Subway QR Code: Get More Than Just a Meal with Every Scan

Update:  July 05, 2024
Subway QR Code: Get More Than Just a Meal with Every Scan

Just a scan of a Subway QR code, and customers can win big discounts on their purchases!

Subway’s commitment to affordable, fresh, and made-to-order submarine sandwiches sets the chain restaurant apart from others that usually follow a rigid management model to keep as many franchises open as possible.

To up its game even more, it adopts QR code technology to manage the ordering process effectively, entice customers with a tempting promotional offer, and more. 

Let’s dive right into how Subway uses QR codes innovatively and how you can replicate this success using an advanced QR code generator with logo.

How Subway uses QR code technology to its advantage

QR code marketing is nothing new for Subway. Well known for its sandwiches, the fast food chain implements different QR-coded campaigns to power up its marketing.

Using a highly trusted advanced QR code generator allows Subway to use the technology to its advantage.

One of which is a loyalty program that customers can access by scanning a coupon QR code and redeeming them through its mobile app.

Each loyalty card had a QR code that, when scanned, directs customers to Subway’s mobile app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

After installing or entering the app, customers are given a code that serves as their membership number. 

How to get a Subway coupon?

Getting a coupon from Subway is easy. You can either receive weekly text coupons or simply check out the “Deals” section on their mobile app. You can get occasional mobile-specific offers personalized for you.

To get a Subway coupon on the app, follow these steps:

  • Scan the QR code on your physical coupon card using your smartphone to get the code. 
  • Open the Subway App and make sure to create your Subway account.
  • Go to the Subway menu to order according to your coupons or whatever you like for general coupons.
  • Proceed to the payment section.
  •  Input the coupon code in the designated field. You can also pick a coupon or gift card to use. The discount is automatically deducted from your bill.

Top Subway QR code campaigns of all time

Subway has successfully executed some unique and effective marketing campaigns powered by QR codes. We list three of these marketing gimmicks below:

Sink a Sub

Subway QR code

Subway’s Sink a Sub 2022 campaign in Australia and New Zealand uses QR codes on its receipts and cards, which participants can scan to get the codes they need to add tokens to their accounts.

Each Subway QR code contains a set of tokens relating to one relevant purchase. For large orders, the last QR code contains all the remaining tokens.

Participants get the chance to win amazing prizes such as food, retail vouchers, cars, TVs, and more.

Subway Connects

Subway connects QR code

Subway Connects, a 2022 campaign in the United Kingdom, used QR codes for their “Little Book of Big Savings.” 

This campaign uses the mailing system to send the booklet with vouchers to those who live within a ten-minute walk radius around the Subways in the UK. 

Each booklet had six QR codes, two of which let participants gain 250 points on the Subway Rewards app. The other four QR codes were in the vouchers, which can track where and when the voucher was redeemed at their local Subway.

Subway gained an increase in foot-traffic, voucher redemptions, and an increase of weekly app sign-ups.  Participants would receive whatever item the voucher promised and was rewarded when downloading the app with a free side order.

Scratch and Win

Subway’s Scratch and Win 2019 campaign used a QR code for its “Scratch and Win” Card, a physical scratch card that, if the right card was scratched, would lead to a reward of varying outcomes (discounts, free items, free meals, etc.).

With each card having its own Subway QR code, this made sure there was no double usage of any card. 

The Scratch and Win cards invited participants to play a game with very low stakes and high rewards, which in turn led to Subway's highest customer engagement.

Why use QR codes in a restaurant business?

Here are a few perks of what QR code technology can do to best help modernize your restaurant business:

Efficient ordering system

A PDF menu QR code is a highly useful tool for restaurants and fast food chains if you want to streamline the ordering process. 

With one scan of the code, customers can immediately access your menu digitally and place their orders without the need to stand in a line. 

Much like all the leading food delivery businesses, they have everyone’s menu online, which helps boost engagement. 

Perhaps if they already have the QR code before entering the restaurants, they can use it to make a reservation even ahead of time. 

This approach reduces waiting time, creating a more efficient flow in the whole process. 

Easy payment method

QR code payment

Many businesses across different industries have widely adopted cashless payments using QR codes due to the convenience they offer customers. 

Place a QR code for payment into points of sale (POS), and customers can simply scan the code to pay. 


As Subway has proved, their Subway code has been very vital in customer engagement. 

Creating QR codes for discount links, freebies, and the loyalty card system promotes brand awareness and encourages customers to return. 

To increase customer engagement, you can also include a QR code that leads to your social media profiles, where you can advertise your best QR code marketing campaigns

You can place this QR code on your physical marketing materials, such as billboards and flyers, to direct potential customers to your online campaigns. 

Health and safety

If you feel the need, you can attach a QR code containing the nutritional information of each item to make sure customers who consume the food know what it is in their meal.

This also prevents any accidental mix-up for people who are allergic or just really conscious about their health. 

Restaurants and any food packaging business can also make use of this approach.

Customer feedback

Google form QR code

Another thing to take away from Subway is that they use a QR code for surveys for customer feedback

It’s always best to understand what your customers want by asking them directly what you are doing right and where you can improve. 

Remember to give them an incentive (e.g., a freebie or discount) once they complete the survey to encourage more participants. 

Merchandise selling

Restaurant merchandise is a very modern way of advertising your restaurant. Restaurants and food magazines have taken to making and selling merchandise.

Anyone who buys the products gets something they really want, which increases the relationship between customer and business and, in turn, the business's brand awareness. 

