How to Use a QR Code on Women’s Day Celebrations and Activities

By:  Roselle
Update:  August 03, 2023
How to Use a QR Code on Women’s Day Celebrations and Activities

A QR code on Women’s Day is the perfect digital tool to make this international celebration more meaningful, special, and engaging.

Every 8th March, the world commemorates women’s social, cultural, economic, and political achievements. It also marks a call to action to accelerate women’s equality.

It’s time to spotlight women worldwide and celebrate their strength and intelligence, and one brilliant way to do this is to integrate QR codes using a QR code generator. 

But how can you pull this off? This article will serve as your guide. Learn more below.

13 ways to use a QR code on Women’s Day celebrations

Womens day QR code

Here are some ideas on how you can maximize the use of QR codes to celebrate Women’s Day:

1. Event promotions

You can create QR codes for your event using a QR code maker to promote special ones such as International Women’s Day.

Create a video QR code promoting the event or providing additional information related to the event. This way, people can effortlessly access event information, encouraging them to join.

2. Event Registration

A QR code can eliminate the lengthy and hassle-filled process of joining the event. 

You can create a URL QR code that leads users to your website or landing page that contains promotional campaigns about your event and a contactless event registration system.

For registration forms, you can create a Google Form QR code so they can fill up the form by scanning the code.

3. Digital invites and tickets

Go eco-friendly this upcoming Women’s Day by incorporating QR codes into digital invitation cards or tickets for the event.

Creating customized e-invitations or e-tickets lets you cut costs as it eliminates the need to print many invitation cards or tickets.

The PDF QR code is a suitable solution for this use case. Upon scanning the QR code, attendees can view or download a file containing the invitation or ticket.

4. Quick guides to event venues

Encourage more people to show up to the actual event by giving people accurate directions to venues with a location QR code.

It enhances their overall experience of joining the event by giving them a specific location and directions to the place where the event takes place.

5. Product launches

International Women’s Day could also be an opportunity to launch new products, especially those that target women. 

You can create a customized landing page using the H5 page QR code solution. This dynamic QR code lets you build mobile-optimized web pages without coding, programming, or web hosting.

What’s smart about campaigns with dynamic QR codes is that you can effectively measure performance by tracking the code’s scan metrics.

6. Inquiries and concerns

Allow people to contact you instantly and directly by only scanning a QR code.

The email QR code leads scanners to your email address, and you can also add a subject line that will appear right away on the user’s email platform. 

This simple yet innovative solution can automate inquiring about the event. People do not have to search for or type an email address manually.

Event organizers can also create a vCard QR code containing all contact details, including phone numbers, emails, and links to social media and instant messaging platforms.

People can view these details in one scan and save them on their devices.

7. Free WiFi access

Create a WiFi QR code to allow event participants to access the internet easily.

With this QR code solution, you can enhance their experience of joining the event. They only have to scan the code to connect to the WiFi; no more searching and manually typing lengthy and complicated passwords.

8. Interactive displays

For a unique and interactive celebration on Women’s Day, you can create an image gallery featuring various influential women who have made an impact.

Use a QR code for an image gallery to create an interactive display. With a scan, people can access the digital gallery showing photos, famous works or quotes, and other educational information.

9. Announcements and updates

Social media now plays a vital role in information access. People follow their beloved companies to stay updated with the latest announcements and updates.

Take advantage of this and use a social media QR code to let attendees easily find your official accounts and pages.

This dynamic QR code can store multiple social media links.

When people scan it, they’ll find a landing page showing all your socials, with one button for each platform.

Once they’ve followed you, they can quickly receive event notifications on their home feeds. They can also tag you in their posts, boosting your event online.

10. Network with attendees

Take the opportunity to socialize, meet new people, and expand connections during events. Expose your organization and expand your network with a vCard QR code during the event.

You can embed your contact details with an option to include all your social media links, allowing people to reach you on different platforms.

11. Cashless payments

Many people now prefer cashless payments as they’re more convenient, and QR codes can help create a cashless and contactless payment system.

