from window shopper to potential customer!

They can scan the QR code for products to view a 3D model, watch helpful tutorials, or even share their feedback. 

This way, your window display becomes more than just a visual attraction; it becomes a gateway that entices passersby to explore the exciting world inside your store.

Event tickets and badges

QR code for events

Events tickets and badges are a must, but paper ones can be a hassle to use. 

Incorporating QR codes can help streamline the process, enabling quick check-ins with a simple scan.

QR codes offer even more benefits. Add a QR code with a clear call to action, such as "Download Event Schedule" or "Connect with Fellow Attendees." 

Link it to downloadable schedules, interactive maps, or a forum for attendee interaction. This approach not only simplifies the experience but also fosters connections and keeps the event buzz alive.

Menus and restaurant tables

Physical menus can accumulate dirt and need constant cleaning, which affects both hygiene and operational efficiency.

A QR code menu provides a cleaner alternative, directing diners to digital menus that can be easily updated with seasonal items or price changes.

Additionally, QR codes can enhance the dining experience by including clear calls to action, such as "View Nutritional Information" or "Leave a Review."

These links can lead to detailed nutritional information, online ordering for quicker service, or customer satisfaction surveys. 

This not only creates a more interactive dining experience but also gathers valuable customer feedback to improve future visits.

It's a win-win for both restaurants and diners, giving a more hygienic option paired with increased convenience and engagement opportunities. 

Email signatures

Enhancing your email signature has never been simpler. Adding a QR code provides a subtle yet sophisticated way to offer additional access points and make a memorable impression.

This strategy seamlessly extends the functionality of an email signature by including a scannable icon that links to your website, social media profiles, online portfolio, or even a subscription form. 

Imagine the recipient simply scanning the QR code on screen with their smartphone camera to access this information; it functions like a digital business card, conveniently placed at the bottom of every email you send.

When incorporating this, balance is crucial—make sure the QR code is small enough to keep the signature uncluttered but large enough to scan easily.

Real-world examples: QR codes in action

Examples of using QR codes

Let's dive into some real-world examples that showcase the power and versatility of QR codes in action:

McDonald’s Playmobil Wiltopia Happy Meal 

McDonald's Happy Meals joined forces with Playmobil Wiltopia to craft an exciting adventure for their 2024 April-May limited-time Happy Meal. 

Each Happy Meal offers a choice between a Playmobil Wiltopia toy and a beautifully illustrated book. 

These Playmobil figures showcase a range of captivating animals from the Wiltopia universe, including lions, polar bears, green turtles, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, caimans, orangutans, and wolves.

But the excitement doesn't end there. Each toy and book boasts a unique QR code strategically placed on the figurines' boxes.

Simply scan the code with your smartphone camera or a dedicated QR code scanner app to be transported to a dedicated web page.

Here, children can embark on interactive quests, delve into fascinating facts about various animals, and even enjoy captivating videos. 

It's a delightful way to prolong the Happy Meal experience and inspire a love for wildlife conservation.


Ikea is taking its checkout process to a whole new level with its new QR code system.  

Imagine this: after navigating the store and grabbing your favorite items, you are ready to pay. Instead of waiting in line, simply scan a conveniently placed QR code with your phone.  

This code, strategically located near the checkout areas, will direct you to a secure mobile payment portal. 

This innovative system seamlessly integrates technology with the in-store experience, creating a smarter and more efficient shopping journey.

Join the growing movement campaign by Heinz

Heinz turned to QR codes to promote their eco-friendly PlantBottle ketchup. 

The campaign capitalized on the code's capacity to connect physical packaging with the digital realm. Heinz strategically positioned QR codes directly on their restaurant-sized ketchup bottles.

This strategic placement ensured maximum visibility for consumers while preserving the iconic Heinz label design. 

By scanning the code, customers were directed to a mobile app where they could commit to being more environmentally responsible. 

For each pledge made and shared, Heinz planted a tree, transforming their packaging message into a compelling call to action. 

