QR Code Sign: Digital Signage for Businesses

Update:  June 26, 2024
QR Code Sign: Digital Signage for Businesses

A QR code sign refers to physical marketing materials, such as posters, banners, or billboards, that include QR codes for a longer-lasting and more powerful impact. 

While businesses often invest time and money in creating interesting, well-designed signs that guide customers to their doors, they don’t usually maximize their signage’s potential.

That is where QR codes come in.

In the right hands and a creative mind to match, they can be an impressive, versatile marketing tool that connects physical materials to your business’ online spaces. 

But where to even begin? Worry not—we will explain everything, including some must-try ideas, the best QR code generator to use, and real-world instances where QR codes were used properly.

Why add dynamic QR codes on signs? 

Dynamic QR code sign

Here are several benefits of incorporating QR codes into your signs: 

  • More accessible. Most people have smartphone cameras that allow them to scan their QR codes and be transported to time-limited discounts, location-specific landing pages, and translations. 
  • Campaigns are measurable. Dynamic QR codes allow you to track the performance of your marketing initiative by measuring scanning behavior, such as the total number of scans, device types used, and more. 
  • Change content. You can change or modify the data embedded in your QR code at any time to reflect the most relevant details of your digital menu, promotion, or website. 
  • Cost-efficient. By updating your QR codes, you can reduce the cost of printing new ones or purchasing new signs. 
  • Safe and secure. QR code platforms that comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) can reassure users of high data privacy when scanning QR codes on signs.

Clever QR code sign ideas to try 

Add a digital dimension to your signs with these innovative QR code applications: 

Offer special promos

Have an exciting deal you want to attract new customers with? Create a promotional banner with a multi URL QR code. 

This dynamic solution allows you to make the code accessible for a set period of time or for as long as your promotion lasts. You can even send users to location-specific or translated pages. 

Businesses that handle an international clientele can highly benefit from this idea. 

Collect customer feedback

Feedback QR code sign

Want to know how people perceive your products or services? A feedback QR code can be placed on a poster and collected easily.

Anyone with some extra time can scan the code and share their thoughts about your business. This valuable information gives you insight into what you’re doing right and identifies areas for improvement. 

How do you create a QR code like this? Simply create a Google Form survey directly on the site, copy the link of your digital survey, and paste it into the data field of a reliable QR code platform. 

Expound product info

Small indie art booths at conventions or large grocery stores alike can benefit from proudly presenting a sign with QR code beside their newest or bestselling products.

This code can lead to additional details about the product, such as materials used, allergen information, or its journey across the supply chain. 

Connect to the WiFi

Whether in a coffee shop, at a bus station, or in a museum, people tend to look for one common thing: WiFi. 

Offer a noticeable sign with a WiFi QR code on the counter or on the wall to save everyone the time it takes to manually input the password. 

Include a call to action that clearly indicates its purpose, such as “WiFi Here” or “Connect to WiFi.”

Lead to socials

Social media QR code sign

For those who know how to wield the power of QR code for social media platforms, a pool of opportunities awaits. 

One way to get your brand’s name out there is through a social media QR code. This nifty solution allows you to store all the links to your business’ socials in a single code. 

You can display QR codes on tasteful mini stands that sit on a counter for customers to see.

Smart digital menus

Menu boards are designed to showcase a restaurant, cafe, or bar’s selection of dishes, drinks, and bestsellers. Items are displayed on various traditional mediums, such as chalkboards or posters. 

How can you spice them up? The answer lies in Menu Tiger, a smart QR code menu software that is sure to impress anyone who scans your code. 

The platform’s QR codes can be an invaluable tool for your business and an intriguing addition to your menu boards. You can manage orders in real time, offer multilingual support, and monitor your menu’s performance. 

QR code payment signs

Long lines mean long waits, which can be frustrating, to say the least. 

