Zoom QR Code: How to Scan a QR Code to Join Meetings and More

Update:  February 08, 2024
Zoom QR Code: How to Scan a QR Code to Join Meetings and More

A Zoom QR code is a quick and easy way to join video conferences. A QR code is generated using a QR code generator.

With just one scan, attendees are instantly led to a specific Zoom meeting.

Even more than that, Zoom QR codes open you to a lot of creative promotional ideas.

For one, you can use them to boost your social media following.

Read on to learn more about how you can creatively use QR codes in Zoom meetings and their other uses.

Can you join a Zoom meeting with a QR code?

Absolutely. You can use a QR code to ‘zoom in’ or instantly access a Zoom meeting.

To create a Zoom meeting QR code, the host can just copy the Zoom meeting link and embed it within a scannable QR code using a URL QR code generator online.

Your attendees will only need to scan the giant QR code for Zoom calls with their smartphones to join your meeting instantly.

This method removes the hassle of sending long links to attendees, which can often lead to confusion.

Some attendees might also lose the meeting details.

If you send the email invite along with a Zoom meeting QR code, then they’re sure to save the date on their calendar and can easily attend your meeting with just one scan.

“But wait, that means I can only join the Zoom meeting via my smartphone, right?”

No, because you can also use your laptop’s camera to scan the QR code.

To do this, you just have to display the QR code on your smartphone screen and place it in front of your laptop camera to scan and join.

How to scan a Zoom QR code?

You can scan a Zoom QR code using your smartphone’s camera. The latest smartphone models today now have built-in scanners in their cameras.

In scanning, you don’t have to zoom out and zoom in the QR code.

You only have to hold your device over the code at an appropriate scanning device.

Also, make sure that your QR code size is set at the right distance.

Some smartphones — especially Android phones — also have a pre-installed scanner app. You can also install a third-party scanner app, such as the QR TIGER app.

The QR TIGER app lets you scan QR codes and generate basic QR code types from your smartphone.

It is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How do you use QR codes in a Zoom meeting?

You can now use QR codes as an important detail on your custom Zoom virtual background and let other attendees scan them from their screens.

That’s an efficient way of sharing more information about you or the subject of your meeting.

Wondering how you can use a QR code on your Zoom virtual background? Check out these examples:

Social media boost

Zoom QR code

Social media marketing is an effective strategy considering there are 4.65 billion people who use social media. That’s 58.7% of the worldwide population!

This is why businesses and companies today create social media pages to reach a wider audience and stay connected with their loyal customers.

This also paved the way for influencer marketing which is a strategy that focuses on endorsements and product mentions from individuals who have a strong social following and are considered experts in their respective fields, such as beauty, food, and eSports.

If you are an influencer or a business owner, you can use a social media QR code on your Zoom background to route attendees to your official social media page.

This dynamic QR code can store multiple social media links. When a user scans it, they will land on a page where they can see all your social media handles.

Virtual networking

Zoom vcard QR code

In the third quarter of 2021, Zoom hosted more than 45 billion webinar minutes which is a 7.14% increase over the previous quarter’s total of 42 billion.

Pre-COVID, participants in in-venue seminars and conventions found it easy to meet new people in their respective fields of discipline.

During the pandemic, however, attendees only got to the network through their laptop or smartphone screens.

This was made easy through the use of vCard QR codes on meeting hosts’ Zoom backgrounds.

If you’re looking for a job, this QR code makes it easier for prospective employers to reach out to you.

This dynamic QR code solution lets you add your contact details to a landing page.

These details include your phone number, website, and social media links.

You can then add a call to action to the QR code to direct attendees to scan your code, such as “Scan Me.” This little note helps invite users to use the QR code.

Instant file sharing

Meeting hosts can then use a giant QR code for Zoom calls and instruct their attendees to scan them to get a copy of files related to the meeting, such as reports and charts.

This saves managers from the hassle of sending out a mass email to their employees to share zip files.

If you get invited to speak in an online seminar or conference, you can let the participants scan a file QR code on your background so they can have a copy of your presentation.

It is a dynamic QR code solution that lets you embed documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, audio files, and videos.

Users who scan the code will see the file on their smartphones. They can also download it on their device.

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Entertaining education

Synchronous online classes tend to be dull and boring due to the reduced interaction compared to the one that students experience in face-to-face classes.

If you are a teacher or professor who holds Zoom classes, a QR code on Zoom calls can help make your classes interactive and fun. 

You can create a Zoom background with a video QR code that will route students to educational clips or short films as part of the curriculum.

Aside from that, you can create customized landing pages with quizzes, puzzles, and riddles that students can find once they scan the H5 page QR code.

How to create a Zoom QR code for free

QR TIGER QR code generator is your best choice for creating a QR code for a Zoom meeting.

It is the most advanced QR code generator with a logo online. It also comes with an ISO 27001 accreditation.

Our online Zoom QR code generator comes with a wide range of QR code solutions you can choose from, and a comprehensive set of customization tools to let you create attractive QR codes.

Here’s how to create a Zoom QR code with QR TIGER’s free QR code generator:

1. Select a QR code solution. You may start with “URL,” one of our free QR code solutions

2. Enter the required data

3. Click the “Generate QR code” button. Your QR code will then appear right after

4. Customize your QR code’s design. You can change its pattern, eye shape, and colors. You can also add logos and frames to the QR code

5. Always run a scan test on the QR code with your smartphone. This helps you check whether your QR code works or not

6. Once it’s working, download your QR code

Sign up for a free trial

Our dynamic QR codes are exclusively for our subscribers. If you want to make a purchase, you can check out our subscription plans.

We also offer a free trial where you can access three dynamic QR codes, each having a 500-scan limit.

Sign up today so you can create a dynamic giant QR code for Zoom calls for free, and if you like its advantages, you can quickly upgrade to any of our subscription plans.

How to add a QR code on a Zoom background

Now that you have your Zoom QR code, you have to create your custom Zoom virtual background so you can add the QR code to it.

We suggest that you use Canva’s free Zoom virtual background maker. You only have to make an account to use it for free. After signing up, follow these steps:

1. On Canva's homepage, click the search bar and type “Zoom Virtual Background”

2. Select any template you like and click the one you want

3. Customize the template. You can change its background and add other details, such as images and texts

4. On the left side of your screen, select “Uploads” and click “Upload media,” then select the Zoom QR code you saved earlier

5. Click the “Share” button in the upper right corner, then select “Download”

You now have your custom Zoom virtual background with a Zoom QR code. You can then use it for your next Zoom meeting.

Advantages of QR codes on your Zoom background

User convenience

One scan of a Zoom QR code is all it takes for attendees to join a meeting, view and download shared files, and access online sources.

Interactive meetings

Putting QR codes on your Zoom virtual background can make meetings more engaging for your attendees, making them use their smartphones to access the embedded data.

Do more with Zoom QR codes

A Zoom QR code can now work in more ways during meetings.

They have grown from a QR code used to ‘zoom in’ instantly to meetings.

This only proves that QR codes are versatile, and as long as users continue to innovate ways to use them, they hold limitless opportunities.

You should use QR TIGER, the best online QR code generator, to make Zoom QR codes and other types of QR codes.

Subscribe to our plans or sign up for a free trial now so you can start making Zoom QR codes!

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