You can create a URL QR code for payments to ensure a smooth transaction.

12. Feedback

Honest reviews and comments from attendees can help event organizers improve their services. But encouraging people to give their feedback can be challenging.

You can create a feedback form or survey questionnaire via Google Forms. After that, simply copy its link and embed it in a Google Form QR code.

Attendees only have to scan the QR code to access the form, and they can fill it out using their smartphones. This removes the tedious pen-and-paper feedback process.

This way, you can effectively and efficiently gather feedback regarding the event. Plus, it encourages more people to participate since it is convenient for them.

13. Interactive games or scavenger hunts

Make the most of Women’s Day by arranging interactive games or scavenger hunts.

Event organizers can set up unique QR codes at different locations, and the first attendee to scan them all wins a special prize.

They can also embed two to three words in each QR code, and participants need to scan each one so they can form a slogan or catchphrase about the event.

QR codes on International Women’s Day event ideas and activities

Womens day event ideas

Bring excitement to the International Women’s Day celebration with QR codes. Hold exciting events, and arrange fun activities everyone can enjoy.

Take a look at these event ideas you can try out:

Award ceremony for inspiring women

Plan an awarding ceremony that uplifts the women in your organization or community. Awards that specifically highlight the ways in which women inspire, motivate, and support one another. Remember to make the event inclusive.

Bring excitement to the event by creating a voting poll using a Google Form QR code. Event participants can nominate and vote for the nominees in just a scan.

Working moms talks and forums

Many women feel pressured to balance their careers with raising their children.

You can set up a gathering where women are encouraged to talk about the societal and familial pressures they are experiencing. Also, let them share their stories and inspire others.

After the forum, you can hand out giveaways, vouchers, or certificates using QR codes.

Arts exhibit and festival

Showcase female talents by featuring female artists’ works through an online arts festival.

Include staff, artists, and maker speeches and workshops.

Nonprofit institutions can benefit from this event, including galleries, museums, and arts organizations.

During and after the event, you can create an image gallery QR code to showcase their creative work of art or show the behind-the-scenes.

You can also have a live stream for the event, so those who cannot attend can still enjoy the arts.

Female artist lectures

Have female artists talk about their work, inspiration, and the difficulties and double standards they face in the industry. 

The London Drawing Group, for example, has held seminars covering different subjects, including how to balance being a mother and an artist.

You can create a URL QR code for an accessible online folder, where they can access books, handouts, or any resources related to the lectures by scanning the code.

Livelihood workshops

A brilliant way to empower women and celebrate International Women’s Day is to hold workshops that provide livelihood opportunities to women, especially those marginalized, like single moms and women of color.

Immerse the workshop participants in technology by using QR codes during the training.

You can create a URL QR code or PDF QR code for the instructional materials or certifications, which they can access using their mobile phone.

Why you should use dynamic QR codes for Women’s Day events and celebrations

Womens day event campaign

QR codes come in two main types: static and dynamic.

Static QR codes are permanent; you can no longer change their data, and you’d have to create a new one to add new information. But here’s the good thing: you can scan them unlimitedly.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are advanced type codes. You can edit and update their content even after generating and printing them, and the changes reflect automatically.

QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes have advanced features that make them more helpful and advantageous, especially for marketing campaigns.

Here are the benefits of using dynamic QR codes:

1. Edit the landing page

You can always change the data in real-time; there is no need to create another QR code whenever you want to change the URL or landing page.

With this feature, you can always correct errors and adjust your strategy to improve your campaign.

2. Track scan analytics

You can monitor your campaign’s engagement by tracking your dynamic QR code’s metrics, which include the following:

  • Total number of scans
  • Location of scanners
  • Date and time of scans
  • The operating system of the scanner’s device

These valuable metrics help you accurately assess whether your QR code campaign is working or needs improvement to engage more people.

3. Cost-effective

QR codes are a great option to cut costs. It eliminates the need to reprint or create another set of QR codes to apply changes to your campaign.