Connect your business' digital wallet, such as PayPal or Venmo, with a QR code to make payments quickly, contactlessly, and cleanly. 

When customers want to pay, they can simply scan the QR code for payment displayed prominently on a poster. Then, they can confirm their payment using their PayPal account or some other mode.

How to create custom QR codes for signs with a QR code generator with logo

Make striking and visually appealing QR codes for your business signs with an advanced QR code platform: 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account. 
  2. Choose a QR code solution that best suits your business’s needs, and then enter the necessary information. 
  3. Select Static QR or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.
  4. Customize your QR code for signage with different colors, patterns, and frames, and upload your business logo to encourage brand recognition. 
  5. Test-scan your QR code to ensure it works properly, then select Download to save it. 

Pro-tip: Consider scanning distance when sizing QR codes for your signs so they are both visible and functional. 

Real-life examples of signs with QR codes

Examples of QR code sign

Here are a few instances where QR codes were cleverly added to signs: 

Addison Lee’s digital signage

Addison Lee, a British company offering a fleet of taxi options and courier services, exemplifies the ideal digital signage QR code combo. 

This company is known for its mission to provide electric, zero-emission, and accessible services. Its iconic Black taxi, for example, can accommodate passengers with wheelchairs. 

To pique more people’s interest, they display colorful digital signage with a large QR code at places like bus stops. Scanning the code takes you to the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Through their app, you can book a minicab, taxi, or courier in just a few taps. 

Hong Kong MTR 

A similar case of QR codes for transportation can be seen in Hong Kong’s 2021 Mass Transit Railway (MTR) launch of its QR code payment service. 

“The launch of QR code payment for traveling on the MTR will make the traveling experience smarter, providing further convenience to passengers with smart mobility,” said Jeny Yeung Mei-chun, the Commercial Director of MTR Corporation.

They grab the attention of passengers with a large QR code payment sign on the floor leading to the ticket gates with a caption that says, “Scan QR code to enter.”

Elton John AIDS Foundation

In light of Pride 2022, Grammy-winning and flamboyant legend Elton John teamed up with Ogilvy U.K.’s Proud, a network for LGBTQ+ people and brands, and Clear Channel, which offers outdoor advertising space. 

Together, the Elton John AIDS Foundation developed an “LGBT-QR code.” Essentially, it is a QR code featuring a pixelated image of John’s face with a bold call to action displayed on Clear Channel’s digital signs. 

Appearing in various out-of-home (OOH) sites across the U.K. and Europe, these codes are placed strategically along Pride march routes so that users are brought to a donation page for the Foundation’s charity. 

Here’s your sign to make that QR code

QR code signs are innovative, eye-catching, and visually attractive marketing campaigns and solutions for the inconveniences that prevent a satisfying customer experience.

With only a quick scan, they allow people watching a digital display ad or passing a striking poster to easily access helpful information. 

Aside from improving customer satisfaction, these codes can even measure how well your marketing efforts are doing and which areas need improvement.

With QR codes, you can never go wrong. What should you look for in the ideal QR code-making platform? Number one is a user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, dynamic QR code features, and data security. 

We’re glad to reveal that QR TIGER offers all of this and more, including a wide range of QR code templates that you can personalize. This is your sign to get started!


How do you label a QR code?

Many QR code software online allow you to add a label or a call to action (CTA) to the QR code. These are often short descriptions that say things like “Follow Our Socials” or “Connect With Us.”

What is a QR code sign?

It is a sign, perhaps a billboard, banner, poster, or digital sign, that incorporates a Quick Response (QR) code in the design. When users scan the code, they are led to information, payment methods, websites, and more.

How to make a sign with QR code?

First, select a reliable QR code platform. Second, decide which QR code solution best suits the type of information you want to embed like a file, URL, image, video, etc. Then, customize, generate, and download your QR code. 

For example, to create a banner with QR code, you can apply your generated QR code on your banner using online design tools.

Brands using QR codes

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