QR TIGER vs. Blinq Digital Business Card: An Analysis

Update:  June 08, 2024

Are you on the hunt for a software that offers the best features to upgrade standard digital business cards? QR TIGER and Blinq digital business card generators should be on top of your list, offering you the most robust solutions in the market. 

Digital business cards are a new wave of tech evolution. They present a sleek, sustainable, and tech-savvy way to connect with people. However, every generator comes with its set of advantages and drawbacks. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your venture, it’s natural to feel uncertain about choosing between these two; that’s why we are here. 

In this article, allow us to give you a full-scale comparison of these leading vCard QR code generators and help you see which best fits you. 

What is a digital business card QR code?

To kick things off, let us first get acquainted with the concept of this innovative tool. 

A dynamic QR code adds a modern twist to digital business cards. 

It is a technological enhancement that allows entrepreneurs to instantly share their contact information with their smartphones, automating manual typing and printing. 

Think of it as a radical makeover to conventional business cards with some cool features.

These QR codes function as an information bank, enabling you to store a broad spectrum of data, such as a personal description of yourself, social media accounts, and different media files like a profile picture and more. 

The versatility of a digital business card QR code spans sustainability, trackability, convenience, and customizability, but only with an all-inclusive QR code generator that offers these functionalities. 

So, without further ado, let us look closely at QR TIGER and Blinq digital business card makers and find out if they have what it takes to create the ideal business card for your brand.

QR TIGER vs. Blinq digital business card generator: a comparison guide

When selecting a dynamic QR code generator for your digital business card, it’s crucial to examine key factors and know what is Blinq and QR TIGER software to guarantee that you’re choosing the most advantageous one. 

Wide selection of templates

vCard QR code templates
A QR code generator needs to have a selection of templates that you can choose for your business card. 

This lets you pick a design that matches your brand identity and aesthetic, creating cohesive and professional virtual business cards. 

QR TIGER offers five built-in template selections with diverse and enterprise-centric styles. 

Templates from Blinq lets you choose from their list of eight templates. However, their catalog has redundant style elements, which can be a downgrade for businesses that want to stand out.

Extensive information details

Different generators offer support for various content types. The vCard, specifically, should be able to cater to extensive information as any enterprise desires in its QR code. 

QR TIGER houses information such as the business card holder’s name, the organization’s details, contact information, address, personal description of the owner, and a profile picture.

This generator also holds a solid catalog of background colors, gradient design options, and an abundant roster of 46 social media accounts you can link to a single QR code.

Blinq stores data such as the card’s label, images, owner’s personal information, contact information, 12 selections of themes, and a list of 19 social media links for free. 

Like QR TIGER, they also offer a roll of custom background colors accessible on their upgraded plans.  

Customizable QR codes

In today’s era of innovation, generic black-and-white QR codes are ancient history. So, choose a QR-powered software that allows you to design and personalize your QR code. 

Customization enables businesses to blend the color and patterns of a QR code into their business card’s aesthetics. Instead of monotonous ones, you can create digital business card designs with eye-catching elements, sparking the curiosity of scanners. 

Blinq offers only one customization option: incorporating a logo into a QR code, a premium-only feature. 

With QR TIGER, you can rise to the occasion. Coupled with accessibility is their rich set of customization features. 

You can modify your QR code’s pattern, eyes, colors, frames, and templates and easily add 20 built-in logos or upload your own for brand recognition and awareness. 

Free account benefits

QR code free plan benefits
The first thing users would do when trying a new software is to look at free account inclusions they could test out before upgrading to a paid subscription plan. 

This gives them the opportunity to gauge the range of features the software offers and assess if it is suitable for their business needs. 

Beyond the free access to the software’s features, QR TIGER’s Freemium plan enables businesses to enjoy unlimited generation and scans of static QR codes. They also offer the generation of 3 dynamic QR code cards with a 500-scan limit for each code. 

Blinq, on the other hand, extends its features for free except for its more expansive array of theme selections. Their free membership also allows you to create 2 cards with unlimited scans. 

Economic plans & pricing

Should you wish to upgrade your account to savor more advantages and perks for your electronic business card, QR TIGER’s Freemium, Regular, AdvancedPremium, Professional, and Enterprise plans transcend the competition. 

For as low as $7 monthly for the Regular plan, you can now track your QR code’s performance with no limit on scans and downloads. You can also produce 12 dynamic business cards for your enterprise with no QR TIGER logo popup. 

Meanwhile, Blinq introduces a more budget-friendly option starting at $3.99 monthly for their Premium plan. This subscription allows you to create 5 cards without Blinq branding.

Furthermore, you now also have the option to add custom colors to your card and put a logo in your QR code.

User-friendly interface

It is vital to choose a friendly user interface (UI) design when deciding on software for your digital business cards. It should have a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates quick and efficient QR code creation, even for non-tech-savvy individuals or businesses of all levels. 

Both QR TIGER and Blinq digital business card makers have an accessible interface. Their features and tools are easy to navigate, offering users clear instructions to work with the software. 

However, Blinq’s dashboard does not support optimization for mobile devices, which can be challenging for users who want to create QR codes on smartphones or tablets. 

This would trigger a frustrating experience and significantly hinder users and business success.