This innovative use of QR codes not only educated consumers about Heinz's sustainability initiatives but also motivated them to engage in a positive environmental cause.

Advanced QR code strategies to boost campaigns

Let’s dive into five strategies that will take your campaigns from standard to spectacular:

Dynamic QR code icons

Static QR codes work well for simple tasks like linking to a website. However, for a more flexible solution, dynamic QR codes are the way to go.

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic ones allow you to update the information they link to even after printing.

For example, if you include dynamic QR codes on posters or flyers for a seasonal sale, you can easily update the linked website address as prices change throughout the season without reprinting the flyers. 

This feature saves both time and money. And beyond cost efficiency, dynamic QR codes enable you to keep your content or links fresh and relevant

They also offer real-time scan data, providing valuable insights into user behavior, such as location, scan time, and device used. 

This detailed data helps you analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and refine your strategies for maximum impact.

Personalization and customization

An advanced QR code generator lets you personalize and customize your codes to align with your brand identity and boost user engagement. 

Imagine integrating your QR code with logo or using a color scheme that complements your marketing materials. You can even add creative frames or borders to make your QR codes visually appealing.

 After all, a cool-looking QR code is much more likely to be scanned than a plain one, wouldn’t you agree?

Interactive campaigns using QR code icons

QR codes can serve as much more than just gateways to information; they can create interactive experiences that captivate your audience. 

Imagine a scavenger hunt where QR codes are hidden around a location, each revealing a clue or challenge. 

The first team to scan all the codes and complete the tasks wins. QR codes can also enhance product exploration. 

Attach them to packaging, and users can scan them to access hidden recipes, assembly instructions, or exclusive offers, boosting your engagement and brand loyalty. 

Social media cross-promotion

Social media is a marketing powerhouse, and QR codes can amplify its impact. 

Picture a QR code on a billboard that not only links to a website but also connects users to a specific social media hashtag. 

When users scan the code, they are prompted to take photos and share them online with the hashtag, boosting your brand's reach and encouraging user-generated content. 

Similarly, placing QR codes on event flyers can direct people to your event page or social media accounts, offering essential details, updates, ticketing options, or even live streams, keeping your audience engaged throughout the event cycle.

Integration with other technologies using an advanced QR code generator

QR codes work exceptionally well with other technologies to create powerful marketing experiences.

Here’s where advanced QR code software comes in. It allows for the creation of visually captivating icons that grab attention and enables the integration of features that unlock even more possibilities.

For example, integrating QR codes with Augmented Reality (AR) can boost engagement to new heights. 

Picture scanning a QR code on product packaging, witnessing it spring to life in 3D, or scanning a code in a magazine ad to virtually test clothing or makeup. 

The potential is boundless! By merging QR codes with such technologies, you can craft a seamless and interactive experience that keeps your audience engaged and encourages them to return.

QR codes: Your key to engagement and insights

Incorporating a QR code icon into your marketing efforts can help grab attention and unlock their potential as powerful marketing tools for engagement and data collection.

From dynamic updates to interactive experiences, personalized to location-based targeting, QR codes hold boundless possibilities. 

Let your creativity run wild. Try out an advanced QR code generator with logo like QR TIGER, and prepare to unlock a whole new level of engagement and valuable insights from your QR code campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

Is QR code a symbol?

QR codes can be considered as both symbols and codes. Visually, they appear only as a black-and-white pattern, but like a symbol, they conceal something valuable: data. 

When scanned, it unveils this data, much like how a written symbol can stand for a word or idea. In essence, it's a symbol that doubles as a code for storing information.

How to put a logo on a QR code? 

To add a logo to a QR code effortlessly, use a QR code software equipped with a logo feature. These convenient online platforms enable you to simply upload your logo and position it directly onto the QR code.

What is a QR code scanner?

A code scanner acts as a digital interpreter for the distinctive black-and-white squares found on posters, packaging, or business cards. 

The scanner decodes the code's pattern using your smartphone camera or a specialized app, unveiling its stored information.

Brands using QR codes
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