And by attaching QR code stickers somewhere in the merchandise, you can entice people who are curious enough to scan what is on a shirt or hat and see what you offer and visit your restaurant.

Increase app downloads

Subway uses its QR code as a way to redirect its customers to the Subway app

If you also have a mobile app for your restaurant, you can create an App Store QR code that leads users to your app's download page on Google Play, App Store, or App Gallery. 

This drives more traffic to your app, resulting in more downloads and customer engagement.

Best practices to replicate Subway’s QR-coded success

To best replicate Subway’s use of QR codes and the success it has brought them, check out these tricks:

Have an interesting marketing campaign

Subway has shown that it is not afraid to take risks with its campaigns. 

From a game on its app that lets you win real prizes to a mailing campaign that encourages people to visit the nearest branch and even a simple scratch card that gives you discounts and freebies, the fast food chain has shown that it is not afraid to take risks. 

Subway’s campaigns have driven up customer engagement and foot traffic into their stores and app. And with the help of QR code technology, the fast food chain can keep track of these atypical yet fun marketing campaigns.

Boost your promotions

If you have an idea for an engaging campaign, it is important to add incentives through promotions. Having QR codes for the promotions will keep things simple for customers and provide ease of tracking for the business side.

You can create a very engaging campaign, but if you do not attach rewards to it, it will likely struggle to get off the ground.

Boosting the promotions attached to the campaign draws in more people who want to have a chance at receiving any reward.

Use a reliable QR code platform

As demand for convenience grows, the more we recognize the importance of QR codes and platforms like QR TIGER.

When using QR codes in your marketing campaigns, make sure to employ a highly dependable QR generator  to help you create branded QR codes.

This QR code platform offers advanced features that are helpful for businesses of all sizes out there. 

From dynamic QR code features like bulk generation, API integration, and white label services to comprehensive customization tools, you can find all that in this QR code maker. For as low as $16, you get to enjoy all these dynamic perks!

It’s also ISO 27001:2013 certified and GDPR compliant, so you can ensure that your data is safe and secure. 

Partners can help in the execution

Proper execution of your QR code marketing campaigns is crucial; do not be afraid to ask for help. 

Subway, for instance, partners with logistics, marketing, and technological agencies to make sure every part of its envisioned campaign works properly. 

QR codes are very good at tracking everything at the end, but to distribute those codes, you might need a little help. 

You might need to use the mail system to distribute the cards or booklets containing all the vouchers for discounts and freebies you are going to give out.

It is preferable to have another set of eyes examine your idea from conception to delivery to help you achieve what you want most out of the campaign.

Ask for feedback

Customer reviews are one of the most important things you need to gather for every marketing campaign you implement.

Through feedback, you can gather valuable insights into where your campaigns excel, what areas need improvement, what customers want to see next, and others that can help your business grow more.

Subway’s use of a feedback QR code has been crucial to its growth and development as a company. 

Make it your way with QR TIGER QR Code Generator

By putting customers first and embracing QR code technology, Subway found more ways to maintain customer loyalty and drive more traffic to its physical and online stores.

The Subway QR code is indeed a one-stop shop for everything you need it to be!

With a QR code platform that’s trusted by over 850,000 brands worldwide, you, too, can make a name in the industry and enjoy this QR code-powered success. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the original founder of Subway?

Subway began as an idea from a nuclear physicist named Dr. Peter Buck, who financed the original submarine sandwich shop that was founded by a college freshman named Fred DeLuca.

The main goal of the earliest form of Subway was that all its submarine sandwiches had options for personalization to a customer’s taste, were fresh, and were affordable. 

Approximately 44,000 restaurants exist worldwide, making Subway the biggest submarine sandwich shop in the world.

Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck’s original vision of delighting customers with their sandwiches has never wavered. Now modern marketing and QR code technology seem to only enhance their brand further.

How do I scan a QR code with Subway?

To scan the QR code, simply point your phone camera at it. It should lead you to the app link or to the app directly. 

If you still can’t figure out how to scan Subway coupons on the app, simply show the QR code at checkout. 

How do I redeem my Subway offers?

To use points and such from the Subway App or Card for redemption, try this: 

Subway Cash

  • For every $1 [US] spent on Subway items, for as long as you have the Subway app and an account, you receive 10 points.
  • You can change your points into Subway Cash. Every 400 points is equal to $2 in Subway Cash (this may be different values in different locations).
  • You may use the Subway Cash in any order, as long as you are ordering through your account.
  • To redeem in the restaurant, show your Subway Cash to an employee at the checkout.
  • It is important to note that you cannot change your points or Subway Cashback to any real monetary value.

Subway Rewards Card/Gift Card

  • At checkout at the restaurant, you may swipe your Subway Rewards Card or Gift Card while paying.
  • You may use your card to pay online. At the online checkout, only input the numbers listed on your card.

Why is my Subway QR code not working? 

This issue may occur if your Subway app is not updated to its most recent version.

If you think your Subway QR code is not working, make sure to update your app or show the QR code to an employee at your local Subway to verify it for you.

Why is Subway so famous?

Because Subway creates your sandwiches in front of you, the customer can really gauge how fresh their produce is. 

This freshness is a built-in identity of the Subway brand, and therefore, they have a reputation as the healthier option among all fast food restaurants and stalls.

Which Subway menu items contain artificial trans fat?

A few items on the menu, primarily meat and dairy items, contain naturally occurring trans fat in small amounts. The main menu items have no artificial trans fat.

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