How to get started with QR TIGER QR Code Generator plan 

Experience QR TIGER’s dynamic vCards and advanced features with prices as low as a $7 monthly subscription. Subscribe effortlessly and follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. See the QR TIGER website, and tap Pricing at the top banner of the homepage.
  2. A popup will emerge on your screen carrying a welcome gift of $7 off on any annual subscription. Hit the Copy Code to save the code and activate it upon payment. 
  3. Select from our range of plans: Regular, Advanced, Premium, or Enterprise. Once settled, click the Buy Now button following the plan you want to get. This will then lead you to the registration page. 
  4. Enter your personal information for your account and check any of the industries that apply to you. Lastly, input the four-digit code displayed on the screen. 
  5. Read our Terms and Conditions, then check the ‘I Agree’ box. After that, click Register
  6. You have now successfully signed in. You will then be taken back to the Pricing page. Tap the Buy Now button under your desired plan. 
  7. You’ll see the Order Summary page. Enter the discount code you’ve copied beforehand, then click Pay Now. After that, select your preferred payment method.

How to create a digital business card with QR TIGER

  1. Go to the QR TIGER vCard QR code generator and sign in to your account. 
  2. Select vCard. Pick the template of your choice and enter the necessary details. You can add your social media handles as well. 
  3. Customize your vCard QR code and take advantage of its available features. 
  4. Run a test scan of your QR code to check if it works properly.
  5. Download, print, and share your digital business QR code. 

Generate bulk vCard QR codes in one go

Bulk vCard QR code generator
Create hundreds of vCards for your employees at once. QR TIGER’s bulk vCard QR code generator offers a convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective way for businesses to share contact information. 

Free yourself from the hassle of generating codes one by one. This solution allows you to produce multiple unique QR codes in one go. 

How to create bulk vCard QR codes 

Follow this simple guide to generate a multitude of custom QR codes.

  1. Log in to QR TIGER vCard QR code generator.
  2. Click Product, then tap Bulk QR code generator from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Download the vCard CSV template, then complete the required details.
  4. After finishing, upload the CSV file containing the information in your vCard.
  5. Choose Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  6. Personalize your bulk vCard QR code to make it stand out. 
  7. Select the list of print formats based on your layout preference, then click Download Bulk QR code

Advanced vCard QR code features to take advantage of

Beyond the basic functionality of storing and sharing contact information, QR TIGER’s vCard QR code offers several advanced features that make it a lucrative investment for your venture. 

Here are key features to consider when choosing the best digital business card:

Edit QR code details

The edit QR code is one of QR TIGER’s advanced features. This allows you to modify the data embedded in your QR code even after they have been generated. 

This feature is helpful, especially when you need to present timely information in your material, like vCards and campaigns. This ensures that people get access to current details and updates.

Protected QR codes

Regulate access to your content with password-protected QR codes. This guarantees that your information is safe and secure.

With this feature, you can choose specific individuals or groups who get their hands on your personal information or any content embedded in your QR code. 

Tracking QR code scans

A vCard QR code is a dynamic solution, meaning you can trace your campaigns with QR code tracking in real-time. 

This enables you to see the total number of QR code scans, the scanning location and time, and the type of devices used when scanning. 

This is crucial for professionals sharing their vCard containing sensitive details like email addresses or phone numbers. 

Enhance QR code design

Update your QR code design anytime, even when it is running. You can use this edit QR code design feature to makeover your QR code without launching a new one. 

This streamlines the process of accessibility to make design improvements. 

Where you can use vCard QR codes

The function of a vCard QR code does not end solely with person-to-person exchange; their potential goes far beyond that. 

Here are some exciting ways you can use digital business card QR codes:

Social media profiles

You can display your vCard QR codes on your website or social media platforms so visitors can find your contact information easily. 

This simplifies the process for potential clients or collaborators to connect with your brand. 

Networking events

Integrate digital business cards on name badges or handouts with QR codes for networking events to facilitate connections and accelerate information exchange. 

This reduces the need to exchange physical business cards, making the process more efficient. Plus, it is environmentally friendly. 

Physical locations

Display your codes in offices, stores, strategic areas, or other physical locations to encourage people to connect with you. 

This is useful when customers need assistance or service inquiries regarding your brand. They can contact you quickly through a swift QR code scan. 

Virtual conferences

QR code for virtual conferences
Include your vCard QR code in your presentation slides or virtual profiles. Attendees can simply scan the code with their smartphones to instantly save contact information – expediting the time for both parties. 

This allows you to build networks and streamline follow-ups after the conference. 

Which is the best digital business card generator?

You may find it hard to compare QR TIGER and Blinq digital business cards, but here’s a practical pointer: a quality QR code generator can take your business to the summit of success. 

Consider a QR-powered software with comprehensive performance that assists your personal or business endeavors. 

Clearly, QR TIGER is loaded with lineups that empower users to create attractive and packed-to-the-brim vCard QR codes, from functionality to ease of use, reliability, and fair pricing range. 

What are you waiting for? Experience the unique aspects of QR TIGER and start creating digital business cards with us. Commence your trial period today.


Can I create a digital business card?

Yes, you definitely can create a digital business card. Just sign up at QR TIGER vCard QR code generator, easily pick a template, enter the required details, customize your QR codes, download, and share. 

How can I make a digital business card for free?

You can make a free digital business card with QR TIGER. 

This advanced QR code software offers a free trial period to create, customize, and share three digital business cards that stand out. 

What format is a digital business card?

The format of a digital business card is created through a vCard file format. This format can store text, website and social media links, and image files like a profile picture and logo.

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