How to Create Customized and Printable QR Code Labels

Last updated:   March 21, 2023

Printable QR code labels are usually attached to product packaging, flyers, brochures, and offline (and even online) marketing materials that leads to an online information when you scan it. 

Once QR codes are generated and attached to these marketing channels, they redirect users to online information  by scanning it using a smartphone. m

QR code labels not only function in offline marketing materials, but this powerful digital element can also be displayed and accessible from an online screen when also scanned, making them a flexible tool to use in both ways. 

But how can you make customized and printable QR code labels? Read this article to find out. 

What are QR code labels?

QR code labelsPutting a label to your QR code gives users an understanding what your QR code campaign is all about.

If you put a label or call-to-action in your QR code that says "Scan to watch a video" or "Scan to download file"  this will give them an idea what to see or expect when they scan your QR code. 

These codes are embedded with a piece of information that is generated using a QR code generator online. 

But what information can you store using these codes? Well, multiple! 

The beauty of QR codes are invented to store any type of information.

However, each code must possess specific information to redirect scanners to that when scanned using a mobile device. 

For example if you want to convert your PDF file into a QR code, you can create a PDF QR code for that. 

If you want to redirect your scanners to your online shop, you can create a URL QR code.

This means you simply generate the URL of your online shop and generate that into a QR code.

QR codes have many different QR solutions for a specific need.

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Static vs. dynamic QR code: Which one is better for your QR labels?

While you can generate a specific QR code solution for your labels for a particular landing page you want to redirect your scanners, there are only two types of QR codes you can generate your QR codes with: it’s either your QR code solution will be static or dynamic. 

But what is the difference between the two? 

Static QR code

static QR code

When you create your QR code label in a static QR code or form, the information embedded in your QR code label cannot be:

  • Edited 
  • And tracked
  • the data you can embed is limited 
  • the data is stored in the graphics of the code, making it limited

Dynamic QR code

dynamic QR code

  • can be edited even though the QR has been printed or deployed 
  • enables you to track your QR code scans
  • the information that can be stored is unlimited
  • the data is stored in the QR code generator dashboard 
  • has password-protection feature of your QR code 
  • has an expiry feature 
  • has google tag manager and google analytics integration 
  • has email scans notification feature

For example, if you have generated a PDF QR code as your QR code for labels, you can redirect or replace your QR code label information with another file. 

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A PDF QR code is under the File QR category solution.

The file category solution houses different files such as a PDF, MP4, MP3, PowerPoint file, excel, GIF, and many other types of files. 

With that being said, if your QR code for labels redirects to a PDF file QR code, you can edit your PDF file to another file type whether that is another PDF, an MP4 file, an MP3 file, and so much more. (as it is all under the file QR code category.)

Editing the content of your dynamic QR code solutions

editable QR codeYour dynamic QR codes are stored in the QR code generator dashboard.

To edit your QR code, click on the track data button and click on the categorized solution where your QR codes may be under in one of those categories. 

If you have made a PDF QR code, click on the file category and quickly replace your file. 

Tracking the content of your dynamic QR code solution

trackable QR code
  • number of scans and you can also filter that data from years, months, weeks, or days, 
  • the location of your scanners
  • the device used to scan your QR code
  • and the map view where you got your QR scans 

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How to create customized and printable QR code labels

  • Go to
  • Select the solution you need 
  • Upload the corresponding data needed to generate your QR codes 
  • Click dynamic instead of static. 
  • Click “generate QR code.”
  • Personalize your QR code 
  • Do a scan test before downloading and printing.

How to use your printed QR code labels: A detailed guide

On product tag labels and packaging that leads to a video content

video QR code label

Human beings are visual. With that being said, you can better do a better engagement with your customers by using printable QR code stickers as labels on your packaging and leads them to a video file using a video QR code. 

It could be an introductory video of your product, video content of how it is manufactured, etc. 

QR codes that lead to a specific file content

Other file types such as word, excel PDF, image files, MP3 can also be generated using a QR code. 

Using the file QR code, you can also embed any of these file types and present that certain information to your smartphone scanners. 

For example, you can redirect your customers to detailed information about your product or service that leads them to a how-to guide using a PDF QR code in your product label. 

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QR code labels that redirect to download your app

app QR code label

App stores QR code once scanned, this will redirect them to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, where they can download your app right away without having to look for you in the marketplace of both devices. 

Lead them to your company’s website 

Generate a URL QR code for your website and boost your website’s traffic. 

Expand your social media presence using a social media QR code

social media QR code label

Any marketer needs to have a solid presence in the social media world, whether in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and many more, to establish their brand and build relationships with the online community.

After all, most of the purchases and brand interactions are already making a shift online. 

But did you know that you can increase and boost your social media follows and presence by generating a social media QR code?

Social media QR code links all of your social media networks. When scanned, it will show all of your online platforms on the user’s smartphone screen. 

Thus, you can cross-pollinate your accounts and encourage your scanners to like, follow or subscribe to your social media page for a time-to-time update and promos! 

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Create your own QR landing QR page 

QR code landing page labels

Creating a website takes a lot of time, money, and resources, such as having to buy for your own domain name and hosting.

If you want to build a quick landing page set-up, you can generate a QR code for a customized landing page using the H5 QR code editor as an alternative. 

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Maximize your networking opportunity using the vCard QR code 

Usually, vCard QR codes are integrated into traditional business cards to maximize a marketer’s networking opportunities. 

Furthermore, this also serves as a gateway for them to make their business cards work and be a marketing tool. 

However, vCard QR codes are not only limited to printing it along with somebody’s business card. But you can also use it as your QR code labels or printable QR code stickers to grow your network!

vcard QR code label

Generating a vCard QR code allows you to show your recipients’ rich details about yourself, and they can also download your contact right on their smartphones after scanning it! 

You can generate the vCard QR code and use it as a QR label in your product marketing materials. 

Multi URL QR code for your target audience with various languages. 

Supposed you are exporting your products to different countries.

In that case, you can use a multi URL QR code language feature that will redirect them to a customized landing page that is according to your audience’s language set-up. 

This feature is a powerful tool that can redirect your scanners to a webpage that is set to their own language. 

qr code for language

Take note, that you can redirect them to a certain webpage by just scanning and using one QR code.

You don’t need to generate many of them!  

Using the multi-URL QR code feature, you can add a separate landing pages for your international customers that caters to their own language. 

For example, if you export from China, France, Brazil, or England.

You will create a landing pages for each one of these according to their own language.

To do this, go to the multi URL QR code language feature and add the URLs that is made for your international audience. 

After adding, you can click the generate QR code button, and your Multi URL QR code language solution has been created.

That QR code will redirect them based on their phone’s language set-up. 

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QR code labels for inventory

Label your equipment or products and categorized them using the QR codes.  

QR code labels for boxes 

QR code labels for boxes

QR code labels for your storage boxes can help you organize and determine what files you have place or store in that particular storage box. And so, it helps you find things easier without rummaging over it. 

QR code labels for storage bins

To keep similar items in one area while keeping those items separate from other pieces of equipment or items, you can use printable QR code stickers or labels to categorized those units of spaces in your storage bins in a warehouse or in your home. 

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Give a digital element to your product using QR codes today

Like QR codes can be used as stickers in product packaging, QR codes can also work as your product label to give a digital element and leverage customer interaction with your products and services. 

It increases brand recognition and establishes retention among your customers. 

To know more about using QR codes as labels, you can also contact us now for more information. 

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