Worldwide Roll-out of Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record introduces QR Codes to Verify Vaccine Status

Last updated:   June 29, 2022

Worldwide roll-out of Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record introduces QR codes to verify vaccine status and authenticate vaccination card of an immunized individual.

Maintaining a safer health environment means ensuring a conditioned, disease-free public. Vaccine QR codes are here to pave the way in guaranteeing a haven for their respective residents.

What are the things you need to know about Vaccine QR codes? Continue reading to understand more about the integration of QR codes to vaccines.

QR Codes in Vaccination Cards and how does it work?

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Vaccines are created to help mankind in getting immunity to certain kinds of viruses and diseases. It has immensely been beneficial from the plague of polio up to the coronavirus pandemic today.

How can we integrate QR codes in vaccines and vaccination cards?

A vaccine QR code is used to guard its integrity against counterfeiting fake copies, illegal distribution, and unreliable vaccination reports.

You can just scan the code and see the details if the vaccine distributed is reliable and legit.

The integration of QR code technology in our healthcare services solves issues of duplicity and counterfeiting of vaccines.

Furthermore, the important information regarding the vaccine can be embedded inside the code.

This will greatly preserve the interest of the public and its laws.

Manufacturers and healthcare systems can provide reliable information regarding the product vaccine and protect its integrity.

Moreover, QR codes in vaccination cards can be integrated to provide a digital and online information of an individual. The embedded information will be the immunization and vaccination record of the individual.

Integration of QR codes to Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Roll-out Drives

QR Codes are an easy access tool to use in regulating vaccination roll-out drives. One of the advantages of QR codes is its ease and speed of use and simple QR code generation.

Furthermore, QR codes can be decoded simply and quickly. It can store more information than the traditional barcode. You can embed the vaccine information on the vaccine vial and provide a digital pamphlet about the medical immunization.

Many countries around the world have adopted QR Code Technology to regulate and maintain security about the vaccination roll-out.

It is a reliable tool to give verification to vaccine distribution and in providing legitimacy to its medical use.

Integrating QR codes into the Vaccination Identification Card to the immunized individuals in your country instills regulatory protocols.

Countries with developing vaccine verification systems appoint individual QR codes to immunized persons can be helpful in patronizing safety protocols.

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Governments that incorporate QR codes for Vaccination

Maintaining security and safety to every individual in a certain country, the dissemination of QR code vaccination identification card is greatly useful.

It alleviates strict protocols about the pandemic, henceforth, making every transaction accessible to every resident.

Here are some countries that incorporate QR codes for their vaccines and vaccination roll-out drives.

Ontario Government

In Ontario, Canada, the government is creating the enhanced vaccine certificate with official QR code and the free Ontario verification app called “Verify Ontario.” These tools offer an easier, more secure, and convenience in providing proof of vaccination to their residents. Furthermore, it requires to provide vaccination proof for businesses and organizations to verify vaccine certificates while protecting people’s privacy.

Netherlands Government

In Netherlands, you can convert your proof of vaccination into a COVID Certificate using CoronaCheck QR Code. This serves as a gate pass of an individual to travel within the European Union or Schengen and for entry to events, food, and drink venues in Netherlands.

QR code in Quebec Government

Quebec uses VaxiCode application for their digital proof of vaccination. The vaccination passport for Quebec is the same QR code whose information imports the same from the application. It reveals less personal information. The implementation of a vaccine passport could help avoid widespread of the virus.

Saskatchewan Government

A MySaskHealthRecord account at Saskatchewan Government eHealth provides a new format of COVID-19 vaccination record which includes a Quick Response (QR) Code. It has an available information about your immunization information to your health record if you have been vaccinated outside the province, or if your immunization record is missing.

Laos Government

In Laos, health authorities launched a new enhanced COVID-19 vaccination certificate with a QR code that allows the immunized individual to have greater authenticity and digital verification.

Importance of QR codes to Vaccines and Vaccination Cards

QR codes are the safest tool for regulating individuals during a pandemic. Moreover, it has become a digital gizmo for customers’ brand engagement in Asia Pacific as the pandemic continues to linger on.

QR codes have been a great help in securing and regulating vaccines and vaccination roll-out drives to any part of the world.

Here are some of the essential uses of Vaccine QR Codes.

It can elevate authenticity of the vaccine

When it comes to proving a vaccine to be legit in the eyes of the public, healthcare brands can use QR codes to provide important information about what is inside the vaccine tube.

It is inevitable that some people question the integrity of a new medicine. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has been going on for almost two years now, it is hard to prove if the medicine is reliable enough for human consumption.

With the help of QR codes, healthcare brands can generate a code which embedded the essential information regarding the vaccine. It shows the chemicals used inside the vaccine, its allergen factors, and others which are beneficial to human curiosity.

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It can provide access to a vaccination ID

Some countries in Asia Pacific have used QR codes for their vaccination identification cards. It stores necessary information about the immunization and vaccination a certain individual has gone through during their primary and now years.

The QR Code can be an identification for an individual. They can easily pass from border to border alleviating the tourism of a certain city or even country.

Vaccine QR Code Generator

There are a lot of choices to choose from in generating your QR code for vaccines. As every QR code generator available in the market offers you different things to enjoy in generating one.

QRTIGER is the best QR code generator in the market as it offers a vast variety of solutions you can choose from in generating a vaccine QR code.

Vaccine QR Code Scanner

QRTIGER app on App Store and PlayStore offers a seamless, easy-use of QR code scanner to your vaccination cards.

If your healthcare system uses QRTIGER in making and generating QR codes for vaccination cards and vaccination record identification, the information displays quicker.

However, it can also scan any black-and-white QR code vaccination record identification as long as it redirects to the right landing page online.

In addition, QRTIGER’s QR Code Scanner app allows you to save your QR code scanning history which is beneficial to the visiting sites used in scanning previous QR codes.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of international technology for vaccine proof QR codes using Smart Vaccination Certificates (SVC). It widely adapts to technology to ensure safety and maintain strict protocols to movements inside a country.

Furthermore, the integration of QR codes in vaccine vials provides authenticity to its brand and medical use.

QR codes have been a great help to every government, especially today during this pandemic. It provides ease, security, and safety to every individual by also maintaining commercial activities within their respective areas. With this integration, it can also avoid the widespread of coronavirus as it can easily trace suspected individuals using the code.

To know more about QR codes and their dynamic uses, visit QRTIGER today.

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