And since there’s a lesser need for printing, these codes can help save the environment by reducing paper usage.

4. Expiry

You can set your dynamic QR codes to expire at a specific time and date or upon reaching a particular number of scans. This feature is beneficial for running limited-time QR code promos.

After a QR code has expired, scanners won’t access its data anymore. They’ll only see an ‘error’ page on their smartphones.

You can also reactivate your expired QR codes and reuse them.

5. Email notifications

Once you activate this feature, you will receive email updates on your QR code scans. You can set it to the following frequencies: hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly.

6. Protect with passwords

You can add passwords to your dynamic QR codes. With this extra layer of security, scanners need to enter the correct password before they can access the data.

This feature can prevent data leakage and unauthorized access, especially in workplaces and financial institutions.

How to create a dynamic QR code using the best QR code generator

With QR TIGER, you can easily and quickly create a dynamic QR code that you can integrate into Women’s Day events.

This highly developed QR code generator software online has a clear and user-friendly interface, allowing you to create a QR code with no hassle. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage
  2. Select the type of QR code solution, then enter its required data
  3. Choose Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  4. Customize your QR code’s design, then add logos and a frame with a call to action
  5. Test your QR code, then download it

Note that users must sign up first to avail of the free trial account in order to use dynamic QR codes.

Celebrating Women’s Day with QR codes: Real Uses cases

Hershey’s #HerSheGallery QR code campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day

Remember when Hershey’s released the “Celebrate SHE” packaging during the 2022 Women’s History month? Many users on Twitter thought the brand missed the chance to highlight the “HER” instead.

This was not the first time the brand paid tribute to women worldwide. In 2020, Hershey’s celebrated International Women’s Day using QR codes through the #HerSheGallery campaign.

It showcases the work of musicians, illustrators, poets, photographers, florists, and many other brilliant women. The packaging features the hashtag #HerShe together with portraits of these women.

The product packaging featuring artists Yzalú and Bruna Mendez includes QR codes leading to their latest tracks.

This way, the brand has demonstrated an innovative and creative way to show the value of women by celebrating Women’s Day with a creative product campaign using QR codes.

WestCycle’s QR code treasure hunt challenge for International Women’s Day

WestCycle, a non-profit organization based in Australia that promotes bike riding, opted for an adventurous event for International Women’s Day in 2022. 

For a unique way of celebrating women with QR codes, the organization organized a treasure hunt challenge using QR codes from March 5-13, 2022. They hid the QR codes in different locations across the Perth Metropolitan area.

Participants must ride their bikes while searching for the hidden QR codes and scan them using their smartphones. The codes will lead them to a webpage where they can enter their email to go into the draw.

The catch of this challenge is that you’ll have more entries and chances to win if you find more QR codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a QR code for free?

QR TIGER lets you create high-quality QR codes for free; no need to sign up for an account or present credit card details. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to QR TIGER.
  2. Select a QR code solution that suits your needs.
  3. Select Static QR
  4. Click Generate QR code
  5. Customize the generated QR code.
  6. Scan and test the code before downloading it.
  7. Click Download PNG. This will take you to the Plans and Pricing page
  8. Scroll down and find Freemium at the left corner
  9. Enter your email, then click Submit

How do I scan a QR code with my phone camera?

Scanning a QR code is a lot easier than creating one. Here’s how you can scan a QR code:

  1. Open your phone’s camera app or QR code scanner app.
  2. Tap Scan and point the camera to the QR code.
  3. Allow it to redirect you to a page, or tap the banner that appears on your screen.

If your camera app does not yet support this feature, you can install a free QR code scanner app on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Use QR TIGER for a tech-savvy Women’s Day celebration

The use of QR codes on Women’s Day celebrations is a testament to the versatility of QR codes. The sky is the limit when it comes to using them.

Empower women by holding unique and creative Women’s Day events using QR codes made with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online.

Sign up for a freemium account and create your QR code today.

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